Jul 042021

For me to say that this past year and a half haven’t been a personal struggle for everybody would be an understatement. Along with all of the pandemic crap, and so many personal struggles in my own life, I am finally able to come back to my website in an ardent fashion. It’s taken a long span of time to catch up to everybody, with the proper articulate detail, I enjoy putting into my articles.

One of the many years I went over to Memphis to cover the Ameripolitan Awards, I met up with a fellow named Mr. Nate Rylan. The two of us got to chatting for quite a long period of time, about what we do for music work.

He told me about a Project that he was a part of called Rylan Brooks a Country duo formed a few years back. They had a 2018 album called “Half Wild”, which I checked into and really enjoyed. Over time, neither of them ever forgot me, nor did they ever stop sending emails asking how I was in the most friendly and genuine fashion.

I owe these two men a sincere apology for being so late to the party here, I know many other websites featured their album first. But I promise you people that nobody can capture the detail behind this album, like I will. I had to step back and fight for my sobriety, and then I needed a year off to help my daughter out.

Perhaps it is my almost two year sobriety from heroin, pain pills and alcohol, that assist me in understanding and relating to their song material, or it may be the uncanny fact that they used to be an over the road trucking duo. See, another relatable quality I have is my factory job consumes a LOT of my time as well. Now, What I do at my job is work on the shipping dock. So basically, I load and unload trucks. I have a strong and loving appreciation for drivers and how trucks keep America rolling, along with a love for Country music like theirs that celebrate trucking in their songs.

One of the final reasons I liked this album so much was the way, and the style in which it was recorded. You can easily hear the old time influence in these songs  juxtaposed with a flavor of 90’s Country, with some damn fine two step shuffles and beats reminiscent of folks like Mr. Travis Tritt and others.

This new album was produced here in Nashville by Mr. Dean Miller, and has 10 original songs all penned by the two of them.  This album overall truly does bring me back to the 90s GOOD Country, better than anything I have heard in a long time, along with one of the best 70’s sounding ballads on the title track there.

They also enlisted some of the best studio musicians to help them bring this album to fruition, and after I studied them further,  I found out just WHY they have such a rich 90’s style. Many of the album’s contributors have played or toured with some of the greatest names of that era like the aforementioned Travis Tritt, Mr. Randy Travis and others.

Many of the songs are cleverly crafted, full of double meanings like “One Time Woman” being about a cheating two timing man, wanting a one night stand. Every song on this album compliments one another in a true honky tonk fashion, where many of today’s albums haven’t even a scintilla of.


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