Artist Feature: Joseph Huber


Folks I really don’t do album reviews NOT trying to put down any other website
that DOES do them, in fact I enjoy hearing what Mr Joshua Wallace over at
Psycho Ramblin Country has to say about some albums.
He’s doing some DAMN FINE work out of Georgia.

Just recently I received Joseph Huber’s new album “The Hanging Road”
that is out on Muddy Roots Records.

Joseph Huber was formerly the banjo player for the .357 String Band from Milwaukee Wisconsin.
And honestly I view them as one of the few bands that brought “roots music” to the
forefront of the public. It started with them as one of the forefathers of it.

After they disbanded He released two of his own albums and this particular album
is his third. And BY FAR this one is his BEST work yet both musically and writing.
I was so impressed by ” Wanchese And Manteo” that I had to do some research to
really understand the whole story, It’s beautiful.

Another damn good song was “Two Tongued Swear” and “The Hanging Road” are very
well written songs.
Overall I’d say it was one of my favorite albums of 2014 so far.
I basically just wanted to tell people about Jospeh Huber and his music
because many websites that feature Country Music overlook him…or don’t know who he is!

His album debuted at 2014 Moonrunners festival that is run by Jahshie P from Last False Hope.
And he will be playing during the private dinner at the Muddy Roots spring Weekender.

I strongly urge you to go catch one of his shows!

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