So last night I was in town scouring the town for a special USB cord I need for my tablet so I can bring you better coverage at house shows with out my laptop. I checked my infamous mailbox and what do I find?
This album from a young lady in California and her band is called The Raven Claw Hammer. Their album is self titled and it has 6 tracks on it and is released on Dead Bunny Records.

The cover art on the album immediately grabbed my attention and as a consumer I would have grabbed it upon impulse of the cover art alone. The album looks very presentable and well made. I was contacted first so this was not an unsolicited fact I answered back several times calling her Sir and was corrected she was a she. I was very apologetic and amused already by her music and had much anticipation on her self proclaimed unique sound.

And a unique sound she has INDEED, as I couldn’t truly classify this band AT ALL. I’ll tell you hardcore country purists you won’t want to read further. She DOES has Country influences in her sound but country this is not BUT this doesn’t mean it’s bad. Oh HELL NO I find it quite different and it was refreshing to hear something like this.

This band would fit in with the Muddy Roots lineup or Moonrunners type band. I cannot even really begin to compare them to anyone, if I HAD TO I would say Hangdog Hearts and Goddamn Gallows type gypsy string band. Gutterpunk? Hmm..I don’t truly know. It is very very different and I enjoyed this album, would I pay to see them? Sure would, now they are located in the California region and this is kind of out of my turf but I truly wanted to share this band with you.

Track number 3 resembled a classic Gallows tune and it’s called “Taxidermy Travesty”. It very much resembled the upbeat banjo laced speed ballad of their sound. Krisanna Marie is the frontWOMAN and also performs their banjo duties for this band. There is also guitar, drums, washboard and bass. Her bass player was formerly with the Ditchrunners so I knew I was in for a really nice treat with this music.

Two of the songs have really nice instrumental work and they play really well together you cannot identify any mismatched picking and it doesn’t sound thrown together like a common string band that doesn’t play well together. I like her vocals they are extremely different and one thing I like is I can understand the lyrics, they are not shouted at me. This band will remain in my current rotation for sure.

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