Artist Feature: Whiskey Hill Swillers


Folks I’ll be honest I wanted to do a write up of their show when they opened
for the Goddamn Gallows earlier in April.
I’ll be honest…I LOST the damn notes! They got buried beneath piles
of backed up stuff in my office.
I am usually real organized but I been dealing with some personal
issues and right now I’m a mess!
So I’ll kind of do BOTH right here for my MCP buddies. They are all such
a good bunch of guys to me!

The Whiskey Hill Swillers are a “Outlaw Country with a punk rock twist on Bluegrass gear”.
And also stringband influences as well, they did a 6 or 7 song set that night.

I remember them doing a song called “Whiskey Calling” and another called “What Went Wrong”.
And they have several on Reverbnation as well. They also did one called “Dark” AKA
“My Days Are Dark”.

They were formed here in Nashville in 2013 and consist of five members
Spooks sings and plays acoustic
Chris Warrick Plays guitar
John Hog Luvdog on Bass
D.B. Swiller on Banjo

O’l Hog is the center of attention during several Gallows shows because Avery
loves to practice pulling teeth on him!
He’s done it twice now and this second time went MUCH MORE smooth than the first!
Umm….the first was gross.

These guys do shows for the community, as for the second year running
they did some benefit work for LiL Ham Jam which benefits the Little
Hamilton area of east Nashville. They play and drink beer and clean up
the community area.
Gives people a nice place to enjoy life. And BY GOD we need that within
the music community.

In the future I will do some more features on these guys for you.
You know you can pick and choose what you like I’ll feature it ALL
and let YOU decide.