2019 Festival News Series NATIONWIDE .

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Nov 122018

Welcome to a NEW SERIES here on Gary Hayes Country for the upcoming 2019 festival season. As you know WE ARE the festival KINGS of underground and some mainstream festivals, and I watch over 200 nationwide festivals. So several times a week I’m going to feature news and update news from a different festival each time.

Every festival will be linked on the top with a list, you can check on the news of them all. Find ones in YOUR area and BUY A TICKET, or HEY why not plan a trip to one you have never been to yet? Have some fun and explore America, and find NEW MUSIC.

So HERE IS my FIRST FESTIVAL I want to begin featuring, my good friends over at DelFest in Maryland.

The String Cheese Incident to Perform at 2019 Delfest!

YAY! That’s right, folks. The String Cheese Incident just announced the start of their 25th Anniversary Tour and guess what lovely little fairground along the Potomac River they’ll be stopping by?! DelFestivalllllllllll!

Full On Sale This Thursday, 11/15!

We’re happy to tease out this 2019 DelFest headliner in advance of our FULL ON-SALE at 1pm EST this Thursday, 11/15. This onsale will include a very limited number of 4-Day Early Bird Passes (the lowest price you’ll get all year), all RV Passes (Hookup and Dry RV), all DELuxe VIP Packages (including RV), DELuxe DELivered RV packages, Show Sherpa (hassle-free camping) and On-site Parking Passes.  (Note, there will be NO LOTTERY this year for DeLuxe RV packages.) Ticket Payment Plans are available!

Check our website at for ticket link on Thursday 11/15. Then be on the lookout for more lineup news in the weeks to come!


If you are into Bluegrass and the new generation of Bluegrass or the Newgrass or Jamgrass or whatever you want to name the genres ( I just call it GOOD MUSIC) you MUST go visit DelFest and celebrate the best festival on the east coast.

Also this last year was the birth of the very first Bluegrass Congress, that had special invitations mailed out and accepted by some of the genre’s greatest contributors.

Ameripolitan Awards To Honor Mr. Larry Collins AND MORE NEWS!

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Nov 112018

I have a lot of projects brewing for 2019, I have already verbally or signed contracts with 4 festivals and a few small shows across America. So fret not my dear readers I shall be down in Memphis to cover the 2019 Ameripolitan Awards for you!

HERE IS my complete coverage of the event as well as my LIVE BLOG which I had fun doing last year. I’m going to embed some history of the event here, as well as the nominees for 2019 because voting is OPEN NOW, and you can vote by going HERE.

Down below I have included all the links for the bands and artists involved and will be HEAVILY tagging them on social media. PLEASE go voice YOUR opinions and VOTE for YOUR favorite band, and if you cannot make it to Memphis YOU CAN log on here for my live blog.


About Ameripolitan

We’re not leaving Country Music behind, we’re taking “real” country music with us.
The Ameripolitan Music Awards were created to benefit and acknowledge artists whose work does not readily conform to the tastes of today’s “country” or other music genres and organizations. It also provides fans with a means of finding these artists and their music.

Ameripolitan – This thought provoking word is intended to be an invitation to discuss the future of the music that is important to so many of us. By leaving the hopelessly compromised word “country” behind and exclusively using the term “Ameripolitan”, our intention is to reestablish this music’s own unique identity, elevate its significance and help reinvigorate it creatively. Also, because of our place in history, we have the privilege and responsibility to pass a great musical tradition on to future generations who will otherwise have no direct connection to this music.

We believe this extra effort is necessary because, for the majority of people under the age 50 years old, their country music experience has been vastly different. As far back as the 1970s, corporations began descending upon country music. Executives, disdainful of the great musical tradition they had inherited, were placed in charge of country music. With ruthless efficiency they separated the music from its roots, redefined the brand, until finally, they succeeded in remaking country music their own superficial image. Today, the only remaining vestige of tradition in country music is the name.

The days of debating the definition of what is, and what is not country music now seem irrelevant. No one involved in producing country music today can even begin to comprehend the argument. Alabama and Lynyrd Skynyrd are classic country to them.

In our opinion, it is time to concede the point, leave them all to their own devices, and put the whole unpleasant chapter behind us. Once we have stopped wasting our time defending the “good name” of country music or decrying the ill-suited alternatives, we can go back to where the record skipped and continue on from there.

The Ameripolitan Music genre is here. We invite all of you who love Ameripolitan Music to help spread the word.

Image may contain: text that says "MUSIC WITH PROMINENT ROOTS INFLUENCE OUTLAW WESTERN SWING ROCKABILLY HONKY TONK To reserve rooms at the Guest House at Graceland, call 1-800- 238-2000 and use block code 190221AMER. For the Magnuson Hotel, call 901-207- 7924, call-in code is Ameripolitan2019"

Ameripolitan DJ


Guest House at Graceland to host 2019 festivities Feb. 22-25


(MEMPHIS, TN) – Inventor of the surf guitar, rockabilly and punk pioneer Larry Collins of The Collins Kids will be honored as the Keeper of the Key at the 2019 Ameripolitan Awards, held for the second year in Memphis at Graceland’s Guesthouse Hotel, Feb. 25, 2019.

The Ameripolitan Awards show, the culminating night of four full days of festivities celebrating rockabilly, western swing, outlaw and honky-tonk music, will be hosted by Ameripolitan founder Dale Watson alongside Ameripolitan Award winner and western swing bandleader Big Sandy. The artists who will be honored that night will be chosen by fan vote, a process that opens today.


Tumbleweed Going Southern Rock in 2019

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Nov 082018

By Joshua Wallace

Tumbleweed has announced more artists for their 2019 festival and this year is looking to be southern rock themed.  Headliners Blackberry Smoke and The Marshall Tucker Band join the already announced Whiskey Myers and Alabama.  We also get Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, Chelsea Nolan, Chad Vaughn and Chris Stewart.  In addition to these announcements, there will be a Black Friday Blowout Sale from Friday November 23rd to Monday November 26th so get ready to get some cheap tickets.

This is only Phase 2 of the lineup announcements and two more are coming, so this is only the beginning!

Gary Hayes Country will have full coverage of this year’s festival leading up to and after the event so stay tuned!

Album Feature – Josh Card – With A Heavy Heart

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Nov 072018

By Joshua Wallace

You might remember Josh Card as a guitar player for Whitey Morgan and The 78s or you might even remember his 2017 self titled album under Josh Card and The Restless Souls.  He is back and whether you want to call this a debut solo release or a sophomore effort, this album will make you forget about all that came before and you will simply know Josh Card as that guy with a killer honky tonk band from Florida who puts out amazing records.  He enlisted Dean Miller to produce With A Heavy Heart and this time around is by far superior to his 2017 album. This record is album of the year material and I’m saying that in a year with some amazing albums across the board.

You know exactly what you’re in for from the opening notes of “Suffer” when the whine of the fiddle and the guitars bring you into a honky tonk shuffle tune that sets the pace for the record.  Like a good opening act, this track will get your dancing feet moving as Josh ponders why he still suffers over a lost love.  Another highlight is the slower paced “Won’t Chase Your Love” which really showcases Josh’s songwriting ability. He tells a great story of a love which has died because a lover has given up his fight.

Further testament to Josh’s songwriting ability is the very personal tune “Forgotten Love”.  Like many of us, Josh Card has dealt with Alzheimer’s and this song brings that personal experience to the table and adapts it in a way that everyone who has experienced losing a loved one to the disease can relate to.  It’s a track that really pulls on the heart strings and it’s a subject matter that really deserves more time than it gets. I also really dig Josh’s take on the deep Neil Young track “Unknown Legend”. It is from Neil’s 1992 album Harvest Moon and Josh stays faithful to the original while adding some honky tonk flairs to the folksy country Young tune.

Josh Card has created one hell of a record in With A Heavy Heart.  2018 is a year that is quite heavy in good honky tonk and traditional country records and this is one of the best.  The songwriting is amazing and the players on these tracks are top notch. Dean Miller did a fantastic job with producing this album.  With A Heavy Heart is out everywhere on November 9th, 2018. Be sure to check out Josh Card on tour this month and beyond. We will have full coverage of his album release show this Friday in Jacksonville, FL at The Jacksonville Landing.

Favorite Tracks : Suffer, Won’t Chase Your Love, Better Off That Way, Forgotten Love, Devil’s Blood, If You’re Wondering

Josh Card – With A Heavy Heart (2018)

  1. Suffer
  2. Won’t Chase Your Love
  3. Better Off That Way
  4. Forgotten Love
  5. Choice To Make
  6. Devil’s Blood
  7. Unknown Legend
  8. Wait For Me
  9. If You’re Wondering
  10. Run On

Album Feature – Carson McHone – Carousel

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Nov 062018

By Joshua Wallace

Carson McHone embodies the spirit of Americana.  She draws a lot from roots and country music, but there are still other influences present.  She doesn’t try to pigeonhole herself into any one genre and floats from the honky tonk sound to Dylan-esque folk and elsewhere on the spectrum with ease.  Let’s take a deeper dive into the sound of this record.

“Drugs” is a great ballad on this record that compares the need you can have for a lover with the need you can have for drugs.  I love the pedal steel that cloaks this track in a sadness that amplifies the intensity of the need. Contrast that with the faster more honky tonk inspired “Good Time Daddy Blues”.  I love the kind of call and response format of the verses here. It really gives the track a honky tonk blues kind of vibe.

I also really dig the country ballad “Gentle”.  This track is paired with an intro which kind of feels like the band is trying to find the track before it finally kicks in.  It’s a class country post break-up tune heavily draped in fiddle and pedal steel that is bound to break the heart of any one in their own neon cell.  “Goodluck Man” is slower ballad that starts out as a sparse guitar track and the rest of the band kicks in as the track goes on to reveal a slower almost mournful soundscape on a track that is on the mournful side of heartbreak.

I dig the tapestry of sounds Carson Mchone has put together here.  At times, it is very country, but it also delves into other influences to create a sound that is her own.  I hope to be able to see her live sometime down the road with this album. Carousel is out everywhere as of October 26th, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : Drugs, Good Time Daddy Blues, Gentle, Maybe They’re Just Really Good Friends, Goodluck Man

Carson McHone – Carousel (2018)

  1. Sad
  2. Drugs
  3. Lucky
  4. Good Time Daddy Blues
  5. Dram Shop Gal
  6. Intro [Gentle]
  7. Gentle
  8. Maybe They’re Just Really Good Friends
  9. How Bout’ It
  10. Goodluck Man
  11. Spider Song

Album Feature – Pistol Annies – Interstate Gospel

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Nov 062018

By Joshua Wallace

The Pistol Annies have returned with a new album after each having successful solo of their own.  They have lived a lot since 2013’s Annie Up album and this record shows it. They have also tuned their sound into a more traditional country set-up that is certainly nothing like you hear on mainstream radio these days.  We here at Gary Hayes Country have been looking forward to this release since May.  Let’s find out if it lives up to our expectations.

I really dig the track “When I Was His Wife” which some can take as Miranda Lambert taking a shot at Blake Shelton, but it is vague enough that it could be applied to anyone’s ex.  Another favorite along those lines is the fun track “Got My Name Changed Back”. It’s another track that is vague, but could also be personal. One of the taglines for the record proclaims that the Pistol Annies came unleashed and told a bunch of truth.  Any songwriter can bring the truth to their music, it’s the mark of a good songwriter that can turn it into a hit and apply it to the masses.

“Levers Lullaby” is a slower track that takes the typical guy leaving the woman song and turns it around making the song from the woman’s perspective of the situation.  “Masterpiece” is a brilliantly written track comparing a relationship to a work of art or an 8 second ride or a good country song. I particularly love the pedal steel on this ballad.  You don’t get songs like this on country radio. Finally, I have to props to the title track “Interstate Gospel” and the opener “interstate Prelude”. The prelude pairs perfectly with the title track which is a barn burner sure to fit in alongside Pistol Annies classics like “I Feel A Sin Comin’ On” and “Hell On Heels”.

This new record from the Pistol Annies is exactly what you would expect from these women at this high point in their careers.  It takes the great sound and songwriting of the first two albums and just improves on it in every way. They have taken what they have learned from their solo outings and applied it here.  This record is a tour de force and one not to be missed. Be sure to pick up this album wherever you buy good music as it came out on November 2nd, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : When I Was His Wife, Got My Name Changed Back, Leavers Lullaby,  Commissary, Masterpiece, Interstate Gospel

Pistol Annies – Interstate Gospel (2018)

  1. Interstate Prelude
  2. Stop Drop and Roll One
  3. Best Years Of My Life
  4. 5 Acres Of Turnips
  5. When I Was His Wife
  6. Cheyenne
  7. Got My Name Changed Back
  8. Sugar Daddy
  9. Leavers Lullaby
  10. Milkman
  11. Commissary
  12. Masterpiece
  13. Interstate Gospel
  14. This Too Shall Pass

Album Feature – Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters – All Damn Day

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Nov 022018

By Joshua Wallace

Nick Dittmeier and the Sawdusters are back with their second full length LP following 2016’s Midwest Heart / Southern Blues titled All Damn Day.  This album’s sound picks up where the 2016 release left off and it heavily leans toward the alt-country side of Americana with flares of heartland rock throughout.  Let’s take a look at some of the tracks on this new record.

The track “Walking On Water” feels like it came off an old southern rock record.  It opens with some nice guitar riffs and a driving beat. I love that the acoustic is not lost in the mix as there is some nice acoustic work here too.  The title track “All Damn Day” is another guitar heavy song about putting in work all damn day. It’s a short track, but I love the guitar solo here.

“I Can’t Go Home” is more acoustic rock track leaning more to the alt-country side of the band.  “Trouble Song” is also a more acoustic track but it leans more into blues territory with it’s picking.  Even though it’s a bluesy track, it’s also very upbeat for a track about various troubles and I dig it.  “O’Bannon Woods” takes us back into guitar rock territory on a slower track where the riffs are as thick as the titular woods in the song.

If you dig a bit of alt-country with a side of heavier guitar rock, All Damn Day is the record for you.  It picks up right where their last release left off and finds the band with a more dialed in sound this time around.  Nick Dittmeier and the Sawdusters have their new album out now everywhere you can find good music. Give it a listen and find them on tour somewhere if they come near you.

Favorite Tracks : Walking On Water, All Damn Day, I Can’t Go Home, Trouble Song, O’Bannon Woods

Nick Dittmeier and the Sawdusters – All Damn Day (2018)

  1. Love Me Like You Did
  2. Walking On Water
  3. Head To Rest
  4. All Damn Day
  5. Two Faded Carnations
  6. I Can’t Go Home
  7. City Of God
  8. Trouble Song
  9. O’ Bannon Woods
  10.  Many Stones

Album Feature – Town Mountain – New Freedom Blues

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Oct 312018

By Joshua Wallace

Town Mountain are a bluegrass band out of Asheville, NC with influences that take inspiration from the soul of honky tonk and the edge of rock n roll.  They’re back with their new album New Freedom Blues which follows the 2016 release Southern Crescent. This album is a departure from their previous releases which featured more of a pure bluegrass sound.  This record is more bluegrass influenced and features drumming by Miles Miller who has worked with Sturgill Simpson. Let’s take a dive into some of the tracks on this album.

The album kicks off with the title track “New Freedom Blues” and it gives you an idea of what to expect.  I love the banjo work and the riffs in the chorus here. Another favorite is “Life and Debt” which highlights the songwriting on the album.  Life and debt certainly do go together and this is a fun song that plays on that.

The track “Lazy River” also highlights the great songwriting on this album.  It’s a song about the Suwanee River which runs through South GA and North Florida and is a region I’m very familiar with.  “Witch Trials” is another great track. I love the banjo solo right in the middle of a tune that has a great fiddle riff too.  Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the track many folks will get this album for. “Low Down” is a great feature for Tyler Childers and serves as a good duet between Childers and Jesse Langlais.  If you’re just getting this album for Childers, you might just find yourself with a new favorite band in this record.

New Freedom Blues feels like a new start for Town Mountain and it’s the perfect jumping in point for new fans.  Many will come for the Tyler Childers track, but I hope they stay for the rest of the record and give this great North Carolina band a shot.  New Freedom Blues is out everywhere you can find music so go listen to it on your favorite streaming service and buy a CD if you like. I hope to see them live some time in the near future.      

Favorite Tracks : New Freedom Blues, Life and Debt, Lazy River, One Drop In The Bottle, Witch Trials, Down Low

Town Mountain – New Freedom Blues (2018)

  1. New Freedom Blues
  2. North Of Cheyenne
  3. Life And Debt
  4. Lazy River
  5. One Drop In The Bottle
  6. Tar Heal
  7. Underdog
  8. Witch Trials
  9. Way I’m Made
  10. Pamlico
  11. Down Low (Feat. Tyler Childers)
Oct 272018

I have been trying my best to assist different music communities come together and at least TRY to enjoy one an others music , and help every venue that wants to book bands from other areas. There has been a silly and pointless war between Austin and Nashville transpiring for some time now, and I personally made it my onus to promote the Red Dirt music as much as possible. Do you think I can convince the purists on either side the ramifications of maintaining this squabble?

One of the more prominent artists in the Texas and Red Dirt genre is none other than Mr. Aaron Watson who in his eighteen year career put forth eleven albums and just recently, his third live album at the World’s Biggest Rodeo Show. Here Is More News on the video that was released and finally the live album has hit the shelves to enjoy.

AAaron Watson Live at the World’s Biggest Rodeo Show

  1.    “These Old Boots Have Roots” (Aaron Watson)
  2.    “Freight Train” (Aaron Watson, Troy Olsen, Tim Nichols)
  3.    “Real Good Time” (Aaron Watson)
  4.   “Raise Your Bottle” (Aaron Watson)
  5.   “That’s Why God Loves Cowboys” (Aaron Watson, Troy Olsen, Sarah Buxton)
  6.   “That Look” (Aaron Watson)
  7.   “Outta Style” (Aaron Watson)
  8.   “Bluebonnets” (Julia’s Song) (Aaron Watson)
  9.  “They Don’t Make Em Like They Use To” (Aaron Watson)
  10.  “Fence Post” (Aaron Watson)
  11.  “Wildfire” (John Mayer)
  12.  “Getaway Truck” (Aaron Watson)
  13.  “July in Cheyenne” (Song for Lane’s Momma) (Aaron Watson)
  14.  “Higher Ground” (Acoustic Bonus Track) (Aaron Watson)


My friends over at Texas Music Pickers Website had this to say:

And Watson’s outpour of support for the largest city in his home state doesn’t stop with the last track. $1.41 from each album sold will go towards the Rebuild Texas Fund, which supports the economic recovery of Texas communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Originally Watson had plans of releasing the album late last year, but after Hurricane Harvey hit, he decided that it wasn’t the right time. Instead, he chose to hold on to it and release it on the one year anniversary in hopes of reminding people that there’s still a lot of work left to do.

This live album represents so much more than one night in Houston. And it is more than another project Watson can put under his belt…

Back to me now!

Personally I myself rather salivate over live albums, because you just never know what to expect even if you are familiar with the tracks, or the band itself. There are so many crowd interactions and mannerisms that help me get more acquainted with them as people. Researching this stuff and learning about it is my passion…meeting people is my passion. I LOVE to sit here and do my website and listen to my records or podcasts or what not.

My goal as a writer is to make YOU feel like YOU WERE THERE right with me, and LIVE albums do just that for me. They make me close my eyes and sit back and pretend I am there in the front row. This new Aaron Watson album does JUST THAT…until this week! BOY DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU RED DIRT FANS!


From the Ryman Auditorium page:

Amidst a string of sold out shows coast to coast and overseas, Aaron Watson is set to make a rousing return to Music City’s iconic Ryman Auditorium on January 24, 2019, marking his first marquee concert of the new year. Tickets to “A Night of Texas” at the Ryman start at $25 and may be purchased HERE beginning Friday, October 26.  To access tickets before they are on sale, fans can use presale code OUTTASTYLE starting today.  Additional artists to be announced.

“It is such an honor to headline the iconic Ryman stage again.  What a way to kick off the new year,” says Watson.  “We had such a great time last year and we are excited to bring another night of Texas to Nashville in 2019!”

Dubbed “triumphant” (Music Row)  and  “critic’s pick….arena ready country and Southern soul” (Nashville Scene), Watson’s debut headlining date at country music’s Mother Church was hugely successful, leading to the January 24 reprise.  With headlining ticket counts nearing the half million mark and 100+ sellout shows covering 40 states and 8 countries, Watson is gearing up to reveal of a full 2019 tour announcing soon

Oct 272018

My regular readers know all about the Grand Opening Of The Bluegrass Hall Of Fame that is currently transpiring in Owensboro Kentucky (home of ROMP). There is a lot of partying up there with bands and workshops, I haven’t had the chance to go visit YET….oh do not worry folks I have BIG PLANS to cover this institution, and other happenings there in the future, but with all of the things happening at BOTH this one and the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville, Mr. Ricky Skaggs has a LOT to be proud of!

So allow me to backpedal into the spring of this year while I was concentrating on Memphis and the Ameripolitan Awards the Hall Of Fame was bustling as to WHO would be inducted in 2018?
The time finally came to see Mr. Ricky Skaggs, Miss Dottie West and Mr. Johnny Gimble inducted.

He was heralded and honored this year at the Hall Of Fame as he was handed Mr. Bill Monroe’s actual mandolin, a sixty five year old pillar of the very foundation of the father of Bluegrass that permanently resides within the walls of the Hall Of Fame. He and Mr. Garth brooks began trading vocals on the versus of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”, which is the traditional song that closes said event yearly.

Being a former member of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys at a VERY YOUNG age, he personally promised the Legend that he would do all he could to uphold and maintain the genre of Bluegrass music after Mr. Bill passed away. I firmly think that he would be extremely proud of Mr. Ricky after his 2018 accomplishments.

Then just a few months after this happened it was announced on Sirius XM during alive broadcast of the Bluegrass Junction program that he had been also inducted into the IBMA Bluegrass Music Hall Of Fame Calls Of 2018. Along with Mr. Paul Williams, and Mr. Tom T. And Miss Dixie Hall.

In 1997 he founded and formed his own label called Skaggs Family Records and has released MANY great Bluegrass albums, after a short stint in the Country Music genre. Much like Mr. Ernest Tubb did for Country Music, Mr. Ricky Skaggs is nurturing the careers of many artists on his label.

Fast forward to today where he is playing two dates at the IBMA Hall Of Fame in November for tickets please click the link below!

The Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum is thrilled to announce 15 -time Grammy winner Ricky Skaggs will perform two dates in Woodward Theatre:
  • Friday, November 16th, 2018
  • Saturday, November 17th, 2018
A life full of music.  That’s the story of Ricky Skaggs.  By age 21, he was already considered a “recognized master” of one of America’s most demanding art forms, but his career took him in other directions, catapulting him to popularity and success in the mainstream of country music.  His life’s path has taken him to various musical genres, from where it all began in bluegrass music, to striking out on new musical journeys, while still leaving his musical roots intact.
Skaggs, a Kentucky native, is part of the recently announced 2018 International Bluegrass Music Association’s (IBMA) Hall of Fame induction class, in addition to his recent induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  
Doors open at 7 pm, shows begin at 8 pm.
Tickets are on sale now!
Buy Tickets
Oct 262018

If  YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music

Carson McHone
Jeremy Pinnell
Ags Connolly
Southgate House November 11th

Dave Alvim
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
3rd And Lindsley November 14th

Colter Wall
The Basement East November 14th and 15th

Casey Donahew
3rd And Lindsley November 15th

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Exit Inn November 15th

Billy Strings
The Standard Knoxville Tn November 16th

Ricky Skaggs
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame November 16th and 17th

Dan Conn
Jason Sinkhorn
Southgate House November 16th

Ray Wylie Hubbard
Jaime Wyatt
The Warehouse Mt. Victor November 17th

Gene Watson
Dallas Moore
Kyle Wilson
Nashville Palace November 17th

Tracey Lawrence
Owensboro Convention Center November 17th

Jaime Wyatt
The Warehouse Mt. Victor November 17th

Carson McHone
The Basement East November 17th

The Harmed Brothers
Southgate House November 17th

Whitney Rose
Southgate House November 18th

Low Cut Connie
Ruby Boots
The Basement East November 18th

Jack White
Margo Price
Joshua Hedley
Bridgestone Arena November 20th

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Cosmic Charlie’s Lexington Ky November 21st

David Ball
Ryman Auditorium November 23rd

The Reverend Peyton’s big Damn Band
Matt Woods
Southgate House November 24th

Alex Williams
Austin Lee
No Deceit
Spillway BG November 24rth

the Steeldrivers
The Alhambra Theater
November 24th Hopkinsville Ky

Marty Stuart And The Fabulous Superlatives
Woodard Theater Owensboro Ky November 30th

Tyler Childers
Exit In November 29,30 and Dec 1st

Mandy Barnett
3Rd And Lindsley December 1st

Amanda Shires
Cory Branan
Southgate House December 1st

Tommy Ash
The Basement December 2nd

The Josephines
The Basement East December 7th

Del McCourry
Woodward Theater Owensboro Ky December 8th

The Blackfoot Gypsies
The A Frame in BG KY December 8th

Wayne Hancock
Exit Inn December 9th

Jerry Lee Lewis
Schemerhorn Symphony December 10th

The Local Honeys
Capitol Arts Center Bowling Green Ky November 10th

Sierra Hull
Andrew Peterson
The Ryman Auditorium December 9th and 10th

The Bottle Rockets
3Rd And Lindsley December 11th

Kendell Marvel
Exit Inn December 11th

David Ball
American Legion Post 82 December 11th

Sunny Sweeney
Brennan Leigh
Bri Bagwell
3rd And Lindsley December 13th

Raelyn Nelson
Little Harpeth Brewing December 14th

JD McPherson
3Rd And Lindsley December 16th

Billy Strings
3Rd and Lindsley December 22nd

The Wooks
Southgate House Revival December 29th

The Blackfoot Gypsies
The Basement December 29th and 30th

Unknown Hinson
Exit Inn December 31st

The Royal Hounds
Dee’s country Cocktail Lounge January 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24rth, 31st

Exit Inn January 5th

Kristiana Murray
The Basement January 11th

Greensky Bluegrass
Ryman Auditorium January 17th

The Grascals
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame Woodard Theater January 19th

The Devil Makes Three
3Rd And Lindsley January 20th

Whiskey Myers
Cannery Ballroom January 25th

Aaron Watson
the Ryman January 29th

Brent Cobb
Ryman Auditorium January 31st

The Grascals
The Station Inn Feb 2nd 2019

Andrew Leahey And The Homestead
The Royal Hounds
Acme Feed And Seed Feb 9th

The Royal Hounds
Acme Feed And Seed Feb 13th

The Wild Feathers
The Ryman Auditorium Feb 15th and 16th

The Lil Smokies
The High Watt Feb 9th

Travis Tritt
Country music Hall Of Fame Feb 22nd and 23rd 2019

Tim Atwood
Country Music Hall Of Fame Feb 23rd

Randy Rogers Band
Marathon Music Works Feb 23rd

Kacey Musgraves
Ryman Auditorium Feb 27th 2019

John Prine
Ryman Auditorium December 31st

Kasey Musgraves
Bridgestone Arena March 1 and 2nd 2019

Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
The Basement East March 8th

Reverend Horton Heat
Legendary Shack Shakers
Hooten Hallers
Southgate House Revival April 8th

The Grascals
Courthouse Square In Leitchfield Ky July 20th 2019

Oct 262018

By Joshua Wallace

Dillon Carmichael’s voice oozes solid country gold, and his sound mixes solid country gold with influences from southern rock.  His debut album Hell On An Angel which was produced by Dave Cobb is a record we will remember for a long time as a standard bearer in good country music.  Dillon Carmichael has two famous uncles that he takes his workhorse approach to country music from. Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry and John Michael Montgomery were both huge influences on him and his style.  However, the record Hell On An Angel is purely Dillon Carmichael and while the other influences are there, he does a lot to carve his own path.

The record starts off with a siren before getting into the opening track “Natural Disaster”.  This is pure outlaw country at it’s finest and focuses on Carmichael’s pure baritone voice. He hits some strong notes on this one that really lets you know what you’re in for on this album.  Another favorite is the Jon Pardi written track “Country Women”. It picks up the pace a bit for this album and highlights the killer duo of Leroy Powell on guitar and Robby Turner on pedal steel.  If there is anything to be said about Dave Cobb as a producer, he certainly knows how to put together an all star studio band.

I also really dig the track “That’s What Hank Would Do”.  It’s a track that has been done several times over, but Dillon Carmichael puts his own spin to it and puts out another good track.  He sings with a conviction on this track that makes me think this would fit on a Jamey Johnson record and you know most of Jamey Johnson’s tracks turn into hits.  The final tracks “Old Flame” and “Dixie Again” have more of a southern rock sound to them. “Old Flame” plays like a southern rock ballad with a big crescendo into a heavier chorus.  The electric guitar is blazing on this track. It’s a nice compliment to “Dixie Again” which starts off with a nice piano riff and the track builds to a nice solo from Leroy Powell and crew to bring the album to an end.

This is one hell of a debut record from Dillon Carmichael and he couldn’t have had a better team around him to make it.  My only complaint is that the hit song “Old Songs Like That” which introduced the world to Dillon is not featured on this album.  Maybe we’ll get that on an extended edition or somewhere down the line. This is the kind of debut record that makes me look forward to seeing an artist live and hearing what comes next from them.  Hell On An Angel is available everywhere today so give it a spin on your favorite streaming service and pick up a CD wherever you buy them, it’s a good one.

Favorite Tracks : Natural Disaster, Country Women, That’s What Hank Would Do, Old Flame, Dixie Again

Dillon Carmichael – Hell On An Angel (2018)

  1. Natural Disaster
  2. It’s Simple
  3. Country Women
  4. Hell On An Angel
  5. Dancing Away With My Heart
  6. Hard On A Hangover
  7. That’s What Hank Would Do
  8. Might Be A Cowboy
  9. Old Flame
  10. Dixie Again
Oct 262018

By Joshua Wallace

Jamie Lin Wilson is back with her new album Jumping Over Rocks.  It is a follow-up to her 2016 debut Holidays & Wedding Rings. Jumping Over Rocks takes the sound and storytelling prevalent in Holidays & Wedding Rings and fine tunes it for her sophomore record.  

The album kicks off with a slower number called “Faithful & True” which showcases Jamie’s voice alongside an acoustic guitar and low whining of a pedal steel.  More instruments kick in as the song goes, but Jamie’s voice is the star here. I really dig the single “The Being Gone”. It brings in the full band for the first time and has a nice groove that gets you into the flow of things.  Another nice track is “Eyes For You” which heavily features the pedal steel work of Cody Angel on this one.

I really dig the “Instant Coffee Blues” cover here.  It’s an awesome take on the Guy Clark song and features Jack Ingram as a guest vocalist.  “If I Told You” takes the album back to where it started in a way. Just like “Faithful and True”, it’s a slow ballad with acoustic guitar and pedal steel quietly in the background as other instruments kick in.  It ends the album on a note that highlights Jamie’s voice and songwriting.

Jumping Over Rocks is a solid sophomore record from Texas singer Jamie Lin Wilson.  I’m looking forward to seeing her live sometime down the road soon and you should too.  This record is available today, October 26th, 2018. Give it a stream and buy a copy if you dig it even half as much as I do.        

Favorite Tracks : Faithful & True, The Being Gone, Eyes For You, Instant Coffee Blues, Run, In A Wink

Jamie Lin Wilson – Jumping Over Rocks (2018)

  1. Faithful & True
  2. The Being Gone
  3. Oklahoma Stars
  4. Eyes for You
  5. Everybody’s Moving Slow
  6. Instant Coffee Blues (featuring Jack Ingram)
  7. Death & Life
  8. Run
  9. In a Wink
  10.  If I Told You
Oct 252018

By Joshua Wallace

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s are back with their 4th studio album Hard Times and White Lines.  This follows the 2015 release of the highly acclaimed Sonic Ranch album. Every new album from Whitey Morgan is an event, and is sure to top many folks album of the year list.  I am here to tell you, this is another album from Whitey Morgan on par with 2010’s self titled release. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of these tracks.

The first song anyone heard off the album was the epic “Honky Tonk Hell”.  For me, this track draws comparisons to The Eagles “Hotel California”. From the epic and unforgettable intro to the description of the location in the title.  Whitey’s track relies heavily on the pedal steel guitar of Brett Robinson. He creates a killer riff alongside the dueling lead guitars of Whitey and Joey Spina that will make this a memorable track and live favorite for years to come.

Another favorite track is “Around Here” which showcases Whitey’s songwriting ability in a track about drinking yourself out of beer trying to erase a memory.  It’s another great tune that shows that while Whitey can do amazing covers, he’s also a great songwriter. Speaking of amazing covers, two of my favorite tracks on this album are covers.  First up is ZZ Top’s “Just Got Paid” which Whitey turns into an amazing riff heavy honky tonk song that must be heard live. There is also a Dale Watson cover on this record of the track “Carryin’ On”.  This is one of my personal favorite Dale Watson songs and Whitey turns in a great rendition.

“Hard To Get High” picks up the low down on the booze theme from “Around Here”.  This ballad is about how it’s hard to even get high when you’re feeling low. It’s a nice slower number that breaks up some of the heavier stuff on the album.  Another slower track is “Tired Of The Rain” which starts out as an acoustic number before the full band kicks in. This album does have a running theme of hard times throughout the tracks and this one is no different.  Whitey can make good sad country songs like no other.

Hard Times and White Lines comes at a time when the world needed a killer honky tonk album, and Whitey Morgan and company delivers.  It has sad ballads, songs about getting drunk, honky tonks and hard times. It has some killer riffs created by the team of Whitey Morgan and Joey Spina on lead guitar accompanied by Brett Robinson on pedal steel and Tony Martinez on acoustic guitar.  This is an album that flat out delivers everything a honky tonk fan wants and then some. Get your favorite beverages ready and clear out a dancing area in your favorite listening spot. Hard Times and White Lines is out wherever you want to listen to music on Friday October 26th, 2018.     

Favorite Tracks : Honky Tonk Hell, Around Here, Hard To Get High, Just Got Paid, Carryin’ On, Tired Of The Rain

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – Hard Times And White Lines (2018)

  1. Honky Tonk Hell
  2. Bourbon And The Blues
  3. Around Here
  4. What Am I Supposed To Do
  5. Just Got Paid
  6. Hard To Get High
  7. Carryin’ On
  8. Fiddler’s Inn
  9. Tired Of The Rain
  10. Wild And Reckless
Oct 242018

Mr. Nathan Kalish lists my adopted hometown of Milwaukee Wisconsin as his hometown as well. I say adopted because basically….I WAS, and my maternal mother had me in Milwaukee, I was adopted at 12 days old. But enough about me let’s talk about a man I think is VASTLY overlooked by the mainstream media AND EVEN the underground media.

I get busy as all getout, and I have been meaning to catch up with his music to feature it to you, my readers for some time now. Let me share the video first, and afterwards I shall feature his new album more called “I Want To Believe”

Nathan Kahlish is a touring singer-songwriter and band leader from the American Midwest, currently calling Nashville home after having spent most of the last decade on the road. His latest album ‘I Want to Believe’ was produced by David Beeman (notably of Pokey LaFarge’s most recent) and is an independently released country-Americana record with a tip of the hat to psychedelic, folk and rock ‘n roll. The songs vary from wistful introspect to knee-slapping social commentary while managing to keep a cohesive familiarity recognizable to fans and followers.

His new album has ten tracks that contain tales of alien encounters and has some comedy as the alien says “complicated my butt” and they want to see Chuck Berry. Apparently the alien plays drums? It goes into a song called “Roswell”, that explains his distaste for today’s society. I myself do not really discuss my personal politics on this blog or on my social media pages, I deem that none of anybody’s business. However on the other side of the coin I do fully understand artists venting their frustrations into their music.

Artists often do unleash their political love or dislike for the current President as often as some did for previous ones. It is to be expected on both sides of the spectrum in many fashions. He expresses his ire in a song called “Bullies Win Again”, to be honest I saw this type of song when every President was elected. These type of songs speak to people no matter what “side” of politics they reside on, as long as a song SPEAKS to someone I hold it’s value high!

The album begins with a dark and poignant tale of a nightly gigging musician, that partakes of the partying and bar fighting lifestyle, and opens his eyes just long enough to see his girlfriend get dressed for work. Even for the ones that do NOT DRINK, I never realized how intense this lifestyle was until I started following them around the country.

One thing I truly enjoy about Mr. Nathan’s vocal delivery here, it is extremely unique on his own right and in every way. He is clearly paving his own way while vividly showing his influences in his lyrics and that signature style of singing.

One of the most well written songs on this album is called “Frail Shadow”, which I related to well being a 21 year clean heroin addict myself. I know all too well about self destructive behavior and loss of loved ones as a result of it all.

I Want To Believe Tracks:
1. Bar Fight
2. Winter Phase Revisited
3. Bullies Win Again
4. Frail Shadow
5. My Best
6. Desert Scene Take One
7. Roswell
8. Do You Ever
9. End Of The World
10. Fly Over State Of Mind

Oct 232018

By Joshua Wallace

The Brother Brothers first arrived on the scene with their 2017 EP titled Tugboats.  It featured tracks such as “Notary Republic” and “Cairo, IL” which showcased the duo’s amazing harmonies and songwriting ability.  Fans eagerly anticipated a full LP from the duo and it finally came this month in the form of Some People I Know. The LP holds up to the original EP in quality while throwing in some new sounds to the band’s arsenal.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is titled “Banjo Song” which is a banjo and fiddle tune about playing the banjo and a player lamenting about why they don’t play anymore.  I love the interaction of the banjo and fiddle in this track and it is just a well crafted song. Another favorite is “I Will Be With You” which is a slower number that highlights the haunting melodies of the Moss brothers.  The fiddle solo on this one is amazing as well.

A possible highlight for this album is “In The Nighttime”.  This is a tune that features one brother playing the fiddle and the other brother playing the cello.  The song is pure hill country bluegrass with some great yodeling throughout. One of the longer tracks on the record is the atmospheric “Angel Island” which clocks in at over five minutes.  This song highlights the songwriting ability of the brothers which marks them as excellent story tellers. I look forward to hearing more stuff like this from the duo.

The Brother Brothers have cemented themselves as one of the premier harmony and songwriting duos out there with this album.  The sky’s the limit as far as how far they can go. I cannot wait to hear their harmonies live. Give this album a stream on your favorite digital music service and pick up a cd or LP if you dig it.  It has hit stores everywhere as of Friday October 19th, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : Banjo Song, I Will Be With You, In The Nighttime, Angel Island, Sam Bridges

The Brother Brothers – Some People I Know (2018)

  1. Mary Ann
  2. Banjo Song
  3. Frankie
  4. I Will Be With You
  5. Colorado
  6. In The Nighttime
  7. Red And Gold
  8. Angel Island
  9. Ocean’s Daughter
  10. The Gambler
  11. Sam Bridges
  12. Goodbye Ol’ Silver
Oct 222018

By Joshua Wallace

Whitey Morgan

Alex Williams

This past Saturday night, I had the privilege of seeing Whitey Morgan and The 78s live with Alex Williams opening up the show.  This show was at the Hargray Capitol Theater in Macon, GA which used to be known as the Cox Capitol Theater. It’s a nice venue that looks like a classic theater setup.  It has a very nice balcony area which presents some great views if you do not like to be on the floor. For this night, these are two bands who are at different points in their careers, yet their sound are the perfect complements to each other.  Alex Williams has a trimmed down honky tonk band with a lead guitar player, bass and drums while Whitey has two lead guitars, an acoustic guitar, a pedal steel guitar, bass and drums. The crowd for the show wasn’t fully packed, but it was a good size crowd and a good crowd for the bands.

Alex Williams Rocking Out

Steve Daily on Lead Guitar

Alex Williams was up first and this was my first chance to see him live since Tumbleweed 2018.  I liked this set much better over that one. I have to commend Alex’s lead guitar player Steve Daily.  He did a stellar job on this set and was a big part of the band’s sound across the entire set. Alex opened the night with a track off his debut album called “Hellbent Hallelujah”.  He then followed that up with a newer song called “Drunken Days & Cloudy Nights”. He seems to still be deciding which new songs go on the record as he played a few during his set and said that they may or may not be on his next record.  He also did a cover tune of Terry Allen’s “Amarillo Highway” which featured a guest appearance by Whitey Morgan’s pedal steel player Brett Robinson. He also featured tracks from his new album heavily with renditions of “Freak Flag”, “Pay No Mind”, “Little Too Stoned”, “Old Tattoo” and “More Than Survival”.  Of these tracks, my favorites are “Freak Flag” and “Pay No Mind”. Throughout the set, on tracks like “Pay No Mind”, he made references to the Georgia in the lyrics which was a nice touch. Overall, this was a great set and I can’t wait to see Alex Williams headlining one day.

Alex Williams Singing “Old Tattoo”

Whitey Morgan

Whitey Morgan and Joey Spina on Lead Guitar

Whitey Morgan and The 78s quickly followed Alex Williams on stage.  This band was on fire tonight and for my money one of the best live bands out there.  Whitey kicked off the night with “Bad News” off his self titled 2010 release. The band covered every album on this set and whether it was old or new, every track blended in and sounded like it belonged.  This set did feature quite a few tracks from his new album Hard Times & White Lines. Those were “Around Here”, “Honky Tonk Hell”, “Just Got Paid” and “Tired Of The Rain”. Of these, “Around Here” and “Honky Tonk Hell” were my favorites.  “Honky Tonk Hell” is a killer live track and it is easily a highlight of the night. Another highlight of this set were the cover songs. Whitey does some killer renditions of “Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue”, “Just Got Paid”, “I’m On Fire” and “Fire On The Mountain” to name a few.  It may seem like a cover heavy set, but his renditions of these songs will become your favorite versions. Whitey closed out the show with an encore which featured “Me And The Whiskey”, “Sinner”, and his version of Townes Van Zandt’s “Waiting Around To Die. This is one of those songs that a lot of bands play, but again, Whitey’s version is the best of them.

Tony Martinez On Acoustic Guitar

Tony Martinez, Whitey Morgan, Joey Spina and Alex Lyon rock out during the encore

Whitey Morgan and The 78s are the best I have ever heard them live at this point in their career.  They are a band that is on fire and if they come close to your town, I highly recommend seeing their live show.  Alex Williams serves as the perfect opening act for Whitey as he is at an early stage in his career, but their sounds compliment each other perfectly.  You can check out and for dates on where both of these bands will be next.


Oct 212018

Blackberry Smoke will be releasing a supplement acoustic album to their latest album Find A Light called The Southern Ground Sessions, and currently there are five tracks released before the October 26th drop date.

This album will contain those five acoustic tracks as well as a rendition of Tom Petty’s ‘You Got Lucky” which will feature Miss Amanda Shires. Also on the album will be a live version of “run Away From It All”.

This band is one of the biggest road juggernauts of the Southern Rock circuit like the band I wrote about earlier today the great Whiskey Myers. They have developed a true distinct sound and style all their own, and developed a huge following with good old fashioned hard road work touring.

Each of the five members of the band are talented in their own rights, and trust me they put on one hell of a show live. I’m going to put all of the reported dates on here as well as the video that was included on the press release.

Tue, OCT 23
Stockholm, Sweden
Tickets & More
Wed, OCT 24
Göteborg, Sweden
Tickets & More
Thu, OCT 25
Sentrum Scene
Oslo, Norway
Tickets & More
Sat, OCT 27
De Bosuil
Weert, Netherlands
Tickets & More
Sun, OCT 28
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tickets & More
Mon, OCT 29
Ancienne Belgique
Brussels, Belgium
Tickets & More
Wed, OCT 31
le Cabaret Sauvage
Paris, France
Tickets & More
Fri, NOV 02
02 Academy (w/ Junkyard)
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Tickets & More
Sat, NOV 03
02 Academy
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Tickets & More
Sun, NOV 04
Rock City
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Tickets & More
Tue, NOV 06
The Telegraph Building
Belfast, United Kingdom
Tickets & More
Wed, NOV 07
National Stadium
Dublin, Ireland
Tickets & More
Fri, NOV 09
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Tickets & More
Sat, NOV 10
02 Academy (w/ Junkyard)
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Tickets & More
Sun, NOV 11
02 Academy (w/ Junkyard)
Bristol, United Kingdom
Tickets & More
Tue, NOV 13
Southampton, United Kingdom
Tickets & More
Thu, NOV 15
02 Shepherds Bush Empire
Camden, P5
Tickets & More
Fri, NOV 16
02 Shepherds Bush Empire
Camden, P5
Tickets & More
Sat, NOV 17
02 Apollo
Manchester, United Kingdom
Tickets & More
Fri, NOV 23
Tabernacle (w/ Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown)
Atlanta, GA
Thu, DEC 06
The Fillmore (w/ Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe)
Philadelphia, PA
Tickets & More
Fri, DEC 07
Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY
Tickets & More
Sat, DEC 08
Upstate Concert Hall
Clifton Park, NY
Tickets & More
Sun, DEC 09
Zeiterion Theatre
New Bedford, MA
Tickets & More
Mon, DEC 31
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium
Chattanooga, TN
Jan 06, 2019
2019 Southern Rock Cruise (January 6 – January 12)
Tampa, FL
Feb 21, 2019
The Fillmore
New Orleans, LA


Pre-sale is now available for our annual Brothers & Sisters Homecoming at Tabernacle Atlanta! Use the code SMOKEFAN and get yours HERE.




Oct 202018

The only regret I have in the cover photo is that it hides the star of the show…the cowbell man Mr. Tony Kent, the most wild source of energy on stage tonight. He alone can earn this band my ticket money without anybody else.

I haven’t returned to the Glasgow Plaza Theater since I covered Whitey Morgan there on New Years Eve. Not because I didn’t want to, but I run a pretty fast schedule here, and I cannot be everywhere at once. I have never covered Whiskey Myers live before, I mean one must remember I cover thousands of bands and two hundred festivals on some form of promotions.

The Plaza Theater itself is a VERY NICE venue to see a show, it has SO MUCH parking and is easily accessible from the main roads. The only thing that isn’t controlled is the standing up front, I don’t really mind it at all, but some people get pretty rude with it. I’m not going to elaborate on the opening act today, because he was RUDE to children and fans. That’s all I have to say about him, although some of his songs were not bad at all.

Whiskey Myers is usually loaded in with the Texas Music Scene and the Southern Rock crowd as well, and I don’t normally let that dictate what I cover or ignore. I just choose to focus on what I do like and spend time supporting that I do like.

They began their earlier tenure in Palestine Texas, playing shows around the area thusly generating a following within the Red Dirt/Texas community along with bands like Flatland Cavalry and Jason Boland And The Stragglers. That is a very interesting subject to me, I become infatuated with the bands involved in that.

We haven’t heard any new music from then since the 2016 album called “Mud” , which boasted many of the songs on their set list tonight including the title track itself “Mud”. Also included from that album was the show opener here called “Deep Down In The South”, which is a rocking tune about life down here. This song here on the album showcases that old cowbell you will see on the stage showcased in wild fashion.

“Early Morning Shakes” was next from their 2014 debut album, as the band got more serious and dropped their name Lucky Southern for the now popular Whiskey Myers. Also from that album was the third song of their set called “Headstone”.

They displayed their true southern roots for us tonight, as they played “On The River” and another called “Frogman”. Their distinct swamp type rock could easily assist them in being placed with bands like Blackberry Smoke or The Steel Woods, while maintaining a prominent Red Dirt presence the likes of  the above mentioned Jason Boland And The Stragglers.

You truly get the understanding of being “Cut From A Different Mold” as they blow through all of their heavy rocking songs until they lull the crowd down with the ever popular ‘Ballad Of A Southern Man”,which glorifies the firearms and flag waving genre often laughed at by mainstream people.

That song speaks to me as well, and gives me goosebumps for sure. it’s usually a staple portion of their show I understand, and I’m glad I got to hear it live here tonight. This band is absolutely amazing to see live, they sound good and they have a eclectic stage presence especially Mr. Tony the cowbell man. He marches around like a crazed madman until the audience hollers for more.

They closed their set with “Calm Before The Storm” and a very long, very rocking version of the Rolling Stones song “Jumping Jack Flash”. All together given all of the factors this was indeed one of the better indoor shows I attended in 2018, and I absolutely implore you to catch Whiskey Myers on tour this year…I’ll see you at Tumbleweed boys!

Nov 8 Thu

The Bourbon Theatre
Chris Colston

Nov 9 Fri

Blue Moose
Chris Colston

Nov 10 Sat

Chris Colston

Nov 14 Wed

Georgia Theatre
C2 & the Brothers Reed

Nov 15 Thu

Druid City Music Hall
C2 & the Brothers Reed

Nov 16 Fri

Manchester Music Hall
C2 & the Brothers Reed

Nov 17 Sat

C2 & the Brothers Reed

Nov 29 Thu

The Paramount
Bishop Gunn

Nov 30 Fri

Westcott Theater
Bishop Gunn

Dec 1 Sat

The Bluestone
Bishop Gunn

Dec 5 Wed

Palace Theater
Bishop Gunn

Dec 6 Thu

Town Ballroom
Bishop Gunn

Dec 7 Fri

Chameleon Club
Bishop Gunn

Dec 8 Sat

The National
Bishop Gunn

Dec 9 Sun

State Theatre
Bishop Gunn

Dec 13 Thu

Cody Cannon Acoustic Show at Dosey Doe

Dec 14 Fri

Cody Cannon Acoustic Show at The Backyard

Dec 15 Sat

Cody Cannon Acoustic Show at Hank’s Texas Grill

Jun 1 Sat

Tumbleweed Music Festival

Jun 21 Fri

Gordy’s Hwy 30 Music Fest
Oct 192018

By Joshua Wallace

Malice, Mercy, Grief, & Wrath is Belle Plaine’s follow-up to her 2016 live release The Unrequited Love.  Belle Plaine has created one hell of a honky tonk record with this one. There is something for everyone here and this is an album that is sure to be high on many year end lists.  Let’s take a look deeper into this album.

The album kicks off with a slower number called “For All Those Who I Love”.  The whine of the pedal steel guitar on this track creates a great sound paired with the acoustics here.  This song is about a man who has done some wrong in his life, but swears that he’s done everything for those he loves.  My next favorite is “Taxes And Death And You” which is a play on the popular phrase about death and taxes. You can’t always tell which of the three she is talking about in the song and I like that.

The track “Is It Cheating” is another great example of good songwriting on this album.  It features Colter Wall on backing vocals and his bass is a nice compliment to Belle on this track.  This is not the first time the two paired together, Colter used Belle in a duet on his track “Caroline”.  Finally, “Radio Dreams” is another cleverly written track on this record. I love the use of fiddle and the keyboards here.

Belle Plaine has created a record that plays on all sides of traditional country.  There is something here for everyone and it is bound to find a home in your record collection if you give it a chance. Belle Plaine is currently on tour throughout Canada but she does periodically come down into the US. Malice, Mercy, Grief, & Wrath is out now on your favorite streaming platforms.  Give it a listen and then buy a CD or LP. It’s a mighty fine country record, and you won’t regret it.

Favorite Tracks : For All Those Who I Love, Taxes And Death And You, Is It Cheating, Are We Good, Radio Dreams

Belle Plaine – Malice, Mercy, Grief, & Wrath (2018)

  1. For All Those Who I Love
  2. Golden Ring (Feat. Megan Nash)
  3. Squared Up
  4. Taxes And Death And You
  5. Is It Cheating (Feat. Colter Wall)
  6. Are We Good
  7. Laila Sady Johnson Wasn’t Beaten by No Train
  8. Radio Dreams
  9. Rock Bottom (Feat. Kacy Anderson)
Oct 182018

By Joshua Wallace

I recently started seeing the name TJ Hernandez pop up in a few Facebook groups as someone to look out for. I also saw that he had a debut EP out with seven tracks to dig into. You know every time I hear about someone getting buzz like this, I have to check it out.  I’m glad I did because I’m here to tell you that TJ Hernandez is worth your time and money to give a listen to. TJ is out of a small town in southern Illinois called Godfrey, but he traveled to Goldsboro, NC to record this album.  He enlisted fellow troubadour Jonathan Parker to produce the record and it came out a winner. Let’s take a dive deeper into some of these songs.

The album kicks off with a track called “Corporate Man”.  It’s both an ode to the working man and a word of advice to the corporate man.  This track gives us our first taste of the awesome pedal steel work by Clyde Mattocks.  He is all over this album and it truly adds an irreplaceable element to the overall sound.  Another favorite track is the “100 Years Too Late” which highlights the pedal steel on a song about longing for the simple life and a time long gone by.  This is one of two tracks on the album co-written by fellow country singer Bryan James. We will get to the other one a bit later.

I love the soundscape created by the guitar work done by Phil Wise on the track “The Reflection”.  It’s a track about a man reflecting on his past while staring a glass of whiskey in the face and in my opinion is one of the highlights of the album and is worth checking out.  Finally, “One More” is the other track co-written by Bryan James. “One More” is a track about those nights where you just need to let go and take some of the bite out of the daily routine.  It’s an interesting take on the spurned lover and night out with the guys trope in country music.

This album is worth checking out if you’re a traditional country or honky tonk fan.  There is plenty of pedal steel sprinkled throughout this album and the production by Jonathan Parker is top notch.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from TJ Hernandez but for now, Who I Am is a great introduction to this new country singer and it is currently available to stream on most streaming platforms.  You can also get a copy from TJ himself at shows or you can find him on Facebook at TJ Hernandez Music for all the details on how to purchase a copy for yourself.

Favorite Tracks : Corporate Man, 100 Years Too Late, The Reflection, One More

TJ Hernandez – Who I Am (2018)

  1. Corporate Man
  2. 100 Years Too Late
  3. Who I Am
  4. Tumbleweed
  5. Ain’t Gonna Change
  6. The Reflection
  7. One More
Oct 172018

The Spillway Bar And Grill has brought us so many great shows in the past, and has been one of the favorite venues for this website food wise. Now sometimes they struggle to book the amount of shows as their competitors, and that is a discussion best suited for your own private opinions. This isn’t the discussion forum like other websites are, I’m just going to focus on the music and how the positive things made this a VERY nice, and enjoyable show here.

The staff at the Spillway is always outstanding in my opinion, and I can understand spending a little extra time for food orders when this many people pile in here. The local community around Bowling Green is outstanding, and if you argue I’ll quickly decree how wrong you are as I implement this young man here Mr. Rye Davis.

I’m going to come out in public and say a few things about this man. For one, he is a terrific friend and always the first to extend his hand for a handshake. He LOVES people and he LOVES his audience in front of him, and he weaves a story in songs that are just as efficient as the big names that dwell on the echelon he is working to get on.

One one hand his music COULD BE deemed somewhat commercial if it had been out ten years ago, but with today’s tractor rap and bro stuff Mr. Rye Davis shines like a diamond in a goat’s ass! I mean the song called “A Heart To Call a Home” sounds like it came from 1988, and dammit that is VERY refreshing. He is one of my go to artists if I want to hear some well written songs, and little references you have to LISTEN to soak in. This is pretty much a show review juxtaposed with his album review, add a little more meat to this one here.

he played a short acoustic set tonight opening for The Steel Woods, but to be honest he is just as entertaining to watch play…at least for me he is. His first song on the set was the opening song on the album called “They All Know My Name”, which is a song of personal hope for him.

His next song was called “Blue Jeans” and I think it’s one of his more elegant songs. All in all I see a song as a paint, and your brain as a canvas and it’s up to the singer to paint a picture in your mind. This song does just that, and I think every man can relate. “She’d Know” was next followed by one called “Save You A Seat”.

His version of the Gary Gentry written song “The Ride” from the David Allan Coe 1983 Castles In The Sand album was truly enjoyable, and garnered involvement from the crowd. More great songs on this album include a song about loosing his virginity called “lavender Candles”, which blew my mind from both the lyrics and the steel guitar tone. It complemented the song almost as vivid as the way he delivered the lyrics.

Another song that blew my mind was called “Color On My Collar” which was a bout an encounter with a woman he met in a bar, and it was too loud to catch her name. He is aimlessly looking to find this woman and get to know her. This album is a MUST BUY!

  1. They All Know My Name
  2. Leave You Lonely
  3. Love You Till Morning
  4. She’d Know
  5. Lavender Candles
  6. Color On My Collar
  7. Sometimes
  8. Heart To Call A Home
  9. Make It Through The Night
  10. Blue Jeans

Van Winkle And The Spirits brought a great big entourage of musicians and a very eclectic sound here. Their influences show as the play their set here, and their EP is out now. They are currently recording a new album in Glasgow Kentucky, as we speak.

This band had some truly fine harmonies, and played very well together. Their first song was called “Heading out West” . This band consists of Mr. Jonathan Tomes, Mr. David Erickson, Mr. David Rich, Mr. Shawn Whitely and Mr. Nathan Johnson.

“Down The Road” was next followed by the song called “live A Dream”. Their best song of the set called “Waiting On The Rain”, and they concluded the set with a cover of Hank Williams Jr. “Dinosaur”.

The Steel Woods are four guys from Nashville Mr. Jason Rowdy Cope (who is currently on break),
Mr. Wes Bayliss, Mr. Johnny Stanton and Mr. Jay Tooke. Every time they roll through town here I try to catch them while they are playing smaller clubs.

You can pre order their new album called “Old News” HERE.

Through their entire set they played only one new song called “Red River”, and still included many covers. Not that I didn’t enjoy the covers, but perhaps now they have enough material to not have the need for covers? Well to be honest if they enjoy playing “Whipping Post” and their version of the Black Sabbath song “Hole In The Sky” I say LET THEM, because I for one surely enjoy their Isbell “Cover Me Up”.

I wasn’t sure how good this show would be without Mr. Rowdy Cope, but I was truly impressed with what they brought tonight. This was one hell of a damn good set tonight, full of fire and energy and the sound was amazing.

They came out to intro tracks and barrelled into “Wild And Blue” with note for note precise fury, and as we piled toward the stage, The Steel Woods began unleashing hell upon the Spillway in the form of  “Better In the Fall”.

The old Steve Young tune that Waylon made famous called “Lonesome Ornry And Mean” was next, as they wove their signature Steel Woods twang upon this song they  returned with another hard hit from the song “Uncle Lloyd”.  They then went into a damn fine cover of the 1981 song “Are The Good Times Really Over” from the Hag album “Big City”.

Some staple songs included in this set were “Straw In the Wind” the dark and poignant song of life back in time in small western towns. “Della Jane’s Heart” “Axe” and they closed with the song “Let The Rain Come Down”. This band is going nowhere but UP in this business, and has a terrific future ahead.

Oct 152018

By Joshua Wallace

The Bottle Rockets have been around for 26 years and you could say they’re the fathers of roots rock and the heartland rock sound.  I particularly enjoyed their track “1000 Dollar Car” and this album has a similar feel to it. Bit Logic is the follow up to 2015’s South Broadway Athletic Club so let’s dig into it.

The first single from the record is the title track called “Bit Logic”.  This is a rockin’ track that finds the band trying to cope with today’s ever changing world and the new technology that comes with it.  Another favorite is “Highway 70 Blues” which is a fun track about getting stuck on the interstate. It’s a rut we’ve all been in from time to time and now we have a tune to blast to everyone on the interstate parking lot when we’re feeling those highway 70 blues.  Another favorite is “Bad Time To Be An Outlaw”. This cut laments on the current state of things for outlaws in country music but praises those that keep on doing what they’re doing even in the rough times.

Another favorite track from the album is “Way Down South”.  This is a road song but it’s a slower track about missing the ones you love on the road.  I really dig the guitar solo on this one. Finally, “Doomsday Letter” features another slower groove on a track that bemoans all the doomsday prophets from ancient times to today.

Bit Logic continues a long tradition of great sounding records for Bottle Rockets.  If you’re a fan of this band, the album won’t disappoint and it will make a nice addition to your record collection. Bit Logic is out everywhere on Bloodshot Records on October 12th, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : Bit Logic, Highway 70 Blues, Bad Time To Be An Outlaw, Way Down South, Doomsday Letter

Bottle Rockets – Bit Logic (2018)

  1. Bit Logic
  2. Highway 70 Blues
  3. Lo-Fi
  4. Bad Time To Be An Outlaw
  5. Saxophone
  6. Human Perfection
  7. Knotty Pine
  8. Way Down South
  9. Doomsday Letter
  10. Stovall’s Grave
  11. Silver Ring
Oct 152018

By Joshua Wallace

For me, Larry & His Flask have always been a band that has been hard to give a genre too, but they are just fun music.  You could call them a punk rock roots band, or Americana or any mix of those. They’re a high energy roots band with elements from all of those genres and then some.  Oh and they have a killer horn section. I do enjoy a good horn section. This Remedy is the band’s first album since 2013’s By The Lamplight which I was a fan of so let’s dive deep into this one.

“Atonement” starts off with a ska influenced track with a fast beat and awesome use of the horns.  I’m digging this album from the start. “Ellipsis” keeps the pace hot and heavy but brings in more string instruments.  I’m pretty sure I hear a blazing fast banjo in there but I could be wrong. It’s a nice track that is sure to inspire some mosh pits at live shows.

“Never All The Times” looks to slow things down a bit.  This track has a nice vibe with the keyboards and horns.  It works nicely to break up the faster paced tracks in the rest of the album.  “You Won’t” is a track that features some killer guitar riffs and provides a bit of a rock vibe to the proceedings.

This Remedy provides a lot new tracks that will get the live crowds going for Larry & His Flask.  I’m really digging the variety of genres the band pulls from and still manages to create a cohesive sound.  There are elements of roots, ska, rockabilly, punk and everything in between. You can count on never standing still whether you’re listening to this band live at a bar or on cd in your living room.  Give this album a listen on your favorite streaming service and then buy or download a copy. It is available everywhere October 12th, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : Atonement, Ellipsis, Never All The Times, Begin Again, Hoping Again, You Won’t, Behind The Curtain

Larry & His Flask – This Remedy (2018)

  1. Atonement
  2. Doing Fine
  3. This Remedy
  4. Ellipsis
  5. Never All The Times
  6. Begin Again
  7. Hoping Again
  8. The Place That It Belongs
  9. Dearly Departed
  10. You Won’t
  11. Behind The Curtain
  12. Three Manhattans
Oct 142018

Well now today was somewhat of a milestone for me, in that I had successfully camped for the first time in 10 years. I’m an avid hunter and outdoors man, but the camping I cannot physically handle anymore. Well, this year I was adamantly instructed by many I would have NO choice, and honestly if you read my previous article for day 1, you find that YES there is no way you can come and go at night. Not on those windy hairpin roads unless you KNOW where you’re going!

Also with some of the later bands it was fun to lay on my air mattress and listen, while I sweated profusely in that hot muggy tent. YEP even in the night air it was still hot, hot hot. Now, I’ll be truthful it was truly easier with the sides of the holler having tall trees to block the sun earlier than it set. From noon to 4pm was absolutely BRUTAL, but I want to say this: Mr. Byron personally brought me water several times..not asked somebody from the staff to do it…HE DID IT. Not just for me but for MANY. If that isn’t a giving and concerned soul I’ll eat my left sock.

The bands were all fed and taken well care of, and so was the media invited here. ANYTHING I needed or wanted I could have, and that’s the bottom line! Anything I needed to perform my job here I had at my disposal, and I think by the end of this article you will concur, I did that job well. I got a lot more information to share here for this event. I made myself a damn fine campfire breakfast here complete with hot sauce for my eggs at a vendor called Redneck Hipster Hot Sauce. Mr. Craig McDavid helped me select the style of sauce for me and my palate. The garlic Habanero was what I selected, and I only needed a smidgen of it!

After eating I decided to start my day with another run off the merchandise tables. As usual there were plenty of volunteers all working together in happy fashion, Mr. Byron’s daughter Miss LeeAmber and his wife Miss Kelli once again slayed the job back there. They made buying “stuff and junk” and “junk and stuff” FUN, because it’s important that we do buy things like that to keep gas tanks and bellys full. I want my friends to be able to support their families on their chosen profession of touring musician.

I ran into some wonderful people from the Somerset area that asked me to include them called Buck Creek Adventures where you can rent some canoes and kayaks.They run a really neat looking LLC up there, and offered me a visit for the day sometime for including them. Please go check them out and rent a canoe for the day! I talk to EVERYBODY and immerse myself into the entire deal when I work a festival.

I got some barbecue pieces on a stick from the Roll N Smoke truck, I guess one could call them medallions. just big ass chunks of marinated meat on a stick. I’m not even sure what they were marinated in, but you can carry it around and move around. See that’s a festival food key thing, what can I market to eat that’s profitable and convenient to carry around?


So the first band that performed on Saturday I missed a lot of, I did cover them this past spring in Huntington WV for W.B. Walker’s 5 year anniversary show. You can read all about that event right HERE. This band was called The Winetree.

Mr. Ryan Harvey and Mr. Isaiah Muller are multi talented both in their own right as writers and musicians. They found their name from a friend’s old winter sweater, and took a lot of influence in Kentucky where they are from. Just as the song they played here today I caught was called “Kentucky”.

This duo has peaceful harmonies and down home well written country folk ballads, and puts a smile on my face every time I know I’m getting to see them on anybody’s set. I’m thinking of hosting a few Appalachian stages in future festivals, and they are on my MUST CALL list to book.

So this early portion of my article is going to focus on these two people Miss Teresa and Mr. David Prince, who have a wonderful band called Luna And The Mountain Jets and they hail from East Kentucky.I first encountered them a few years back also during the W.B. Walker anniversary shows.

If you’ll recall I did cover them during the Master Musicians Festival in the Somerset area,to which they performed a damn fine show. Well, they did not fail to disappoint here either, with energetic rock and roll with a great influence from the likes of Fleetwood Mack all the way back to the rock and roll evolves into rockabilly era.

I say that because the last song in their set was Blondie cover called “The Tide Is High” from the 1980 Autoamerican album. Like I said I AM an ultimate music NUT, and I enjoy knowing my stuff like albums and dates. But their show began with the song “Thanksgiving Day” from the 2016 album called Telling Stories.

The Luna album boasted the song called ‘That Thing You Said”, and the 2008 Blaine Girl album included the song “Pepsi Girl” which I actually relate to switching it over to a guy. The last time I went back to where I grew up it was like Mr. Joe Huber said my old playground was a battlefield.

They played their epic breakup song called “Walking Away” I believe everybody can pretty much relate to frustrations and hard times on relationship issues. I always, always, always have a terrific time watching this band perform and being around these two folks. Now in just a little bit I’ll be talking about a hilarious man that never seems to be around when Mr. David is, and a crabby lady that is always peeking around corners scowling at you. Ol’ Honey found out she had a fan club here on the creek today!

Here was another time I got a good look at how passionate Mr. Byron was toward the performers here, as he introduced Miss Senora May Lainhart. At this juncture Mr. Byron was weary and worn out, his voice was trembling trying to give out, yet he stood valiant and determined to finish this event by introducing EVERY ACT here.

Mr. Byron explained that he got to watch this young lady grow up from a child, and one could easily ascertain the real and honest family love here. Miss senora and Mr. Tyler Childers both came from this area too, and grew up here, and to this day they still live in these hills and hollers of East Kentucky. Mr. Byron is like a father to so so many of these young people in his community, and is a mentor to them. It almost made me jealous that I never had a role model like him to help raise me like this, to make sure these young adults never forget the Holy Spirit (which to me is most important) and to always be honest, love and respect one another. As I previously stated, this festival is unlike any other…it IS HOME.

Miss Senora May was included on that very first W.B.Walker Anniversary show recorded on his couch in his living room back when we first met. She opened her portion of the show with a song called “Don’t Need A Lot”, which showcased her down home vocal style.

She has indeed created her own style, and explains  how simple she is in this song, she doesn’t need a fancy extravagant lifestyle. Just her home community and her family, and her awesome husband. Also, once again Mr. Josh Nolan played for her as well as nine other acts here..more on that man later on.

She played the title track song called “Lainhart” which includes references of Daddy bitching and shoveling hog shit, which in this area is just a way of life she is sharing with you. It is indeed a term of endearment and a measure of love. Also included in her set was the song called “Only Want You”, which is the last song on her new album. You can get onto her website and buy the album there.

She also played a song for her younger brother who is in the marines called “Semper Fi” . Before I begin talking about the rest of the wonderful acts here today, I wanted to touch on a few more of the wonderful people that helped make this event a success. The wonderful folks over at Country Boy Brewing for all the gift beers and shirts, I still got Cougar Bait in my fridge. One of the founders was camped next to me, and we had some good conversations together, and I got to share some ribeye steaks with them.

I wandered over to the next booth which was a really neat jewelry booth called Talagirl’s Curiosity’s she had some really different wares and things. I’m used to seeing hand made jewelry, but not to the extent of this ladies work. This was a pretty cool addition to the vendors here, can easily see why they chose her to be included.

EVERY food vendor and EVERY merchandise vendor is personally selected by the Roberts family, see they don’t just HOST music festivals they PATRONIZE OTHER music festivals like we all do. They KNOW the same things I do, and they LISTEN to people like me that go from New York to Florida doing this stuff. I been on the phone many times with Mr. Byron giving my input on everything from layout to traffic flow.

We spoke about the food vendor issue, and I found out WHY they got placed back where they did…power. NOT political power, physical voltage power. I never really noticed the generators running the truck, I missed that observation. He explained that to me, you know what, I think he has this whole scheme licked. Just by being the amazing human being that he is, that alone makes Kickin’ On The Creek one of the best. I’ll be honest Miss Tiffany over at Master Musician’s Festival runs an equally special operation that will warm your heart with joy.

I want to talk about the intense amount of community love and help the Robert’s family gets from so many great people and places. The Fire Department, the EMT’s that donate their weekend to help injuries that may occur. There wasn’t many rotten apples, but security was on the ball here.

They were courteous but also meant business, basically all festivals have ONE MAIN RULE. Don’t be a dick. It’s not hard to follow, right? I mean drink all you want but act like an adult, have a little smoke and a TON of food. But, doggone it respect your neighbor, share your shine and enjoy each other’s company. life is too short and too precious to break the only rule we have.

If anybody wants the definition of a work horse Mr. Josh Nolan I recently asked him just how many sets he played this weekend and this was his response:   I think I ended up playing 8 sets, most of which happened Friday Chelsea Nolan, Senora, Jeremy Short Those were planned and rehearsed These were not. Lol Ethan Hunt, Sean Whiting ,William Matheny A few songs with Grayson Jenkins

He has a nice album from 2014 called “Fair City Lights” and I had to buy a copy because the first song called “Do It Right” truly grabbed me as a person. I identified it well, and it spoke to my feelings.  I thought it was a well written song for sure! He played a song called ‘East Kentucky Skyline”, and another song I have watched Miss Chelsea Nolan play called “Silver Line”

I did some wandering around again getting crowd shots and watched the fellow artists watching Mr. Josh play, that always does my heart good to see that stuff. There was no trying to outdo anybody here, each act brought a little something different to the table. As he played a song called “Green Bridges”, I gathered my notes and got ready for more.

Mr. Geno Seale released a damn fine album called Times As Dark As These, and he recently played at Miss Chelsea Nolan’s album release party. I had to work and couldn’t attend sadly. Now Mr. Geno was involved in quite a bit of the shenanigans with Miss Honey today, that ornery Ol’ lady done smiled today!

He made a pretty good statement today “This is not a scene, what we are doing here is a community” and to be honest I pretty much agree with him. I’m pretty grateful to be included in their community, and to be so widely accepted by every other community.

He has Mr. John R. Miller, and Mr. William Matheny both helping him play his set today. He played songs off his album the likes of  “The Gospel” originally cut by Goose Creek Symphony, and more. Before he brought out Miss Teresa Prince from Luna And The Mountain Jets to play one with him called ‘Go On In Peace”.

He played a great song called “Found Pennies” which was one I never got to hear before today, It’s not on the record at all. I had to research to find the name, I just had my notes. I just enjoy his rough and raw take it or leave it vocals and style.

The song called ‘Hymns And Praises” is all about the music community being kind of like a religion on some aspects. Mr. Geno said it’s MORE than JUST music here,  and I could see that decree is valid right here tonight.

Mr. John R. Miller stayed on the stage to bring out his next band, who mentored me a few years back The Prison Book Club from Shepherdstown West Virginia.  They don’t know it but they inspired me along with Mr. Dale Watson, Split Lip Rayfield, Ray Wylie Hubbard and MORE!

Their first song was called “Roll It Up” and they went into the song called ‘Eat Your Brains” , before they played some songs off of the self titled album with the deer on it. Mr. William Matheny helped them today along with Mr. Tucker Riggleman on bass and Mr. M Tivis Clark on drums.

‘Six Pack” was followed by the song called ‘White Plain”. The song called ‘Nothing To Loose” is pretty much a good breakup song about loosing everything, now there’s nothing to loose…get it? They played “Coming Down” which Mr. John wrote, I know Mr. Tyler Childers plays it too, but it was originally a Prison Book Club song.

Now it’s time for a really funny story about that clown Laid Back Country Picker. You know as SOON as HE comes around you never see Mr. David, he goes in that damn bathroom for an hour. And of course mean Ol’ Miss Honey was in tow tonight, but THEY GOT HER TO SMILE!

“Partyline” was first, he has thugs after him because he accidentally got on their party line! After playing a new song he played a song called “Maggofin County Cadillac” which takes you on a tour of  his area out there.  Well, he told us a story about traveling with Mr. Tyler Childers out in Weston West Virginia during the annual Carp Festival, and it funny as shit.  That song was called “David Bowie”, and it was a bout the nervous hospital and more!

He went on to play a song called “Truck Stop Sam” but here was the funny story, while they were playing some goobers decided to try to make Miss Honey smile…and they did just that! SEE we all voted her for president. Now AS ALWAYS under rule number one, you leave your politics at the festival gate! But THIS TIME we get a pass, they want Miss Honey for president.

I don’t think she realized she had a fan club, since she’s always so mean looking I think they decided she needs some loving too. So three folks dressed as her and went through the crowd, and got up on stage to stand behind her for a song until she laughed.

But to be honest, we LOVE HER VERY MUCH, you know what? The world needs MORE comedy in music, and laughter is chicken soup for the soul, too many politics and name calling out there. WHY CAN’T we just laugh at ourselves and enjoy one another?  Laid Back is changing that, and I applaud that! AND HEY if it’s good enough for Mr. JJ Waters, and Mr. Tyler Childers, it’s good right?

Let’s revert back once again to a man that released a DAMN FINE ALBUM this year, and it’s a INSTANT TOP 50 inclusion for sure, and that is none other than John R. Miller And The Engine Lights and YES they played a KILLER SET here this weekend.

He opened with “Holy Dirt” which is the opener on the new album, and my favorite song on the album by far. His second song was called “Red Eyes”. I just love his unique sound, it is so different from the Prison Book Club music, he also plays bass for my friend Mr. Pat Reedy.

‘Back And Forth” is a slow and easy song from his first album called Service Engine that is my favorite song from that album. It speaks to me as an individual. He also included the song “Lights of The City” , song has some truly beautiful fiddle on it and the entire album has some really soft steel guitar tones on it, that bring out his vocals in a vivid way.

They also played the song called “Been Here Too Long” ,which pretty much rounded up most of the new album for us. I truly enjoyed listening to the album live here. He did revert back to Service Engine album for the song called “Motor’s Fried”, which was a good choice here. All of his songs flow really well together in a sense, and he has well written lyrics.

‘How It Feels In The Light” and the song called “Whale Party” closed out the show for him here. I am a big fan of ALL of this man’s work, all of his bands and his kick ass songs he does! The Engine Lights today were Mr. harry Clark (from the Wooks) on mandolin, Miss Chloe Edmonstone on fiddle (who did a SWELL JOB here), Mr. John Clay on drums, and Mr. Chris Justice (from Wayne Graham) on bass.

I did not get any pictures of the BAND not the person called Wayne Graham. Instead I’m going to post this from their website to explain their name :

Wayne was a renaissance man. Curiousity and good hand-eye coordination are a deadly combination. He was an electrician, a locksmith, a mechanic, a coal miner, a guitarist, and a singer, but the roles that took the highest priority in his life were husband, father, brother, and son. He approached life with a laughable optimism and proved over time he was right. He made sure to be my earliest memory and I have consulted him, wherever he is, with every major decision in my life. Over the years, I’ve met many strangers who knew him.  Their tall tale is the same as those I’ve heard before. He was a legendary man with more soul than his body could hold.

Graham was the first one of his brothers to own a car. He was able to buy it because he started working when he was very young. When his younger brother graduated from high school, he drove him to college. He left his car with him and headed home to pine creek.

He married my grandmother and bought a small shack on Pine Creek. They moved in in February, a logging trail covered in snow, to a shack with quarter inch slits between the slats.

He slowly bought that mountain, acre by acre, building more rooms on his house for his growing family. He was the neighborhood farmer, old regular Baptist, democrat, World War II vet, coal miner, romance novel patron, Kentucky Wildcats fan. His image flashes in my periphery at least once a day, reminding me his constant refrain when he and Mamaw kept me in my early years, “This boy is gonna make me president.”

Mr. Kenny Miles- guitar, piano, vocals and his brother Mr.Hayden Miles- drums, vocals Mr.Chris Justice – bass and finally Mr. Lee Owen – guitar, vocals, make up this band from Whitesburg  Kentucky. They bring forth a classic rock sound with an Appalachian twist to it.
Their new album called JOY came out September 18th, and according to them the songs are memos to themselves for later, documenting what it felt like to persist and move forward.

Mr. Joseph Huber is one of my all time favorite musicians I know from the (what they call) Roots Music movement or the Muddy Roots crowd. I just called it GOOD STUFF! He has been around for many many years starting out with the .357 String Band, before moving on to his own path.

And on that path he has put out four damn fine solo albums and along with Mr. Jason Loveall on fiddle, he has played just about every festival you could possibly name. He opened with “16-10” from his latest album along with another song that speaks to me especially because Mr. Joseph is from the same place as I was raised, Milwaukee Wisconsin. That song is called “Old playground Is A Battlefield”.

Another song he said he wrote while on the .357 String Band called “Drop In the Bucket” while busking on the streets. A drop in the bucket is all I need to hammer down on the banjo strings.  He played another great song called ‘Old Mountain Tune”.

This community enjoyed his music tonight including the song called “Old Mountain Tune” , and a song called “Diminished Things” from his new album The Suffering Stage. From the album called the Hanging Road he played the song called “Coming Down From You”.

Also from this album he played the song called “Same River Twice”, and they played “Souls Without Maps” and closed with the title track from his album “Tongues Of Fire”. Before some of the later bands tonight I went out for a walk around to see more!

The Tillers were next, a wonderful band from the Ohio area. I equally covered their set from Muddy Roots only a few weeks earlier, and many other times. These four guys truly play wonderful down home folk and bluegrass music.  Their new self titled album will probably be another good possibility for my TOP 50 of 2018.

Mr. Michael Oberst- banjo, vocal, fiddle, guitar, harmonica, kazoo, Mr. Sean Geil- guitar, vocal, dobro, banjo, mandolin, Mr. Aaron Geil- upright bass, vocals and Mr. Joe Macheret- fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals make up this truly Legendary band.

Their first song was from that said new album called “Revolution Row”, also they played the song called “Riverboat Dish washing Song”. One of the greatest and most well written songs I have heard in the years of doing this local music website. The song called “Willy Dear” is absolutely amazing, with a cleverly written ghost story.

“Dear Mother” was another great song from the new album that was included in this set, that showcased their new album truly well. I’m eagerly ecstatic about this band being included into so many other music communities like Mr. Joseph Huber.

Another awesome song they play is called “Tecumseh On The Battlefield” . Also included in their set were the songs “Treehouse”, “Mona”, and ” The Road Neverending”. I have always like the harmonies this band has together, and the way that they light up the stage with their charisma. You can JUST TELL they LOVE to play together and understand one another truly well.

They closed their set with two songs from my favorite album they have called Hand On The Plow, and those songs were called “500 Miles From My Home” and the last song was called “Old Westside”. They always leave us feeling jovial and they have fun up there on stage.

They do not stop and tell stories, because their songs do that FOR THEM. I got to share some camp food with a couple of the guys from the band, and I always try my best to drop money their way to keep them rolling on. And I believe they always will roll on.

As the sun began to set I took a couple good pulls of this wonderful moonshine I was given, and got ready for the next artists here. Some GREAT FRIENDS are coming to entertain us here. The excitement and energy was absolutely  astounding here in the holler.

Mr. Byron was just as proud of the closing acts as he was of the earlier acts, he treated nobody different or less important here. I cannot say enough great things about how he runs this program here, and the new bands I have discovered here proves his top notch attention to music quality. I swear, this door here is like the gates of heaven as you go onto the stage into the lights.

Once again, there it is…Mr. Byron’s love for this community. I watched him go around hugging EVERYONE in the crowd, making ALL the guests feel wanted and welcome. Now mind you MANY directors do this TO A RENTED VENUE….THIS MAN WELCOMED US TO HIS OWN HOME. This was his front yard, you are sitting in!

Arlo McKinely And The Lonesome Sound are another Ohio based band that has been BOOMING in growth lately, so big he is selling out venues nationwide now. he has grown to bigger echelons in the last two years here. Mr. Arlo opened up with “Walking Shoes”, “Don’t Need To Know”, and another great song called “Right Where You Want Me”. Three great songs we all know and were singing along to, and dancing all over. My feet were even moving around but for me it was more of the corn liquor, I was buzzing pretty good. It’s alright I wasn’t going anywhere.

There aren’t many REAL CROONERS out there like Mr. Arlo like he does on the song called “iv’e Got Her” A TRULY smooth and beautiful song, followed by the song “We Were Alright”.  Then the Lonesome Sound took a small break and Mr. Arlo played a few himself.

He played a great song he usually plays called “Bag Of Pills” , and a medley of songs one was called “Man’s Done Gone” and I wasn’t sure about the other song here. He also played “A Song Is Born”, before most of the band came back for the rest of the set.

“Time In Bars” was next from his latest album, and like I was saying about his vocals being so smooth the song “Wild Horses” always hits me right in the feels every time. And the songs I relate to even better with like “Gone For Good” were presented in a true folk and Country way. His vocal delivery is VERY unique and different, in many ways.

“Suicidal Saturday Night” was another song he played on this set before he closed the set with “Dancing Days” and the last song he played was called “Die Midwestern”.  His growth is resulting in harder to attend shows due to the extreme amount of volume of want for ticket sales. It’s truly a great thing to witness for many of these bands I have been writing about for years.

Town Mountain was a BLAZING HOT Bluegrass band that has been around for awhile now. This Asheville North Carolina band that consists of  Mr. Phil Barker – Mandolin, Vocals, Mr. Robert Greer – Vocals, Guitar, Mr. Jesse Langlais – Banjo, Vocals, Mr. Bobby Britt – Fiddle and Mr. Zach Smith – Bass make up one of the hottest Bluegrass bands on the circuit now!

As they played songs like “Up The Ladder” and the GREAT cover of “I’m On Fire” they just steamrolled from one song into another tonight, and got everybody drunk and revved up for Mr. Tyler Childers!  From the new album coming out on October 26th, they played “One Drop In The Bottle”. They also played the song called “Ruination Line”.

Mr. Tyler came out and joined the band for the song “Down Low” that will be on their new album coming out this month, and that garnered a huge response from this audience. I mean, as I stood on that stage ALL I SAW WAS PEOPLE all over. it was absolutely intense how quickly this place went crazy!

I’ll be trying to catch up with them on a later date here on an in town show they have lined up, because I had a camera charger problem here while they played. It was late, I was tired and hot…man was I burned up to a crisp. My whole body was sore form sun walking and my skin was raw from sun lotion, but MAN WAS IT WELL WORTH IT!

The intro for Mr. Tyler Childers was probably one of the longest of the entire festival, mainly because Mr. Tyler was one of the only acts to have played every one since day 1. My. Byron told me many stories of the first one with a hundred people and hot dogs were the only food you could buy.

Parts of the first stage were placed into the present stage much like the Opry did, and he told me of how small the whole plans were…Mr. Tyler still played. Unless you have been living under a rock, you are well familiar with the booming success of Mr. Tyler Childers.

He began his set with a somber and poignant version of “Time Of The Preacher” from the Red Headed Stranger Willie Nelson album, and he always does that song justice! He went right into “Banded Clovis” before even acknowledging the crowd, he didn’t have to! this was one of the longest and greatest sets I ever witnessed him play!

Once again he had the entire crowd singing along to “Follow Me To Virgie”, one of his more popular songs that he does and has plenty of crowd participation on it. This young man has spearheaded this music community into one of the largest markets I have ever witnessed.

He played a great “Lady May” that he wrote for his awesome wife Miss Senora, he played a LOVELY version of that song on the Opry. I flat out enjoy this man’s songs and have since I fist heard him on that couch in Dingess WV so many years ago.

He just barreled into songs like “White House Road” and others like the mighty “Deadman’s Curve”.  He also played the song called “Born Again” off of his Purgatory album. I promised him I wasn’t going to write anything about his past comments this summer, and I shall not. I have PLENTY of grounds to cover on him without being cliche.

He played one of my favorite songs he does called “Nose To The Grindstone”, which tells a scary and dark story of the way of life in that area up there. Many of his stories paint vivid pictures of poverty and hunger for the evils of the world. Along with the song “Swear To God”, and “Feathered Indians”.

Now he played a NEW song called “Gemini” I’m not really sure about any new album plans, and I haven’t asked him about anything like that. But, we enjoyed the song. He then played “Charleston Girl” next along with a few more, before closing with “Honky Tonk Flame”, and leaving the place all tore up!

After Mr. Tyler was finished I was completely and utterly exhausted, and on the ride home that Sunday I drank over a gallon of water on the ride home, and had to stop for insulin. I was totally worn out in every possible way. But when I woke up Sunday morning I was in for a surprise, as I planned to stay until about 4pm and jaunt home to work that Sunday night.

I work third shift, and so I had to work at 10pm Sunday, that’s my Monday. So I awoke to the Local Honeys playing a small Gospel set as they announced there was a  heavy rain coming, which makes the creek rise and that everyone has to leave as soon as possible. Now that was NOT being unfriendly…actually it was quite handy!

So I began packing my truck and saying my goodbyes for the weekend, I strolled around and took some last minute pictures of the entire event. All together I took over 1000 pictures and had 30 pages of notes, can’t you tell?

I just have way too many people to THANK for making my Kickin On The Creek experience the most amazing and enriching time I have had in a long long time. I KNOW I missed a TON of great bands but FEAR NOT I have jotted down ALL OF THEM and I WILL remedy this quandary as soon as I can!

Thanks for bearing with me for this long on both of these editions of this article, and I want to thank all the bands and managers that allow me to relentlessly pester them with my questions. I try my damn best to include as many people and facts as I can, and expose my readers to the FULL ASPECTS of the event so they will buy tickets in 2019.

See you on the road somewhere my friends!




Oct 122018

By Joshua Wallace

Adam Hood is back with his first album since 2014’s Welcome To The Big World.  That was one of my favorite records in that year and I was eagerly anticipating his follow up when I heard it would be out this year. Somewhere In Between is a worthy follow up to his last album and it continues the great songwriting and great country songs.

There is a bit of a theme that runs through the album about small towns and small town living.  “Alabama Moon” hits at that with it’s infectious chorus longing for a lost piece of paradise. “The Weekend” is another infectious track with a smooth bass groove that will take you straight through the weekend.

“Bayou Girl” takes the listener to the bayou and small town Louisiana where the singer dreams of a small town cajun girl.  “Locomotive” is another love song that features a chugging riff in a nice country rock love song. Finally, “Real Small Town” is a folksy / Americana sounding ode to small town USA.  The imagery paints a deep picture of small towns all across the country and you can visualize the music video that would go along with this track.

Adam Hood has crafted a great follow-up to his stellar 2014 record.  He continues to be a champion for the small man while straddling the line between major artist and still playing the smaller haunts and dives.  I look forward to what the future holds for Adam Hood and hopefully, it’s not another four year wait for a new record. Somewhere In Between is out everywhere today October 12, 2018.      

Favorite Tracks : She Don’t Love Me, Alabama Moon, Bayou Girl, The Weekend, Locomotive, Real Small Town

Adam Hood – Somewhere In Between (2018)

  1. Heart Of A Queen
  2. She Don’t Love Me (Feat. Brent Cobb)
  3. Alabama Moon
  4. Downturn
  5. The Weekend
  6. Bayou Girl
  7. Easy Way
  8. Locomotive
  9. Keeping Me Here
  10. Real Small Town
  11. Confederate Rose
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