Current List Of Livestreams From Many Genres.

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Jun 282020

Luke Winslow King – , July 19th, July 26th,
William Clark Green – July 15th
Reverend Horton Heat – July 15th, 22nd And July 24th
American Aquarium – July 23rd and 25th
Ray Benson – July 25th
Asleep At The Wheel – July 25th
Clint Black – July 30th
Jason Isbell – July 31st
Deer Tick – August 1st
Jerry Douglass – August 8th

Festivals I Know That Have Cancelled Or Postponed In 2020

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Jun 272020


Well as many of you already know, I had to take a month off and tend to some personal medical issues. I has to take a little time away from ALL forms of communication and heal right. I emerged a stronger individual  but was flummoxed at the amount of response to this virus.

This has and will terminate LIVE music and bands as we know it, and here is a brief list of festivals I KNOW have been cancelled or rescheduled, and I’ll be adding to this list as I am aware of the cancellations, or any that are postponed.

MANY FESTIVALS are asking for donations to keep them rolling, and to recover from costs of failing to commence upon schedule. SO MANY nationwide festivals have been affected by this nationwide tragedy, and as a result ANY donate links I find for that particular festival I’ll link them ALL on here after YOUR favorite festival is listed.

Moonrunners – May 1 and 2nd – Postponed to August 8th and 9th.

Viva Las Vegas – April 1 – 4th – Cancelled Rescheduled to April 1-4th 2021

Larry Joe Taylor Festival – April 20 – 25th – Postponed to October 19th – 24th.

Riverbend Festival 2020 – May – Postponed to an Unannounced Later Date.

Freshgrass Bentonville – April 24th and 25th – Postponed To 2021

Backwoods At Mulberry Mountain – June 4 – 7th – Postponed To 2021

Suwannee Spring Reunion – March – Postponed To 2021

Shaky Boots Music Festival – July – Postponed To 2021

The Caverns:

The following shows have been rescheduled or cancelled

March 27, 28 & 29, 2020 – Bluegrass Underground PBS TV Tapings

  • Status: rescheduled
  • New Dates: November 20, 21 & 22, 2020

April 4, 2020 – Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ with The Silks

  • Status: rescheduled
  • New Date: August 30, 2020

April 18, 2020 – Jade Cicada

  • Status: rescheduled
  • New Date: August 1, 2020

If you have tickets for a show and cannot make the rescheduled date, we have partnered with Lyte to give our fans a way to sell and purchase official tickets from other real fans.

Visit Exchange


Calf Fry Festival – April 29th – May 2nd – Postponed To An Unannounced Later Date.

This Is Red Dirt And Barbecue Festival – Rescheduled For October 11th.

Bluegrass Island Festival – May – Cancelled Will Be In may 2021.

Outlaws And Legends – March – Cancelled Will Be In March 2021.

Chilifest – May – Cancelled Will Be In May 2021.

Trapper Creek Bluegrass Festival – May – Cancelled Will Be In 2021.

Back 40 Social Festival – May – Rescheduled For October 10th

John Hartford Memorial Festival – May – Rescheduled To September 30th to Oct 3rd.

Nelsonville Music Festival – June – Canceled Will Be In 2021.

Red River Music Festival – April – Postponed To October 3rd.

Rooster Walk – May – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

Durango Bluegrass Meltdown – April 17th – 19th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

Riverbend Festival – April – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

The Western – June 12th and 13th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

The Blue Ox – June 11th – 13th – Rescheduled For August 27th – 29th.

Born & raised Festival – June 5 -6 -7 Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

The Red Ants Pants – July 23rd – 26th – Cancelled Will Return July 22-25th 2021

Pagosa Folk And Bluegrass Festival – June 5 – 7th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Bluegrass in The Bottoms – May 28th and 29th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Lockn’ Fest – 1 – 4th 2020

Forecastle Festival – July 17th – 19th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Oystergrass – July 26th – 28th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Palisade Bluegrass Festival – June 15th and 16th

The Northwest String Summit – July 16th – 19th

Red Wing Roots Music Festival – July 10, 11th and 12th

Hoxeyville Music Festival – August 14th – 16th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Jackalope Jamboree – June 26th and 27th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

Showdown On Sugar Creek – July 27th – Postponed to October

CL (Austin City Limits) Festival – October 2nd – 11th

Podunk Music Festival – August 10th and 11th – Postponed To 2021

Moon River Music Festival – Sept 12th – 15th – Postponed To 2021

Braun Brothers Reunion – August 6th – 8th – Postponed To 2021

Railbird Music Festival – August 22nd and 23rd

Four Corners Folk Festival – September 4 – 6th

Albino Skunk Festival – Summer is June 20th – October 1- 3rd

Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival – September 4 – 6th – Postponed To 2021

Hinterland – July 31st – August 2nd – Postponed To 2021

Pickathon – July 30th – August 2nd – Postponed To 2021

Tailgates And Tallboys – July 30th, 31st and August 1st – Postponed To 2021

Under The Big Sky Festival– July 18th and 19th – Postponed To 2021

Kickin It On The Creek – September 17th – 19th – Postponed To 2021

Moon River – September 12th – Postponed To 2021

Freshgrass – September 25 – 27th – Postponed To 2021

Walnut Valley Bluegrass – September 16- 20th – Postponed To 2021

Post Cierra Hoedown – Sept 17th – 20th – Postponed To 2021

Americanafest – September 15th – 20th – Postponed To 2021

Hometown Rising – Sept 212th -13th – Postponed To 2021

Picking In the Pine – September 18th – 20th – Postponed To 2021

Bluegrass Heritage Festiva – July 15th and 16th – Postponed To 2021

Earl Scruggs Memorial festival – Sept 4rth and 5th – Postponed To 2021

Moondance Festival – August 21st 22nd and 23rd

Red Dirt Float Fest – July 25th and 26th – Postponed To 2021

The Redwood Ramble – July 16th -19th – Postponed To 2021

Festival Of The Red – June 26th – 28th – Postponed To 2021

Roostertail – July 2nd – 4rth – Postponed To 2021

The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festiva – July 15th – 19th – Postponed To 2021

Roseberry Bluegrass Festival – July 16th -18th – Postponed To 2021

Whimmydiddle – August 14th and 15th – Postponed To 2021

Fayetteville Roots Festival – August 26th -30th – Postponed To 2021

Rockygrass – July 24th – 26th

Floyd Fest – July 22nd – 26th

Targhee Bluegrass Festival – July 10th – 12th

Album Feature – Blackberry Smoke – Live From Capricorn Sound Studios EP

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Jun 182020

By Joshua Wallace

Blackberry Smoke are releasing a Live From Capricorn Sound Studios EP that honors the history of southern rock.  If you’re not familiar with Capricorn Sound Studios, the studio is in Macon, GA and has hosted many of the greatest southern rock bands including but not limited to The Allman Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band and Wet Willie.  It’s a great companion piece to their planned Spirit Of The South Tour which is scheduled to start next month in St. Louis, MO.  The tour is going to be a celebration of southern rock music with support from The Allman Betts Band, The Wild Feathers and an appearance by original Allman Brothers Band member Jaimoe.  Due to COVID-19, these plans are currently up in the air at the moment.  This release will have to do until we can see the live celebration as it was intended.

The album kicks off with a killer rendition of The Allman Brothers’s hit “Midnight Rider”. A really cool feature with this cover is that Charlie Starr gets to play Duane Allman’s iconic Goldtop Les Paul guitar in this new version.  Another highlight is the band’s cover of The Marshall Tucker Band hit “Take The Highway”.  This track features current Marshall Tucker Band member Marcus Henderson on the flute.  While there have been some good Marshall Tucker Band covers without the flute, you kind of need a flute on the record to truly match the Marshall Tucker Band sound.  I’m glad that we have that here.

Another favorite is “Grits Ain’t Groceries” which was originally done by Little Milton and covered by southern rock act Wet Willie.  I am happy to see Wet Willie featured here as they are often overlooked in the discussion of great southern rock acts.  Another Wet Willie song featured on this album is their track “Keep On Smilin’”.  This track features Wet Willie vocalist Jimmy Hall and it was recorded some 46 years after the original, in the same studio.  If you would like to check out more Wet Willie, my favorite records of theirs tend to be Wet Willie II and Keep On Smilin’.  Finally, this record features a cover of Little Richard’s hit “Southern Child”.  This track along with a few others on the record features backing vocals from The Black Bettys.  It also features Jimmy Hall on the harmonica.  There is lots of great solo work with this one and it is a great tribute to Little Richard who passed away this year at 87.

This EP is a great homage to the history of southern rock.  I’m glad to see a lesser known band like Wet Willie have such a big feature on this album.  The Spirit Of The South tour sounds like an amazing show for fans of Blackberry Smoke and southern rock in general.  I hope it has a chance to happen sooner or later.  You can keep up to date on everything Blackberry Smoke on the band’s website.  The new EP Live From Capricorn Sound Studios is available everywhere June 18th, 2020.

Favorite Tracks : Midnight Rider, Take The Highway, Grits Ain’t Groceries, Southern Child

Blackberry Smoke – Live From Capricorn Sound Studios EP (2020)

  1. Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers)
  2. Take The Highway ft. Marcus Henderson (The Marshall Tucker Band)
  3. Keep On Smilin’ ft. Jimmy Hall and The Black Bettys (Wet Willie)
  4. Grits Ain’t Groceries ft. The Black Bettys (Little Milton & Wet Willie)
  5. Revival ft. The Black Bettys (The Allman Brothers)
  6. Southern Child ft. The Black Bettys (Little Richard)

Colter Wall Announces New Album Due in August

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Jun 162020

By Joshua Wallace

Colter Wall has announced the follow up to his 2018 release Songs Of The Plains.  This album picks up where that one left off and is titled Western Swing & Waltzes And Other Punchy Songs.  The title track has been released alongside the announcement and you can stream that below.  I heard a lot of these songs live when I saw Colter Wall live with his band The Scary Prairie Boys back in December, 2019.  You can read that review here.  He recorded this record with that same group and if the title track is any indication, there will be lots of western swing influence throughout this album.  I loved his version of Marty Robbins hit “Big Iron” live and I’m glad to see it here.  The record features a mix of original songs and covers including a few western traditional songs.  This album was self produced and recorded by Adam Odor at Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberly, TX.  You might be familiar with Adam Odor’s work as he produces records for Mike and The Moonpies.  This record has quickly become one of my most anticipated releases of 2020 and you will be able to hear it on August 28th, 2020 via La Honda Records/Thirty Tigers.  You can pre-order a copy here.  That deluxe vinyl looks good.

Colter Wall – Western Swing & Waltzes And Other Punchy Songs (2020)

  1. Western Swing & Waltzes (Colter Wall)
  2. I Ride An Old Paint / Leavin’ Cheyenne (Traditional)
  3. Big Iron (Marty Robins)
  4. Henry and Sam (Colter Wall)
  5. Diamond Joe (Traditional)
  6. High and Mighty (Lewis Martin Pederson III)
  7. Talkin’ Prairie Boy (Colter Wall)
  8. Cowpoke (Stan Jones)
  9. Rocky Mountain Rangers (Colter Wall)
  10. Houlihans at the Holiday Inn (Colter Wall)

Album Feature – Craig Gerdes – Tough As Nails

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Jun 092020

By Joshua Wallace

I have been a fan of Craig Gerdes since his 2018 release Smokin, Drinkin and Gamblin.  That record featured some good rockin’ country music with some great songwriting on tracks like “Dead In A Box In Kentucky” and “Red Neck Sonsaabitches”.  His new record Tough As Nails picks up where that one left off with plenty of hot guitar pickin and good country songs.  Let’s take a dive into some of these new tracks.

The title track “Tough As Nails” starts off acoustic with focus on Gerdes’s vocals.  It’s the calm before the storm though as the full track kicks in hard with driving guitar riffs that echo the rocking country sounds of the late 70’s or 80’s.  Be sure to check out the alternate bonus track version with longer jams.  Up next on the album is a cover of the Roger Alan Wade cut “If Guitars Were Guns”.  This song appeared on the 2012 Roger Alan Wade album Southbound Train and it was a favorite of mine off that record too.  Gerdes takes the mostly acoustic Wade track and turns it into a barn burner that honors the spirit of the original while keeping it in the style of this record.  Be sure to check out the extended 7 minutes plus bonus track version of this one also.

Another favorite is “Highwayman” which is an ode to life on the road.  I particularly dig the guitar solo on this track and can imagine it being a longer affair when played live.  The sound changes up a bit on the country blues inspired “The Hard Way” which is about the rougher side of a country singer’s life.  The solo work on this one is a highlight with it’s bluesy sound and great pickin.  The song “Tonight’s Not The Night” is another great rockin honky tonk tune that starts out with a hot guitar riff and doesn’t let go, just like the rest of the album.               

This is a record that will be fun to hear live when live shows start up again.  A lot of these tracks would play well in a live honky tonk setting with a rowdy crowd.  The album has two bonus tracks that are extended versions of album tracks.  I like that these songs get this kind of treatment, however I get the feeling that you could extend most of these songs with longer solos and jams with alternate arrangements.  I can’t wait to see Craig Gerdes live again with some of these songs.  Until then, you can support the band at their website with this link.  Tough As Nails is out everywhere as of April 24th, 2020.

Favorite Tracks : Tough As Nails, If Guitars Were Guns, Highwayman, The Hard Way. Tonight’s Not The Night

Craig Gerdes – Tough As Nails (2020)

  1. Tough As Nails
  2. If Guitars Were Guns
  3. Between The Cradle And The Grave
  4. Pennies, Feathers and Dimes
  5. Highwayman
  6. The Hard Way
  7. Most Times I Lost
  8. That Little Girl
  9. Tonight’s Not The Night
  10. Only The Road Knows
  11. Tough As Nails (Bonus)
  12. If Guitars Were Guns (Bonus)

My First Local Show Of 2020: Breaker’s Marina Hosts Mr. Dallas Moore And MORE!

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Jun 072020

This first half of 2020 has been absolute chaos for everybody, and I have been no exception. I have spent the entire year taking care of personal issues, and family issues the same. Pretty much all of us have been held up at home and left to wonder what will happen to us as a nation, and when will things return back to normal?

One of the major things I have been missing for the year is live music. So, when I got word on social media that the almighty Outlaw himself Mr. Dallas Moore was rolling in to play a show I HAD to come down. Much to my surprise one of my favorite up and coming acts Mr. Tony Logue would be the other act.

Breaker’s Marina is a beautiful venue built on the Tennessee river that offers a wide variety of fun for everyone, and we had a very fun time there. The actual marina itself keeps different hours than the dining area as far as I could tell, and you can rent various types of watercraft there.

The stage area was built really well, complete with a back line riser and plenty of utility outlets for a full band.  One really cool thing I noticed, was the sides of the stage had windows for air but also to make loading and unloading equipment much easier.

Really, the only drawback I could see was a lack of a backstage area, and unless the artist doesn’t mind a lack of a greenroom, this place would be ideal for anybody really. I want to talk about the food, folks the food IS AMAZING! Now, it’s more middle ranged price wise ( which I didn’t mind to support the venue to pay the band ). Everyone has to make a profit, while the music is on…and if you read my website, I KNOW you ARE on the same page.

Folks, PLEASE GO support this venue so they can have future shows, and I can go back there for more articles in the future. If my pictures and my words don’t convince you to go, then it’s futile to read further into this portion of it. The owner was VERY genuine, and his staff was VERY KIND, just REAL down home people that will go out of their way to make YOUR meal the BEST.

The first act was a weekly staple at the marina, and one that I have encountered once before. Now, to be honest I have been to so many music functions, and with so many bands I cannot recall just where we ran into one another? He didn’t recall either, but Mr. Johnny Mac was a nice treat tonight.

He has some original music for sale, and also entertains a crowd with cover songs equally with his own personal flair. He played some pretty mean guitar licks on those cover songs, and also they had HEART..he wasn’t just rambling off lyrics to people. This young man LOVES Country Music like WE DO, he lives it like we do.

He has an album called Mac Two that boasted an original song he played called ‘Show You Love”. Along with that he did a Jason Isbell song “Cover Me Up”, which declares his love for Miss Amanda Shires and forsakes his former self. Altogether, he played for hours with other original tunes with various covers.

One of his originals called ” Haggard Songs” was really well composed, and inadvertently declares that 30 yeas from now, he will still be singing Haggard Songs…like his cover of the 1977 classic song from the album of the same name.

I have been ardently watching Mr. Tony for the past few years, and watching hm grow both on stage presence and as a songwriter. When he puts on a show you are in for a real treat, and you will hear some gritty, true to life songs that lament real life troubles and tribulations. Many of his songs speak to me as an individual, and my life at a factory, and out in the country.

He opened with an old Drive By Truckers tune called “TVA” from the 2009 Fine Print album, all of the covers he does, he does them total justice with passion. He possesses a REAL Western Kentucky grit to his soul, and when you watch him play, you ARE SO engulfed in his lyrics.

“Cutt Riley’s Daughter” is a poignant murder ballad about a country boy that marries an abusive man’s daughter, and serves time for killing him. I cannot ruin the entire song for you, you’ll have to delve into it yourselves at one time or another.

“Jenny Ridge” is a ghost story about the spirit of the woman whom searches for a child out in the hollars of Kentucky. I know for an absolute fact that Mr. Tony could fit in well with some of the Appalachian artists or the folk artists in the Midwest, that make up John Hartford Festival.  Hell, I could see him dominating Muddy Roots too.

“Calloway County” was on his set list tonight, as well as “Welder” and a cover of “I’m On Fire”. However, one of the songs that struck me as a listener more was the Chris Knight cover of “Not Enough Rope”. the lyrics are so poignant and dark, but at the same time it is a song about honest everyday life.

“Deadwood” was played tonight, as well as another of my favorites called “Reckless Kind”. That song tells about a young man growing up hard headed into manhood, and all of the wrecks and mistakes he makes in youth. I believe many of us remember wrecking cars, and drinking underage or legally and making mistakes like that? Fights….Lord I been stabbed and cut up from fights myself, I AM AN ADDICT and I’ll always be one…sober 110 days now.

Toward the end as the sun went down he ushered the dusk into the river with songs like “The Storm”. Being a factory worker, I can readily relate to this one myself. I’m actually going through some storms now myself here at home, and people like me choose to lace up our work boots and stand in the storm.

Prayer and hard work makes all your life problems get better, but this man’s anthem to the modern day working man is just what society needs for uplift. He also played some new songs called “Silas” and one called “Baptized” about the Cumberland River.

“Life’s Blood” was one about folks getting kicked out of LBL, which is Land Between The Lakes..a popular area that not only spans West Kentucky but Tennessee as well. Now, upon talking with Mr, Tony more, he plans to go into the studio in August and September time spans for his new album. We will keep our eyes peeled on this one!

Mr.Dallas Moore is another name to watch this year, as he has a whole new album in the bag and played some new songs for us tonight. I will be one of the first to announce that the name of the new album will be called THE RAIN. This new album will be on Sol Records  He began the show with a heaping helping of old  tunes first, before going into some new ones.

Off the 2016 Live at Bullitt County Jail album they played “One More Ride”, and steamrolled right into a song from Mr. Honky Tonk called “Shoot Out The Lights”. When I first met Mr. Dallas in Altamont ( which inspired him to write ‘Up On That Mountain” ) he was touring in support of his 2013 album Blessed Be The Bad Ones. that album contained the song “Texas Tornado”.

His bad assed blend of Country and other forms of music make so many fans flock to his performances from California to New York. He draws big crowds wherever he goes, and he has had the good ol Snatch Wranglers backing him up for YEARS…folks HE IS A local Legend to me.

“Bottle And A Bible” shares his enthusiasm for imbibing in whiskey as well as sharing his love for God with us. That was instilled into him at a young age by his parents. He recorded an old time album years ago with his mother, and I was one of the many fortunate ones to have known her on social media.

After he played “Raisin’ Hell And Slingin’ Gravel” he went into the new songs, one called “Locked Down And Loaded”. It was another classic Dallas Moore thumping Outlaw song, as well as a re done version of an older song called “Blue Jean Jesus”. That song is from a old album called Untold Stories, and if you can find it, it is a RARE FIND to collectors like me.

Some of the new songs are as follows ‘Better Days”, which was a lament from a common person weathering some of life’s problems. It’ll get better, and this song calls out for that hope from him. “Every Night I Burn Another Honky Tonk Down” is another powerful song about Mr. Dallas’s travels all over America.

They TRULY DO burn Honky Tonks down every night for years! And they go “On Through The Night” EVERY NIGHT when we rest at home. This unit BURNS UP the road, sets up their own equipment, greets fans and MORE!

When all of the new songs were done, he played a song written by none other than Country songwriting Legend Mr. Bobby Keel. They played ‘Time Off For Bad Behavior” cut by Confederate Railroad in the 90s. It also was performed by many others as well. “Mama And Daddy” was next along with others like the Hoyt Axton classic “Della And The Dealer”.

From the latest album he played “Everything But You” and the title track “Tryin To Be A Blessing” . One of the songs that hits the truest to home for him is “Home Is Where The Highway Is”, which talks about the over 300 shows a year he does.

He finished with many Honky Tonk classics like the Wayne Mills song “The Last Honky Tonk” and the title track of his previous album “Mr. Honky Tonk”.  The song called “Outlaw Country” was from the classic 2009 album called Can’t Tame A Wildcat. Dallas Moore has a few old classic albums that ( like I said before) are rare finds for underground music collectors.

He closed the show off with Ol’ Slewfoot, and I’ll tell you what. He stayed until everyone had the opportunity to shake his hand and meet with him.  He always has and always does at every show, in every city across America, and I’m quite sure he will continue to do so for many many years.

This man deserves to be a road Legend and a Legend altogether, and his band that has been ardently traveling with him for so many years deserves just as much credit for what they do. I want to thank him for being so kind to my daughter, whom is now a new fan of his. Through that experience I leave my daughter, she will enjoy local music for many years to come..hopefully longer than I am alive.

Opry Legend Mr. Jimmy Capps Has Died.

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Jun 022020

There are many names involved in Country Music that are symbolic of making it my favorite genre of all. I am exactly like one of my heroes Mr. Robert K Oerman, whom not only studies the artist and the song…they salivate over having to know EVERYBODY that played on the entire album altogether.

If you collect vinyl albums to the extent that I do, you will find the name Jimmy Capps on a plethora of those old Country albums. Recently we lost Mr. Kenny Rogers, who released the album called “The Gambler”. The song was written by Mr. Don Schlitz and if you look on the album jacket, you’ll see Jimmy Capps.

In 1980, Mr. Curly Putman wrote a smash hit song that was recorded by Mr. George Jones on the album called “I Am What I Am”….if you look on that album you’ll see that name once again..Mr. Jimmy Capps. I tell these kind of people time and time again that THEY ARE JUST AS INTEGRAL as the artist themselves. He was a full on active member of what is called “The Nashville A- Team” whom, when assembled were an unstoppable force for Country Music in the past.

He was an inductee of the Musician’s Hall Of Fame, a staple member of Larry’s Family Diner on RFD TV, and a beloved part of the hallowed series called “Country’s Family Reunion”. Back in 1996 Gabriel Communications started that show where the Legends gather and share stories and play. If you watch the house band long enough you will see him……once again…Jimmy Capps.

This part of my article is the most special to me….he was a staple member of the Grand Ole Opry house band since 1967. He originally came onto the Opry  with Mr. Charlie and Mr. Ira Louvin, where he played guitar with them on the song “Knoxville Girl”. In 1959 he became an Opry member where he played for so many Legends until his death.

If you read his 2018 autobiography called “The Man In Black”, you will learn so many cool stories and memories of decades of work for this genre. Stories of the recording studio fun they had while recording the album called “Stand By Your Man” in 1969, which was Miss Tammy Wynette’s fourth album.

His presence on the Opry stage was just as beloved and integral as that gorgeous circle of wood taken from the Ryman stage and placed into the current Opry stage we have now. To be honest no matter how many Legends come and go, that circle of wood will always remain….and I think angels like Jimmy Capps are gracefully looking down that circle blessing all whom stand in it.

He has not left the Opry my dear readers…..NO. he IS there, because he IS part of the Opry and always will be. The powers that be may want to forcefully take all the history away from Country Music today, but as long as people like me are around studying these precious gems…people like Mr. Jimmy Capps will NEVER DIE.


List Of Online Music Streams For Many Genres.

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May 312020

I been cooped up in this house almost six weeks now like the rest of you guys. Getting projects done around the home, and getting caught up on here as well. I’m not much one for TV , but I’ll admit, I have indeed watched some of that too.

Lots of us are completely uncertain as to when we will return to work, or receive our unemployment. Some aren’t getting any at all, or we don’t know when it’s coming.. so we are all turning to music to heal our wounds or mend our insecurities. I KNOW I AM.

So I had an epiphany today that since I USUALLY publish a list of ongoing local shows that I could put together some LIVE STREAMS going on around many of the genres that I enjoy covering on here. There is going to be a large number of bands being included on this one people, so hold on tight.

Todd Snider – EVERY SUNDAY at 11AM
Luke Winslow King –  June 6th , 13th, June 20th.
Kayla Ray – June 6th
Hayes Carll  – June 9th, June 16th
Amanda Anne Platt And The Honeycutters – June 4th
Clint Black – June 3rd and June 10th
Andrew Leahey And The Homestead – June 4th
Sean McConnell – June 4th
Ward Davis – June 6th
Image may contain: text

Nashville Mourns The Loss Of A Major Venue.

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May 282020

Unfortunately, this article might become a series of articles for the closing of so many venues across America, once society decides to re open the rest of the economy. I’m not writing this to discuss politics or viewpoints or any other crap that provokes debate, I’m merely illustrating a fact…..our beloved Douglass Corner will not reopen when they are allowed to reopen.

For 33 years, the corner venue has hosted open mic nights and many major shows in it’s lengthy tenure here in Nashville. It closed on March 15th and finally determined today it will not be able to reopen, as will MANY other venues across the United States that I know about.

Tallahassee , Chicago, and many other cities claim waste to many smaller venues that will not be able to reopen after things return to ( whatever we will now know ) as normal. I will be ardently researching the lists of small venues that will not be able to recover from these months of shutdown.

Mr. Mervin Louque and the now deceased Mr. Rick Martin opened the lounge in 1987 , and it became one of the many homes for songwriters and Country Music artists alike. Legends played there, Legends that are now passed away like the memories of what Music Row once was.

Mr. Alan Jackson, Eric Church,  Miss Trishia Yearwood, and also Garth launched his first ever fan club party there to a packed house. In 1997 Mr. Guy Clark recorded his live album “Keepers” there, and the one and only Mr. Keith Whitley filmed his video for ” I’m No Stranger To The Rain” there..sadly that was the very last single he would ever release.

But folks this article is more personal for me than ANY other of the news sites that is reporting on this subject…..because many times I myself played there too.  MANY songwriters like me spent hours in there networking and enjoying each other’s songs. You see, every Tuesday night Mr. Donnie Winters spearheaded the iconic writer’s night there for many years.

I promise you NONE OF THEM will mention him or Miss Rhonda at the bar or what the staff has done for us as songwriters. It’s been a haven for us all for decades, and will most likely be turned into condos for 2,500 a month rent!  Everybody in Nashville was given an ample opportunity to play their music to the public for free, each week.

As a journalist and also as a songwriter, I began my career there and was personally inspired by Mr. Donnie and his brother Mr. Dennis AKA The Winters Brothers. Their contributions to Country Music as a whole are second to none in Nashville, that dates back to the 1970’s when Mr, Charlie Daniels began the Volunteer Jam.

They had a television show on public access TV when I first moved down here, and I used to go down to their yearly music festivals they had every year..before there were so many bigger festivals….MAN I MISS Ernie’s bbq. So in closing, I’m sure you can easily ascertain my sadness over this ordeal here….and sadly I’ll probably have to make articles for a few more soon.

Album Feature – Mike and The Moonpies – Touch Of You – The Lost Songs Of Gary Stewart

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May 262020

By Joshua Wallace

You might know the music of Gary Stewart from such hits as “She’s Actin’ Single (I’m Drinking Doubles)” or “Drinkin’ Thing” which both appeared on the same album called Out Of Hand.  If you haven’t heard that one, I highly recommend checking it out.  You can hear Gary Stewart’s influence on Mike and The Moonpies music and when you do, you will know that they were the perfect band for a project such as this.  Here we have 10 unrecorded songs co-written by Gary Stewart during the late 70’s and 1980’s.  These were songs that for whatever reason, did not make it on any recorded albums.  The band worked closely with Stewart’s daughter, Shannon Stewart, and his best friend Tommy Schwartz to compile the tracks for this project.  This album was meant to be released later in the year, but the band was able to finish it remotely during the recent “stay-at-home” orders.  Let’s check out some of the tracks they came up with.

The album kicks off with a straight up honky tonk number in “Bottom Of The Pile”.  It’s a song about the rowdiest honky tonk you’ve ever been in and it’s sure to get some dance floors moving at your next live Moonpies show.  Switching things up, we have the duet of “Smooth Shot Of Whiskey”.  Mike trades lines and harmonizes with Mark Wystrach of Midland.  It’s a smooth (no pun intended) ballad.  This sounds like it would fit right in on an early 80’s country radio station.  Another favorite is “Dance With Barbara”.  Every bar has a Barbara, and all of the guys want to dance with her.  This one is sure to make the dance floors shuffle.  I love the interplay of the pedal steel and lead guitar on this one.  

Another great dance floor tune is “The Gold Barstool”.  It’s a great shuffle with more killer lead guitar work, however it is the songwriting that is the star here.  If you work at a company for a long time, you typically get a gold watch or something for working in a place for 20 years.  Well, at this bar you get a gold barstool for drinking there for 20 years.  How’s that for celebrating good times?  It’s songs like this that show how great of a songwriter Gary Stewart could be.  Slowing things down a bit, we have the bluesy number called “I’m Guilty”.  The guitar work is smooth and awesome here, but I love Mike’s vocal performance on this one as it’s one of his better tracks over the years.  Finally, we have “Heart At Home” which is a bit of a different style for Mike and The Moonpies.  Some slow piano work by Dave Perceful kicks off the track before it goes into a smooth easy listening country ballad.  It’s a great change of pace as you don’t often hear this style of country these days.

Mike and The Moonpies have put together a great tribute to the talent that is Gary Stewart.  It’s a treat for longtime Gary Stewart fans who have new songs to dig into.  It’s also a treat for newer Gary Stewart fans who are discovering his music through Mike and The Moonpies.  While it’s still very much a Moonpies record, the band also taps into sounds from Gary Stewart’s era of late 70’s and early 1980’s country that fans don’t get to hear much of these days. I cannot wait to hear some of these songs live as it sounds like a good live record.  Touch Of You – The Lost Songs Of Gary Stewart will be available everywhere at 12:01 AM on Thursday May 28th, 2020.  This record is only available digitally at first, however there will be physical items to pre-order in the future.  Check out the band’s website for more info soon.

Favorite Tracks : Bottom Of The Pile, Smooth Shot Of Whiskey, Dance With Barbara, The Gold Barstool, I’m Guilty, Heart At Home

Mike and The Moonpies – Touch Of You – The Lost Songs Of Gary Stewart (2020)

  1. Bottom Of The Pile
  2. Smooth Shot Of Whiskey (feat. Mark Wystrach of Midland)
  3. Touch Of You
  4. Life’s A Game
  5. Dance With Barbara (feat. Courtney Patton)
  6. The Gold Barstool (feat. Zac Wilkerson)
  7. That’s Life
  8. The Finished Product
  9. I’m Guilty
  10. Heart At Home (feat. Jamie Lin Wilson and Courtney Patton)


10 Most Anticipated Country Albums Out This Summer

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May 262020

By Joshua Wallace

As uncertainty becomes more and more a part of the new normal, it’s good to know that we can still count on some great country music albums coming up in the near future.   We’ve got some quality records coming out in 2020 and it’s shaping up to be a big release year.  COVID-19 has changed up the release schedule a bit, however, I have included albums with as solid of a release date as I can on this list.  Check out our 10 most anticipated country albums out this summer.

Mike & The Moonpies – Touch of You – The Lost Songs of Gary Stewart – May 28th

Mike and The Moonpies just announced this release last week.  It’s a collection of unreleased songs written by Gary Stewart and as soon as I heard about this record, it jumped to the top of my list.  The Moonpies are one of the best honky tonk bands around and I’m looking forward to what they can do with some lost Gary Stewart songs.  It’s a good thing we only have to wait a couple of days for this one.  It comes out Thursday May 28th.  This album is only available digitally at first, with physical items to come in the future.



Jaime Wyatt – Neon Cross – May 29th

Shooter Jennings has been on a tear lately as a producer and this new Jaime Wyatt album is looking to be no different.  This album features guest appearances by Shooter Jennings himself and his mother Jessi Colter.  I was a big fan of her 2017 album Felony Blues and cannot wait to see what she has as a follow up.  This one is out in a couple of days on May 29th.


John Baumann – Country Shade – June 5th

I first discovered John Baumann with his 2017 album Proving Grounds.  I was a huge fan of tracks like “Lonely In Bars” and “The Trouble With Drinking”.  Baumann was also a part of the Texas country super group The Panhandlers who released one of my favorite albums of 2020 so far.  I’m really looking forward to this solo record and if songs like “Next Ride Around The Sun” and “The Country Doesn’t Sound The Same” are any indication, Baumann has another big record here.  I’m looking forward to this one out in early June.


Hellbound Glory – Pure Scum – June 5th

I have been a fan of Hellbound Glory for a long time.  Their last album Pinball was a big favorite here at Gary Hayes Country and it sounds like Pure Scum will be the same.  Shooter Jennings is producing this record (his second on this list).  If singles like “Dial 9-1-1” and “Ragged But Alright” are any indication, this record will be high on our year end Top 50 lists.  This one is out in June.


Bryan James – Politics or Religion – June 11th

I first became a fan of Bryan James with his 2017 record “Between The Devil and The Angel”.  This album featured a pure country sound and had many great songs across it’s 19 tracks.  Fast forward to 2020 and we have his highly anticipated follow-up album Politics Or Religion coming up in June.  Check out a preview of the album here.


Kyle Nix – Lightning on the Mountain & Other Short Stories – June 26th

When I heard Kyle Nix of the Turnpike Troubadours was going solo, I knew this would be a good one even before I heard the first single.  If that’s not enough, when you hear that members of Turnpike Troubadours serve as his backing band, then you know this will be a good one.  That was all confirmed when “Lightning On The Mountain” was released as the first single.  Now I can’t wait for the end of June for this record to come out.


Kyle Keller – All It Does Is Rain – June 27th

I have been a fan of Kyle Keller for a while.  His 2017 EP was a collection of raw and real acoustic tracks.  You can expect more sparse instrumentation here on All It Does Is Rain as the sad songs and stories are at the forefront of Kyle Keller’s music.  If you’re a fan of good songwriting and slow acoustic sad country and folk songs, this album is for you.  Look for it everywhere you can stream music on June 27th.  I have also heard we might be getting a single released from this one soon.


Joshua Ray Walker – Glad You Made It – July 10th

Joshua Ray Walker blew me away with his 2019 debut album Wish You Were Here.  He’s got an amazing voice and great songwriting skills to match.  Earlier this year he released a new song called “Voices” that allows him to stretch his vocal chords out even further.  I can’t wait to hear this entire album and we will be able to in early July.


S.G. Goodman – Old Time Feeling – July 17th

I first came across the music of S.G. Goodman through Spotify’s Indigo playlist.  I was immediately drawn in by her voice which is very raw and unique.  Her music comes across like a mix of Kentucky influences and a blend of rocking Mississippi delta blues.  I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album as her early release singles have been very solid.  This one is out in July.


The Texas Gentlemen – Floor It!!! – July 17th

Finally, we have a new record from the Texas country funk outfit The Texas Gentlemen.  You have most likely heard The Texas Gentlemen serving as Paul Cauthen’s backing band on his albums like his 2019 release Room 41.  They also have a previous album out called TX Jelly from 2017 that you should check out.  This band is recommended if you like heavy doses of funk in your country.  Check out the single “Bare Maximum” and the album is out in July.



Be sure to check back here at Gary Hayes Country for coverage on all of these and more great albums coming out soon.

Nice List Of Livestreams From Many Genres.

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May 202020

I been cooped up in this house almost six weeks now like the rest of you guys. Getting projects done around the home, and getting caught up on here as well. I’m not much one for TV , but I’ll admit, I have indeed watched some of that too.

Lots of us are completely uncertain as to when we will return to work, or receive our unemployment. Some aren’t getting any at all, or we don’t know when it’s coming.. so we are all turning to music to heal our wounds or mend our insecurities. I KNOW I AM.

So I had an epiphany today that since I USUALLY publish a list of ongoing local shows that I could put together some LIVE STREAMS going on around many of the genres that I enjoy covering on here. There is going to be a large number of bands being included on this one people, so hold on tight.

Todd Snider – EVERY SUNDAY at 11AM
Luke Winslow King – May 30th, June 6th , 13th, June 20th.
Kayla Ray – June 6th
Hayes Carll  – May 26th, June 2nd, June 9th, June 16th
Amanda Anne Platt And The Honeycutters – June 4th
Clint Black – June 3rd and June 10th
Andrew Leahey And The Homestead June 4th


New Music From The Hammer And The Hatchet Out Now.

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May 192020

Some of my good friends in the mid west region of Indiana that attend festivals like John Hartford Memorial Festival ( which is currently slated to still happen in October 2020 ) introduced me to these two fine individuals whom call themselves The Hammer And The Hatchet.

There is a plethora of outstanding local music on the forefront of Indiana and Illinois, and there are many festivals that happen in that area, that offer this band a place at their table to serve up heaping helpings of their original folk type roots music they play.

They recently released their third album, with this being their very first release on vinyl, ergo that makes this release a big milestone for their growth and foundation. I have indeed ran into Miss Jayme Hood  and Mr. John Bowyer at last year’s Hagfest, and I got to watch them online at this year’s livestream.

All thirteen songs on here were written by them both, and the Reverend Peyton appears on the ninth song called ‘Soil And Stone”. I am going to be reviewing this album very soon, and including it on this article later this week. So stay tuned for this one and many more!

  1. Bowling Green Snow
  2. Back Me Up Emmy Lou
  3. Get Bent
  4. Insomnia Song
  5. Bailey’s Small Engine Repair
  6. Tinfoil Rings
  7. My Heart
  8. Dove’s Bill
  9. Soil And Stone
  10. Choices
  11. Ferris Hill Massacre
  12. Our Bleeding Hearts
  13. South Of Hope

Album Feature – Caleb Caudle – Better Hurry Up

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May 192020

By Joshua Wallace

Better Hurry Up is the follow up to Caleb Caudle’s 2018 album Crushed Coins which was a favorite here at Gary Hayes Country.  While that album was more Americana leaning, this album takes Caleb Caudle in a more funky and soulful direction while still keeping things grounded in Americana.  I would go as far as saying that Better Hurry Up is the best Caleb Caudle album yet.  Read on and find out why.

I dig the groove in the title track “Better Hurry Up”.  It sets the stage for a funky and soulful trip throughout this record.  Another favorite is the track “Dirty Curtain”.  It’s a track that takes you down the road of country music’s dark side with plodding drums and haunting pedal steel.  It’s about a place you don’t want to go, but sometimes you have to and you have to encounter life’s more seedy and dangerous elements.  Finally, “Let’s Get” is a catchy and more mellow tune.  I really dig the piano’s groove on this track.  The harmonica is also a nice touch.  This entire album has a nice range that goes from funky to soulful while still keeping things country and Americana and I dig it.

This truly is the best Caleb Caudle album yet.  I cannot wait for the day when I can hear some of this album with a full band.  I was going to potentially catch him live in Macon, GA last month but everything suddenly changed.  This record came out April 3rd, 2020.  Check it out and you can find out everything Caleb is up to at his website.

Favorite Tracks : Better Hurry Up, Dirty Curtain, Let’s Get, Monte Carlo, Reach Down

Caleb Caudle – Better Hurry Up (2020)

  1. Better Hurry Up
  2. Call It A Day
  3. Regular Riot
  4. Dirty Curtain
  5. Let’s Get
  6. Monte Carlo
  7. Feelin Free
  8. Reach Down
  9. Front Porch
  10. Wait A Minute
  11. Bigger Oceans

Album Feature – Ashley McBryde – Never Will

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May 192020

By Joshua Wallace

I have been a big fan of Ashley McBryde ever since her hit song “A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega” came across my radar way back in 2017. 3 years later we’re getting the follow up to the 2018 album that contained that song with her new record titled Never Will.  This album continues where Girl Going Nowhere left off with a mix of solid country gold and 90’s country influenced tracks.  This album is sure to be a favorite and will likely land at the top of many country fan’s album charts when 2020 is all said and done.

The first song anyone heard from this record was “One Night Standards.” It’s a great track with a smooth sound meant for the radio.  It’s an interesting twist on classic cheating songs that you don’t often hear these days.  Another interesting track is “Shut Up Sheila”.  It’s a very simple guitar track with some interesting percussion in the background.  It’s a song about not letting go of who you are, even in the toughest of times.  I dig the rock riff that comes in in the final third of the song.  Another great song is “First Thing I Reach For”.  From the awesome opening riff, you know this is a great country track.  I love the pedal steel throughout this one.  It’s all about how we keep going back to the things that we shouldn’t, especially in relationships.

My favorite track on this record comes in the revenge murder ballad “Martha Divine”.  It’s a great story telling song with a classic rock and 90’s country inspired sound.  You don’t always hear murder ballads that are this dance-able.  I love how the title track of both of Ashley McBryde’s major label albums have been about how she has denied critics throughout her career.  This song in particular is about not selling out to get where she is and how she “Never Will”.  Finally, the last song on the record is a fun and different kind of song to end the album on.  It’s the only song she didn’t write on the album and it is written by Randall Clay.  It’s a funky song and she kind of raps the verses but it works because it is a bit of a silly tribute to “Styrofoam”.

This album is the perfect follow-up to Ashley’s great 2018 album Girl Going Nowhere.  It features the same classic country mixed with 90’s country and classic rock sound.There is some good songwriting here and I love how she tells a story that can center around a place, an object or a person.  I can’t wait to hear some of these songs live and see what is next for Ashley McBryde.  Never Will is out everywhere as of April 3rd, 2020.  You can support Ashley McBryde and find out everything she is up to on her website.    

Favorite Tracks : One Night Standards, Shut Up Sheila, First Thing I Reach For, Martha Divine, Velvet Red, Never Will, Styrofoam

Ashley McBryde – Never Will (2020)

  1. Hang In There Girl
  2. One Night Standards
  3. Shut Up Sheila
  4. First Thing I Reach For
  5. Voodoo Doll
  6. Sparrow
  7. Martha Divine
  8. Velvet Red
  9. Stone
  10. Never Will
  11. Styrofoam

Stoney LaRue Releases Volume 1 of Live Album Series

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May 182020

Stoney LaRue Releases Volume 1 
of Live Album Series

“Kickin’ It LIVE From The Road” Available Digitally on April 27th


Nashville, TN-(Monday, April 27, 2020)-For over 20 years, Stoney LaRue has remained one of the most dominate headliners laying down his specific brand of Red Dirt rock across the highways of the country. His lengthy tenure is studded with sold out shows , high charting albums on Billboard, iTunes and the Texas Regional Radio Chart, featured videos on CMT, a debut performance at Nashville’s renowned Grand Ole

Opry and over 1 million albums and singles sold to date. With all music concerts on hiatus for the foreseeable future, music fans are desperately missing those nostalgic moments surrounded by the kind of sights, sounds, smells and excitement that can only be found in a live music venue.  As luck would have it, LaRue has been recording some of his live performances over the last two years with the plan to release a live album series in the future.  With the arrival of the global lockdown, that future is now the present.  On April 27th, LaRue will release volume 1 of this live album series “Kickin’ It LIVE From The Road.”  The album will be available solely on his website and will feature live versions of some of his signature tunes that have never before been released.  With no overdubs or technical polish, this album is raw and captures the crisp, clear and delectable taste of LaRue’s live show. The album will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming outlets this summer. Physical copies will also be available for purchase this summer. In the meantime, Larue’s hot ticket show will now come directly to you.

Throw away any preconceived notions you might have about country singers —especially ones from Texas — because Stoney LaRue smashes them all. He is a deft songwriter, informed traveler and self-aware philosopher, a troubadour who converses just as easily about Indian yogis and gurus as he does about Texas barbecue and dance halls. Forging connections with his fans is paramount for LaRue, who plays more than 200 live shows a year. His base is a fiercely loyal one, and not just within the Red Dirt region. He regularly tours throughout the entire country and has fans in some unexpected places. Chalk up his mass appeal to the way he sells his songs both onstage and on record — to listen to LaRue sing is to hear someone with whom you share an experience.


You CAN ORDER Merchandise For Viva Las Vegas 23!

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May 182020

SO HERE is what this particular festival is doing for their having to cancel this year , and I’ll be honest folks pretty much all of my festivals I keep track of are cancelled or postponed to late 2020. If these festivals do indeed get to commence in late fall,  we are going to have an influx of festivals going on at once.

It’s going to be tough for all of the bands to get back to rolling when they do, and it’s going to be difficult for them to get to them all this close in time. Right now, I think the ones that have just rescheduled to next year made the smartest choice time wise.

So in 2021, my friends over at Viva Las Vegas have created VLV 23.1! They have branded VLV 23 as “The One That Didn’t Happen”, but I wanted to take this time out to tell you my dear readers about their products they have to offer on their website. They are offering a terrific line of shirts and hats for VLV 23, and I will be ordering MY OWN shirt here SOON.

VLV 23 Merch
As promised, we have made the merch available for THE ONE THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!
You can get it here:
We would love to see you next year so the easiest option is to just carry over your ticket to 2021. There is no need to do anything, we will issue you a new ticket in a couple of months! Choose this option and you WON’T be affected by the upcoming ticket price increase.
Need a refund? Just send your refund request to But please keep in mind that ticket prices will increase for VLV 23.1. Refund requests due by April 30, 2020.
The VLV23 CD is available on the Viva Las Vegas Shop
The tracklist is to the left. Please note that the CD makers made a mistake on the tracklist (not our fault) so we are still sending them out and when we get the correct cases, we will send them out to you. The tracklist shown here is the correct one.

So now I want to talk about the list of bands on that CD above it there.

  1. Mike Sanchez And The Limboos – Let Em’ Rock
  2. Marti Brom And Her Rancho Notorious – If I Was A Fifth
  3. The Dimestore Playboys – Real Gone Baby
  4. Jive Aces – Rock N Roll Movie Star
  5. Peter Egri – Boogie Woogie
  6. Spo Dee O Dee – Rock N Roll Frog
  7. Rhythm Shakers – But You Still Left Me
  8. Mack Stevens – Hobo
  9. Smokestack Lightnin’ – You Don’t Care
  10. Phil Haley – Baby Where Are You
  11. Southwest Biscuit Co. – Please Leave Me The Whiskey
  12. Pat Capocci – Coming In Hot
  13. Marc And The Wild Ones – She Put A Spell On Me
  14. The Royal Hounds – The Walk
  15. Joey And His Showmen – Trippin On Price Road
  16. The Time Burners – Little Wolfman
  17. B Stars – Still Waiting
  18. The Suedes – I Wanna Rock And Roll
  19. Old Chevy – Dig That Boogie
  20. Wildcat Rose – Broken Bones
  21. The Lustre – One Two Three Hang Up
  22. Lil Moe And The Dynaflos – ’47 Cadillac
  23. The Teledynes – Rock You Out
  24. Screamin’ Rebel Angels – Heel Grinder
  25. The Octanes – Can’t Be Friends.

For many years VLV has been one of the biggest festival extravaganzas of the year. This is one of the older and more spacious ones that feature Rockabilly, and it is still on my bucket lost to cover live. Many of these great bands that have played there in the past, and the bands on this year’s bill are heavily featured on my website.


Yonder Mountain String Band Announce “Yonder May”

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May 172020



Yonder Mountain String Band Announce “Yonder May” Archival Video Releases On; First Episode Airs Today
May 7, 2020 – Nederland, CO – Long-time festival favorites and jam-grass pioneers Yonder Mountain String Band have joined forces with JamBase to present Yonder May—a weekly video broadcast of YMSB sets from the 1990s and early 2000s, culled from the band’s personal, fan-gifted VHS tape collection and hand-edited (yes, painstakingly cut and spliced, remember that?) and digitized by guitarist and founding member Adam Aijala. Airing every Thursday in May at 4:20 pm EDT, Yonder May will raise funds to support the entire YMSB team while not on tour via a “virtual tip jar” for Venmo and Paypal donations. Fans can tune in to raise money here.
The first installment of Yonder May is from Dexter Lake Music Festival on June 23rd, 2000; a pivotal moment in the band’s now longstanding relationship with the American Northwest and a particularly “kind” memory for the Yonder Mountain boys. “I remember hanging backstage with Leftover Salmon and smoking copious amounts of marijuana with Vince Herman, Ben Kaufmann, and Dave Johnston,” recalls Aijala. “I must have swam in the lake because I was wearing a red Hawaiian bathing suit on stage!” Dexter Lake Music Festival was also a significant moment for the band, as that’s where they met the team that would eventually go on to produce Northwest String Summit. “I remember that our appearance at this festival was basically 100% thanks to Leftover Salmon vouching for us,” says Kaufmann. Johnston adds, “Not only were we playing with Leftover Salmon, who we revered in the way of older brothers, but I believe it was our first summer playing any festivals out there. It would prove to be a lynchpin in our presence in the Northwest. It was the beginning of the feeling that would strike me again and again whenever we came to the Northwest, that we belong here and there were plenty of people who made us feel that way.”
Tune in next week at 4:20 pm Eastern at and again on May 14th, 21st, and 28th for continued archival video releases from Yonder Mountain String Band. Missed the Thursday set or just want to watch it again? Keep an eye on Yonder Mountain socials on Saturday night for a rebroadcast!

How We Can Help The Basement And Basement East.

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May 152020


I needed a little more time to take care of some things here before fully returning to the keyboard here. I will be catching up with a long list of important functions and subjects. I feel an urgent need to join in the fight to proliferate one of my favorite venues in Nashville…..hell in AMERICA!

When it comes to independent local music blogs, Nashville is one of my domains. Nobody covers Nashville with the personal flare that I do, and I truly lust for it’s history and preservation. Between the devastating tornado that destroyed a large portion of East Nashville, and this Coronavirus business, the whole system has been ruined.

It’s up to each and every one of us to continue to support live streams and purchase merchandise that will make Nashville stronger. I’ll be ordering mine tonight, and writing as many articles as I can on behalf of as many venues that I see struggling with the current situation.

You see, without the venues the bands cannot play, and I cannot cover shows. Without them I am nothing folks, and it’s up to US to come to action to help THEM continue to the circle of music and local support. Supporting The Basement and Grimey’s Record Shop and Robert’s Western World and many more should be at the top of our lists to go back to when this blows over.


We are so incredibly moved by the outpouring of support that we’ve received since tornados ripped through the area on March 3. The path of destruction is far reaching, impacting so many of our friends not only in Five Points and East Nashville, but throughout Middle Tennessee. The Basement East family are safe and being well cared for. But so many others are not so fortunate.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee has activated the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund to support the affected communities and the nonprofits that are helping victims address their ongoing needs. Grants from the Fund will be made to nonprofits providing vital services both immediate and long term. Their work helps free nonprofits up to concentrate on delivering vital services by connecting generosity with need while our community sets out to rebuild lives.

Your generosity will help our community recover and for that we are grateful.

“We will rise! We already talked about it!” – Grimey, after the tornado tore through the building. We were all a bit astonished that one of the only things left standing was one of the iconic “I Believe In Nashville” murals on the side of the building. A symbol of strength as the community rebuilds in hopes to get back to business as soon as we can!

100% of all profits will be donated to United Way of Greater Nashville with funds directly going to the Nashville Service Industry who have been impacted by COVID-19.

This shirt is being sold in partnership with #IBelieveinNashville
T-shirt presale starts now:
United Way Fund:


Pickathon 2020 Postponed, but Pickathon’s A Concert A Day Initiative Becomes MusiCares’ Largest Continuous Fundraiser

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May 152020

With cutting-edge audio-visual tech and recordings from the past six years, Pickathon uniquely poised to offer innovative digital content in new age

I have been patiently working at home like everyone else, and I have been heavily supporting live streams and digital content until things do begin to start back. To be honest, I’m not necessarily sure if live music will ever go back to the echelon that it once was on, but as soon as it does continue to shine, I’m quite sure many will be salivating for shows.

Many of the festivals that are not postponed, and still plan to happen in 2020 will be happening simultaneously and I just don’t see how all of them will happen that close together for fans or for bands. Pickathon is one of the festivals that have moved to 2021, but they are running a long term streaming show that is on my weekly lists you can find on the website.

Following Oregon’s proposal to cancel large gatherings through September, Pickathon 2020 has been postponed to 2021. While this is sad news for everyone, Pickathon had already pivoted to the creation of a massive ongoing fundraising campaign: Pickathon Presents A Concert A Day. Since early April, Pickathon has released a concert a day from their vault of content as a benefit for MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund for artists. With the support of partners like the Recording Academy, Amazon Music, Spotify, BandsinTown, and YouTube, A Concert A Day has become one of the largest continuous benefits for MusiCares, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars and featuring artists like Drive By Truckers, Margo Price, Jeff Tweedy, Mac DeMarco, Tyler Childers, Charles Bradley, Tank and the Bangas, and more. Our cultural and artistic communities are suffering right now, and the goal of Pickathon’s initiative is to help support the artists that were depending on Pickathon and other festivals in 2020.

On Monday, Pickathon announced that through Spotify’s partnership with MusiCares via the Spotify Covid-19 Music Relief project, they will be matching any donation raised during the Concert A Day livestreams up to a collective total of $10 million!

While many festivals attempt to pivot to a digital landscape in the wake of these postponements, Pickathon has been ready for a digital landscape for years. With an army of 700 audiovisual specialists documenting every stage of the festival every year with multi-camera HD, Pickathon’s also added additional video-only stages in the woods, intended to create entire films of performances in specially designed artistic environments. Pickathon’s Curation series produces 20-30 minute documentaries pairing cutting edge Portland chefs with Pickathon artists, and sending film crews to each artist’s hometown for long form interviews. It’s a bounty of high end video content that few other festivals can offer, and Pickathon is using this content to support artists most affected by COVID-19.

Pickathon 2021 will be stronger and better than ever, with a redesigned festival that breaks new ground and the hopeful return of most of the artists who were booked for Pickathon 2020. But for now, Pickathon is poised to lead as one of the most effective digital fundraising festivals bringing in support for MusiCares and artists in need.

This Year’s Hagfest Will Be Online And Here Is The Lineup.

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May 132020

Hey friends I do not need to continue to reiterate this fact… music has severely suffered if not completely been snuffed out this year. I myself have not returned to my factory job and I am relying solely on my website for income, as well as unemployment. BUT HEY I have managed to get a LOT done around the house.

So we have been keeping track of the status of 275 outdoor festivals, and the current live streams of so many bands. Since that is one of the only means of their income I wanted to make my usual festival articles for this yearly event, because I had such a wonderful time there last year.

I’m going to post pictures from last year, and some of my memories from last year’s event at the Southgate House Revival. This year’s event is going to monetarily benefit this iconic venue as well as the artists and a VERY GOOD CAUSE called The Appalachian Prison Book Project.

Last year, Mr. Tyler Childers donated his time and music to this program along with many other of his fellow artists from that region of America, where I love to visit. I also LOVE to go up to the Southgate House area for music and places like Bobby Mackey’s and Tootles…..and I’m also a BIG Bengals fan. They have a beautiful stadium up there, and some of my favorite food.

This organization sends books to imprisoned men and women in six states. This from their website:

APBP sends free books to people imprisoned in six Appalachian states (West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland), hosts book clubs inside prisons in our region, and is leading an effort to bring for-credit college courses into prison.

Many of these bands are my personal friends and I miss them immensely, many of them have new music out this year. Like my friends over at The Hammer And The Hatchet. They are frequently on many of the festivals I cover, and I run into them quite often on the road. I’m currently catching up on new albums from January into the now, and due to some medical issues I’m now getting caught up on a large pile of subjects.

All of these pictures are from last year’s lineup with many of these fine artists are returning for the online lineup for which I will make links for everyone ( as I usually do ). If you enjoy some quality music, like I do, you’ll tune in this weekend online to watch these great bands.


Bill Kirchen
John R. Miller and Chloe Edmonstone
Ma Crow
Nathan Kalish
Sean Geil ( From The Tillers )
Casey Campbell
Luna And The Mountain Jets
Ryan Malott ( From 500 Miles To Memphis ).
The Kentucky Cowhands
The Hammer And The Hatchet
Justin Wells
Ed Cunningham ( From Bluegrass Comet All-Stars ).
Abby Hamilton
Harold Kennedy
Pat Hu
Chris Acker
Maria Carrelli
Adam Lee
Todd Day Wait
Chelsea Ford And the Trouble
Robert Lowell
Joey Allcorn
Golden Shoals
Laid Back Country Picker
Joe’s Truck Stop
John Clay
Kelly Thomas ( from The Tammy Whynots ).
Billie Gant
Joe Wunderle
Steve McDaniel
Michael Moeller

Hagfest 2020

Hey friends, we’re excited to announce the starting lineup for Hagfest 2020! Since there ain’t no chance in doing this live, we’ve teamed up with Lightning Heart Productions to bring you a virtual Hagfest experience!

The show will be streamed “live” at 6pm (EST) Saturday, May 16th, from the Hagfest Facebook and YouTube pages.

We’ll be raising money this go-around for the musicians performing, the Appalachian Prison Book Project, as well as the legendary music venue, and Hagfest’s home, the Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s contributed their time and effort to make this work, especially the video crew and the musicians. This was a big undertaking, but it’s purpose is to bring and grow communities together, and help folks find some sense of normalcy in these crazy times.

Can’t wait for yall to see what we’ve got cooking here! Let your pals know there’s gonna be a quite a show happening Saturday night!

Live-stream links:


WDVX Continues Blue Plate Special Revisited And More.

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May 122020




I just simply cannot say enough praise for music outlets like this one based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Many of my own personal friends like the Urban Pioneers and Mr. Joshua Morningstar and MORE have been guests on the Blue Plate Special and some of the other wonderful shows they offer us.

On there website you will find videos and streams from local bands and artists, that are valuable to someone like me. I constantly look for avenues that lead me to new bands, and new music. Shows like Overnight Americana Mix and Rise And Shine.

You also have one of my favorite shows from my friends over at Jamming At Hippie Jack’s from middle Tennessee , and a ton of other shows on their roster. But much like other community run organizations, they need our support to continue to exist. On this article you will be able to make donations and support their programming..please read on.

I enjoy listening to them for new bands and artists as much as I can. This is one of the many avenues for Roots music I use. If you click on the On Demand box down there, you’ll discover all of their different programs they have.

In celebration of its support of local and touring musicians, WDVX has released 30 videos over the course of 30 days in April. Now the youtube playlist is available for you to sit down and watch them all-in-a row as a live performance, or enjoy a few new music discoveries at a time. Artists including EmiSunshine and The Rain, Jesse Daniel, Charley Crockett and Chuck Brodsky who performed recently on WDVX’s Blue Plate Special. WDVX captured their performance on video, and now is releasing a “highlights reel” of the last six months. This mix of artists represents a range of Americana and roots music WDVX is known for celebrating, many with deep ties to the station and the East Tennessee region.

On Demand

Thank you for being a loyal supporter of WDVX. Here are some updates on the station and our efforts during this highly unusual time. WDVX understands that we need music and a strong sense of community more than ever. That is precisely what WDVX provides. We’ve been around for over 20 years and will be around when things return to normal. In the interim, we hope to provide some solace and source of hope and inspiration in a way only music can. WDVX is following recommended protocols and doing all we can to ensure our staff is safe while sharing COVID-19 resources on-air, online, and in our newsletter. Like so many others, the virus has impacted our operations. In addition to interrupting our spring fund drive, WDVX has cancelled live shows. If you are able, we would appreciate your help, or

Legacy Recordings Releases Lynn Anderson’s Classic Albums ‘Singing My Song’ and ‘Stay There ‘Til I Get There’ For The First Time To All Digital Providers

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May 112020


Lynn Anderson: Singing My Song
Lynn Anderson: Stay There 'Til I Get There
Through Legacy Recordings (the catalog division of Sony Entertainment)
Nashville, Tenn. – Legacy Recordings has opened the vault to release two additional albums from the timeless collection of country music pioneer, Lynn Anderson. Her fans now have access to two more of her classic albums that have just been released to all digital platforms through Legacy Recordings. Anderson’s digitally remastered albums ‘Singing My Song’ and ‘Stay There ‘Til I Get There’ were released in late March.

In addition to the release of these legendary albums, Sony Legacy Recordings re-released two other albums of Lynn Anderson’s that were digitally remastered. ‘Cry,’ was released on March 6th and ‘Listen To A Country Song’ was released on March 20.

Ranked among the most admired and trailblazing entertainers in America throughout her six-decade career, Lynn Anderson’s sparkling vocals brought a new level of sophistication and glamour to country music. Her groundbreaking pop-country sound helped her become one of the first female country artists to achieve mass crossover appeal. Many firsts were achieved throughout Anderson’s career; some of which broke social barriers. Anderson was the first female country singer to perform on The Tonight Show, first to headline and sell out Madison Square Garden and the first female to win an American Music Award. Lynn repeatedly delivered chart topping songs, such as “(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden,” and was named Billboard’s Artist of the Decade for the 70s. Too timeless to be forgotten, events and celebrations are in the works to honor the classic hits and sweet southern personality that Anderson engraved in hearts across the world.

“It is so exciting to have not only ‘Cry’ and ‘Listen To A Country Song’ available digitally, but now we have ‘Singing My Song’ and ‘Stay There ‘Til I Get There’ as well,” says daughter, Lisa Sutton. These are all albums that were only available on the original recordings. Now, they are back out there and sounding as good as ever. This is a wonderful way for old fans and new ones alike to come together through music. Just stay tuned, because we have some more surprises coming very soon!”

To listen to the re-released album ‘Singing My Song’ visit:
Spotify | Amazon Music | Apple Music | Google Play | Pandora | YouTube | Tidal

To Listen to the re-released album ‘Stay There ‘Til I Get There’ visit:
Spotify | Amazon Music | Apple Music | Google Play | Pandora | YouTube | Tidal

To keep up with events and announcements visit and follow Anderson’s social channels linked below:

‘Singing My Song’ Track Listing:
01. Honey (I Miss You)
02. He’d Still Love Me
03. If Silence Is Golden
04. Big Girls Don’t Cry
05. Singing My Song
06. I Live To Love You
07. If I Kiss You (Will you Go Away)
08. Love Me, Love Me
09. Dark Moon
10. I’ve Been Everywhere

‘Stay There ‘Til I Get There’ Track Listing
01. Stay There ‘Til I Get There
02. Words
03. Country Girl
04. When You Hurt Me More Than I Love You
05. Don’t Leave The Leaving Up To Me
06. Good
07. True Love’s A Blessing
08. I’d Run A Mile To You
09. Honey Come Back
10. Fancy
11. Someday Soon

About Lynn Anderson:
Lynn Anderson’s six-decade career charted 12 #1 singles and a total of 18 Top 10 hits, with more than 50 Top 40 hit singles total. Aside from being named “Female Vocalist of the Year” by the Academy of Country Music twice and “Female Vocalist of the Year” by the Country Music Association, she also won a Grammy Award for her signature song “Rose Garden.” Anderson later won a People’s Choice Award, and was the very first female artist to win an American Music Award. In 1974, she became the first female country act to sell out Madison Square Garden. Record World, a major music trade magazine of the 1950s to the 1980s, honored Anderson as ‘Artist of the Decade’ for 1970-1980. Anderson’s memory continues to live on through her legions of fans from around the world.

What I Know About Record Store Day 2020.

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May 112020

Several weeks ago I reported on the moving of Record Store Day 2020. However, after having announced a new date the beloved ‘holiday” that so many of us celebrate has once again been altered.  Many of the stores involved with this have their own rules and regulations as to how they can and cannot conduct business, therefore this has to be approached from a different perspective and I think this was a good choice.

To be honest, this will be three different days of celebrating small businesses instead of just one. Many states have so many different laws and rules that they will be dropping on three separated weekends in the year of 2020. As I have previously stated in many of my recent articles I have a strong suspicion life will never return to the echelon it once was.

Just about every festival has been postponed or cancelled to next year, and we see very little hope for big major shows to come back before mid fall of this year. Most of us have turned to podcasts and videos of our favorite bands we love,  and continuing to enjoy new release albums of 2020.

So with that in mind let me release to you, my dear readers just exactly what I know about Record Store Day this year:

RSD is worldwide and celebrates a record store’s place in the community. As members of those communities we want everyone to be safe, healthy and feel comfortable coming to the party.

Record Store Day 2020 is moving to June 20.

We think it’s the best move we can make given all we know (and don’t know) about what’s going on around us. The safety and good health of everyone who makes up Record Store Day (the customers, the staff and the musicians who come to the party) is super-important to us because we want to celebrate with you for many Record Store Days to come!

So check off a new date on the calendar, wash your hands, don’t touch your face and if you’re stocking up to spend some extra quality time at home, save some toilet paper money and stop by a record store. They’ve got exactly what you’ll need for extended time on your sofa: books, movies, games and of course, music.

They, like all small businesses, would appreciate the support.
They’re wiping down the door and the bins right now!


Since 2008, Record Store Day has grown into the world’s largest single-day music event, shining a light on the culture of the indie record store across the globe. In 2020, that world is different, so Record Store Day will be too. RSD is now scheduled to be celebrated with special, properly distanced release dates on Saturdays in August, September and October.

Record Store Day will look very different this year, but supporting indie record stores may be more important than ever. We don’t know what sort of rules will be in place, or what sort of gatherings people will be in the mood for this year, so we’re focusing on the music and getting the really great titles on the RSD Official List this year into the stores and into your hands, in the most financially and socially responsible way.

The titles on the RSD 2020 Official List, launched on March 5th, will be released at participating record stores on one of these three RSD Drops: August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th.   The new version of The List, with newly assigned RSD Drops dates will launch on June 1 so check back here for a look at when you’ll be able to pick up the titles on your RSD 2020 wishlist at your local record store.


See all the special releases coming to record stores on 4/18 as part of Record Store Day! 

Once again our friends at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery are helping us celebrate and we think their #RSD20 Official Poster is out of this world! Get one FREE while they last, at participating record stores on April 18, and select stores that sell Dogfish Head beer.

(Designed by 2020 Dogfish Head Art Series guest artist
Dan Stiles, who has been doing stellar work for bands and brands for more than 25 years) 

RSD Podcast host Paul Myers demonstrates the #RSDShelfie. Take a snap in your favorite record store, tag them on socials, use #RSDShelfie, and maybe end up on the Podcast telling the world about that favorite store.
RSD PODCAST every other Tuesday. 
Listen/Subscribe/Review where you get your podcasts. 


Well, we would have been celebrating our big Day tomorrow, but things in 2020 are turning out a little differently. We’ll be throwing a party at a record store again for sure, but this weekend, let’s make sure record stores know how we feel about them. Check below for ways to celebrate, spread the word and share your love for record stores! 
Head to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and show us what stores you’re wearing on your sleeve/chest/elsewhere!  Use #RSD2020
Click the picture below to download a graphic for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (stories too!) and tell the world where you’d rather be on April 18!  Use #RSD2020
You could have a veritable film fest this weekend! Details below! 
OUR VERY FIRST EVER OFFICIAL FILM OF RECORD STORE DAY! Filmmaker Jeanie Finlay’s look at Sound It Out Records, her hometown record store, and the cast of characters you’ll recognize from your OWN cherished shop.  FREE TO SCREEN FOR A LIMITED TIME–and a bonus watch party and reunion show on Saturday April 18!
A deep dig into the crates of the vinyl record resurgence to discover what an old technology says about our relationship to music and each other in a divided time in America.
The premiere was supposed to happen this spring, but…
Participating record stores are selling “tickets” for special online access to the film over the original RSD weekend so buy a ticket, support a record store and check out VINYL NATION in the comfort of your own record room.
The documentary about the beloved New York City record store Other Music has an “online cinema experience” this weekend, and tickets benefit indie record stores and theatres. Check with your local record store –the ticket links go live today!
No matter the format, no matter the amount. Record stores across the country are open for business — by phone, by email, online, on Instagram, and some for curbside pickup! No better way to let them know you care. 

Luck Reunion Presents Hello Walls Weekly Mini – Series.

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May 102020



Each week this great video series features a guest host that plays some of THEIR favorite artists, all streamed from their homes. Every Sunday night a new episode will broadcast and grant viewers the ability to call in and ask the artists questions during the duration of the episode.

Here lately I have been watching a LOT of podcasts and videos from homes, and studying on a long list of artists and bands to add t our lists. This year has pretty much been a bust for festivals and small venue shows, solely relying on live streams and podcasts to enjoy music.

Tip weekly artists or the charity of their choice at #hellowalls

Learn more about Sunday’s live stream at and keep checking in for more from Luck and Amazon Music Present including our upcoming mini-series “Prime Cuts”: a real-time, interactive cooking event. Stay tuned, more information headed your way soon.

Last week I joined on the broadcast hosted by Mr. Chris Shiflett, that included Midland, Miss Brandy Clark, Miss Molly Tuttle, Mr. Patterson Hood ( From The Drive By Truckers) , Mr. Hayes Carll and Brian Fallon.

Watch Luck and Amazon Music Present: Hello Walls Episode 4 hosted by Chris Shiflett (of the foo fighters) from LuckReunion on

Episode 3 was hosted by John Paul White. Guests include Mr. Tom Colicchio, Miss Molly Tuttle Miss Rosanne Cash, Mr. Billy Reid and The Sklar Brothers.

Watch Luck Presents: Hello Walls Episode 3 – Curated by John Paul White from LuckReunion on

Episode 2 was hosted by Mr. Langhorn Slim, and it contained Mr. Billy Strings, Mr. Jonny Fritz, Skyway Man, Miss Katie Pruitt and Mr. Louis Michott ( from the Lost Bayou Ramblers).

You’re listening to Chris Isaak. Stay tuned for tunes from host of the week John McCauley of Deer Tick, Thayer Sarrano, Amythyst Kiah, Alec K. Redfearn and more.

News About Some Of Country Music’s Greatest Losses.

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May 102020


Jan Howard and Jeannie Seely

Like pretty much everybody in society today, I have a million things going on here in the office and around the house. I’m waiting to get called back into work when it becomes safe to do so, and I am taking care of many personal issues as well.

A PLETHORA of hot new albums have embellished the market, upon which Mr. Joshua has been writing a ton of reviews for them and I have been keeping track of all the live streams going on. Just about every band we cover in every genre has been playing from their homes to combat the time lost from not being able to travel.

The pandemic has greatly affected all of us in so many ways, and has greatly affected the health of a few Country Music Legends like Mr. Joe Diffie and Mr. John Prine. I pretty much lumped up many of them into one big piece here, and shared some press releases I got in my inbox.

When I was a young boy of about six, I began embarking on a huge lifelong journey of all of my music influences and ardent admiration of the Legends whom wrote the songs, and played on the albums as well as the artists and band.

Songwriters have always been a huge part of my infatuation with music, and Mr. Kenny Rogers had one of his biggest hits with a song Mr. Don Schlitz wrote called ‘The Gambler”. To be honest , the album itself was not the best to me…some of the songs were kind of a disco sound ( which was popular at that time…hell  even KISS was doing it).

To say that Mr. John Prine wasn’t one of my TOP 3 most influential and beloved songwriters would be a lie. He was indeed one of the few whom inspired me to pick up a pen, and write songs myself.  He made me really LISTEN to the lyrics and dwell on the words, his witty tales of life in the south and other places were subtly in my mind as a young child. I owe a LOT of who I am to him and the likes of Mr. Jerry Jeff Walker and Mr. Dean Dillon.

In 1980, one of my favorite albums of all time came around from Mr. Kenny Rogers. It was a concept album about a Texas cowboy who was reflecting back upon his life, and since Mr. Willie Nelson had such great success with his concept album called “Red Headed Stranger”, he persuaded his own label United Artists Group to do the same.

I also began listening to the Opry on the radio on weekends, and watching it on TNN and other various outlets I could. I watched HEE HAW and other shows any chance I got. The Grand ladies of the Opry  were a small group of ladies that were regulars on the Opry every weekend.

Once again, being married to iconic songwriter Mr. Harlan Howard ( whom also greatly influenced me) Miss Jan Howard brought forth some of Country Music’s greatest albums and songs on her own, and also with Mr. Bill Anderson as a duo.

Miss Jan Howard had a long and nefarious life of marriages to physically abusive men, most of which was revealed in her 1987 autobiography called “Sunshine And Shadows”. Below are some press releases which talk about the impact she had on some of her industry friends upon her death.

“So sorry to lose my friend and Opry sister Jan Howard. She was one of the first friends I met on my first trip to Nashville in 1963. We shared many great times and got through some rough ones. And right up to the end she flashed that million dollar smile. I’m sad she’s gone but I’m glad she didn’t linger and suffer. The first memory that came to my mind today was one time she called and when I asked her what she’d been doing, she said well I just got through riding an elephant! Jan always said ‘Life is not a rhearsal, this is it, make the most of it.’ She made me promise her that I would put her cell phone in her casket just in case! Her sense of humor was like no other. She’s already missed.”
–Jeannie Seely

Jan was sweet as honey and tough as nails. When I was at Vanderbilt in 1976, she invited me to stay with her during final exams so I could be close to campus. She helped me study and she woke me up every morning and made breakfast for me. She was always incredibly generous and kind to me. I hadn’t seen her in decades, but I got a message last December that she wanted to see me. I went to visit her and she told me stories about the past, about my dad, and about her life. I’m so grateful we had that last conversation and I’m so grateful I could call her a friend.
–Rosanne Cash

“Knowing Jan Howard’s music was a blessing but knowing her was a a double dose of blessing.  When she walked into a room or on a stage, she always brought a warm smile and cherry note.  I will miss her talent and her funny stories. One of the real grand ladies of the Grand Ole Opry.”
–Charlie Monk

“Jan was the most honest and strongest person that I’ve ever met. She lived life to the fullest. I was blessed to call her a very good friend for the past 23 years.  She lived and loved Country Music.”
–Bobby Tomberlin

“The Exile family is saddened at the passing of a great lady, a legend, and our friend, Jan Howard. Go rest high dear friend.”
–Exile (Sonny LeMaire, JP Pennington, Marlon Hargis, Les Taylor and Steve Goetzman)

“We are sad to say so long to Jan Howard. She was a friend of our family for many years and she will be missed. A sweet, strong woman that I am so very glad to have known. Thank you for the memories Jan!”
–Julie Fudge and the Patsy Cline family

“Jan Howard was not only loved for the great artist and years of music she shared with the world, but the fact that she was “REAL”. It broke our hearts to hear the story of her son that died in Vietnam after watching the Ken Burns Country Music Documentary, but makes us happy to know that they’re rejoicing together in Heaven today. You will be greatly missed, Jan.”
–Darin and Brooke Aldridge

“Very sad news today. Singer-songwriter Jan Howard, one of the “Grand Ladies of the Grand Ole Opry,” has passed away. She had everything to be admired in a woman… strength, beauty, smarts, talent and heart. She will be missed.”
–Dallas Wayne

“Jan Howard was a bestselling singer, Grand Ole Opry star, songwriter, author, but also a successful human being and a beloved friend to many.”
–Bobby Braddock

“Jan Howard was always a great friend to us Rio guys. Everytime we saw her at the Opry we were always met with smile and a BIG hug. We held a charity Golf Tournament for 10 yrs and Jan was always one of the first celebrities to participate. We will truly miss her friendship and sweet soul.”
–Diamond Rio

“With the passing of our wonderful friend Jan Howard, we have lost one of the very few remaining links connecting the roots of early California country music to the Nashville songwriting gold rush era of the early 1960s. I never had a conversation with Jan that I did not learn things that were important to me. I loved her and I will always treasure her friendship.”
–Buddy Cannon

“Jan’s wonderful contributions to country music not only included her music, but also her best-selling autobiography “Sunshine and Shadow.” There’s no more shadow in Jan’s life now. She’s walking in total sunshine, and I’m sure she’s hugging her two sons and her country music friends. It’s hard losing a special friend, but if you miss them it means you were lucky you had that special person in your life. And Jan was certainly a special person. She left this world peacefully, without suffering or pain, and without contracting this terrible virus, so that is comforting. And I know she was ready to go home. A sunset on Earth is a sunrise in Heaven.”
–Ron Harman

“I have had a lot of wonderful memories over the years with Jan Howard. She was real, honest
and compassionate. She also had a great sense of humor. I am blessed to have known such
a Grand Lady.”–Carrie Moore-Reed – Third Coast Talent

“Jan Howard left us with a legacy of music. Songs that she sang, songs that she wrote, and a voice that we’ll never forget. Rest in peace ‘Lula Grace.’  I will miss you and love you always.”
–Shannon McCombs – Radio & Television Host

The 80s and early 90s were decades of the last I remember of QUALITY radio friendly Country Music the likes of this man Mr. Joe Diffie. Oh, how these years glorified Country Music with soulful songs of Mr. Vince Gill and Mr. Ricky Van Shelton.

The Opry was on the last leg of its TRUE PRIME with members like Miss Terri Clark and Mr. Travis Tritt becoming members, and still holding active duties now.

Joe Diffie and John Berry

“I am very sad to hear the news of the passing of Joe Diffie. His traditional sounding voice had a soothing timber and I enjoyed hearing him sing. He recorded songs that touched everyday folks and for me it was his recording of  “Ships That Don’t Come In” that changed my life. The song and his delivery were the inspiration that led me to come to Nashville to work at taking my music to a larger audience. I will be forever grateful to Joe for following his dreams of being a singer and for recording a song that fueled my dreams. I will miss you Joe.”
–John Berry

I am in shock and so sad over the passing of my long time friend, Joe Diffie. Joe and I go way back to when we both started out in this business. He IS without a doubt one of the finest country singers that has ever sung into a microphone. His pronunciation and country vibes were amazing, but he backed that up with a voice that could belt out a song like a tenor doing a duet with Pavarotti, that’s what made him truly one of the best singers I’ve ever heard.
Joe was so fun and a blast to hang with at all times and he made me laugh. I will miss my friend and salute him by cranking “Ships That Don’t Come In” till I go to sleep tonight. Rest in Heaven brother and sing one when you’re ready, they’re gonna love you!
–Tim Rushlow

Extremely hard to lose two Opry family members within two days, Jan Howard, and now Joe Diffie.  Joe brought a special energy with his music, not only to radio but to the Grand Ole Opry. He’s always had a distinctive country sound, but updated to fit his generation. His personality matched his music – warm, friendly, energetic and fun. It just always felt good to see him. Everything about Joe Diffie will be missed and my heart goes out to his family, our Opry family and his many fans around the world.
–Jeannie Seely

There are voices that come along and catch our attention…and then there are VOICES that come along and capture our hearts forever more. We lost one of the greatest Country voices of ALL time today!!
Joe Diffie was special in every way! His vocal range was absolutely massive…. like those lungs were unreal. His tone was as rich as the OK dirt he was raised in. His heart was as warm as the comfy front lounge of his bus where he’d proudly serve up his homemade craft brews and shared stories of life, love, and the road. Joe was real, and that resonated with all of us from his peers, to family, to friends, to his millions of fans alike.
Joe made me want to be a better singer without a doubt. I’d sit on the side of the stage and wait for Ships That Don’t Come In or White Lightenin’. Anything that came out of his mouth was stylistic AND mechanically perfect. You usually don’t get to have both qualities, but Joe did.
I’m humbled and honored to have called him my buddy and my heart breaks for his wife Tara, his beautiful kids, and big extended family as well. “One take Joe” came on in here and made us all feel special for awhile…now, he’s leading the choir of heavenly honky tonk angels! He made one hell of a mark….
–Heidi Newfield

“I had the great honor of writing and producing a track for Joe Diffie, a song Milton Brown and I wrote for a movie entitled Mi Amigo. Joe had the purest and beautiful voice. So thankful I had the chance to work with him.”
–Steve Dorff

“Shocked and heartbroken to hear of old friend Joe Diffie’s death from COVID-19. Prayers for his family.”
–Exile (Sonny LeMaire, JP Pennington, Marlon Hargis, Les Taylor and Steve Goetzman)

“Joe was a good one. We played a lot of the same radio shows together and charity golf tournaments back in the day. I just saw him on the Country Music Cruise last year and enjoyed our time together. Hard to put loss like this into words. Godspeed Joe!”
–David Ball

“Joe Diffie was one of my first concerts in high school. I drove 45 min to see him play in Parsons, Kansas. “It’s Always Something” and “So Help Me Girl” were my favorite songs at the time. In “It’s Always Something”, he says “lunchtime, a new place, waitress says her name. Why does it have to be? Emily!” I had a huge crush on a girl named Emily at the time so the song was very fitting and I would cruise what we called the oval in my small town, blasting Joe Diffie. Thank you for your music Joe, Country Music won’t be the same.”
–Kyndon Oakes, Lockelend

“Prop Me Up Beside The JukeBox” & “Pick Up Man”, we’re two of the biggest songs I remember from my childhood.  I hear those tunes and it takes me right back to my hometown. Thanks for the music Joe.”
–Mark Vikingstad, Lockeland

“Thank you Joe for the beautiful legacy of stories, laughs, tears and memories. Your music was real, and so are all the lives you have touched over the years. Deepest thoughts, prayers and condolences to Joe’s family, friends and bandmates.”
–Michael Boris, Lockeland

“Our hearts are heavy today as we say goodbye to a musical legend and friend, Joe Diffie. We had the privilege of getting to know Joe over the last couple years and got to jam on some tunes with him on the 2019 Country Music Cruise. He always had a smile and a song ready to belt out and man could he bring it! Thank you for touching the hearts and lives of everyone around the world with your love and music, Joe. Country Music certainly lost a treasure.”
–Darin and Brooke Aldridge

“I am so saddened to be reading the news of my friend Joe Diffie’s death. His family is in my prayers.  I can’t imagine the sadness and shock they must feel. I told someone a little while ago that this loss is a kick in the gut! The virus may seem like a mystery and even far away to most of us, BUT to Joe’s family it is a very real thief that has stolen their husband and father and brother or sister. This brings it too close to our circle.”
–Linda Davis

“Joe Diffie’s music IS 90’s Country. His presence in the music business was iconic, his voice and look were instantly recognizable, and his songs were the soundtrack of so many lives… especially ours.”
–Joe and Martina

A couple years ago some friends and I went on a writing retreat and one night at dinner we were talking about songs we wish we had written. Without hesitation, I yelled out “John Deere Green”. Yes, it’s one of my favorites for the songwriting but also for the voice that sang it. It would’ve been a dream come true to have that voice on one of my songs. Joe Diffie was born to sing country music and, in my opinion, will continue to be one of the greatest country vocalists of all time. The world lost an amazing person and artist today.. This song was so hard for me to get through, but I wanted to sing it in memory of him. Thank you for the songs and for sharing your voice with us, Joe Diffie, fly high
–Dallas Remington


Fellow Artists and Friends Remember and Mourn The Loss of Grand Ole Opry Great Jan Howard and Country Music’s “Pickup Man,” Joe Diffie
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nineties country-music hitmaker Joe Diffie died Sunday, March 29th due to complications related to COVID-19. The feel-good tunes that Diffie created continue to bless fans around the world. In all, Diffie charted 18 Top 10 singles, with the majority reaching the top five, including 1993 radio essentials “Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die)” and iconic song, “John Deere Green.” Diffie’s popular hits also include “Home,” “Third Rock From the Sun,” “Pickup Man,” “If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets),” and “Bigger Than the Beatles.”

Fellow artists mourn the sudden loss of their friend and recall fond memories that they’ve shared and will forever cherish with legend, Joe Diffie.

“Joe Diffie always had a ready smile and something good to say. Without a doubt, he was a great, natural country singer and his many friends and fans are going to really miss him. God Bless and comfort his family at this sad time. Here we are recording the CMA Vocal Event of the Year, “I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair.” Rest In Peace, old friend.” – T. Graham Brown

“The loss of Joe Diffie was a shock!! I was just processing the news that he was diagnosed with Covid19 when in just a few days he was gone. Yes, his incredible country voice will be missed (I have been listening to him all morning) but man Joe was one of the good guys. He was always nice to everyone and everyone loved him. My prayers today are for his family and for John Prine.” – Joe Bonsall of The Oak Ridge Boys

“Sadly we lost another great country singer this week, my friend Joe Diffie… this time to the coronavirus – hard to believe. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Rest In Peace!” – Lee Greenwood

“Without a doubt Joe Diffie was one of the most authentic and greatest voices country music has ever known! A beloved member of the Grand Ole Opry, he was also one of the sweetest people on earth! Joe’s sudden departure is a huge loss and has left all of us broken-hearted and stunned. My prayers are with his family.” – Deborah Allen

“The voices in Heaven just keep getting sweeter. So saddened to hear of the passing of Grand Ole Opry Star Joe Diffie. One of Country Music’s greatest voices. The last time I saw Joe was in a Nashville restaurant. I am honored to have sang harmony on his #bluegrass CD. A song titled “Route 5 Box 109”. Our deepest sympathy for Joe’s family. Rest In Peace Joe, you’ve made it “Home.” – Rhonda Vincent

“I’m so saddened to hear about Joe Diffie. I worked shows with him on many occasions and what a great guy and great talent he was. Many prayers for his family & friends. – Janie Fricke

“I am so shocked and saddened that Joe has passed. So tragic. Joe was a great singer and a great songwriter and I loved his records. I always loved the shows we played together and running into Joe at the Opry. I will miss my friend.” – Crystal Gayle

“My heart is battered and bruised today from the loss of two of my musical heroes, but I am trying to concentrate instead on the joy that they brought to the lives of their friends and fans. I had the honor of playing with Joe Diffie many times over the course of my career. Joe’s voice was the quintessential country voice.  He could tear out your heart, or he could make you forget your troubles for a while. When Joe sang a song, that song had been sung.” – Tim Atwood

“Rest In Peace! Another great one gone too soon! He was a co-writer on my new single that we have right now called “Love Me To Death”. So sad!” – Shane Owens

“So saddened by the passing of my friend Joe Diffie! His songs span my entire childhood into my high school/college years. I was just getting ready to write with him for the first time. So many prayers to his wife Tara and family!” – JD Shelburne

“As a classic/ 90’s country fan and lover of all things country music, it breaks my heart so much to hear of both Jan Howard and Joe Diffie passing away over the weekend. Country music fans all around the world are truly mourning more than just the loss of these staples, but the loss of these creative spirits still giving back to the unstoppable  machine that is country music. They will truly be missed, but their love for music will live on forever through the great lyrics they spent their lives putting their heart and soul into. God bless them and their families!” – Paige King Johnson 

“Tough times just got tougher with the passing of two great country legends. Both Jan Howard and Joe Diffie are icons in this genre. I’ll forever remember driving down the road with my father singing along to Joe Diffie. Such a tragedy, but thank you for the memories.” – Austin Merrill

Remembering Jan Howard

Chart-topping country leading lady and 49 year member of the Grand Ole Opry, Jan Howard, died peacefully on Saturday, March 28th at age 91 in Gallatin, Tennessee. In 1960 Howard relocated from Los Angeles to Nashville, where she began appearing on the Opry. Howard would sing demos of songs including “I Fall to Pieces,” a monumental success for Patsy Cline. Howard would also team with Opry star Bill Anderson on a number of duets, including her sole number one, “For Loving You.” After a recording career with Capitol Records, she was signed to Decca’s label, landing a top five single with “Evil on Your Mind.”

Friends and fellow artists mourn the tragic loss and recall precious memories with the timeless, Jan Howard.

“I am so saddened that Jan Howard has left us. Jan is one of the legendary artists who paved the way in country music for all of us ladies who followed. She has always been so nice to me and I always loved listening to her stories. We will miss you, Jan.” – Crystal Gayle

“Jan Howard was a great golf partner and friend. She was rare and feisty! The last time I talked to her was at church when she came to hear me sing. We will all miss her very much! Prayers for her family and friends.” – T. Graham Brown

“I had a chance to work with Jan Howard over the past few years donating our time and music for the Bluebonnet Youth Ranch fundraiser in Victoria, Texas. We all became close friends and I enjoyed her so much. This is such sad news about such a great lady.” – Janie Fricke

“So sad to lose two very special legends as well as the Opry family. Jan Howard was always such a feisty woman who took her talents to levels that even she never could have imagined. A great lady who will be missed by all.” – Joe Bonsall of The Oak Ridge Boys

“Jan Howard was more than an Opry icon and a great entertainer.  Jannie Mae was my friend for over four decades. If she loved you, she would give you the shirt off her back.  She was a talented artist, an American patriot, a straight-shooter, a class act and when I started out on my solo career she was one of my biggest cheerleaders.  I loved Jan Howard. I always will.” – Tim Atwood

“So sad to hear of the passing of Jan Howard. One of the Grand Ole Opry’s most talented and beautiful ladies! So proud to call her my friend! True grit and grace combined with her amazing vocal talent & stellar songwriting insured her iconic place in country music,a Grand Lady of the Grand Ole Opry.” – Deborah Allen

“This lady was a straight shooter. I am so lucky to have played in many celebrity golf tournaments with her, where it gave us the opportunity to have dinner and long evenings where we could visit. I loved when the Women of the Grand Ole Opry all shared one make up room. For a visiting performer to the Grand Ole Opry, this was one of the most amazing things to get to visit and share a dressing room with the Opry Stars. She was a real sizzler, who wasn’t afraid to zing you; but also surrounded you with her love and joy. So many great memories. Thank you Jan for your friendship. May you rest in sweet peace.” – Rhonda Vincent

“Jan Howard was such a great talent and I always enjoyed hearing her perform. Most definitely one of the greats of country music. Her Grand Ole Opry performances were always great as well. Another legend gone, but never forgotten.” – Shane Owens

“As an artist and as an avid fan of the Grand Ole Opry, I was saddened to hear the recent passing of Country Music Legend, Jan Howard. I learned of Jan’s music growing up in Kentucky and visiting with my grandparents through the years. What a legacy.  She will be missed.” – JD Shelburne


Fellow Singer/Songwriters and Friends Remember and Mourn The Loss of Lyrical Legend John Prine
John Prine (by Jeremy Westby)
Photo: Jeremy Westby
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Grammy Award winning, Songwriters Hall of Fame Member John Prine passed away at age 73 due to Covid-19. Some of his most legendary hits include, “Hello in There,” “Sam Stone,” “Angel From Montgomery” and “Paradise.” Prine used these masterpieces to highlight moments that the average mind grazed over with empathetic words and light-hearted lines. Writing for big industry names such as Johnny Cash, George Strait, Don Williams, the Everly Brothers, Carl Perkins and Bette Midler, all while being a singer, author, actor and record label owner, leaves Prine with one of the most renowned legacies in music history. Prine was not only a poetic prodigy, but a friend to many in the music and entertainment industry.

Fellow artists mourn the loss of their friend and share fond memories that have left them forever inspired by the timeless, John Prine.

“I have enjoyed John’s music for many years. He was a truly gifted man and he will be missed. My prayers go out to his family.” – Charley Pride

“All of The Oak Ridge Boys are saddened by the loss of John Prine. The man was a genius songwriter! I have been listening to his music and praying for him since he got sick and to be honest I didn’t really know John personally but my heart is heavy nonetheless.” – Joe Bonsall / Oak Ridge Boys

“Nashville has lost another legendary artist. John Prine will always be remembered for his great music. I will always remember John’s wonderful smile and how nice and caring he was. Sending lots of love to his family.” – Crystal Gayle

“So sad to see another great music legend leave us. My family sends prayers to John Prine’s family.” – Lee Greenwood

“John was a sweet genius who always had time for conversation with me and as a songwriter, he was untouchable.” – T. Graham Brown

“After having the honor of seeing John Prine on a few occasions, it was no secret how much he is loved and admired. I last saw him at the Marty Stuart Late Night Jam, and was fortunate to have a front row seat. I captured many great photos, and will cherish the photos as a wonderful memory of witnessing one of the greatest songwriters to walk God’s Earth.” – Rhonda Vincent

“I really feel like we’ve lost one of our generation’s great champions for living outside the senses.” – Lacy J. Dalton

John Prine was a treasure! He inspired every singer/songwriter who has ever lived. He has survived several health challenges and I was praying that he would survive this. There was only one John Prine. Everyone looked up to him and he will be missed by not only Nashville, but around the world. We love you, John.” – Deborah Allen

“I used to sing his song “Paradise” about Muhlenburg county during my shows in clubs. It was written about how the coal mines stripped away the vegetation and trees. He also wrote “Angel From Montgomery,” which was a hit by Bonnie Raitt. This is the kind of music that I have always loved. It was a touch of blues and a touch of pop. I have always loved his music and style. He was a leader in the “awareness” songs and was a huge influence in my life and my approach to music. You will be missed, John.” – Janie Fricke

“I first met John Prine in the 70’s backstage at the Grand Ole Opry.  He was perhaps one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the honor to meet.  No star attitude whatsoever. He was just an average guy who loved words.  And he became one of the greatest wordsmiths of our time. His lyrics are pure poetry.  He never worried about making his songs commercial. He wrote from the heart and the gut.  Ironically I was in the studio last month and recorded one of his songs that I’ve loved for years called  “Blue Umbrella.” John would say in three minutes what an author would say in 256 pages. What a talent!” – Tim Atwood

“So sad to hear the passing of the legendary John Prine. One of the most influential songwriters of our time gone way too soon! His music will live on forever.” – J.D. Shelburne

John Prine was one of the most beloved and well-versed songwriters in the business, and his passing is a huge loss to songwriters and fans alike. The mark he made on the americana/folk/country music industry was remarkable – one that no one else could ever dream of accomplishing. His songwriting will be deeply missed, but even more than that is his infectious smile and sweet spirit. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of John’s family and friends, as well as all the fans he has made over the years. There will truly never be another John Prine.” – Paige King Johnson

Message From Oh Boy Records 

We miss John so much and we know you all do too. Thank you for the outpouring of love and support during the last few weeks. It’s been both a source of solace and strength for us. We wish we had the right words to share today, but honestly, it’s going to take a while for us to come to terms with what has happened. Like most times, it’s usually John’s lyrics that help guide the way for us. So let’s all keep playing and singing his songs “And when we get through we’ll make a big wish that we never have to do this again. Again? Again??