2017 Music Festivals: Lone Star Jam.

2017 Music Festivals: Lone Star Jam.

Folks I must tell you I have been on quite a binge on the Red Dirt Country ever since I began incorporating it into my website some time ago, if you’ll remember last week I covered Wade Bowen And Miss Kaitlin Butts when they stopped in Nashville.

I cover about 175 festivals yearly in this fashion mostly Americana, Roots Music, Bluegrass and now Red Dirt Texas Country is included into my agenda, so you can be assured I will feature quality REAL MUSIC from many genres all over the United States! As always you can buy tickets to all of the festivals I feature from direct links to their own website HERE I make NO MONEY off featuring ANY festival, this is ALL done on my expense.

This festival began in 2008 and by 2013 it grew to a two day festival as the Texas and Oklahoma music scene began to flourish and present day Red Dirt scene is booming to a HUGE margin. Many websites are featuring more of it as mine started about three years ago to mix it in with what I feature on a regular basis, and with good response from my readers.

Hotels,I found an abundance of them HERE is a page of over 40 of them for you to choose from in Austin. There will be a parking fee of 10.00 per day and it clearly states if you park in an adjacent lot you will be towed away. Obviously this is NOT a camping type festival so you’ll need a hotel if you don’t live in this area.

Aaron Watson
Casey Donahew
Stoney LaRue
Wade Bowen
William Clark Green
Roger Creager
Cory Morrow
Charlie Robison
Flatland Cavalry
Cody Canada & The Departed
Mike Ryan
Parker McCollum
Rob Baird
Dalton Domino
Randall King
Koe Wetzel
Kaitlin Butts

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New Albums In 2017-HUGE LIST.

New Albums In 2017-HUGE LIST.

Hi everybody!

Hey I had an epiphany the other night while I was working on another project, WHY DON’T I make a weekly list of newly released albums of music that I love, and update it every couple nights.? Much like my list of weekly shows that I publish every week I shall now be posting every other night a good sized list of new albums I find from a TON of sources.

I’m not going to break it down into (what I will consider) my own genres, why should I? It’s just ALL damn good music no matter WHAT you call it, and I think you’ll agree that these are truly champion choices. I find out about SO MANY new bands and festivals every day by scouring the internet and subscribing to mailing lists and word of mouth.

My TOP 50 of ANY year is probably my most popular article of anything I ever publish that gets viewed by tens of thousands of people, my TOP 50 will indeed derive from this list here and I shall update this list several times a week. If YOU have some terrific suggestions for me you can hit me up on

Sunny Sweeney-Trophy
JonEmery Dodds-Hell Rooster
Billie Gant And Nick Geise-On And On
Richie Allbright-Poets,Prophets,Heroes And Friends
Old 97’s-Graveyard Whistling
The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band- Front Porch Sessions
Split Lip Rayfield-On My Way
Natalie Hemby-Puxico
Ags Connolly-Nothin Unexpected
Dale Watson And Ray Benson-Dale And Ray
Band Of Heathens-Duende
Scott H Biram-The Bad Testament
Truckstop Honeymoon-Big Things And Little Things
Truckstop Gamblers-Here
Nikki Lane-Highway Queen
Infamous Stringdusters-Laws Of Gravity
Marty Stuart-Way Out West
Poor Man’s Whiskey-Rock Star On The Weekend
Southern Culture On The Skids-Electric Pinecones
Pert Near Sandstone-Discovery Of Honey
The Gibson Brothers-In The Ground
Cory Branon-Adios
The Traveli’n McCourys-Let Her Go
Tift Merritt-Stitch Of The World
John Hord-The Home You Made For Me
James Scott Bullard And The Late Night Sweethearts-Box Of Letters
William Matheny-Strange Constellations
Black Irish Texas-To Hell With The King
Jamie Wyatt-Felony Blues
Otis Gibbs-Mount Renraw
Austin James-Full Throttle
A.J. Hobbs-Too Much Is Never Enough
Fred Eaglesmith-Standard
Jeremy Steding- Odessa
Whitney Rose-South Texas Suite
Kris Kristofferson-The Austin Sessions
Kate Grom-Heroine
Lindi Ortega-Til The Goin Gets Gone
Drew Holcomb-New Year
Brad Good Band-One Red Light
Pat Waters-Heartbroke
Derek Anthony-Dreamcathcer
Greg Wickham-If I Left This World
Rebeca Loebe-Blink
The Drugstore Gypsies-Self Titled
Buzz Cason-Passion
Great American Taxi-Dr.Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show
Allison Krauss-Windy City
Travis Linville-Up Ahead
Patty Reese-Let In The Sun
Valerie June-The Order Of Time
Richard Lynch-Mending Fences
Koe Wetzel-Noise Complaint

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2017 Music Festivals: The Highwater Festival.

2017 Music Festivals: The Highwater Festival.

So this edition of my festival series bring us to South Carolina in April for the inaugural High Water Festival which was created by Shovels And Rope along with the many people that help made this dream a reality. It appears that many people have stepped on board to assist in making this possible.

High Water Festival takes place April 22-23 at Riverfront Park in North Charleston South Carolina and you can purchase tickets for this event HERE. Many corporate sponsors make this event possible and affordable to you at under 70 dollars for a general admission basic weekend pass.

Shovels And Rope just recently played two shows at the Ryman here and their new album made my TOP 50 of 2017, so you can darn sure bet that this will indeed be a truly good time out there in South Carolina next month!

As far as hotel accommodations go there is a WHOLE LONG LIST of hotels HERE as they have partnered up with Hotels For Hope to benefit some proceeds from your booking. This is not a camping event and like me if you have some medical issues all of these hotels will bend over backwards to fit your needs to help you enjoy the music!

The Avett Brothers
The Shins
Shovels And Rope
Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats
Margo Price
Jump Little Children
John Moreland
JD McPherson
Deer Tick
Charles Bradley
Matthew Logan Vasquez
The Suffers
Julien Baker
Aaron Lee Tasjan
The Deslondes
Caroline Rose
Slow Runner
Arum Rae

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Kaitlin Butts And Wade Bowen.

Kaitlin Butts And Wade Bowen.

Well folks I was faced with a pretty serious quandary this weekend, I had originally intended to cover some bands I have covered many times before. However I was faced with an incredibly tempting whole new market and a whole new opportunity I have been wanting to capitalize on as of late..Texas Country.

They call it Red Dirt Country and it also emanates from the Oklahoma area as well, and my friend Miss Bridgette Lowder planted a large seed into my head last year as we got to know each other and compared knowledge. We exchanged our likes and hates of music and different scenes and styles, until we began to KNOW each other’s local scene. I took what she exposed me to and I seriously capitalized on the void I had here.

I am a music fan FIRST and a business man SECOND BUT nonetheless I AM both and I “see things” and I “see opportunities” when I encounter them. I found a whole new broad genre to expand on and learn, and learn it I DID folks and I began contacting Texas festivals and podcasts until I learned the ins and outs of the Texas Music scene.

So I ventured out this weekend into a very popular and gorgeous local venue 3Rd And Lindsley for a Red Dirt show.First, some things notable about this venue, the parking is GREAT if you get there early like I do. The crew is VERY friendly and I have always thought security does a REALLY nice job handling things, I don’t believe I have ever witnessed a major altercation there.

I ordered the prime rib sandwich and it’s ALWAYS really tasty and comes out in ample time, the only negative thing I have to say are the fries are not portioned well enough. It could stand to be a little more so I usually order onion rings which are REALLY good.  The tables are spaced out enough and the stools are comfortable, it’s a TRULY good place to go see a show, and the prices are reasonable I would highly suggest this for ANY shows.

Miss Kaitlin Butts opened the show tonight with sharp humor and rich smooth vocals, and despite her young age she brings an older sound to the table that any TRUE Country fan will quickly appreciate. Her 2014 debut album that was produced by Mike McClure a BIG NAME out there in Texas and Oklahoma is called “Same Hell Different Devil” and has ten songs she wrote by herself and one cover. Most of the songs that made up her set list last night were indeed originals I recognized from my studies of her repertoire as I prepared to write this article on her.

In fact her first song I missed as I was meeting new friends but I quickly scooted over to my table to catch “Same Hell Different Devil” which is basically falling for us men and our bullshit lines (sorry guys she’s onto us). It’s basically a palm slap in the forehead song that most women can pretty much relate to being sweet talked into falling for a clown that is playing with her emotions. It’s actually a pretty well written song and I’m appalled that she’s not more well known within this scene, let’s change that by going on to her website and buying her album.

“He Was Right” was next which displays a VERY impressive vocal range of changing high notes toward the end of it that grabs your attention and leads it to wherever she wants you to go. This woman commands the stage and possesses an impressive stage presence, with a sharp sense of humor as she quips about everything from her last name, to cheap skanks that should have their men stolen from them by a “Gal Like Me” which was also included in her set later on.

After she covered an Elizabeth Cook song she played one called ‘Gun In My Hand” which I enjoyed but another song that stuck out to me as a person was one called “Wild Rose”. It’s just basically one of those reckless youth songs we all lived at that age. Like I previously mentioned her young age doesn’t readily identify with the hard life lessons of her lyrics, there is much more age in her lyrics however it doesn’t make them unbelievable.

After playing “Damned If I Do” she played her own version of “In The Pines” which was VERY enjoyable with just her and a fiddle. If I’m not mistaken I heard Eddie Up was playing steel for her a while and I was wondering if he would be there last night. She has quite an impressive resume like she contributed to Flatland Cavalry and many other bands, and as she closed her set with a descriptive song about her mess of auburn hair she left us ready for Mr. Wade Bowen BUT wanting more of what she packs in her holsters!

Mr. Wade Bowen is one of the Texas Music Scene’s veteran performers having been established in 1998 and last night he opened with a song of his 2008 album “if We Ever Make It Home” called “You Had Me At My Best”. His songs are mostly upbeat and furious and his band plays like a top notch well oiled machine with a vigorous trio of guitarists that evenly trade lead licks, and not spoil the FUN but one of them played their encore behind his back!

His song called “Songs About Trucks” was next which is one of his later songs from 2013, and that one talks about lost loves but of a vehicle. We all have had our past loved vehicles down by the lake that we loved to listen to our cassettes in, maybe had your first beer in the back of, or passed the time with your favorite girl in?

“Make It Home” was next followed by a powerful ballad called “West Texas Rain”. Now, that song is one of my favorite songs he sings out of his whole catalogue. He interacts with the audience beyond grateful and includes them in many of his songs by making them sing along with different songs. You can easily detect that he is AT HOME up there on stage performing and brings a fresh sound to the table.

He played a few cover last night like “Looking Out My Back Door” by Credence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty was one of my idols too, and his band made this song equally powerful on this show. This style of Country music is rapidly growing in popularity right now and I would very much like to contribute to bring it to my local area full scale in massive amounts, because it has many good qualities.

This young man PACKED the house last night to the point where standing in one spot was difficult toward the middle of the venue, I haven’t seen it that packed since my coverage of the Cody Jinks show. He played a new song called ‘I Couldn’t Make You Love Me” which I understand he is readily recording now for soon release. He played “One Step Closer” and another called “Woke Up Today” which I dedicate to my friends with cancer and other ailments that are always grateful for waking up today.

Mr. Wade has many songs of inspiration and sometimes unlike more Traditional Country this genre has as many uplifting songs as it does darker ones. But when he played an acoustic song he dubbed one of his favorite songs it was called “Walls Were Blue” which is a gloomy dark song but it is indeed a classic song. “Till It Does was followed by “Trouble” and  after he played “Walls Were Blue” he played the Kristofferson classic “Help Me Make It Through The Night” with just him, as his band got a break.

“Who I Am” was next after the upbeat song called “Standards” which was a great song about rejecting a phony song  about not having hits and having standards to record better songs. It was on his latest album with Randy Rogers and I’m glad he isn’t selling out and choosing better songs, many artists in the mainstream cannot say that.

“The Sun Shines On a Dreamer” is another uplifting song about pursuing your dreams and not being afraid to take risks and scraping your knees once in awhile. Another powerful slow song he does called “Mood Ring” is absolutely loud and hard but the lyrics are mellow and can be related by men and women alike. This is a complete masterpiece, it is VERY well written and delivered in a true heartfelt vocal style by a sincere artist.

“Beat Me Down” and his set closed with “Saturday Night” which once again required crowd participation and amped us up for his energetic encore of two cover songs one being the Chuck Berry classic “Johnny B Goode” is respect for the fallen icon of Rock And Roll Chuck Berry, and the Eagles/ Conway Twitty ‘Heartache Tonight”.

All in All I must say I was extremely happy with my decision to choose this show over any other, and I’m quite convinced we NEED to bring this type of Country into our local venues and festivals. ANYTIME I get the chance to see some of these artists I have been researching I’ll be SURE to bring  them to my website over and over again.

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2017 Music Festivals: Crooked Smile Music Festival.

2017 Music Festivals: Crooked Smile Music Festival.

Mr. Donnie Wymer is at it again folks this article brings us back to Winchester Indiana where we once again visit with Crooked Smile Music Festival which as always take place May 21th and 13th 2017 at the Circle X Ranch and you can purchase tickets HERE.

You know I missed this one last year due to an illness for the first time EVER I called in sick to my other job, man I truthfully hated to miss it but I could just not make the drive. Mr. Greg Serio does the sound for this one I believe he will return, I haven’t been informed otherwise. Now let me tell you the venue is absolutely gorgeous with PLENTY of room to camp and enjoy the ranch, however like always if you are the same as ME you’ll need a room.

The Randolph Inn and Suites was the hotel I used last time and I will tell you this, it is truly a wonderful place to stay and I look forward to being there again in 2016. Overpass Motel is another good choice for this area. Last year I did some researching on the area as I attended the festival and I found this one to be a thumbs up. Winchestr Guest House Inn is a place I found online and I have never been there but I do know it’s a nice suggestion by the locals I have consulted.

There is camping included in your ticket price and this is a one stage operation and despite the fact this is a campground it is an indoor festival. Now, there are no food vendors but one that is run by the campground. HOWEVER let me tell you the food is REALLY GOOD. It’s cooked and ran by the local owners of the campground and supports their community, so eating there supports this local economy.

Folks this website I have has been recognized and supported by over 175 festivals nationwide and I am being supported by more venues every day. I cover and support over 8,000 local bands and national acts and I am adding more each week. I’m growing rapidly in amazing leaps and bounds, and traveling more now than I ever have, and I am always finding new and exciting ways to bring forth local music to YOU the reader.

The Tillers
Husky Burnette
Smokestack Relics
Jimmy Swope
Joe’s Truck Stop
The Bestuls
Dead Man String Band
Wonky Tonk
The Hamer And The Hatchet
John The Revelator
June Star
Devil’s Holler
Mikey And The Snakeoil Boys
Old Wolves
Brentney Campbell
Achilles Tenderloin
Steel Guapo
Jason Dawdy
WT Newton
Willow Tree Carolers

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Album Feature: Richie ALLbright: Poets, Prophets, Heroes, And Friends.

Album Feature: Richie ALLbright: Poets, Prophets, Heroes, And Friends.

Richie Allbright is a name even I confused at first encounter with him, by now he is used to being mistaken for the Country Music Legend that wrote the Dukes Of Hazzard theme song and produced many albums for Waylon Jennings after Lincoln Chips Moman.

This man had a turbulent history just like many of his peers the likes of Billie Gant and Billy Don Burns, and his new album released in September of last year drops a lot of names however it remains relevant to authenticity and was a welcome addition to my collection. I must admit when I first met him and received the album and witnessed all of this said name dropping I was in yawn mode, because honestly I have lived it too. But within a few SHORT moments I my skeptical intuitions were pleasantly lifted from my chest, and I dissected his lyrics and his view of life.

I found more honesty and passion for Country Music in this album than anything I have ever heard by chance last year and the ONLY reason it missed my TOP 50 was because I didn’t get it in my hands until 2017…for THAT you my readers have my sincere apologies. The descriptive way this man sees Country Music is absolutely extraordinary and although it may be construed as copycat to his heroes at first the longer you listen I MEAN REALLY LISTEN he has his own different twist to the same format.

He has a nasally vocal delivery that one would identify readily with the Texas Traditional Country Music the likes of Ernest Tubb. However in 1994 when he was in his twenties he left Texas for Nashville and began playing at Gilley’s on Music Row singing for tips and began suffering from many addictions,so he left and came back in 2008. Much like I was finding out by 2006 Country Music was changing (with the exception of bands like BR5-49) and he sought out Legendary Producer Fred Foster to make his demo.

The TOP picture is of his first full album “If I’d Known Then” produced by Bill Green, and he recorded “Kickin Down The Doors” in 2011. Forward to today’s day and age and you will find people like me writing about people like him, because I’m going to tell you like “Boland And Birmingham” you will LOVE Mr. Richie.

I’m going to be truthful “Holed Up In A Honky Tonk” holding someone new is a well written hook filled revenge song that Country Songwriting Legend Dean Dillon wrote that is recorded VERY well and filled with more twang than anything that has slid across my desk in many months. I about dropped my coffee cup to run to the volume control to turn it up. I set my spottily on repeat and listened to this song over and over and over…this was a masterpiece of overlooked Country Music grandeur.

“I Lived To Tell It All” was basically a story song that many of us have deep within our lives, many of us have contributed to Country Music in our own way. Many a times I have attended funerals of my Country Music heroes and many times I go visit their graves. The story of him meeting Kristofferson in a men’s room taking a leak was absolutely awesome, you don’t tell a man you love him when he’s in a bathroom stall was one of the greatest lines in the last twenty years.

This album has twelve tracks and was produced in the Station House Studio in L.A. and it was produced by Ted Russell Kamp who plays for Shooter Jennings. Mr. John Schreffler plays some damn fine leads on this album as well.. Mr. Richie tells Gary Hayes Country he went there to record this album on an analog tape to make it sound like the older vinyls we all grew up listening to.

“Stronger Than Me” was a poignant and dark story about alcoholism from his eyes and why it has gripped his soul as tightly as it has. You can smell this stains on his breath emanate through the speakers of your computer when this song is spinning on your drive. This song is colder than my ex wife’s heart.

Country Legend Johnny Rodriguez guest appears on the Mexican laced Spanish song  “Carmen” that puts you to mind of Marty Robbins…wink wink.. once again you easily ascertain his many influences with all of these heroes that I also share with him. High upon my pedestals you will find those people perched as well, and if you pass on this album you have cheated yourself out of ONE HELL of a rocket ride.

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