Feb 232014

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I was eating supper tonight and I heard the announcement that Country Music Legend
Penny DeHaven died today after a long fight with cancer at 65.

There aren’t many websites that will even tell you about her
and what she has given country music..I will do that.

In the Honky Tonk era of the 1970’s she had a string of hits
by herself and duets with people the likes of Del Reeves and
Porter Waggoner.
My favorite duet she did was with Boxcar Willie and it was called
“We Made memories” on the album “Last Train To Heaven”.
She only released two albums herself but contributed backing vocals
on many classic country music albums.

She appeared on Hee Haw several times and she sang “Bayou Lullaby
on the Clint Eastwood classic movie “Honkytonk Man”.
She also appeared on the Grand Ole Opry several times in her career.

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