Feb 122021

See you in September!

With vaccines rolling out and many experts predicting a return to live music events in the fall, we cannot wait to welcome our bluegrass family back to MASS MoCA for FreshGrass North Adams 2021 on September 24-26.

We’re putting together a stellar lineup (more info soon!) and making sure all suggested safety protocols are followed (more info below). We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to gather together for a special 10th anniversary festival in September. Join us for a family-friendly weekend brimming with the brightest talent in bluegrass and roots. Grab your tickets, then RSVP on Facebook to let your friends know where you’ll be!

‘Til then, mask up, jam out, and stay tuned for lineup news in March!

FreshGrass Festival
September 24-26


Health + Safety

The health and safety of festival-goers, musicians, vendors, staff, and the local community are our top priority, and we will be working closely with all local and state authorities to ensure a safe experience for all.

We will be sharing more information about the specific requirements and protocols that will be in place in the coming months. We thank you for your patience and understanding as the future continues to be a bit of a moving target; please stay tuned—many more details to come!

These last few days, I have taken the time to do some in depth looks into a lot of venues and festivals, wondering which ones will actually transpire in 2021. This time of year while running my website, I am linking band names into current year’s lineups.  I’m usually contacting over 275 festival directors for information and comments.

I just recently published a good article on what The Caverns in Pelham Tennessee is doing to meet standards, so they can have live music again. All over America, venues like Billy Bob’s in Texas are maintaining their operating status by having live music while meeting protocols.

I cover a vast array of genres  of music, and festivals, and I try my best to report to all of you on every one of the festivals. I study so many different festivals all over America, that are either still going on or cancelling.

Now, not only does Fresh Grass hold two different festivals across America it also publishes No Depression magazine, offers college grants and more! For many years the quarterly music publication of No Depression has been a top “go-to” route for new music and new bands.

In the next few coming weeks, I will be publishing several more articles from other festivals that are cancelling like the announcement made last week by the Great Blue Heron from my friends up in New York.

We have, and will continue to publish ongoing shows from venues like Billy Bob’s Texas and festivals like and Rooster Walk. We are all ardently busy delving into all of these different music outlets, to bring you the goods!

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