Mar 192014


Folks since I went national, the requests for help with articles have been
And I want to help EVERYBODY as much as I can, so when you see one in YOUR them out or attend please.
I met Billy Hood and his wife at Muddy Roots last year and got to play with him
and got to hang out some. He’s doing some really charitable things in
the state of California and I want to acknowledge them.

He’s a good person and I saw that directly, and he needs to be acknowledged.

This will be a musical charity event to collect non perishable foods
new clothing, bottled water,and hygienic items for the Rio Linda food Closet.
You can Facebook them HERE.
This event will take place April 19th.
Now before I tell you who is performing I’ll tell HOW and WHERE
to donate if you are not in California (like me)..
Follow THIS LINK and chip in a little cash if you have
any spare.
You can ALSO send donations to me I’ll make SURE they get there.
I’ll be HAPPY to send them and this website will pay ALL shipping.

ALSO this will be broadcast LIVE on Silent Storm Radio from noon to 6pm.
DO NOT FORGET the time difference in Ca.

Cash Prophets, Johnny Cash Tribute Band
Rooster Still, Ol’ Timey, Junkyard Folk & Classic Country
Woody Boyd, Country Troubadour of Boyd Luthieryâ„¢& Guitar Co.
Hilary Marckx Singer/Songwriter, Rockabilly/Honky Tonk
Zach Kincaid, Country Troubadour
Billy Hood Music, Troubadour
Terence Steel, Local Poet
Trailer Park Romance Radio Show, Radio/Podcast Duet of Silent Storm Radio

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