Apr 292014


A few hours ago Garyhayescountry.com learned more information concerning
A great musician of Juke Joint Swing. Wayne “The Train” Hancock was involved
in a motorcycle accident, and HE WAS wearing a helmet.

It happened on Saturday April 26th.
He is in stable condition and responsive but will be under observation
in the ICU for a few more days for a collapsed lung trying to prevent
him from developing Pneumonia.
His arm is in a soft cast due to a fractured elbow.

So as of right now he will be cancelling ALL shows in May.
I have no information on June dates.

I do have the following information.. to send cards and letters
to him personally send them to:

Wayne Hancock
4937 Stuart Road # 181
Denton Texas 76207

Please give Wayne Hancock plenty of time to heal and come back
to the stage, where he swears he will ALWAYS BE!

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