Jun 052018
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First off this article will be updated more than a few times before September. Initially it was intended to be a series on the IBMA and it’s huge merger with the Foundation For Bluegrass. I had originally intended upon announcing the merger last fall, but I opted to  hold off until now because of the huge press conference that recently transpired discussing the future of this event.

It was confirmed and secured that this event will yearly transpire in Raleigh north Carolina through 2021, and will continue all operations into maintaining it’s status as one of the main pillars of the Bluegrass scene. Much of this all stems from the above mentioned merger, because I believe that the result of that business move were grants and donations that are essential for Bluegrass to thrive.

Bluegrass is, was and probably always will be a smaller genre that struggles to stay afloat in today’s mega money market of pop country sponsors and partnerships. I believe lack of mainstream attention is one of main reasons of it’s detriment in today’s mainstream society. If there was no hunger for it, then why can’t they explain the success of the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” and other Bluegrass type outlets that garnered commercial accolades?

I suppose the ever popular argument exists that Bluegrass just doesn’t generate enough revenue on a consumer level will always be their complaint, but nonetheless my website will always strive to promote and adulate Bluegrass music as a whole. This genre of music exemplifies so many wonderful things about musicianship and love of life (and death) how could a music website NOT continue to further adulate it?

In the next upcoming couple of months I will be adding to this article and making it into a GRAND SCALE THEME of the World Of Bluegrass, Wide Open Bluegrass and MORE!

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