Illinois Benefit: Black Oak Arkansas And More.

I headed down to Nashville for a little while today to catch some GREAT music.
I went to the Nashville Palace for a duo that I will feature later. I need to
catch up on my features.

This was a benefit for tornado victims in Illinois, and was thrown to
raise money for the cause.

I got to the Outlaw Music Association benefit a little late. I got here just in
time for Kara Clark’s set and she played some songs I don’t get to hear as often
and I am enjoying her set.


Some of her set I kind of missed while talking to people here she played
“Jesus In Jail”. She’s doing just an acoustic set because her band are
taking care of personal issues.
She’s playing “I’m Not Country” right now, It’s so wonderful to see her
again. She’s a good friend and It’s always good to catch up with her.

“Lonely” is another good song in her usual set and just last week she
was featured on W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show.
Her guitar player Mark Lambert just showed up to play with her! He has contributed a lot
to Country Music including helping work on Ronnie Milsap’s last album.


Right now she’s playing “Murder Or Suicide”..I’m enjoying myself.
And she played “Living Proof” I like that song too..”Whiskey And Cigarettes”
also was played.
“Southern Hospitality” is always a good song to hear, Id come down from Kentucky
to watch Kara ANYTIME I could.
SHE IS one of my personal favorite female singer that my website features!

Chris Gantry is playing now and he’s telling stories and how the Outlaw
movement is a movement of benevolence.
‘That’s what Outlaw is”. I remember him playing this at several other shows.
At 71 He is still one of Country Music’s Legendary Songwriters, having
left a legacy upon Nashville.


“Wasted On The Street On A Tuesday Afternoon”. And he is telling stories
between his songs. And he’s doing one called “Hey Ryan” about a young man
that used to read his Facebook posts and took his own life.

He played “Dreams Of Everyday Housewife” which was cut by Glen Campbell.
It was on the Wichita Lineman album from 1967.

Brian Randall And Southern justice are playing and I want to
catch his set now.
He started out with “Neon Smokey Haze”. Now, he is a little more
southern rock to me than country but he’s really fun to watch play.

Right now they’re covering “Pride And Joy” from Stevie Ray Vaughn.
And he played “Think I’ll just stay Here And Drink” by Merle Haggard.

“An Outlaw Just Inside The Law” is what they’re playing now.
All together I’m having a good time with good music and THAT MY FREINDS
is what it’s ALL about!

The very controversial song he does called “Good Drugs” is a song
I enjoy. BEFORE you judge it..listen. It’s a good message and more
people should listen.

Kara is playing a few more and I will call this one a night and do
some work from home.
“The Band The Bartender And Me” is a good song we like.

Folks I’ll be honest tonight I saw an awesome sight described in
three words “Black Oak Arkansas”.
They are a southern rock band formed in 1965 and were originally called
“Knowbody Else” until 1970 when James “Jim Dandy” Mangrum changed the name.


The only original member left besides Jim Dandy was Ricky Lee Reynolds who
is called ‘Ricochet”. The other four were not full originals unless I was
mistaken. I know ‘Goober Grin” died in late 1976 and I am pretty sure the
other three originals are alive but active elsewhere.

They came out barrels blazing to two new songs off the all new album.
Called “Outside The Reach” and “Plugged In And Wired”.
And they honestly still sounded pretty stable and good.


Then came the classic songs I wanted to hear, “Hot Rod” and ‘High And Dry”
Now I remember hearing them on Midnight Special and King Biscuit Flower Hour.
Still was a little before my time but unlike some..I watch and study history.

They played “Heartbreaker” and some newer ones “Ghost Of Tennessee” and
“Sweet Delta Water”. I really had a good time and enjoyed myself.