Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band Break Nashville

Last night I got out and lugged myself down The End on Elliston Place in Nashville
for Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band,Call Me Bronco,James Hunnicutt (solo) and
S.S.Webb for ONE HELL of a GREAT NIGHT of music.

I mean come on people for 10 BUCKS you just cannot beat what I’m about to report on.
The venue is smaller than most but it’s still a GREAT sounding place to hear
live music.


Sunday night May the 12th The End welcomed all these bands with open arms.
And the first band was S.S.Webb and to be honest I missed their set
getting familiar with people I have not seen in a long time and getting things
set up for reporting.
So I will be doing an “artist feature” on them in the near future and we WILL be
paying them some attention on THIS website.


Call Me Bronco was a band I kept “missing” every time they were on a bill
I attended. They played the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender last year and I
was there but missed them.
I finally met their upright bass player Keith Roberts while he was playing
with Urban Pioneers and we became friends.
He’s a really super nice guy and I suggest you talk with him.
They have a CD I bought called “Death Rides A Pale Bronco” and they played
a few songs from the album.
“5 Petals” was one of them I remember they played, and I also
remember “I Stopped Drinking For The Dog” and I was really impressed
with their performance. And their song “Four Shots” was my favorite song.


James Hunnicutt has always been one of my favorite people EVER!
I first met him during the “Myspace Days” when sadly we all came
together to pay our last respects to Country Legend Porter Wagoner.

He began his set with “99 Lives” and “My Pain” which is my favorite song
he does off the album “In Full It Shall Be Paid”.
He also played “I’m A One Woman Man” which was written by Tillman Franks
and Johnny Horton and was released in 1956.
Also in 1988 George Jones re-did it and named an album after it
all produced by Billy Sherrill.
“Good For You,Good Riddance And Goodbye” was a song I recognized but
missed seeing.
He did a Doo-Wop songs called “Bad Girl” and a Faron Young song
called “Tattle Tale Tears”..and I was smiling.
This song was from his third album from Capitol Records around 1955 or so.
And it was a VERY obscure and good choice!
He closed with “Dont Let The Teardrops fill your eyes”.


The time came to allow the chaotic thunder of string band infused
bluegrass and other music called Jayke Orvis And The Broken Band.
They are on Farmaggeddon Records and they have
two albums out and played songs from both.
The Fiddle player Liz Sloan is one of Underground Music’s most talented
people and her stage presence is furious, it makes you feel like stomping
on a table.
She tears her fiddle apart and has for years and the whole band started out
the show with “Murder Of Crows” and “Crooked Smile”. Now Crooked Smile is one
of my personal songs because Liz has a solo on there and she goes NUTS!
Jared McGovern on the upright bass is also very energetic and is a great part
of this band.

“Shady Grove” and “Born To Ride” and “Gone Forever More” were all next.
I tell you what I enjoyed myself last night and I’m tired and sore
but it was so worth it.
I’m sure there were songs I missed remembering too. They played “Alone With You”
which was made popular by Faron Young and another GOOD Liz infused song
“Kaw Liga”.


“Thunderbolts And Lightning” is another of my favorites and will always be.
“Feeling Like This” and “Dreadfull Sinner” were all in the set.

Another great song that really gets us involved and rowdy is clapping
along to “Blackship”. And reciting those words…all my times is come gotta go….
“Lead Me Astray” was the final song BUT they DID do a bluegrass version
of “Master Of Puppets” made famous by Metallica!

To this day I still don’t understand HOW anyone can choose to spend
hundreds of dollars on Disney music instead of watching real talent.


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