Dec 212013

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I will publish and edit this off and on.

The Spillway is under NEW ownership and it’s clean and
Very comfortable atmosphere and complete food menu.

I am reporting this LIVE as I type so keep checking
back for MORE MORE MORE.
And if this works out well we will run this type
of deal at Muddy Roots.

James Williams is soon to be taking the stage first.
Kara Clark will be performing with her FULL BAND.

We been visiting and catching up with each other
and taking pictures. And we have been enjoying
this really nice venue and here we go with the show!

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It’s Mr. James wife birthday today
And he is playing Mental Revenge and
lonesome Onry and Mean.

He’s playing “Still Doing Time” by George Jones.
He’s doing a GREAT JOB down here and we still got
a little room left in the venue.
TEN BUCKS gets you in…come on down!

He’s doing a wonderful job and we are about
to welcome Kara Clark up stage after his last song.
Like I previously said she’s playing with a FULL BAND!

Kara opened her set with “Whiskey And Cigarettes”.
YAY She is playing Relapse…she has a TOP NOTCH BAND!
It’s WAY WELL WORTH the short wait in the dark
to see her play with a full band for the first time!
She’s covering “Low Down Once Again”.
And now she’s playing “I’m not country”.

She played a few more and now she’s playing
“Preacher’s Hands”..and more of our friends
are showing up!
And I’m having a pizza..this food is really GREAT!
She’s closing her part of the show with “Southern Hospitality”.


Right Now Whitey Morgan has opened with Green River.
Whitey And the 78’s are TEARING the roof off this place.
Fred Newell would be PROUD of his steel player as he
is TEARING the steel solos UP!

He’s playing the “Cocaine Train” made famous by
Johnny Paycheck.
It’s been a long time since I had a good time.

Whitey is a VERY energetic band leader!
Cheati’n again is what we are hearing now!
He’s got the dance floor JUMPING!

He’s doing a request for Kara’s birthday today!
PLEASE help me say Happy Birthday to her…we LOVE
And we thank her for her music DAILY!

He is just BARRELING through song after song!
This show was worth more than 10 bucks to see.

She’s no Honky Tonk Angel…she’s the Honky Tonk Queen.
He’s playing “Still Drunk Still Crazy Still Blue’ from
Scott H Biram.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix what we are hearing NOW!
I ain’t drunk I just been Drinking was next.
He keeps the dance floor hopping for damn sure!
Working Man’s Blues (His Way)…
T For Texas is now being blasted out to us!
Love And Honor was next and Sinner.

He closed the show with a Dale Watson song.
How cool was that???

And folks that’s the end!
I’m fixin to hang out with the band and pester them!
And now they are doing closing the show with a
REALLY rocking instrumental.

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