Music City Bar And Grill Benefit For Ms.Sandra Kovrig.


Well folks here once again I am promoting another benefit this time
Blake Kovrig owner of Music City Bar And Grill is hosting a benefit show
and silent auction for his mother Sandra Korvig.

I recently went to this venue to see Guy Nix play a few sets and didn’t
have a pleasant time with the service BUT Mr. Blake made every attempt
to correct it and I haven’t been able to revisit.
Through our past correspondence I learned of the benefit show and I
wanted to support him because he is a really good owner.

The Skahls will be performing all evening however there will be
several guests appearing that are not scheduled or advertised you will
have to go see for yourselves.
An optional door fee will be in place and several ways to donate to his mother.

Folks PLEASE come out and help this man provide his mother with comfortable
conditions in her time of need.
There is NO SHAME in asking for help for medical conditions in today’s
day and age of no care even with health insurance!

Here’s the details from the event on Social Media:

I have done several benefits in the past, and have given my heart & soul into
each and everyone of them. I did not ever think I would be doing one for the very
person who brought me into this World and has been the Heart & Soul of everything
that I know on this Earth.

My Mother, was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer back in November of 2013.
They have deemed her cancer untreatable, and she has been on medications ever
since to deal with the pain. Sadly, she has taken a turn for the worse and can
no longer be cared for by Family. She has been admitted to a 24/7 home to get
the treatment and care that she needs. This home is quite expensive, but is our
Family’s only option.

So in this time of need I turn to all of you my friends to help us over come this difficult financial situation.

I feel embarrassed that I myself cannot attend to this financial need.
My goal is to raise enough money to help my Mother to stay in a home cared for,
and inevitably help to pay for a proper burial service.

She has been the Rock of my entire life, and I cannot bare to have her final
few months not go well. I have battled this emotionally for quite some time and
see no other option, then to ask humbly for your help in this matter. Many of you
have met her, on her trips here to Nashville, and you know what a spirited, wonderful,
amazing Women she is, and my close relationship with her.

I really don’t know what to write here but can tell you that this comes from my heart as a Son.

I just ask that you come out and support a Wonderful, Spirited Woman who has been the inspiration to all that I am.

We will be auctioning of many signed items from several major Country Music Stars, along with all of my personal collection of memorabilia, & items that I have collected over the years.


There will be several guest appearances to be named later, sitting in with The Skahl’s who will be playing that night. There will be an Optional donation cover charge at the door.

If you cannot attend the benefit, and I know many of my Friends are from out of town, you can send any donations to

The Music City Bar and Grill 2416 Music Valley drive #161, Nashville TN 37214. if you are mailing a check make it out to Sandra Kovrig. I can also accept Credit card Donations. If you want to donate that way please message me here privately or call me if you have my cell number.

I guess I am at a loss, but know that many of you have a kind heart, this is what I believe in.

I just want to ensure that my Mother is well taken care of in her final days.

I wish I did not have to ask for help but I do.

If anyone has anything to offer, please message me and let me know.

God Bless you all, and I thank you in advance for your help and your support.

Thanks Blake.

There will also be a golf outing for this benefit and a silent auction with
a Willie Nelson signed guitar.