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Well I’m going to be honest with you friends a LOT of you will be disappointed about this edition of my festival series… WHY…because THIS ONE IS ALREADY A SELLOUT. Hell the director, and his wife informed me via phone that they COULD HAVE SOLD every ticket PRE SALE! I’ll be honest with you ONLY Muddy Roots could boast that right now, and rightfully so. This is a REALLY relaxed atmosphere event here, and I understand it’s one big family.

Now, granted they DO cap it off at a thousand tickets per year due to limited space.. And that’s OK folks…really it is…but here is a nice survival guide for those that DID get a ticket. I always got the whole spectrum covered, maybe you don’t know the people involved like Mr. Jimbo Valentine who designs the posters, or Mr.J.J. Waters who runs the group Honky Tonk Heros in the West Virginia area, who actually turned me onto almost all of these artists.

I’m going to be relentlessly covering this event with MUCH MORE little bells and whistles side projects coming, trust you me. This event needs no embellishment from me, it has exploded on it’s own and now I am SO EXCITED to have been invited to partake in this. I’m going to bring you the BEST coverage from a professional point of view…I been doing this a LONG TIME people and I do it from the heart.

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Best Western Richmond Hotel

3-star hotel
Humble spot with free breakfast & WiFi
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Courtyard by Marriott Lexington Keeneland/Airport

4-star hotel
Airport hotel with a free shuttle & WiFi
Free Wi-Fi

Cliffview Resort

Rustic lodging with a conference center
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Chocolat Inn & Café

Boutique Hotel

Misty Mountain Overlooking Muir Valley

Extended Stay Hotel

Natural Bridge State Resort Park

3-star hotel
Hiking trails & a massive sandstone arch

Cliffview Retreat 11 Bedroom Luxury Lodge


Travelwise Motor Inn


Campton Parkway Inn

2-star hotel
Simple rooms, plus free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Snug Hollow

Bed & Breakfast

Oak Tree Inn

2-star hotel

Bowen Farm Bed and Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast

Snug Hollow Farm Bed and Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

The Rustic Red Hostel


Black Bear Lodge Motel

Basic rooms with balconies & views

Li’l Abner Motel & Cottages

Simple lodging with an outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi

Black Bear Lodge & Creek Side Chalet


Natural Bridge Campground


As many of you know I have indeed been covering MANY of these artists that are involved with this event here. Each of these names will direct you to their link for you to study, in case you bought tickets and didn’t know all of the artists involved.

You know I want to tell you what differentiates this festival from ANY OTHER across the United States. This one is on a family farm property, it’s THE FURTHEST one from a corporate festival you will EVER FIND. I mean even other DIY fests have them at a campground or venue…THIS IS NOT A VENUE. This is a family area. This festival is VERY VERY special, and has grown into an epic pinnacle of it’s scene.

Even I had some fun researching a few of them here, I know for a FACT I had fun at Master Musician’s Festival covering some of these folks and also at W.B.Walker’s five year anniversary show.. Also, many of them I have covered at other venues and events this year. READY here is your lineup:

Tyler Childers

town Mountain

The Wooks

The Tillers

Arlo McKineley And The Lonesome Sound

Buffalo Wabs And The Price Hill Hustle

Joseph Huber

John R. Miller And The Engine Lights

Justin Wells

Laid Back Country Picker

Wayne Graham

Brother Smith

William Matheny

Short And Company

Angela Perley And The Howlin Moons

Magnolia Boulevard

prison Book Club


The Local Honeys

Josh Nolan

Vintage Pistol

Senora May

Luna And The Mountain Jets

Joe’s Truck Stop

Grayson Jenkins

Geno Seale And The Porch Front Gospel

The Jenkins Twins

If Birds Could Fly

Chelsea Nolan

Sean Whiting And The Handsome Bastards

Bryan Minks And The Kentucky Sons

Belle Plaine

Blake Berglund

Aaron Boyd

Darrin Hacquard

Eric Bolander

Derek Spencer

Tim Lancaster

Grits And Soul

Owen Reynolds

Madison Lewis


Ethan Wayne

Don Rogers

Charlie Brown Superstar

Clay Case

The Winetree

Skeeter Ranch Crew

Coby Langham

Jen Richardson

Jack Smith

Ed Hughes

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