Nov 142021

For the last two years, I have taken a little ( and much much needed ) time off to tend to some personal issues, and I am a little behind on many things I wanted to write about that have recently transpired in the music world.  I had to approach several of these articles from a different perspective, because many of the subjects have been covered by so many other websites already, however I guarantee you one thing: Nobody will cover the situation like me.

For me, it began back on a bitter cold mountain weekend in Altamont Tennessee, where I was working on the website, at a benefit festival for a motorcycle crash victim. For many of the bands on that roster that weekend, I had never encountered their live show, and the Dallas Moore band was one of them.

Now I’ll be honest, before going up there I had heard of The Dallas Moore Band, and I knew their immense contributions to the Ohio local music scene. For many years prior to this Mr. Chuck and all of the members of the band embellished the local music community with their intense guitar driven Country and Southern Rock blend.

Before coming up to Altamont, I had never encountered the Dallas Moore band or him solo, which at Altamont he was solo. At that time I had still not met Mr. Chuck Morpurgo, or any of the band members, however that event certainly cultivated his expansion into a larger national territory in the United States…and more of a fan base. Their years and years of intense hard work, and dedication to their craft solidified them into the halls of my website, where they have a permanent home here.

Even though Mr. Chuck was not present the first time I met Mr. Dallas, I was immediately an admirer of his guitar work on the albums that I bought there. At the time of that event his current album was “Blessed Be The Bad Ones”, from 2013. This band of heathens has been weaving a pathway for so many others to follow in the independent music scene for many years to come.

From that moment on, I honestly do not recall ever seeing Dallas Moore WITHOUT Mr. Lucky Chucky beside him. I finally got to meet him, and sit and talk with him at places like Bobby Mackey’s in Kentucky or several places in Nashville. I have witnessed their magic in Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas and so many other states I cannot recall all of them.

Mr. Chuck Morpurgo was the only member of his band that had played on EVERY recording that Mr. Dallas Moore and the Dallas Moore Band ( AKA The Snatch Wranglers ) ever released. Throughout their lives together, the two were absolutely inseparable. And through the years, as I got to cover the band more, I got to know the band better as people and friends.

Everything that had happened to The Dallas Moore Band…happened to Mr. Lucky Chucky as well. This bond they had going together was a precise paragon of some of the bonds that existed in years past with other duos that remind me of Mr. Buck Owens and Mr. Don Rich.

Their unique way of juxtaposing their talents to formulate such a different sound to an age old recipe of what they call “Outlaw Country”, is another way to understand just how ardently Mr. Chucky loved his heroes The Allman Brothers Band. That was overly evident when they would play a precise version of “Whipping Post” on many of the shows I went to. When I would cover their sets, I would watch him…I mean REALLY watch him, and how much care he placed into his technique and his presentation of each note, each bend and each riff he did.

Neither he or Mr. Dallas tried to outshine one another or compete with one another, in the years that I knew him, and they were together. I had many opportunities to sit and talk with him, have meals with him, and just be friends. I never even knew he was a cancer patient, because he never spoke of unfortunate events with me in person. It was always happy greetings, quick handshakes and positive outlooks in life, and I don’t recall him ever having a negative attitude.

Even when I could easily tell he was road weary, and hungry, he was always kind and attentive to conversation. He CARED about the fans, he CARED about the music and he CARED about Mr. Dallas and the ENTIRE band. His absence not only leaves a big blow to local music, but to me as a fan as well.  His sound and his demeanor will forever be etched into my heart, and I’m blessed to have gotten to expose my own daughter to his guitar playing.

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