Dec 072013

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I been planning a trip over to the Nashville Palace for several weeks now,
and I would like to publicly THANK THEM for allowing me to support them
on my website here and for everything they do for me and for country music
in general.
Recently The Nashville Palace was re-opened
by Robert’s Western World and has been fully functional once again.
And I had some company down for a few days and I thought I’d go and try the food
and see THIS GAL…one of my favorite young ladies Sarah Gayle Meech.

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Now I MUST SAY THIS: There are several people I’ll pay whatever or go where ever to see.
I think her and Kara Clark and Ashley Monroe are my TOP THREE choices for the ladies.
She rolled out an AWESOME show with a bunch of covers and had the people two-stepping
and dancing slow. And as always she HAD to play my favorite song “Foolish”.
She played just about all of her originals which I REALLY LOVE!
Now for the BIG SCOOP NEWS!

She played a NEW SONG called “Love For You” and it was a GREAT SONG!
AND….AND…she has album number 2 in the works!
So when she announced it I had several questions for her and I want to
THANK HER from the bottom of my heart for letting me pester her on them.

YES IT WILL be produced by (in my opinion a future legend) Andy Gibson.
Andy is the steel and dobro player for Shelton Hank 3.
It will have 14 or 15 songs on it, and as of right now
it is not named.

As of January 1st since there are SO MANY new albums coming out
I’ll start a NEW series of articles featuring a NEW persons
album EVERY time!
I work many many nights on this deal and sometimes it gets the best of me
But I’ll tell you…I enjoy so many people’s music and I want to
feature ALL OF IT!

Hell Iv’e even played the Palace…see.

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The food was REALLY good and usually the kitchen is open until 1AM
I liked that, it used to not be open that late.
I don’t know about you but when I drink…I snack.
So you MUST go down there and see her play or ANY of the fine artists that play there!

Here’s a few dates Sarah Gayle Meech has announced.
January 28th Nashville Palace
January 29th Robert’s Western World
January 31st Layla’s Bluegrass Inn.

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