Nashville Palace Brings The Children Of Country Legends In One Place


They bring us act like Sarah Gayle Meech and David Peterson and THESE FOLKS!
2 Country 4 Nashville.

I met them both at Bobby Mackey’s for the Last Honky Tonk Music Series this past spring
and I REALLY enjoyed their performance.
They ARE one of the REAL DEALS here in Nashville and they go all over!
And they are super nice people playing REAL country music that is featured at the Palace.

On June 2nd they have announced the Sons And Daughters Of The Legends show
The only drawback is that the Georgette Jones benefit at the Hard Rock Cafe is the
same night across town, More on that in another article.

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS EVENT and if THIS does not knock your socks off you are nuts.

Come celebrate the lives of these country music legends: Hank Williams, Sr., Faron Young,
Bob Luman, Jerry Reed, Hawkshaw Hawkins & Jean Shepard, and George Hamilton IV!! The sons
and daughters of these country music giants (Jett Williams, Robyn Young, Melissa Luman,
Seidina Reed, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr. & George Hamilton V) invite you to join them as they
reminisce about their own memories and journeys with and of their famous parents! And they’ll
sing some of your favorite tunes!

Joining the 2nd Generation Stars will also be our 2 LIVING LEGENDARY PARENTS of the group,
Mrs. Jean Shepard (with her son Hawk), and Mr. George Hamilton IV (with his son, Geo V)!

The 2Country4Nashville Band will be playing for this great 2nd Generation Show, and it will
be held in the back Parlor room of The Nashville Palace on Monday, June 2nd.

Tickets are $10 at the door. Doors open at 6:00pm and the show starts at 7:00pm.

This is the official lineup as reported to me.
Jett Williams (Hank Williams)
Robyn Young (Faron Young)
Seidina Reed (Jerry Reed)
Melissa Luman (Bob Luman)
Hawkshaw Hawkins Jr. (Hawkshaw Hawkins & Jean Shepard)
and George Hamilton V (George Hamilton IV)

VERY SPECIAL appearances by the 2 LIVING LEGEND PARENTS, Country Music Hall of Fame and
Grand Ole Opry member, Mrs. Jean Shepard, AND Grand Ole Opry member, Mr. George Hamilton IV!!
They’ll be joining their own children on stage!!!

Tickets are AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE at $10 only for this HUGE show!!

You can pre-purchase tickets HERE
I’m not going to lie…this WILL sell out!