Sep 212013

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J.B. Beverley, what can you say about him as an artist and an all around good guy.He’s one of my favorite people in the underground music scene and the “muddy roots crowd”. I myself believe he is one of the top people that uphold tradition in music today,and it’s been a long time in the making but he’s releasing ALL NEW music under the Rusty Knuckles record label.

If you pre-order the album (which I SOON plan to do) you can enter a raffle for a railroad spike hunting knife
forged by them! I thought this was a bad assed offer,how many artists would offer to send you anything THEY actually made?
NOT MANY! He is an all-around nice guy and treats EVERY fan as if he’s known them for years,you just don’t find
a more genuine person taking the stage in this fashion in today’s day and age.

There is a direct link to his music under “Artists You Need To Know” on my main page it will take
you directly to him and you can purchase his music and merch there.
Below is a picture from Muddy Roots 2013 in Cookeville Tn from his performance where he brought out
so many legends and guests we couldn’t fit them all into the damn camera lens!

 photo 4cd981c5-2b01-4380-97a8-f3a887d94cb2_zps33856cf2.jpg

If this article hasn’t convinced you to pre-order his new album which will be available for shipping off the website on october 22nd then there’s no much else I can do for you!

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