Dec 212013

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MORE NEWS From the Outlaw Country Music Association and Outlaw Country Music Hall Of Fame!
We are ALL going to have an opportunity to ONCE AGAIN get together
in the same place.
On March 2nd 2014 they are hosting a tribute show to Wayne Mills.
It will be a singer/songwriter type of showcase of all of Wayne’s
friends and ALOT of us Altamont Originals.

1:00pm- Brian Randle and Southern Justice and Rory Kelly and the Triple Threat
2:15 pm- Billie Gant, Pete Berwick, Don Mealer, Vernon Rust, and Guy Nix
3:30 pm- GOODE DAWG
4:00 pm- Chris Gantry, Steve Young, Will Callery, Tom Ghent, James Austin, and Rc Oleary
5:30 pm- Pure Grain, and Kara Clark
6:45 pm-Matt Woods, Jesse Keith Whitley, Joshua Morningstar, Brigitte London, Tonya Watts, Scott Haggard, Cley Reynolds, and Larry Fleet
8:30 pm- JD Outlaw, and Rowdy Johnson Band
9:45 pm- Whitey Morgan, Dallas Moore, J.B. Beverley, Mike Owens, Kyle Wilson, Whey Jennings, and Buck Thrailkill
11:30 pm- Allstar jam with special guests Wayne Mills Band

AND MORE added daily! I’ll add them as Sarge tells me to!

Tickets will be 10.00 pre-sale and 15.00 at the door
and this will be held at the Limelight in Nashville Tn.

Starting January 1st you can log onto Outlaw Music Hall Of Fame to purchase tickets
and become a member of this organization.
Sarge told me last night the rates will be 99.00 per year for artists
and 24.99 per year for the public.

The show on March 2nd will be held at The Limelight Nashville. And I was told it seats about 2,000 people.

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