Outlaw Fest Main Article.


Alright readers I been HARD at work for MANY hours to bring this big
updated article to the website about a GREAT Outlaw Festival
coming to Bowling Green Kentucky October 9th-12th.
If you are already familiar with this event you can purchase tickets
by clicking HERE.

I don’t get involved with anyone’s business dealings or booking or
numbers. I don’t want to know ANY bands or venues numbers or legal
issues and this is a grey area deal that involves a dear friend.
Outlaw Fest has had to move campgrounds and I will release HIS
press release to you along with a CORRECT version of the old inforamtion
This isn’t the entire press release and you can go read the FULL one
But this is a piece that contains the information needed
Outlaw Fest 2014 has been welcomed with open arms to the magnificent Edge Hill
Farm outdoor music venue in Oakland, KY. Better location (only 6 miles from I65),
better facilities(hot showers, camp store, massive stage)…and most of all…
we have found a home where the owner makes you feel more than welcome!

ALSO moving this event will allow them to LIFT the 2,000 person limit
and release MORE VIP tickets!

I’m going to tell you all about this event that is sponsored by
Moonshine Barbeque Sauce Co.
Kenneth Marr Graphics
…Who kindly designed my logo and does my decals.
D.A.T. Sauce
Alright now guys..you can’t have a GREAT music festival without sponsors, right?
Confederate Stills Of Alabama
Fifth String Studio
Please tell Mr. Buck I said HI…
Dixie Queen Stills
Rusty Knuckles record label
And Diamondback Stringworks.

Now before I go on to announce who is performing and all the special events
taking place and times to do all of this I’d like to tell ALL my
personal friends..my home is YOURS during this time.
My yard is open for FREE camping any day you want and I’ll share my
washer and dryer for bands and provide laundry soap.
And free showers to any whom need it.
I’ll be juggling going home for a small bit and being at the festival.
I live roughly 40 minutes from the campgrounds and will be periodically
returning home throughout the festivities.
The website has decided to use it’s tent space to distribute toothpaste
and brushes to bands and hand soap and sanitizer.
I’ll also have toilet paper and other needs for my friends.
Until it’s gone…

OK so HERE’s the MUSIC AND EVENTS schedule:

THURSDAY, October 9th
6:00 PM 2Country4Nashville
7:00 PM Urban Pioneers
8:00 PM Josh Morningstar
9:00 PM Break / Special Presentation
9:30 PM The Steeldrivers

FRIDAY, October 10th
10:00 AM Only Threads Left
11:00 AM Bo Chadly
12:00 PM Brandon Self & Outlaw Revival
1:00 PM Rye Davis
2:00 PM Billy Sidwell
3:00 PM P.J. Steelman, James Austin, RC O’leary
5:00 PM The Buzz Band
6:00 PM Brandon Lee Tallent
7:00 PM Whey Jennings
8:00 PM Raelyn Nelson Band
9:00 PM Break
9:30 PM Billy Joe Shaver

SATURDAY, October 11th
10:00 AM Clarence Light Orchestra
11:00 AM Brandon Atwell & Broken Ground
12:00 PM Ross Key
1:00 PM Hanging Judges
2:00 PM Taylor Shannon Band
3:00 PM Tom Ghent
4:00 PM Hal Bruni
5:00 PM Kyle Wilson
6:00 PM J.B. Beverley & Buck Thraikill
7:00 PM Pure Grain
8:00 PM Billie Gant
9:00 PM Hatfield & McCoy Tug-O-War
9:30 PM Dallas Moore Band

SUNDAY, October 12th
10:00 AM Rooney Sisters
11:00 AM Terry Jennings…Between Father’s & Sons
12:45 PM Cley Reynolds
1:30 PM Chris Corkery
2:30 PM Travis Engor & The Horse Traders
3:30 PM Otis
4:30 PM Left Hand Voodoo
5:30 PM Sinners & Saints

Now instead of providing this many different links to become
familiar with the bands HERE IS the whole lineup to do some research
on them ALL!
And I ALSO want to add the food court prices will be VERY reasonable!
And camping IS INCLUDED in your ticket price, and if you choose the
BIG package they will have it all set up FOR YOU!
And ALL the information and questions are on this website up above.
I WILL plan my consumption accordingly…SO SHOULD YOU!


I have recently published an offshoot article for Mr. Terry Jennings
son of Waylon Jennings, you can read it HERE.
He will do something NEVER DONE BEFORE on ANY stage and if your’e
a Country Music NERD like me…you’ll want to hear this hour of
After reading his autobiography by Waylon and Mr. Lenny Kaye
and studying the career of Waylon Jennings and his entire family
I’m sure you too have questions. Well, here is where they can be answered
by the sidekick himself.

Also, my “little buddy” from the Chattanooga area A.J.Hancock will be
Yup you can go visit with him and admire his talents.
I tell you there’s TOO MUCH to report on going on at once!
But I’m preparing for this event NOW!
You should be as well…

Now from social media here is the HOST of ALL FOUR DAYS
of music and fun:
More History Being Made At Outlaw Fest!

Outlaw Fest 2014 is honored to announce the addition of Gordon Ames,
better known as Big G, as the voice of Outlaw Fest 2014. Gordon will host
all 4 days of the festival. With a worldwide fan base, Big G is considered
a living legend within outlaw country music circles. Appearing on Gordon’s
radio program, Big G’s Texas Roadshow, is a huge honor.

Big G became interested in country music as a roadie for Slim Whitman. At the time,
he was flipping burgers at the Zephyr Grill in downtown Bumpus, Texas. Whitman pulled
up in a flaming red Flxible Bus adorned with blue lassoes, swaggered in, and ordered
a medium rare double meat cheeseburger with shallots, avocado, and sugar sprinkles.
Impressed with Big G’s culinary skills, Whitman asked him to join his traveling band.
Big G toured the North, South, East, West, and all points in-between. Along the way,
he listened to a lot of great music.

Big G’s Texas Roadshow can be heard Monday through Friday 5 a.m. – 8 a.m. on KERV-AM 1230 AM
and streaming online at: www.texasroadshow.com

With the addition of Willie Nelson’s Granddaughter and Outlaw Country Music
Legend Billy Joe Shaver..THIS FESTIVAL WILL BE A MAJOR DEAL in 2014.
I’m sure that it will be a strong reoccurring festival in years to come.

Free primitive camping is included with your paid admission…bring your tent or
RV and stake your claim early. Outlaw Fest also offers tent packages for those of you flying in
, or maybe you just don’t own a tent. The Outlaw Fest staff will have your tent, air mattresses
& sleeping bags in your tent waiting on your arrival. More details on tent packages can be found by clicking here.

Hotel Lodging
The Bryce Inn at Smith’s Grove has been chosen as the OFFICIAL hotel of Outlaw Fest
and we have reserved the entire hotel for that weekend.
You can get a discounted room at 61 per night plus tax.
YOU MUST MENTION Outlaw Fest in order to take advantage of this deal.Edge Hill 1