Feb 082014

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Well it’s been a hard working two weeks but I went national and I think it’s been quite
a success for me with the response I got and rating I have now.
So I been researching more shows in more states from more bands than ever.

This one is for the Outlaw Music Association and it is taking place
Feb 28th at Just One More Bar And Grill in Manchester Tennessee.

This series of shows will feature Kara Clark, Pete Berwick and The Rowdy Johnson Band.
These shows are all close to the Wayne Mills Benefit at the Limelight, which
I will update again later today.
I wanted to keep up with all the lineup changes and make sure I was informing everyone
correctly about that benefit show.

I will touch more on the complete benefit show in a later article tonight.
For now you can get your tickets for these shows on the website.
I’ll be at the Limelight FOR SURE however I try to get to as many house shows
as I can..sadly there are just so many to go see.

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