Oct 192013

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Ok my dear readers let us move along to the second installment of my Outlaws And Icons series.
These articles are intended to introduce you to the folks performing during the Outlaws And Icons Benefit Concert.
And if you like what you see and hear and you decide you want to go or make a donation to a man in need
YOU CAN DO SO by clicking on the link. Because I’ll be honest…this man NEEDS US!
And NOW the Sarge needs us,and what better way to celebrate than the coming of the Outlaw Country Music Hall Of Fame?

This is Brigitte London AKA The Highway Woman. I just recently met her through my REALLY GOOD friend
Kurt Fortmeyer, and let me tell you if HE SAYS I will like them….I will.
Iv’e spoken to her in emails so far and she’s VERY nice and beautifull, and my regret is I have not seen her
perform live yet! SHAME ON ME! She is PURE talent through and through.
BUT HEY this is what I’M HERE for….and even I benefit from this job I have!

She is a Texas based singer-songwriter, a writer,and many other things. And despite a huge push from many
people within the industry she remains independent for more creative control. Because THAT IS what
the “Outlaw Movement” TRULY WAS! It wasn’t because they wanted to be criminals or crude individuals.
They wanted to break rules and barriers and cross lines CREATIVELY…and THAT IS just what she is doing.

One of her Bios says she has released six albums and traveled the world with her songs.
Pretty impressive! And Iv’e heard from alot of people that her audience is from ALL different walks
of life. And that is one thing I have always been impressed with by people like Shelton Hank 3.
My first time going to one of his shows they all looked wild and crazy and I thought they were
going to tease me and make fun of me because I was more “clean cut”….NOT THE CASE AT ALL!
I found the bikers and the hillbillys and the metal crowd and punk metal people all having FUN
and soaking in the music!
She radiates that same ambiance and energizes her audience with all types of music and it all
comes from one place…her heart.

She has her own syndicated radio show “The Highwaywoman Radio Show” where she plays her favorite
music for her fans, roots country and Americana and more!
I cannot wait to meet with her next weekend and I’m sure I’ll be reporting on her music again VERY

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