Oct 202013

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This is my third installment of my ongoing series of articles that are introducing readers to the artists
performing on The Outlaws And Icons Benefit Concert that is happening THIS WEEKEND! Click on the link for info and tickets and all other info.

I have done two other of there on the following artists
Josh Morningstar
Brigitte London

So let’s go ahead and report on Dallas Moore.
I got my first dose of this man and his band from the book “Outlaws Still At Large” that
Mr. Neil Hamilton wrote. Iv’e heard of
him before in Nashville and honestly as large of a following he’s slowly brewing I can see why!
This man is one of the most active bands I have ever seen as an independent artist, he works
over 300 shows a year! That’s absolutely IMPRESSIVE!
When you got a indie artist that has people coming from out of state to see them play they
stick out like a rooster wearing socks!
He’s label mates with Pure Grain..who I’ll report on later during this series,
and he’s based out of the Ohio area.

This man draws a good sized crowd and it’s evident in his live album “Hank To Thank”
which he released in 2011 and it featured longtime Family member Jody Payne.
(Mr. Jody was a member of Willie Nelson’s band “Family”…he’s not kin to Mr. Dallas.).

In 2013 he released “Blessed Be The Bad Ones” on SOL Records.
And he’s getting ALOT of airplay on Sirius XM radio. And other independent stations.
And Outlaw Magazine wrote a REALLY NICE article about him and you can see it HERE. I refuse to copy or imatate yet
instead I want to share what others say about him.
He also has two other releases “Tales From A Road King” and “Cant Tame A Wildcat”.

Another thing I am impressed with is his band. They have ALL been with him for years and THAT tells me
his buisness integrity is top notch. That was the first thing I read when reading between the lines
as I study this man’s work.
I look forward to meeting this man and his band and give them some goodie bags for the road!
And I hope that he tears the place completely apart….I’m VERY impressed with what I hear so far.

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