Oct 262013

Hello everyone here I am in my room in Monteagle warming up and having a beer after tonight’s wonderfull show.
First off it was COLD out tonight and it put a small setback in the amount of people in attendance in person but not the amount of talent that was there or the amount of love everyone had for Mr. Troy. And tomorrow will be a bigger day yet!

This event is also being televised on PPV and you can view it for a ONE DOLLAR DONATION from your home
Mr. Sarge Also told me tonight that it will be available soon on a 3 hour DVD and will most likely
be 9.99 on the Outlaw Music Hall Of Fame website.
We heard a HUGE report from the TV stations that this event has REALLY good ratings on PPV and
is being viewed overseas by a large scale audience.

Now mind you ALL of the proceeds from this event are ALL GOING to Mr. Troy, and TRUST ME there was so
much talent on stage tonight and so many smiles and laughter. It truly was a blessed event so far.
I first got to get reacquainted with Mr. Neil Hamilton author of
Outlaws Still At Large
and we had some wonderfull talks about everything. He’s really funny.

 photo 659d200b-0a7b-43ca-9a4f-4dca7f1f0bdc_zpsfa77ee9c.jpg

The venue is REALLY gorgeous and the stage is HUGE and well lighted. It’s a VERY nice facility for
an outdoor festival. I’m having such a wonderfull time out here and it’s worth every penny and
every minute of my time!
I walked around the campgrounds met a bunch of people from Ohio and other places, and made some new
friends from Indiana.
If you’re familiar with Muddy Roots Music Festival…the Sweet Tea and Lemonade guy is here!
And it’s always a treat to get to see Buck Thrailkill and J.B. Beverley! TO ME Mr. Buck is a hero
is one of country music’s treasures not many people know about.

 photo d5ca763a-a9b3-47a5-938f-4061a301f30f_zps639c52dc.jpg

The first band on stage was Goode Dawg a
duo of singers and guitarists from the Nashville area.
Very fun and energetic duo and they had some good original songs like ‘Saturday Night Small Town”
and “Not Your Maybeye”. And one they played called “Jim’s Barber Shop’ about a deer head on
the wall…I enjoyed it.
They covered David Allan Coe’s “The Ride’ and the Skynrd classic ‘Simple man” VERY WELL!
And the lead guitarist is very good, I was enjoying them.

THEN for the rest of the night…which could have lasted until sunrise it was so great..
was Brigitte London, J.B. Beverley, Wayne Mills, Josh Morningstar, and Clay Reynolds.
They jammed together and took turns playing their own material as well.
It was absolutely AWESOME! Wayne Mills is EVERYTHING I studied him to be and
his original song “I’m Alive And Well” was just beyond great!
He also did “Call Me The Breeze” really well.

One of my personal favorites was Josh Morningstar who played his original
“Williams Whitley and Whiskey”…I LOVE his voice. It is honest and real, and
so is he. He had the greatest line I have heard yet “It must be a bitch
being a bitch and do it professionally”..And the way he juxtaposed it into
the song flow was amazing.

 photo f2b92f81-9dac-4927-b770-ac484f5b4bc7_zpsbde99119.jpg

J.B. Beverly was the lead guitarist and also did “Great Day To Whoop
Somebody’s Ass”…and did a doggone fine job at it.
Iv’e loved his music for years now and I cannot wait to get his new
album “Stripped To The Root” on the Rusty Knuckles label.

Brigitte London…wow…her voice is just beautifull. She did
“Help Me Make It Through The Night” and did the greatest job I
myself ever heard! I mean she had people just absolutely captivated.
The Highwaywoman Is quickly becoming one of my favorite females to see
perform live. She’s up there with Rachael Brooke and Ashley Monroe.
And then they brought out Mr. Troy and all played ‘Blue Eyes Crying
In The Rain”.

 photo a57255b0-37cf-4392-80d2-33427494886c_zps9d6a8c50.jpg

The love that Gary Sargeant has for this man and for country music was absolutely heartwarming
and the way I was welcomed today assures me that the Outlaw Hall Of Fame
will indeed be a wonderfull place to visit and I look forward to doing
more articles on it in the future. WE NEED to support what Mr. Gary Sargeant
is doing because the future of country music truly needs him.

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