Oct 272013

Well here I am back out here in Altamont Tn at the Outlaws And Icons Benefit for the
Second day of coverage. I’m sitting out in the chilly day enjoying another mess of fine music.
As I write this I look around at the audience and the artists all coming together to admire these
Songwriter legends they brought out, I see some of my heros like Buck Thrailkill.
I apologize if I miss some things because there is SO MUCH going on to report on.
As I walk among crowds of people EVERYWHERE I see and hear SO MUCH HISTORY
going on now and being shared of the past.

 photo cea2d2be-8244-4f38-a021-d53315e33cc7_zps2dff88ab.jpg

I got there a little bit late because I went to a restaurant that features live music and I’ll
Write about The Smokehouse later, so I missed the first act. But they brought out a round
Of legendary outlaw songwriters. They were Chris Gantry, Steve Young, Thom Ghent,Billy Gant
James Austin, Poobah and one my favorite songwriter legends Billy Don Burns.

Billy Don Burns has produced and wrote more country music than most people alive.
If you have a vinyl collection chances are you have his name on your vinyl a thousand times
If you have any Willie Nelson or Paycheck albums. He spent years contributing to outlaw
Country music. much like Freddy Powers and Jerry Foster, Billy Don Burns has done it all.

 photo 81cde0dd-d5d8-420a-813a-8ef2af8e736d_zpsbafc4e8e.jpg

These guys sat and in around fashion played their songs and told stories about their lives.
And how life was back in the glory days of flop houses and cheap liquor. Back when they
Stumbled to Tootsie’s from the Ryman, and they still got served.
Many of their guitars were older than me and stained , and one of them told a story about
An old tape recorder that I really enjoyed.

Like I said there is just SO MUCH GOING ON I’m going to share what I witness
kind of like Mathew Mark Luke and John…only I’m just a regular guy that admires
the apostles too!

Billie Gant got it started and James Austin was second. I spoke with James Austin
several times and for great lengths of time. He was very special and very nice to me.
He sang alot of great songs like “535 People’ and “Long Way To Hollywood”, and one that
especially stood out ‘Thats When The Fight Broke Out”…he said Are you From Scotland?
It’s Wales you idiot…Well Where are you two Whales From? it was clever! And presented
really well to me as a fan.
 photo 00487ec1-105f-40ff-a62d-71041941dc29_zps584a1cfd.jpg

Mr. Poobah sang “Redneck Riviera” and “Easy Way To Make A Hard Living” and living legend
Steve Young sang ‘Iv’e Got A Right To Sing The Blues” and his Eagles hit “Seven Bridges Road”.
THEN HE sang “Lonesome Onry And Mean’…with an unexpected guest!
Sarge got a young man up there to sing and Mr. Steve said “Damn that sounds like Waylon!”
IT was his grandson Whey Jennings, Son of Terry. You’ll probably NEVER witness that again.

Billy Don Burns…MY GOD what can I all say? He sat there and gave off such an aura that
I quickly forgot how cold it was and was full of the spirit of old. He sang ‘Dead Or Alive”
which he told a story of it being wrote at Billy The Kid’s grave. And “Running Drugs
To Mexico”, which is one of my favorites.
Billy produced many albums for Johnny Paycheck and MANY MORE and he wrote some of
country music’s most timeless classics.

 photo 5251d024-40e6-46a7-8ece-8b546927d1e4_zps7be0ac68.jpg

AND THEN…..Gary Sargeant called upon Steve Young and Chris Gantry to his side.
And announced early their induction into one of the classes of the Outlaw Hall
Of Fame which I will touch on later in a seperate article.

SO FOR NOW I’m going to eat some food and have a beer with the Rusty Knuckles crew!
And check out Hillbilly Sins on stage NOW!
And of couse….mingle and thank these guys and gals for contributing to country music.

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