Oct 272013

Well Hello Everybody I’m writing this earlier on Day 3 of the festival and I just got a kind
gentleman to get me some Wi Fi for the launch and to write more articles.
Theyr’e getting the stage ready for another day of fun and people like J. B Beverly and one
of my heros Buck Thrailkill are hanging around and TONS MORE!
My thanks to Southern Stream Live for making the live stream PPV possible.

Yesterday second up was Hillbilly Sins an ohio
based band who did a wonderfull cover of “Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound’ with a southern rock
Also was another ohio based band that plays often with Dallas Moore called Pure Grain, and they were a delightfull new
twist on everything else I heard thus far.
Two very cool percussionists and GREAT harmonies.

NOW FOR TWO POWERHOUSES who will make some waves across the cess pool of Music Row!
 photo 5db298c5-19e2-4818-8a99-36bfcb0002dd_zps7ce208d1.jpg

THIS GUY is Whey Jennings.
and he made the whole day one of the most unforgettable and most important days in history.
He is the oldest son of Terry Jennings and thusly the grandson of Waylon Jennings.
He is just like Shelton in many ways…he sings JUST LIKE Waylon. Whos…
IN FACT during the songwriters legends round when Steve Young was performing “Lonesome Onry and Mean”
that he wrote…Whey sang from behind and Steve said “Man that sounds like Waylon” and then they
introduced him.

He played his own set with his lead guitarist and Clay Reynolds and J.B Beverly and Josh Morningstar.
and he began his set with his grandfather’s song “Iv’e always been crazy” and “Ramblin Man”.
Then he blew into “Seven Spanish Angels” and ‘Simple Man”. He is still in the process of recording
his own material and financially he is still building up steam for his debut album.
And he’s WELL WORTH the wait and support, and I look forward to supporting him in EVERY WAY
He then recited and sang a personal song he wrote for his grandfather called “missing You” and it was so quiet
I heard a nearby mouse pee. He had everyone in tears. And I encourage every one of you to
learn more about him.

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