Oct 272013

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AND NOW we get to the final part of yesterdays coverage with a man that has personally
became a close friend and a hero to me…Dallas Moore.
His third album ‘Blessed Be The Bad Ones” will probably not leave my CD player for a
long long time. The show he put on for us and for Mr. Troy’s benefit last night
was one that was worth EVERY PENNY of the ticket cost this weekend.

His set started out with ‘My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys” and he barreled into his own
songs he wrote almost all night. His next song was :I’m Still Rolling On” and ‘Hank To Thank”.
He then played two NEW songs of his much anticipated 2014 release which I’ll report on later.
‘Raising Hell And Slingin Gravel” and ‘I Can’t Get Over You” are the new songs.

And he did several more and THEN played his anthem…and my favorite “Blessed Be The Bad Ones”
which is honestly my personal favorite song he does.
He did “Crazy Again” and “Outlaw Man” and then he performed a guitar solo that was the
MOST AMAZING THING I ever saw! It made me want to go home and PRACTICE for 10 more years!
He mixed in classical and metal and country and OH MAN I just cannot explain the deal.
Someone told me he studied classical music and IT SHOWS!

AFTER THAT…as if that’s not enough…they had an open jam. And A TON of people
got together and played ALL KINDS of songs.
And they jammed into the night even after I left to go write articles!

Now if you’ll excuse me…KARA CLARK IS doing a pre-show warm up and
I want to go see her.

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