Oct 282013

This is what I witnessed during day 3 of being out in the cold with friends and heros with warm hearts.
I drifted from small crowd to small crowd to hear all the stories that were being told.
I am SO INTO learning that I just couldn’t focus on one person or conversation and it was VERY
difficult to soak it all in at once.
I was in the building up there having coffee with another reporter from Michigan and we
were talking with Whey Jennings about his grandmother’s cookies she would bring us into the
pinball machine room off Old Hickory Boulevard in Nashville when I heard something
I had waited WEEKS to hear…Josh Morningstar.

 photo b4653a85-5ad1-48f9-9f73-367462083c83_zpsb9b0cb7b.jpg

I missed the first few songs as me and Whey walked down to the stage…I had to wait for
him to get a burrito and he got me a coffee. I was so very fortunate for that gentleman
from Southern Stream for getting my wi-fi going.
When we got there he was doing his one man band thing sitting on a kick drum and playing
‘In Jail Stoned again” and then played “Long Hard Road To Hell And Back”.

He interacted with his audience REALLY well, and I could tell he was VERY comfortable
up on stage. He WANTED to be there for us.
He sang another about his soul being alive….he’s a beacon of hope for ALL of us former
addicts. When he sings songs like “Dope Sick Blues” YOU KNOW he was there!
It sure the hell didnt come from a rented room at NSAI…

He has some REALLY inventive and creative lines in his songs. “I don’t mind if you leave
as long as you ain’t coming back”…like I said before in his intro article,
he places his lines REALLY well into his songs.
He sang another Outlaw song with a TON a cuss words in it and spoke to the audience alot.

He sang a REALLY emotional song for a departed friend of his that didn’t make the ride
out of their addiction like we did. He never did announce what it was called but it
had “My Soul Is Still Alive” in it. And I’ll say this: anytime you see someone
perform a song and cry that artist is sharing something VERY special with people
they just met. To connect with strangers is a REAL gift and a REAL thing, and you’ll
NEVER see that in an arena tour artist of ANY kind.

He then played some ones I love the best, “Outlaws At The Cross” and a song off his
new album “From The Top To The Bottle” and his last one was “The Bible and The Bottle”.
I must honestly say that he EXCEEDED my hopes of being wowwed.
I would GLADLY PAY to see him play ANYWHERE!
He has my total support in the future…I need to co-write with him for SURE!

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