Oct 292013

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Here I was talking to a bunch of people and taking pictures, basically being a fan.
I was sharing my knowledge and asking questions, and I heard “HOW OLD are you”? ALOT from
those guys. James Austin said he was astounded by my brain…I was really flattered!
But it got cut short when someone hollared HEY GARY J.B. IS ON!

I got RA and the weather was really messing with my knees…but I RAN to the stage
to see him! I first learned about him in the Myspace days, and when I was at
Porter Wagoner’s funeral I ran into a fellow named James Hunnicutt and he
further made me check out J.B.

I LOVE his music and his talent and the fact he is such a nice guy in person.
He is just an all around good and funny guy.
I really also LOVE his right hand man Mr. Buck Thrailkill. TO ME his is a hero!
When them two are together I cannot explain how much I enjoy it,
TO ME they are a superpower together!

AND PLUS one of the first songs he did was a GOOD ONE from his NEW ALBUM
‘Stripped To The Root” on the Rusty Knuckles label.
That song was “All The Little Devils Are Proud Of Hell”.
He also played a few more songs until I heard my personal favorite “Gonna Ride A Train”..
I LOVE THAT SONG, and he played “End Of The Road” and then he did
a GREAT cover of “Stittin By The Dock Of The Bay”.

 photo 1fe4cc8f-d4cf-497f-a87b-3744c98d4624_zps42385d54.jpg

THEN he brought out Billie Gant and they sang “11 months and 29 days” and I’ll tell
you what THEY NAILED IT! They had the whole place going NUTS. I think personally
it was one of favorite performances of the weekend.
And he brought out Whey Jennings and they sang “Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way”
I said before he was really awesome!

Kara Clark (Who will conclude my coverage) came up and they did “People Are Strange”
by the Doors, and a song by the Drive By Truckers.
I was really enjoying all this, I would eagerly go back next year!
The last song was with Josh Morningstar and they played “Wayward Drifter”.

If you ever get a chance to catch a J.B. Beverley YOU MUST GO…and tell him
I sent you! He’s a super nice guy and VERY talented performer.

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