Oct 292013

I LOVE this job..it’s not even a job, not because it doesn’t pay but because it’s SO FUN.
It’s an honor to be friends with these people and to enjoy their work.
I love to buy their music and support what they do, and I love to share my own songs
with them too. IT ALL ends in a big wash, with no artsits the songwriter would starve.
With no writers the artist would starve, and with no producers…well…you follow me.

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One of the funniest and most REAL artists I have EVER met in my days is Kara Clark.
She’s under Rusty Knuckles label but she’s NOT under a label, she puts out what
is in her heart. Not everyone will like everything every artist does and she
still rolls on unchanging. She’s not one kind of music she’s a bunch.
And the musicians she travels with and uses are FIRST CLASS players, they really
help her showcase her talent.
I would take a vacation day to go catch one of her shows, in my opinion she’s
that good.

In her solo acoustic set she did a song Mr. Jared said was his favorite and it
was really well written “The Band The Bartender And Me”..put me to mind of
Marc-Alan Barnettes song “Tables And Chairs”.
It had really good placement of a visual picture to me as a fan.
The sun set and the stage was dark and then the magic started…wow.
It DID NOT NEED anything else,it was lit up with blue lights and energy.

When her band got to playing she played a bunch of her songs from her
latest release (like I said before it’s on Rusty Knuckles label) like
She played ‘Preachers Hands” which is the public’s favorite song from
what I have heard being at the shows. They hollar it out the most.
I notice these things…..weird but true.

“Time Heals All Wounds” and “My Heart And My Glass” are just “feel Good”
songs I enjoy and everyone around me does too…I see it…
She also covers Jessie Colter’s number one hit “I’m Not Lisa”.
And does it really well!
I hope good things for Kara and I will be a part of promoting her.

This will conclude my coverage of Outlaws And Icons.
I want to THANK EVERYONE for being so nice to me and giving me
the VIP treatment. Gary Sargeant really rolled out the red carpet
for us all. We raised money for a good man Mr. Troy Rector and made
history for people like Bobby Bare.
YOU WILL hear MORE from this organization and from THIS WEBSITE
cause I was given specific direction to do so by them.


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