Oct 232013

I realize that some viewers may have caught up on this series with one of their favorite
artists, and so I’d like to always put on my links for the other artists too.
So here are the past articles.

Josh Morningstar
Brigitte London
Dallas Moore
Billy Sidwell
Whey Jennings
The Wayne Mills Band

THESE GUYS I learned about on the GOOD OLD MYSPACE DAYS! When Myspace was in it’s prime
and you could spend DAYS browsing band pages and their music.
THESE GUYS are country….no theyr’e metal…no theyr’e rockabilly…
THESE GUYS are EVERYTHING…they are Joecephus And The Georgetown Massacre

 photo ba94bca4-ba8a-485b-84a7-f87a293963d7_zpsa4ace6ab.jpg

They are a memphis based band and they have played just about
every type of venue the south has to offer!
And I’m telling you as far as work ethic THESE GUYS work harder than
just about ANY BAND I could name next to Hellbound Glory.
They really kind of mix all genres of music and roll them together and smoke it
and blow it right in your face!

Their third album “Hell Or High Water” is where I started to catch them in their act.
And it’s one of my top 40 underground albums along with their LIVE bootleg Volume 2
which was recorded live from the Shed in Maryville Tn in 2010.

Their latest release “Arokalypse Now” is available on their website.
As well as their other albums which are all just a little bit of everything.
You might be thinking…It’s not really country….OR IS IT?
Come down to Altamont and find out!

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