Oct 182013

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Folks I been long overdue on beginning this series of articles on some more new artists I discovered while
continuing my support of the Outlaw Hall Of Fame and the Outlaws And Icons benefit festival in a few weeks.
I’LL BE THERE and I’ll be OFFICIALLY launching this website from Kara Clark’s set sunday night.

First off I want to say THIS:
THIS WEBSITE will ALWAYS promote independent artists and NOT ONLY will it share and promote them
IT WILL support them. Financially, emotionally and through gift bags and acts of kindness.
THIS IS YOUR SAFE HAVEN! YOU are loved here.
This isn’t some guy who prints words on a page, I WILL be there for YOU!
True I cannot cover EVERY show and help EVERY artist EVERY time….but I do what I can!

I’d now like to talk about some of the performers that will play the friday set of shows at
the festival. The first one is Josh Morningstar.
He’s from Haggerstown Md and my first impression of his voice was a really smooth note carrier
MUCH LIKE my own! In fact if I ever sang alongside him it would only be a slight difference in
octave. I could hear folk influence and country as well in him and I really enjoyed it!

In fact after reading his bio, we are VERY much alike in both good and bad ways. We have battled
the same demons in our lives, health issues and bouts with the devil’s dandruff. Only a few would
even know what that means…and honestly I hope you are blind to the meaning.
In MY opinion HE IS the story of hope and of recovery, and his songs come from far
beyond his heart and can cut through a stone brick with ease.
He’s one of the most damn fine songwriters I myself have heard from a younger artist in the
last few months.

This man has pretty much done it all and opened for so many national acts from Brett Michaels to D.A.C.
to Little Jimmy Dickens. He’s performed MANY kinds of music but always went back to country.
And with his band The .30’s I’m eagerly awaiting to see what he has up his sleeves for me.
I CHALLENGE HIM to absolutley WOW ME as a critic…he has already started.

He has two albums out “Contradiction” and “Hymns For Heartache” AND JUST RECENTLY he released
his third album “From The Top To The Bottle”.
And you can preview and purchase either of his albums by clicking on his name link and soon I will
add him to my Column Of Fame on the homepage.

October 17,2011 is his second birthday like mine is July 15th 1995. He knows what I mean.
I’m honored to be one of the FEW who know the true meaning behind his band’s name.
And I hope we can have a good friendship for many years to come.

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