Oct 232013

Hey folks I’m trying my hardest to write articles about ALL the ones you may not know about.
These are the ones that don’t get as much major media attention….and should.
I have made several of these and in case you just joined me on this series I will
post some links so you can enjoy them too! I think you’ll stumble on some GREAT music
that is previously undiscovered.

Josh Morningstar
Brigitte London
Dallas Moore
Billy Sidwell
Whey Jennings

 photo 0f089e86-67d9-41a2-b1c3-1086120a02ec_zps5b388717.jpg

Ok Folks so now it’s time to feature another great artist The Wayne Mills Band. This man is from the small town
of Arab in the north mountains of Alabama. He was raised on the anthems alot of people my age
were raised on the likes of Merle Haggard and Johnny Paycheck.

He went on to play sports in college and he earned a degree in education, which is a VERY
impressive to have in this industry…a thing to fall back on!
And upon his touring and playing the college bars country music stars like Jamey Johnson
OPENED for this man. And he’s been touring with Jamey.
He’s got more than fifteen years of road time and I’m sure looking forward to watching him
perform this weekend!
He’s also playing selected dates with Blackberry Smoke.

He will soon release a studio album called “Long Hard Road” under the new Nashville label
Diesel Records. It will have twelve tracks, seven he wrote himself.

I’ll tell you out of ALL the articles I have wrote this is one of the ones I’m
waiting to hear more from the MOST…simply because Iv’e never heard until now.
THAT IS WHY I do what I do….YOU NEED to hear about it too!
Melt Down all them 45’s to talk about trucks and trains….Damn good line in this song.
I am LOVING this guy as much as Whitey Morgan!

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