Oct 212013

Here’s another installment in my Outlaws And Icons Benefit Show that happens THIS WEEKEND! Get your tickets NOW on that link, Mr. Gary “The Sarge” Sargent NEEDS US to come together and support him and help!
It is to my understanding this event will be on pay-per view as well. I have enjoyed covering this event so far and writing these columns.

Here’s a re-cap of ALL the articles so far.
Josh Morningstar
Brigitte London
Dallas Moore
Billy Sidwell

Now we move onto an interesting guy to say the least and until now I never knew much about him.
But I enjoy studying his family. When you look at country music’s families and you study it like I do
you expect to find greatness within the younger members of them. Williams, Frizzell and Tubbs all have
them. This family does too…Jennings.

 photo 9a5fd512-e46c-4584-a5b2-a35838e45f4a_zps9d766dc9.jpg

He is the oldest son of  Terry Jennings who is Waylon’s oldest son, and grandson of Waylon.
And is Shooter’s Nephew.THOSE FACTS ALONE should perk up your ears, I appreciate him but delved into his music last night HARD. I’m quite convinced he will be BIG in the near future. He’s talented.
HE IS Whey Jennings and he is based out of Texas.
He’s just starting out and I’ll be reporting on him MORE SOON, and as soon as he has music available to purchase.
I may try to set up a sit down interview with him to learn more about him as his website is still under construction.
I think more people need to learn about him….and they will!
His band is called “The Unwanted” and they are defiantly an up and coming presence in the music world.

I talked with him via email briefly and he’s a nice fellow I think he will do his own thing and
uphold the family name quite well. I’ll post some videos of him.
He is a little bit of everything and I look forward to his set this weekend, He excites me to see what
he has in store for us!

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