Owen Mays And The 80 Proof Boys


I just finally got to talk more with Owen Mays and he has had an eventful
couple days in Nashville.
He comes from my “Other Home State” of Wisconsin along with guitarist Eric Bestul.

He is out promoting his new album ‘Hateful Blues” on Maybest Records.

I got to love the guy and I share his enthusiasm for traditional country music
on every level. We have different knowledge of several different areas of
the genre.

This is a good venue however before the show it is INCREDIBLY loud!
House music is so loud I cant even hear my waitress!
But hopefully Mr. Owen will fix that.

They switch to a late night menu after hours and the food is less
quantity so I have to warn you because I misunderstood my waitress
I think because it was loud before the show.
Honestly I’m not a restaurant critic so I’ll leave my experience
silent because it wasn’t that pleasant. The SHOW however…was!

He just started his set with drinking songs I’m in heaven.
‘Barstools Neon Signs And Old Milwaukee” is my favorite song.
Playing Elvis songs is perfectly fine down here on Music Row.

He’s playing “Run Boy Run” and doing some really wonderful
guitar instrumentals.
Billy Don Burns songs are also good just like the rest of the sets.
I’m enjoying the music ‘Truck Driving Man”. In my opinion
this is GREAT FREE MUSIC. And you should be down here!
He’s Playing “Close All The Honky Tonks”. And some Ray Price
like I said..he has TONS of respect for Country Music.

He did the greatest version of “Your Cheating Heart” that I
have heard in quite some time.
“Patch And Pray” is a really good song he’s doing right now.
Their version of “Folsom Prison Blues” really showcases their
guitar ability.

He began his new set with “Guitars Cadilacs And Hillbilly Music”
One of my favorite Dwight songs.
“Take Away This Ball And Chain’ was a Social Distortion song
I enjoyed his version of it and I’m enjoying his version of
Hank Williams Jr’s “Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound”.

He played “Hateful Blues” off his new album.
These guys are really doing a GREAT JOB here on Music Row.


Eric Bestul is a really talented multi-instrumentalist. HE IS
tearing up the steel guitar AND an upright AT THE SAME TIME!
Playing Ray Lawrence Jr. covers? PLEASE..ALL NIGHT!

He’s playing me some good old Country songs! “Too Hot To Handle”.
‘Making Believe”…I will tell you folks this man’s set is
a sight to behold. THIS IS what I truly love to admire
knowledge of the history of this genre.
“You Win Again” and “How Mountain Girls Can Love”.

All in All they have really done a great job here on Music Row
and is showing these people REAL CLASSIC country music.