List Of Local Shows In Kentucky, Tennessee And Alabama.

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Dec 142021

2022 Dates:

Dwight Yoakam
January 19 – 21st, 2022
The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tn

Leah Blevins
Jamie Resch
January 21st, 2022
Tidball’s Bowling Green, Ky

The Dead South
January 24th and 25th, 2022
Exit In, Nashville, Tn

Dylan Walshe
IV And The Strange Band
Josh O Keefe
January 28th, 2022
The Basement Nashville Tn

Reba McEntire
January 28th, 2022
Rupp Arena, Lexington, Ky

Reba McEntire
January 29th, 2022
Knoxville, Tn

The Traveli’n McCourys
February 5th, 2022
Brooklyn Bowl Nashville

John Moreland
February 17th, 2022
The Basement East, Nashville, Tn

Justin Wells
February 18th, 2022
The Basement, Nashville Tn

Ronnie Milsap
February 19th, 2022
Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, Tn

Jesse Dayton
The Supersuckers
February, 20th, 2022
The Exit In, Nashville, Tn

Reba McEntire
February 24th, 2022
Birmingham Alabama

The Great Peacock
February 24th, 2022
The Basement, Nashville, Tn

The Del McCoury Band
March 5th, 2022
The Caverns, Pelham, Tn

Randall King
March 19th, 2022
Owensboro Sportscenter, Owensboro, Ky

Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
March 19th, 2022
The Mercy Lounge, Nashville, Tn

Yonder Mountain String Band
March 20th, 2022
Brooklyn Bowl, Nashville Tn

Shovels And Rope
March 26th, 2022
Brooklyn Bowl, Nashville, Tn

49 Winchester
Wayne Graham
Cody Lee Meece
March 26th, 2022
The Bell Theater Pineville Ky

Ray Wylie Hubbard
April 8th and 9th, 2022
3rd And Lindsley, Nashville, Tn

Blackberry Smoke
April 15th and 16th, 2022
The Caverns, Pelham, Tn

Sierra Ferrell
April 29th, 2022
The Southgate House Revival, Newport, Ky

Travelin McCourrys
Mama Said String Band
April 30th, 2022
The Grove, Glasgow Ky

Billy Strings
May 6th, 7th and 8th
The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tn

The Steel Woods
July 22nd and 23rd, 2022
The Shed, Maryville, Tn

Gene Watson
September 30th, 2022
Capitol Arts Center, Bowling Green, Ky

North Springs Music Festival.

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Dec 112021

This past October, I was invited to a local festival that was started last year on a family farm in North Springs Tennessee. The farm is way up there in the hills of Tennessee, just a few miles north of where we have Muddy Roots Music Festival. U did kind of scale back how much work I did this year, as I had to put things on hold to tend to personal issues. I did accept his invitation and drove out there to see this layout here at the North Springs Music Festival.

I like to go to the smaller do it yourself non corporate festivals ran by people whom are actually FANS of music, like I am. See, this one doesn’t have a whole board of directors or talent buyers. You aren’t giving your money to any conglomerates or any crazy companies that don’t really care about the bands!

No my friends, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Dustin Kennedy, a regular family man just like you are. He is a father and a husband just like a regular everyday man. He is a football fan like I am, and a music junkie like I am, and he is out there supporting these functions with his own money. I saw this in him and he and I instantly bonded online upon meeting, and I don’t think that he knows until now…but he has my admiration and utmost respect for his passions.

Putting my personal feelings aside, let me tell you about things from a business standpoint. See, unfortunately there are times I have to take off my “fan hat” and put on my “cost effective ” hat.  One thing I have found out about this function is this…Mr. Dustin has the admiration and respect of his local community, and the people LOVE him and LOVE what he does, and they are willing to spend money doing it.

I am well trained in doing this, and I watch and I observe things. Many of the patrons here really do like these artists, and they aren’t here just to party in a field. There are people wearing the shirts of the bands, and buying merch here from many of the bands. I see every end of the spectrum making money here, and I see new fans being created, and I see the community benefiting from this man’s endeavors, and THAT IS what music festivals SHOULD DO!

I walked around and listened to people talk and interact with one another as neighbors and as music fans alike, this was not a festival, this was a family knit community that welcomes new people willing to be friendly and contribute to that ambiance that already exists.

It is my onus to build festivals like this, and help them grow through my articles and through word of mouth. Spreading the gospel of growth is equally important to me as much as spending money on functions. With all of that in mind right now I want to do my usual job of featuring all of the bands and artists that performed at this festival today.

Mr. Billy Mac was a step up replacement for one of the artists that had to cancel due to illness, and he played an opening set of cover songs for us, to get us ready for the great music that lay ahead. The distinct difference with some of the songs he choose to play, was that not many others play “Take Me Home, Country Roads” from the 1971 album called “Poems And Prayers And Promises” by Mr. John Denver.

He played “Ol Red” which was originally recorded by Mr. George Jones in 1990 on his album ” You Oughta Be Here With Me”. This was the last album Jones did for Epic before releasing ‘And Along Came Jones” for MCA. The entire work of Jones and all of the work of producer Mr. Billy Sherrill have always been one of my focal points.

He played songs the audience could recognize and relate with, like the song “Carrying Your Love With Me” by the 1997 album of the same name from Mr. George Strait, which was his 17th studio album. Now this “Cover Me Up” song was one I like to stress is not a pop country anthem that mainstream media has made it out to be. It appears on the album “Southeastern” by Mr. Jason Isbell, and it was originally intended to be a Drive By Truckers song, however Isbell left the band in 2007. Even though “Southeastern” was a 2013 release, the song never saw the light of day until then.

Caleb And Leann were a duo from the area that performed some original songs from their catalogue of songs they wrote, one of them being “Rock And A Heartache”. They enlisted the help of their guitarist Mr. Andrew Buckner to play their set here for us. This is from their about portion of their page:

Individually, Caleb & Leann have spent most of their adult lives performing in the Middle Tennessee area but didn’t take the stage as a unit until mid-2020. With a straightforward and intentional sound, Caleb Langford (acoustic guitar) and Leann Huddleston weave intricate vocal lines that pay homage to the great songsmiths of the 20th century. As an instrumentalist, Andrew Buckner uses alternative voicings, textures, and dynamics to add complexity and depth to the band’s sound.

At this time I was running around getting things ready for the rest of the music, and eating lunch so I didn’t catch all of the songs going on for about another hour here. I was meeting so many people, and obtaining so much information about the area I  was actually enjoying that as well as the music here.

I had some pizza from their vendor at Rollin’ Dough Pizza and I highly suggest you try some of their food, if they are ever in your area. Very nice people and decent, fresh product at a vendor price. To be honest, in this type of situation I would rather spend money into businesses like this, than driving to a Pizza Hut!

Mr. Mike Demeza came tonight to play some original songs as well as some cover songs to play for us, like the song called “Just Over The River” which I’ll admit was a little too commercial for me and also he played “White House Road” from Mr. Tyler Childers and the Food Stamps. He has some well written songs, some of the later ones spoke to me more than these.

“Whiskey Did You Miss Me” is about a man that is living in regret of the loss of a loved one, and picks up the bottle again after being on the wagon. It mentions other women and it mentions cocaine, but the liquor is a better vice. Before that another song called “Shaking Hands” was about withdrawals and the stress of life, and loss of control.

The Smoky Nights were a band of four youngsters that were like a funk mixed with soul band, with many influences of many genres. Now, the two lead singers both Mr. Anthony and Miss Lily Nguyen are from my native state of Wisconsin ( I was adopted and raised there ).  Mr. Eric Cullins played more of a lead role in the song called ‘Home”, and then there was Mr. Derek Lane was on drums.

They have a new album out this year called “Waking Up In Wonderland” which boasted songs in their set such as “Passion/Peace”, and also “Waves” and also “Don’t Let Me Burn”. I admired their spirit and the attitude they had toward the music they play, and the energy they created onstage. This isn’t an outright Country band, but that doesn’t mean they did not have any Country influences and if you enjoy bands like Fleetwood Mac, you will enjoy them.

This next fellow here blew me away with his creative songwriting abilities, and I’ll be completely honest with you my dear readers, I have never watched him live until this festival here, I had heard of him but I missed him on my radar…shame on me…shame.

Mr. Addison Johnson is one that should be highly praised by any Country Music website, this Greensboro NC native son has opened for Mr. Red Shahan, Mr. Chris Knight, Mr. Kendell Marvel, Confederate Railroad, Mr. William Michael Morgan, Mr. Ray Scott, Miss Jamie Wyatt, Mr. James Carothers, Mr. Buddy Jewell, Mr. Bucky Covington, and more!

I will go out of order here on his set list just a little on the song called “Cumberland River ’58” , man you got to hear this song on the record instead of live. Not to take away from his performance here, which was stellar! The lyrics are so well written, and the story was so descriptive of a young country singer.

However the greatest song of his set was a song called “Rollin’ Stolen” about flying to New Orleans in a  Chevelle with fake cocaine . This song will bring you back to your own wilder days if you ever did this kind of shit ( which I did some wild stuff in my day). He had the mob shooting at him, and it’s a very exciting story to listen to.

“You’ll Do Just Fine” is a truly perfect song that describes the life of what’s it’s REALLY LIKE in the music business out there in the real world, as he changes a young man’s mind about trying to become the next George Strait. This was another one of those really well written songs, just the way the song is presented is COUNTRY as grits!

“Rock & Rye” was on his set from his album called “Cherokee Blues”, and is one his more upbeat songs with a hard hitting Honky Tonk drinking theme. If you like the old stuff from the 1970’s, you will love his music. Speaking of Rye, this brings me to another one of the artists on the lineup today and that is my good friend Mr.Rye Davis.

He plays the local circuit of bars down in the Bowling Green area with an ardent dedication to his songwriting craft, and every time he performs you’ll find he becomes better and better. I have had the opportunity to see him so many times, in so many venues that I can no longer count the times nor the places.

He recently released a live album from the Spillway in Bowling Green, which has most of these songs on it, like the song called “Everyday America” which pays respects to the farmers, the truck drivers, the first responders and the law enforcement that are all out there working everyday. It speaks to me because I AM one of those working on the concrete floor, factory and third shifters. All of the military and guardians of the United States, we thank you!

He played “Lavender Candles” and he played the song called “They All Know My Name” before going into another of his best songs called “Blue Jeans”. I tell you folks, this song is indeed one of the most well written songs of the last few years here. Have you ever had things stuck in your blue jeans as a teenager?

This song speaks of your mother finding that lighter in your jeans pocket, or perhaps she found some of those love letters that she read just so she could keep track of what you were doing behind her back.

Julie Roberts is an act I have not got the chance to see live for many years, and I was very excited to see this show here! She hasn’t lost one ounce of energy or love for performing at all. Of course the last song was the ever popular “Break Down Here” breakup song from her self titles 2004 album, but she also played the song “Rain On A Tin Roof”.

She is currently working on some new music with my buddy Mr. Shooter Jennings and I’ll be sure to feature it on here, as she is certainly one of my favorites from that time period that kept it more Country for sure.

She did one of her songs that I still today consider a masterpiece called “Men And Mascara” They both always run. From that album of the same name she played the song called “First To Never Know”. I like to classify her with the many from the late 90’s that brought women out to the forefront, with people like Miss Lee Ann Womack and Deanna Carter.

I truly enjoyed this music from this portion of time and many of these albums have songs on the B Side aspect ( Much like Alan Jackson does ). And to finally get to hear them again live was absolutely remarkable, and re inspired me to go back in time to listen to some of these albums again.

We finally had Mr. Alex Williams who’s set was cut short due to technical difficulties beyond their control, however we did get some great songs in the front of the set. He said he was going to play some new songs tonight from an album due out in February of 2022, look for us to feature that.

He did start with “Hellbent Hallelujah” and as we began packing up to leave he played “Pay No Mind” and a few more new ones before the night air and the damp weather tool hold of my arthritis, and we had to start to head out.

All in all we had a splendid time today at this festival, and as I wrap up all of the information here and go over my notes one more time, I wanted to thank Mr. Dustin and his wonderful team for hosting such a remarkable event here. I will do my best to either cover this one myself in 2022, or send someone to cover it for us on here. I hope to go back one day and give him some input into how to generate more revenue, and make a better experience for the attendees, and for the community.

David Adam Byrnes Signs Exclusive Publishing Deal with Reviver Publishing

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Dec 092021

One of the many artists I have been keeping a close eye on has been this young man here Mr. David Adam Byrnes. If you remember correctly he ended up on my TOP 50 OF 2020 list with his album called “Neon Town”, which was an amazing piece of work on his part.

His no nonsense traditional Country Music that he is pumping into the veins of Nashville right now, is a breath of fresh air for me and I for one am enamored to know he has signed a publishing deal. I’m hoping that he writes and co writes some songs for other artists across the board here, like many others do.

All three of the Pistol Annies and all four of the Highwomen do just that with their own songs, and many people like Miss Erin Enderlin write songs for other artists, and are vastly overlooked as songwriters. These days independent music has become such an enigma because most of them write their own songs, and record their own material on their own label. It’s amazing to me how drastically music has changed in the past 20 years.

I know that I first moved here to become a songwriter initially, however when that whole process changed and pop country came around, I didn’t write that type of song, so I pursued journalism. People like Mr. David that write for others are becoming few and far between now, and it’s becoming a forgotten art.

To be honest, as far as Country Music goes right now, it really is making a slow turnaround on the songwriter front. I do say slow because the prominent artists that are recording ( like Cody Jinks ) are slowly gaining momentum, and that is giving songwriters an opportunity to have their songs recorded like it once was.

There are a few instances like Mr. Ward Davis and Mr. Josh Morningstar that have manifested into some fantastic songs having been recorded by other artists, even ones that are more into the mainstream of music. Here is the official press release:

Nashville, TN (August 3, 2021)-With four straight #1 hit singles in Texas and his name popping up on influencer lists including Wide Open Country’s “three acts to watch in 2021,” the buzz surrounding David Adam Byrnes is as loud as a beehive farm.  Having earned a scholarship in songwriting sitting in rooms Monday

through Friday with the Nashville elite, Byrnes’ talent for the craft has earned him chart success on Billboard, a string of hit singles in his now home state of Texas, and a couple of coveted performance spots at the Key West Songwriter’s Festival.

David Ross, founder of Nashville-based Reviver Entertainment Group, has a highly respected ear for discovering the finest in songwriting talent, and signed David Adam Byrnes to an exclusive publishing deal earlier this month.

“David Adam Byrnes has proven himself a strong songwriter with depth, creativity, and an ability to bring his music all the way to #1.  I’m over the top with excitement and couldn’t be happier welcoming David into the Reviver Publishing family.
-David Ross (President of Reviver Entertainment Group)

I’m excited to start this new chapter of my life and career with a new team who truly has the same vision for my career that I do. I really love the ideas, approach, and mindset David Ross has towards the music business and how we fit into it. I’ve also always admired Clay Myers and wanted to work with him since the first time we met, so I’m excited to finally have that opportunity and learn from him and David.”  -David Adam Byrnes

I love having David Adam Byrnes as part of the Reviver Publishing team.  He is definitely one of the top neo-traditional artists and songwriters that are leading the charge with his truly American honky-tonk art form.”
–Clay Myers (Creative Consultant from Nashville Music Consultants)

About David Adam Byrnes

David Adam Byrnes left his small town in Arkansas to establish himself a mainstream songwriting force in Nashville.  Years later Byrnes made a return to his independent country music roots by making the scene in Texas with singles flying up the radio chart.  On October 2, 2020, Byrnes released his new album “Neon Town” producing four back-to-back #1 hit singles so far including “Old School.” The accompanying hilarious music video premiered on  DAB’s new single “Signs” is well on course to the top of the chart coming in at #1 this week. The album and his recent performance at the Key West Songwriter’s Festival this year brought critical acclaim from the highly regarded Saving Country Music. “Slapping you square across the face with steel, fiddle, and Telecaster guitar, David Adam Byrnes is here to answer where all the country in country music has gone.  We are not making nearly enough of a stink about David Adam Byrnes folks!  His 2020 album ‘Neon Town‘ was about the best modern traditional country you can find, and at the Key West Songwriters Fest, he accomplished more with just an acoustic guitar and microphone than most full bands could.”

About The Reviver Entertainment Group

With offices in Nashville and New Jersey, Reviver Entertainment Group is one of the country’s leading independent record label groups. Founded in 2011 by industry veteran David Ross, The Reviver Entertainment Group includes Reviver Records, Reviver Publishing, Reviver Films One, Reviver Label Services, and Reviver Legacy. The artist roster includes Ian Flanigan, Aaron Goodvin, Brian Callihan, Brooke Moriber, Blackjack Billy, veteran hit-maker and No.1 singer-songwriter David Lee Murphy, as well legacy brands including Rock and Roll and Hall of Famer (2009) Little Anthony, The Carter Family, Johnny Cash and John Carter Cash. All in all, Reviver has celebrated four top-20 hits, three top-five hits, two No.1 songs, three gold and a platinum single, along with multiple ACM and CMA Awards, all led by David’s vision. For more information, please visit For more information, please visit

Yonder Mountain String Band Get Back In The Saddle With New Album Get Yourself Outside

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Dec 082021

One of the many bands in the past that have influenced me in the past was the YMSB ( Yonder Mountain String Band ), back in 2006 as I went through my divorce, many of the songs I used to heal was the song “Rambler’s Anthem” from the Town By Town album.

Since then I have been blessed to have gotten to see them many times live, and through many of their albums. It’s been a blessing to watch them adapt to the generations they span, and grow as a band.

One of the unique things about this band was that one of the founding members was none other than Mr. Jeff Austin, whom we lost back in 2019. Even though he was one of the original members, he did not even know how to play the mandolin.

He did learn to play as the band formed and honed his skills by playing in a pre band called the Bluegrassholes, where he was told to “Play anything, just play fast and loud”. I have studied many books and articles about this band’s early years, and like I said it’s been an integral part of my early music life as a fan.

Yonder Mountain String Band Get Back In The Saddle With New Album Get Yourself Outside
Their first with new member Nick Piccininni out February 25th;
Hear “Into The Fire” Now
December 3, 2021 – Nederland, CO – Coming up on their 25th anniversary as a band, Colorado jam-grass pioneers Yonder Mountain String Band continue to innovate and evolve, and on February 25th, 2022, will unveil Get Yourself Outside—their first studio album with new member, mandolinist Nick Piccininni. “Nick is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist. He’s also a great singer with a magnetic stage presence,” says YMSB guitarist and co-founder Adam Aijala. “And he’s in such a creative space right now, something that has brought a whole new vibe and dynamic to the band. But, at the same time, it’s such a natural fit, where he hits that sweet spot of the Yonder Mountain sound we’ve come to be known for.” Piccininni joins Aijala, fellow founding members, bassist Ben Kaufmann and banjoist Dave Johnston, and fiddler Allie Kral who joined the band in 2015 for the band’s inspired and energized post-pandemic lineup debut. Today, Relix premiered the first single from Get Yourself Outside, the hard-charging “Into The Fire.” Fans can hear “Into The Fire” now at this link and pre-order or pre-save Get Yourself Outside before its release right here.
Recorded during the shutdown at Cinder Sound Studio (Gunbarrel, Colorado) and co-produced with engineer John McVey, Get Yourself Outside (Frog Pad Records) is a musical odyssey of string instruments and sonic textures. “We want the listener to get outside of your own head, get outside the box or container that you’ve created around yourself—look outside and see what else is out there,” says Kaufmann. What started out as back-and-forth online interactions between the band members soon shifted into Yonder Mountain entering Cinder Sound after several months apart—this genuine, intrinsic urge within each musician to capture the unique chemistry and magic of playing live in the studio. “We knew we had to take greater advantage of our time off the road. So, we started to collaborate and realized we had all of these songs,” Kaufmann says. “It was kind of a trick to figure out how to get together and record safely. But, we’re glad that we did and what came from it.”
“Some of the song ideas were older. But, a lot of the ideas happened during the pandemic,” Aijala adds. “It was interesting because Nick had a bunch of ideas that emerged from the pandemic and he’s heavily featured on the record.” There’s the usual foot-stomping jingles and sorrowful ballads that reside at the core of the Yonder Mountain signature tone. But, there’s also a deep, honest sense of renewal and rejuvenation running through the heart of the record. “This album was a learning experience for the band, from bringing Nick in, to navigating the shutdown as a nationally touring band to working on new material,” Kaufmann says. “There’s a blessing to this life to be able to play music for a living, and Get Yourself Outside is a testament to that, which is why it’s been such a joy to finally play these songs live.”
Regardless of the free-flowing, ever-evolving ebb and flow of its sound and journey, Yonder Mountain still stands atop the ancient rock foundation of the “high, lonesome sound” that is bluegrass music. “For me, it was the accessibility and the ease of bluegrass,” Aijala says. “I really
liked that the music could achieve this really high energy, and it was just acoustic instruments, your voice, and a microphone—it’s a beautiful thing.”
Get Yourself Outside Tracklist:
Beside Myself
I Just Can’t
Small House
If Only
Up This Hill
No Leg Left
Out Of The Pan
Into The Fire
Broken Records
Change Of Heart
Suburban Girl
In addition to the upcoming album announcement, YMSB just dropped a long list of February and March tour dates beginning with their official album release show at Denver’s newly-opened and incredibly popular Meow Wolf Convergence Station where concert-goers will experience a one-of-a-kind immersive music and art experience, before heading down to Florida, through the Southeast, and across to Texas. A full list of dates is below and ticket information can be found at
Catch Yonder Mountain String Band On Tour:
1/18 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Commonwealth Room
1/19 – Jackson, WY – Center for the Arts
1/20 – Great Falls, MT – The Newberry
1/21 – Billings, MT – The Pub Station
1/22 – Bozeman, MT – The Elm
1/23 – Missoula, MT – The Wilma
1/25 – Whitefish, MT – The Great Northern Bar & Grill
1/27 – Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
1/28 – Seattle WA – Neptune Theatre
1/29 – Portland, OR – Revolution Hall
1/30 – Bellingham, WA – Wild Buffalo House Of Music
2/1 – Arcata, CA – Arcata Theatre
2/2 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
2/3 – Nevada City, CA – Miners Foundry Cultural Center
2/4 – Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up Tavern
2/5 – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre
2/6 – Flagstaff, AZ – Orpheum Theater
2/24 – Denver, CO – Meow Wolf Convergence Station – official album release show
2/26 – Steamboat, CO – Winter Wondergrass
2/27 – Steamboat, CO – Winter Wondergrass
3/11 – St. Petersburg, FL – Jannus Live
3/12 – Immokalee, FL – Southland Bluegrass and Wilderness Festival
3/13 – Key West, FL – Parade Grounds at Fort East Martello
3/15 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
3/16 – Savannah, GA – Victory North
3/17 – Live Oak, FL – Suwannee Spring Reunion
3/18 – Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
3/19 – Charleston, SC – Charleston Bluegrass Festival
3/20 – Nashville, TN – Brooklyn Bowl
3/23 – Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic Lounge
3/24 – Austin, TX – Scoot Inn
3/25 – Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
3/26 – Dallas, TX – The Studio at the Factory
4/2 – New Orleans, LA – venue TBA
4/28 – ​​Poughkeepsie, NY – venue TBA
4/29 – Baltimore, MD – venue TBA
5/6 – Black, MT – venue TBA
5/7 – Cincinnati, OH – venue TBA
5/8 – Cincinnati, OH – venue TBA
More About Yonder Mountain String Band:
With its latest album, “Get Yourself Outside,” Colorado-based quintet Yonder Mountain String Band once again echoes out into the universe its place as not only a pioneering jam-grass act but also one of the most innovative, intricate groups in the live music scene—something the groundbreaking ensemble has proudly held high for the better part of a quarter-century.
From selling out Red Rocks Amphitheatre at a time when that was unheard of for a string act, to standing at the microphone in front of tens of thousands at festivals like Bonnaroo, Yonder Mountain was the initial spark in an acoustic inferno decades ago that endures headlong into the 21st century—one burning brightly in an ongoing tidal wave movement that now includes marquee names like Billy Strings, Greensky Bluegrass, and The Infamous Stringdusters.

MerleFest Announces Initial Lineup For 2022!

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Dec 072021

Oh, they are now pouring in folks! I am BACK and better than ever now! And now, it is my time of the year where I decide my TOP 50 albums, but also this is where my biggest endeavor begins….next year’s festival lineups of over 275 festivals!

True, I only get to pick 4 or 5 to cover for the next year, because it’s a lot of work doing a festival coverage job. There are so many of them spanned across so far of the United States, you cannot go to them all in one year.

Now, just like every year that I do these different festival articles, each one is going to have their own separate articles of information including maps and directions on how and where to go if you choose to try new ones next year. You can rest assured that I’ll be researching and keeping you informed on all of the different ones that are announcing their lineups and dates in 2022!

MerleFest, presented by Window World, is proud to announce the first round of artists for MerleFest 2022, which will be held April 28-May 1, 2022. Emmylou Harris, Greensky Bluegrass, Rissi Palmer, and more will be joining the annual homecoming of musicians and music fans on the campus of Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. 2022 marks MerleFest’s return to its traditional Spring weekend after being postponed to September in 2021. Check out Rolling Stone’s recap of the 2021 festival here.  “We are very excited to welcome music fans back to the campus of Wilkes Community College in the Spring,” says MerleFest’s new Festival Director, Wes Whitson. “Endless gratitude to all artists, staff, volunteers, vendors, and fans for their patience and support for the 2021 festival.  Our team has put together another great lineup for 2022 and we’re looking forward to sharing 4 days of the very best in traditional+ music with fans.” MerleFest 2022 will be Greensky Bluegrass’s first time on the bill and Emmylou Harris’s 12th appearance—highlighting the importance MerleFest places on both discovery and community within its lineups.
Purchase Tickets
A 14-time Grammy winner and Billboard Century Award recipient, Emmylou Harris’ contribution as a singer and songwriter spans 40 years. She has recorded more than 25 albums and has contributed her talents to countless fellow artists’ recordings. In recognition of her remarkable career, Harris was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008 and earned a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 2018. Harris is known as much for her eloquently straightforward songwriting as for her incomparably expressive singing. Admired through her career for her talent as an artist and song connoisseur, Harris shook up country radio in the 1970s and established herself as the premiere songwriter of a generation selling more than 15 million records and garnering 14 Grammy Awards, three CMA Awards, and four Americana Awards. Harris is one of the most admired and influential women in music. She has recorded with such diverse artists as Linda Ronstadt, Daniel Lanois, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, Gram Parsons, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Roy Orbison, Ryan Adams, Beck, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams, Lyle Lovett, and Rodney Crowell. Few artists have achieved such honesty or have revealed such maturity in their writing. Forty years into her career, Harris continues to share the hard-earned wisdom that—hopefully, if not inevitably—comes with getting older, though she’s never stopped looking ahead. A longtime social activist, Harris has bestowed her voice to many causes. Most passionately to animal welfare. She established Bonaparte’s Retreat with the goal of rescuing shelter dogs and adopting them into forever homes in Metro Nashville and surrounding counties. Emmylou Harris will perform on Sunday.
Since their 2000 formation in Kalamazoo, MI, the Greensky Bluegrass quintet—Anders Beck [dobro], Michael Arlen
Bont [banjo], Dave Bruzza [guitar], Mike Devol [upright bass], and Paul Hoffman [mandolin]—have unassumingly progressed into a phenomenon on their own terms with the undying support of a devout audience. Rolling back and forth across North America on successive tours, they recently sold out 3 nights at Red Rocks, a feat unheard of in their genre. In 2019, All For Money marked their second #1 debut on the Billboard Top Bluegrass Albums Chart and third straight Top 3 entry. They’ve also earned critical acclaim from Billboard, Parade, NPR, and Rolling Stone who hailed them as “representing the genre for a whole new generation.” As always, the band embraces tradition, ushering bluegrass forward on their eighth full-length offering, Stress Dreams. “Greensky is and always has been very unique in our world,” observes Paul. “We put our love, energy, and focus into what we appreciate about our music. We come together as a band in a way that’s organic. We take a lot of pride in how we grow and challenge each other too. We’re maturing together. I think we get more Greensky all of the time.” Greensky Bluegrass will perform on Friday.
In addition to those mentioned above, the following artists and bands are set to appear at MerleFest 2022: Andy May, Banknotes, Carol Rifkin, Charles Welch, Donna the Buffalo, Happy Traum, Jack Lawrence, Jeff Little Trio, Jerry Douglas, Jim Lauderdale, Joe Smothers, Kruger Brothers, Laura Boosinger, Mark Bumgarner, Mitch Greenhill, Pete & Joan Wernick, Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, Presley Barker, Roy Book Binder, Sam Bush, Scythian, T. Michael Coleman, The InterACTive Theatre of Jef, The Local Boys, The Waybacks, Tony Williamson, and Wayne Henderson.  Additional artists will be announced in the coming weeks.
Full Lineup
MerleFest 2022 will host its second annual MerleFest Mega Raffle to support scholarships at Wilkes Community College. Tickets are on sale now. The Mega Raffle drawings will be held during the festival on Sunday, May 01, 2022, at the Raffle/Silent Auction Tent beginning at 1:00 p.m. Over $170,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded. Only 5,000 tickets will be sold, and ticket holders do not have to be present to win. Raffle tickets are $100 each and include two entries to the MerleFest Mega Raffle drawings. To purchase tickets or for more information visit
Mega Raffle Info
As a volunteer, you will receive free entry to the festival for the entire day of your shift, free parking and shuttle, and 10% off camping at River’s Edge Campground. Most importantly, you will be supporting a major fundraiser for Wilkes Community College. The benefits from this festival to our students and community are too many to list! Your support is greatly appreciated. In other words…you ROCK!

Hillbilly Casino, The Delta Bombers and Volk at the Mercy Lounge.

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Dec 062021

A few weeks back, I went down to Nashville to see a few shows. I have been backed up a while, and I finally got around to getting all of these articles up on the website, and all of the notes and pictures uploaded here. I have lists and lists of stuff to catch up on, but guess what? I’ll do it all for sure!

I have been ardently supporting all of my local venues that got left out in the  cold after the pandemic, however I have supported this venue even more than others. I recently published an article on behalf of the Mercy Lounge and the other venues along with it.

I cannot even begin to list how many shows I have been to at the Cannery Ballroom, The Mercy Lounge and the High Watt….probably into the thousands? Many different genres and many different bands I have seen grace the stages of all of those venues. In fact, it not only affects local shows, but it also greatly affect Americanafest and Tin Pan South.

At this show there was one act that I regrettably missed and that was Volk, which is a local Cowpunk duo here in Nashville. I am not too familiar with them, and I got held up in traffic, so sadly I missed their portion of the show here.

The Delta Bombers are a Las Vegas multi genre band, that rarely gets to the Nashville area, so I had to go down and see them while I could.  This band is made up of Mr. Andrew Himmler, Mr. Chris Moinichen, Mr. P J Franco and also Mr. Georgio Garcia, and tonight they played an outstanding set of their songs.

This band was another one of the plethora of bands I found on Myspace, where they first started out, and I got to see them on the west coast a few times, in their own element. I consider them a Legendary Rockabilly band, and one of the bands on the forefront of the west coast local scene.

Their first album from 2011 called Howlin was on the iconic Wild Records label, one of the many local music labels that inspired me to start doing all of this music work. As far as I can remember, this set tonight only featured two songs from that album, which was “Voodoo In You”, and their encore, which was “Howli’n”.

“Lock The Door” was from their 2014 self titled album ( and one of my favorites ) which contained some of their best songs of their collection like “You Gotta Loose” and “Death Come Creepin”. Their song called “Shoveling Coal” came from their album called Pressure And Time.

This band has a very energetic stage presence, and plays like a well oiled machine, and I strongly suggest you catch their show, if they ever hit your favorite local venue. Both of these bands made up for a KILLER show here tonight!

Hillbilly Casino have been friends of mine for a long long time. It’s been a rough ride for me these past two years and it’s so nice to get out and see them again. They too, have been impacted by many changes and had to adapt to them…and they did that quite well.

Now, allow me to say that I still LOVE their old band mates Mr. Geoff and Mr. Matthew, and it’s hard to say definite things about either lineup folks. I cannot do that on this instance, but the addition of their new bassist Mr. Colin Taylor and their new drummer Mr. Sam Clay are also welcome additions.

Their solid sound and DYNAMITE stage presence is still there folks, and these four are all over the stage, as well as the entire venue. I have always said that they are a VASTLY overlooked band by the major media, because the major media is FOOLISH!

There are still so many high points to their set that haven’t really gone away, and their lead singer Mr. Nic Roulette hasn’t lost one ounce of his showmanship up there. He is indeed a top notch entertainer and the fact he can belt out the lyrics for “One Cup Beyond” without missing a beat is CRAZY!

They heavily rely on the audience for participation of the show, and they truly TRULY LOVE us fans. They did play one of my personal favorites called “Big Dan” in which Mr. Ronnie Crutcher sings about a bad ass truck driver. That song is also off the album called Three Step Windup.

Another high point of the show is when they played ‘Violets In May”. That’s one of those songs where Mr. Ronnie gets down on that banjo and they hammer down on some vocal harmonies that are second to none.

I remember much of their set like the song “8OO85” ( marketed on shirts like BOOBS ) and also the song “No Toll Taken”. They did close with their anthem song they have called the “Tennessee Stomp”.

I’m truly going to miss getting to see shows here at ( what I call ) the Cannery Row show complex, and this is a prime example of the importance of supporting these venues. In instances like this one, I have a feeling nothing would have saved it from imminent doom.

The problem we have down here in Nashville is all these out of state firms buying up all the properties, and turning them into condos with immense rental rates…and people are paying it! As long as there are people willing to pay these rates, this crap will never stop.

We’re always going to have music venues in Nashville. But we are rapidly loosing our HISTORIC ones, and that is a scary feeling. We are the victims of some evil, nefarious business tactics, sometimes one can not help but feel it’s being intentionally done.

Reckless Kelly, Will Hoge And Tyler And The Train Robbers In Atlanta.

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Dec 052021

This article may have a few more photos in it than usual, because I was there more as a fan there this time, than media. I took some time off to take care of some personal issues, and enjoy a few shows as a fan. I did make some mental notes and observations, but I did not take total notes like I usually do.

I’m going to touch on a few of the songs, but I don’t recall the entire sets of all three acts. Mr. Joshua and I got together a few times this year, under both good and bad circumstances. We been friends a long long time, and we try to hook up two or three times a year as we can.

The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta was a VERY nice venue to go see a show at, and we had a nice little side table to sit at. All of the staff here were so nice to us, and even though I do not drink anymore I found the drink prices quite reasonable.

Tylor And The Train Robbers have actually released a great new album this year, their third release. This Boise based Idaho band is solidifying their position in many different genres of music, with a dynamic stage presence and a united sound as a unit.

Their new album called “Non-Typical Find” was produced by Mr. Cody Braun from Reckless Kelly, and it was an awesome album including the title track song about finding a dead body ( every hunter’s nightmare). He was taking a hike in the woods while hunting, and he found the dead body of a gal who got into a stranger’s corvette.

This band consists of  Mr. Tylor Ketchum, his brothers Mr. Jason and Mr. Tommy Bushman and his father-in-law Mr. Johnny “Shoes” Pisano, and I finally got the chance to see them live.

They put on a very exciting and high energy opening set tonight, and I will try my best to see them live again in the future. The next act was a very talented guitarist named Mr. Will Hoge and he also had a new album in 2020 called “Tiny Little Movies”.

There is a lot of talking in his set, and when it gets so political, it tends to make the music less fun to some. I suppose that either way it gets monotonous indeed, on songs like “Still A Southern Man” proclaims his dislike for the confederate flag, while maintaining southern roots.  I really do not hold an opinion on the matter my own self, and I can understand the song subject here.

Mr. Willy Braun, Mr. Cody Braun, Mr. Ryan Engleman, Mr. Jay Nazz and finally Mr. Joe Miller make up this Idaho Red Dirt band called Reckless Kelly. This band has contributed a LOT to the local Red Dirt community not only in their own area, but north as well and on into Canada.

Each year the four Braun brothers ( the other two are in Mikey And The Motorcars ) get together and host the popular Red Dirt festival called The Braun Brothers Reunion in Idaho.

I remember them playing many songs off the album Wicked Twisted Road including the song that bears the album name, as well as the ever popular “Seven Nights In Eire”.  From The Day album they played the song “Crazy Eddie’s Last Hurrah”.

From the album last year called American Jackpot/ American Girls they played the song called “Tom Was A Friend Of Mine”. They played a really nice set of 14 songs tonight for us, but for me this was just a really nice weekend with an old friend.

One thing I have learned in the last few months is who my friends were. I had to do a lot of soul searching and self care, as well as take care of some of my own family issues before I could step back into the world of my website, and now I am back…and catching back up on more issues!

Thanks for reading everything folks!

Fellow Singer/Songwriters and Friends Remember and Mourn The Loss of Country Music Legend Stonewall Jackson

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Dec 052021

Fellow Singer/Songwriters and Friends Remember and Mourn The Loss of Country Music Legend Stonewall Jackson

I don’t always like to write those “informational” posts when the Country Music Legends pass away, because I try to be a little more personal on here than most. Many of these people were not only my heroes, but my friends. Mr. Stonewall Jackson was both to me.

It began at an early age for me, as my mother exposed his music to me through cassettes and LPs my parents played on weekends, while I played with my toys, I was listening and being influenced by that.

As I grew into a teenager I had a deep appreciation for Heavy Metal and Country Music. This man always intrigued me for many reasons, but mostly because he was an underdog from the first day he parked a log truck on Murfreesboro road, and walked into the record label office to play in person!

He was the first person to gain an Opry membership without a record deal. He was always kind to the public, and took every picture, and signed every autograph asked of him. Back then, Stonewall, who’s real name was indeed Stonewall, had walked into Acuff Rose and played 3 songs for them.

He was taken to the Opry leadership then and he played the same 3 songs for them. He was signed right away, and later was given a recording contract where he recorded his iconic albums. He also recorded LIVE albums on from the Opry.

in 1979, he tried his hand in the Outlaw movement by releasing the album “Bad Ass” which contained some of his iconic drinking songs like “Pint Of No Return” and “Alcohol Of Fame”. However this album was embraced more by the Traditional Country Music fans alike.

I met him at the Ernest Tubb Record shop many years ago, and celebrated many birthdays with him there. He never forgot my name or what I do on here, and I appreciated that about him. I’ll always cherish him, and his music will never die on here.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Country music legend Stonewall Jackson passed away early Saturday at age 89 after a prolonged battle with vascular dementia. Some of Jackson’s hits included “Life To Go,” penned by the late, great George Jones, “Smoke Along the Track,” “B.J. the D.J.,” and “Waterloo,” which later became his signature song. Over his career, Stonewall landed 44 singles on the Billboard country chart. His 1971 Recorded Live at the Grand Ole Opry was the first “live” album ever recorded at Nashville’s ‘Mother Church of Country Music’, the Ryman Auditorium. The late Porter Wagoner would introduce Stonewall on his show by saying he came to the Opry “with a heart full of love and a sack full of songs.”

Wide Open Country’s Bobby Moore profiled Jackson just last year, saying “…he’s a representative of the days of smooth-voiced, sharp-dressed country singers who helped position what was once dismissed as “hillbilly” music as a commodity that would move uptown.”

Fellow artists mourn the loss of their friend and share fond memories of the great Stonewall Jackson:

“Stonewall’s breakout hit “Life To Go,” was written by George (Jones) and they both became members of the Grand Ole Opry in 1956. They held a special friendship over the years and although Stonewall was retired, he participated in the final George Jones No Show tribute event after he passed. I will always have a special place in my heart for Stonewall. May he Rest In Peace!” — Nancy Jones

“The Grand Ole Opry has always been a place of fellowship for all artists and I am saddened to hear of Stonewall’s passing. Although Stonewall and I never recorded or performed together outside of the Opry, his songs have had and always will have a lasting impact on country music. Stonewall will be missed.” — Lee Greenwood

“I first met Stonewall in the late ’50s right before I went into the Air Force while working with my brother Lefty. Stonewall was always a lot of fun to be around and I enjoyed hearing him sing all his hit songs on the package shows. It was always an honor to be on the same stage with him.” — David Frizzell

“Saddened to hear of the loss of one of the honky-tonk heroes of the ‘50s and ‘60s, Grand Ole Opry member STONEWALL JACKSON went home today. Rest easy sir.” — Joe Bonsall / The Oak Ridge Boys

“I had never met Stonewall, but I’ll say – as a favorite of country music and considered country music royalty, the image and style of Stonewall will always be honored and respected.” — Janie Fricke

“Stonewall was one of the sweetest men when coming to the Hee Haw set. Always loved it when he came to tape. He will be greatly missed.” — Lulu Roman

“Saddened to hear the news of the passing of fellow Grand Ole Opry Member “Stonewall Jackson. He was a real character. His style was reflected in everything he did. I most recently was driving around Nashville and noticed his tour bus parked. Oh, the stories that bus could tell. He made no apologies for who he was. I admired his grit, and how he stood up for what he believed in. My sincere condolences to his family. Rest In Peace.” — Rhonda Vincent

“So sad to hear of the great Stonewall Jackson’s passing. I had the pleasure of working some concerts with Stonewall when I was just starting out on my career. He always lit up each and every room he walked into. He was truly one of the great Legends and trailblazers of our industry. Gone but never forgotten!” — T.G. Sheppard

“Sorry to hear of the passing of Opry Member Stonewall Jackson. He was one of the pioneers of country music from the ’50s-’60s and he carried that music into the twenty-first century. Sending prayers to a former neighbor of mine and good ole boy, Mr. Stonewall.” — JD Shelburne

Muddy Roots 2021.

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Dec 032021

This year, especially at Muddy Roots was a first for me on many different levels. I’m still really into the music like I was before, but this year I brought my own daughter and introduced her to this wonderful place…..THIS YEAR meant a lot to me as a music fan, and a dad as well.

Ever since the very first Muddy Roots in 2010, I would always talk about that festival ( as well as others ) with my daughter, and always send pictures of each festival all over the United States. I did get to take her to Chicago for Moonrunners a few years back, and in 2019, I moved her here to help her get on a right path in life.

I brought her to Muddy Roots this past year, and even though I had my usual crew with me, I didn’t work as ardently as I normally do. I did however catch a LOT of the festival, and in my usual fashion, I am going to share it all with you in an article.

I want everyone and every band to know that I am back on the commander chair, and I am better than ever on the music front. I did the usual amount of research and had the usual pages of notes on this article, that I usually do, but what differs here was that I spent more time with each band. See, usually I float all over the festival to catch many more bands than I did here.

Many times my daughter and I kept chairs under the same stationary tent for the entire night, because that tent had a complete lineup of bands we wanted to see. It just meant so much to me as a parent, to pass this event on to another generation of fans, that I am adamant will cherish and support long after I am gone in life.

The larger tent stage this year was named after one of our Muddy Roots friends that are no longer around to enjoy the festival on Earth, and that was Mr. Chris Buckley. There is no doubt in my mind he is watching over us all, as we enjoy the music.

One of my favorite memories of him was the time that Call Me Bronco was playing, and they stopped the show to find someone’s glasses. I have so many stories of so many of the folks that I met and became cherished friends with at this festival here, that I could fill up a book bigger than one of those old yellow pages. So, this sucker is going to be choked full of photos from one of my freelance photographers Miss Marla Gibson.

I brought her into the Muddy Roots fold in 2019, because I knew that she was going to be a great fit for the vast array of various music styles, that encompass the Muddy Roots ideology. She has been out doing an amazing job on her own as a photographer, and I thought that with my getting her foot in the door, that she could embellish Muddy with her knowledge of her craft.

I’ll be completely honest, this year the weather made it one of the best weekends I have ever experienced yet. In the many years of festivals I have taken part in here, I went through INTENSE rain and INTENSE heat as well as other various factors, and this year the weather was PERFECT!

I know that on a normal basis, when I do these articles for music festivals, I like to include the hotel I stayed at, but I’ll be honest. I stayed at so many wonderful hotels in the area in my time, it’s difficult to make JUST ONE the top choice!  We stayed at the Fairfield Inn Cookeville this year, and the staff was VERY nice to us, and the rooms were amazing!

The first act that I got to take Meghan to this year, was a good friend of mine who is always tearing up the road, and his name is Pat Reedy And The Longtime Goners. folks, I been around the block with him a few times and went to many functions for him in various states. He has a true and genuine love for that foot stomping Honky Tonk Country Music that quickly draws me in as a fan, and I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy him so much.

The first song he played was called “I Won’t Be Lonely” , and followed that by introducing his band, which  consisted of Mr. Leo Grassam on steel, Mr. Justin Hamilton on bass, Mr. Gabe Coleman on guitars and finally Mr. Ryan Elwell on drums. This is a good breakup song, however it pretty much proclaims that there will be an easy replacement gal in the picture…on a temporary basis.

The second song he did was from the first album called “Highway Bound”, and is one of my personal favorites he has called “Burgundy In The Rain”. Named after the street in New Orleans where he lived for awhile, not pronounced like the color.

They did a rousing version of the 1966 Charlie Walker classic called “Little Ol Wine Drinker Me”, which was later cut by Mr. Dean Martin. It is a song about a man on skid row as he drinks away his life’s troubles. One of the reasons I love this song so much is that it was one of the earlier ones produced by one of my favorite producers, Mr. Jimmy Bowen.

“Big Wheels” was from his first album, which talks about the big wheels on the bus that roll slowly across the nation, which he indeed does just that. When he is not touring, he is in town doing construction work and he is a very hardworking young man in his own right.

“Lucky I’m alive” and “Fare The Well” are both from his most recent album, filled with plenty of warm steel guitar twang that is sure to please your heart. The last song he played was called “Running Out of Reasons”.

One of the few things I had to complain about was not really Mr. Jason’s fault, see the stage company dropped off the wrong stage, and it was too late for him to remedy the problem! So the fact that the stage in the Buckley Tent was so low to the ground and smaller was an issue that happened at the last minute.

One of the times where shows were happening on tight time schedules were here, as Meghan was learning where to go and when, I kind of started to go off on my own to work a little while leaving the chairs on the Buckley tent corner. This year, I got to be a parent AND a fan, this year was filled with many milestones for her! Right below is a video from a band called Tijuana Bible.

Some of the bands in the beginning were changed up, and I missed a few of them on the wood stage, which was once again run by Mr. Mark Simmons again. I swear, the man never sleeps on the wood stage! All of the videos on this article are property of Mr. Scott Mithun over at Hellbilly And Outlaw Radio.

Above photo property of Marla Gibson.

So, now let’s finally get to one of the artists that I have been featuring a little this year, and I fully plan to begin to feature him more, now that I have fully returned to the website. Just a few years ago, the local music scene was hammered with a new member of the Williams family.

That family has so many members that are involved in music, and each one of them does their OWN thing and has their OWN style. You won’t see me trying to compare any two members of the bloodline, nor will you read about me doing that on here. I myself don’t really care for the music that Sam Williams does, however to try and tell him he doesn’t compare to his father ( who is Hank Williams Jr.) is ludicrous. I’m not a member of their family, and as a TRUE FAN of each of them, I’ll NEVER do that.

Enter into the picture Mr. Coleman Williams son of Shelton Hank Williams III, and he is simply using the moniker of IV And The Strange Band. He blends his own type of  Country and juxtaposes it with doom metal and various other genres all rolled into one form of art.

Every show I have gone to of his, he holds the crowd in his hands, and is in complete and utter control of each of them! He is a phenomenal artist in his own right, and he is growing, grooming, and developing a style that I hope is here to stay.

There is nobody that is going to make me give up on this man’s music, nor am I ever going to place  him into ANY “box” or comparison, despite my admiration for his family members. With songs like “Son Of Sin” I am just elated for the upcoming album form him.

Get back and on again
I’m just another old son of sin
That’s been passed like a bottle to praise my kin
Ain’t a matter of where you been
Cause I’m just another old son of sin

The above chorus is an excerpt from his single he released on 4-20-2021. His band consists of Mr. David Talley-Guitars, Mr. Daniel Mason, Mr. Jason Dietz-Bass, Miss Laura Beth Jewell-Fiddle and finally Mr. Taylor Powell-Drums.

Above photo property of Marla Gibson

I believe that it is incredibly difficult to go through life in his shoes, from a musical standpoint because of his lineage. Why? Why does so many people feel the insatiable need to compare him to his father, or grandfather? One of the main focuses of my website is to dispel this common theory by showcasing their individual talents. The song “Son Of Sin” touches on that very subject for me, while stressing that he is indeed the Son Of Sin.

“Malice” and “Inbred” were first. “Malice” is one of his more Country songs that showcase his vocals the  best out of them, however one of the most intriguing and well written songs he has is called “inbred’. This song is about an old, old Kentucky folklore about the Fugate family, which was a family that bore children with a blue skin condition known scientifically as Methemoglobinemia.

There were so few families back then in such a small area that a lot of inbreeding was occurring, and this story goes far more in depth than I can type here. You can research this further HERE. “Stand Your Ground” was next, as well as “Train”, and “Haunt You”. I’ll be delving into many other of these songs of his in future articles I have coming up from his show at Springwater Supper Club.  He closed with “Deep Down” and “Filth”.

Photo property of Marla Gibson.

This next act I only caught a portion of, so once again this video below has been generously contributed by Mr. Scott Mithun who hosts the Hellbilly And Outlaw Radio Show out of Minnesota. I believe I tagged him many times on here. This next act was Memphis local legend Mr. Jack Oblivian. This first video is the song “Running From The Law”.

Those videos are going to be followed by some random pictures of my beloved Muddy Roots Family. Right now I want to apologize in public for taking so long to do this job here, it took a long time to get my shit together and begin my sobriety. I had to check into a rehab for a pretty nasty pill addiction, and when I emerged I was a new man! I was then busy making amends with my daughter, who never gave up on me!

Now, we finally get to one of my favorite milestones of the weekend for me as a fan and a father….my daughter’s very first metal show! She had no idea of the world she was about to be exposed to, and has never seen a mosh pit.

As the sun was setting upon the first day of the festival, we all made our way back to the wood stage for one of the greatest metal bands that not many have heard of, and that is Black Tusk. They are a sludge metal band from Savannah Georgia, and they have been around since 2006, however this was my first time seeing them live.

I don’t really care about the flack I will catch for featuring a metal band on here, and I don’t do it often but for Muddy….it’s on! I did not take information on the set list, however I did take TONS of pictures and I’ll share those.

Photo property of Marla Gibson.

Photo property of Marla Gibson.

I wanted to take a moment to give a lot of credit to the official emcee of the entire event here Mr. Sean Wheeler. He and I had an opportunity to talk at one of the sober community meetings, and we share a common bond of sobriety. We talked about how we can co exist in this world of drinking and partying, while remaining sober.

Many genres of music herald the praises and at the same time lament the demise of a life soaked in whiskey and dope. We talked about some of our past with one another, one of the “rules” of working the twelve steps is to NOT romanticize your past highs on your drug of choice. But on the contrary, I think it’s healthy to involve that in the music. It can speak to you, and it can prevent you from forgetting where you came from.

This brings us back to the Buckley Tent for a true Legend, the one and only Mr. Scott H Biram! He has been one of my biggest influences into the local music world, and is now one of my daughter’s favorites too! I want to personally thank him for being so kind to her, and spending time with her and me too!

I have another article coming from his show with IV And The Strange Band in Nashville here to be posted soon. But for now, let’s talk about my second time seeing him at Muddy Roots.I’m hoping for good things for him, now that Bloodshot has announced their hiatus, which I will talk about in another article as well.

This video is of him performing “Time Flies” from the 2009 album called Something’s Wrong. Like I said, I will be touching on his set in another article coming directly after posting this one. You can rest assured that I will pay more attention to the dirty old one man band in that next article, along with my deep appreciation for his many years of music, and influence.

Directly after this we had yet another historic thing happen here, that I recently wrote about HERE. That is the almost all original lineup of the Legendary Shack Shakers! The four members that were on stage tonight ( as were last week) were guitarists Mr. Nathan Brown, and Mr. Brian Berryman, upright bassist Mr. Todd Anderson and of course Mr. J.D. Wilkes.

It sure was a historical treat to finally hear songs like “Back To Paducah” and others from the first 1998 album called Hunkerdown. “Hunkerdown” was one of the songs they played tonight from their extensive list of albums. They have been busy this year, touring in support of their new album called Cockaddodleduex.

This band is widely known for their energetic stage shows and Mr. J.D.Wilkes is always a welcomed addition to any festival lineup for his onstage antics and his knowledge of music history. My team was busy scurrying around taking many pictures of them, as they steamrolled through songs like “Tickle Your Innards”.

Photo is property of Marla Gibson.

Once again, this year I was filled with joy to finally get to show my daughter this paragon of Country, Roots and Rockabilly music, hell, he represents more genres than just those! I could easily write a lengthy article about how much this band means to me, just like I could write about Biram.

My good friends over at Viva Le Vox closed out the evening on Friday night, and they played songs from their new album called Where Class Meets Economy. I really think a lot of their bassist Mr. Scarecrow Jenkins, he takes time out to photograph all of the other bands, and supports them all.

He is another fellow member of the sober community with me, and the reason I like their music is because I cannot lump them into ANY genre or classify them as ANYTHING but music that I like. I draw a lot of strength from all of these bands like Viva, Mr. Scarecrow, Mr. Johnny Tugboat and Mr. Tony Bones. You’ll see me have them on the same playlist as Slayer, and Tracy Lawrence and 2Pac…it’s how I am. Here is a good portion of their set beginning with the title song “Where Class Meets Economy”.

Photo property of Marla Gibson.

The band Earthride is a doom metal band from Maryland, they started off day 2. I did get to watch some of their set before going over to check out my list of bands I wanted to cover for the day.

The band is made up of Mr. Dave Sherman, Mr. Eric Little, Mr. Josh Hart and Mr. Kyle Van Steinburg, and we enjoyed their set before heading over to the Buckley tent to see this next band that has been creating quite a buzz across the U.S.

The Bobby Lees are a band from the New York area, comprised of Miss Sam Quartin , Miss Kendall Wind, Mr. Macky Bowman and finally Mr. Nick Casa. And, might I say that this band was absolutely AMAZING LIVE!

Photo property of Marla Gibson

This is a classic garage type punk rock band with songs like “Drive” that took me back to my own youth in the late 80’s. We drove around and partied in abandoned car lots, and drank beer. This band is absolutely insane in every sense of the word, from their crushing guitar riffs to the way Miss Sam punishes her vocal cords with her rousing vocals.

This band plays like a well oiled machine, and I am completely amazed they haven’t become noticed by many more yet. They played one called ‘Be My Enemy” which if I am not mistaken is a cover song from the Waterboys.

Despite all of the mischief going on around you at ANY festival, there is family orientated people too. THIS kind of sharing the music makes me overly joyful inside, and I enjoy supporting the young people as they become exposed to ANY type of music.

THIS….this is the future of Muddy Roots right here. If we truly want it to continue to happen each year, we need to make sure we raise a future generation of patrons that spend money to keep it going.  This year was very special for many of us that are having fun watching each other’s kids growing up.

And once again, we have another familiar name on the bill the ultimate outlaw, none other than Mr. Bob Wayne, whom I featured not long ago on my Heart In Hands pet rescue article. He came in full force tonight with his signature train whistle and his whiskey fueled Honky Tonk demeanor.

I have always called him the nicest bad guy you’ll ever meet!  With his rumbustious ill feelings for the law, and a bitter hatred for authority, Mr. Bob Wayne sings songs that glorify cocaine and whores, yet at the same time warns not to get on the “Dope Train”.  A song he wrote with Country Music legend Mr. Red Simpson.

A song that he opened with was “Till The Wheels Fall Off”, which became his well known anthem of debauchery and ill mannered living. Along with the ever popular “Everything’s Legal In Alabama”, he barreled through a metric ton of Outlaw Country songs.

He played the song he wrote for our friend Mr. Bandana, who many of us met at Muddy Roots. He was a huge advocate and active supporter of Roots Music, and was always sitting side stage to fellows like Mr. Bob Wayne, and others. Finally, the other song I recalled was “Sam Tucker”.

Also speaking of the wood stage was the manager of said stage, whom I swear NEVER sleeps that weekend, Mr. Mark Simmons. He is always very nice to kids and to the media, and enforces the rules with tact. It’s always a pleasure to mention him on here, and I see him as an integral part of the team.

In fact, without Miss Delaney and Mr. Milton Chavez and ALL of his team, I KNOW that Mr. Jason could not do this as efficiently as he does. So many food and craft vendors help make it fun to go shopping on the vendor row, like Stoned Beautiful Jewelry.

Another friend of mine is a Muddy Roots legend, and he doesn’t even need a band to perform a spectacular set for this festival. My friends, this is the one and only Mr. James Hunnicutt! EVERY TIME he is on the band list at ANY festival, I make sure I see his set.  I met him way back in the MySpace era, and we physically met at Porter Wagoner’s funeral visitation in Nashville. Not an ideal setting to finally meet, but we shared a common love for Country Music.

One of my favorite songs he does in his set is always the song called “99 Lives”, and I still have one of the old 99 Lives t shirts I like to wear. He has such a smooth and unique way of hitting his high notes on his songs like “My Pain”. And I think that is one of the many reasons why he is so popular at this festival.

However, one of his most well written songs is the song called “Dying Healer’s Waltz”, and every time he plays Muddy Roots he fills up the tent with pretty much everyone! He comes early and is always involved in spreading his positive energy to everyone here. He was defiantly one of the artists I wanted to expose my daughter to, and now she too is a fan.

Now we get to another band I have always liked a TON, and that is the almighty Black Tarpoon. Here we have ol Mr. Joey Reed AKA Oatmeal, and his crew of heathens that performed one hell of a good show here this weekend…Don’t worry..we are going to mention them all here, with TONS of pictures!

Bottom 2 photos are property of Marla Gibson.

They have a new album just released this year called Probable Caws, and I have it on my album feature radar ( with thousands more, Jesus, I’m behind). Anyways, they played “The Dogs” , which is about a drug addict that was attacked by wild dogs and is on the Creature From The Black Tarpoon album, as well as the new one.

On this new album they added instruments and produced it in a different fashion. This whole album maintained their Roots Music sound, while at the same time showed growth as a band.  “Somebody’s Watching Me” was another song they played here tonight.

The rest of the band consists of Mr. Jesse James, Miss Tashia The Don, Mr. Billy Mo, Mr. Chi Chi Picante on the drums and Mr. Scooby Davidson on the fiddle. It’s always so much fun to watch them perform at Muddy, and I am hoping that they do some touring to support the new album here.

You can defiantly look forward to more features on this band here on my website, which was created to make a home for ALL of these local bands I love. See, that’s the difference here. I’m not JUST featuring national acts or local acts getting Ryman shows, I feature everyone I like.

This brings me to two bands my daughter LOVED at this festival and they were Left Lane Cruiser and the Goddamn Gallows.

Left Lane Cruiser is a two piece band from Fort Wayne, Indiana and it consists of Joe Evans IV and Pete Dio.  We stood there and both enjoyed their cover of “Black Betty”, I recall her saying “IT SOUNDS LIKE I’M IN A TORNADO, DAD”!

Above 2 photos property of Marla Gibson.

The Goddamn Gallows are a traveling bunch of scalawags that I enjoy going to see play every chance I get, and they always put on a fantastic show. You cannot place them in any musical genre, although some call it Gutterpunk, some call it Roots Music etc….. I just call it good ass music.

Mr. Mikey Classic, Mr. Fishgutzzz, Mr. Jayke Orvis and Mr. Uriah AKA Baby Genius make up this band. Additionally they now have Mr. Joe Perez on banjo again, who left a few years back for personal reasons.

Mr. Sean Wheeler said he had a nap, and stayed up late for the Goddamn Gallows! I’ll admit the long days and nights are difficult, however this year it wasn’t so HOT all day. That heat just drains me running around from stage to stage all day, and the calm weather made it so much easier!

First up was the sing “Blackened Soul” from the 2018 album The Maker, which was their latest album. Now, they do have a new single out now called Call Of The Void. I highly suggest you check that out!

“MUDDY ROOTS……WE’RE BACK BITCHES!” Mr. Jayke yelled as they rolled into the song “City Of Hell-A” from my favorite album Ghost Of The Rails. I loved that time period around 2009 and 2010 when so many of these Roots albums came around, and I learned about these bands.

I could care less that I run a Country website, I could listen to these guys all G Damn night. I get e mails from my other Christian friends on how can I like this? Listen, if you got to judge another man for a name, you aren’t a true Christian man! That may or may not be YOUR thing, and that’s fine, but HERE they will always have a home, and you will always be able to read about what they’re up to….which is usually debauchery…but nonetheless I’m a fan for life!

Mr. Jayke played “Dreadful Sinner” and one other one I cannot recall what it was? He always features one or two from his Broken Band albums, I highly suggest you check those out. Those were more of the classic albums that came out in the 2010 time frame.  The song was also on the Trial album.

The Maker album boasted the song “Ol Dusty Trail” along with “Y’all Motherfuckers Need Jesus”. They also played “The Maker” from that same album. after they played, that concluded Saturday for us, we went back to the hotel room to die. Because this job is always rough on these bones, and I usually sleep for 16 hours when I’m done!

This man here….I cannot say enough kind things about him. I just cannot. The only regret I have is that I do not cross paths with him enough, and I need to change that with ALL of you. Rest Assured I am now back into this, and can travel again.

They done went and scheduled Mr. Brook Blanche and also Miss Rachel Brooke at the same time but luckily, they were right across from one another. I did get the most I could from both sets, and wrote down what I could.

When he sang “Empty Bottle” this weekend, I heard more passion in his vocals than ever. He has changed a little in the years, and not for the negative either. Empty Bottle is one of the Top 20 songs I have ever heard. Period. I mean to say that overall of all genres it is one of my Top 20 favorites.

The album Miss Rachel released last year was absolute FIRE and I’m glad it made as many TOP lists as it did, because it surely deserved it. MY GOD those first few notes of “It Ain’t Over” makes my soul melt. Her voice is so solid and solidifies her as the QUEEN of the Underground, and it makes me upset she isn’t embraced by major media outlets.

“Run Of The Mill” was next, and actually as I write this she is in Nashville tonight. I wished I could go so badly, but I cannot. “Ghost Of You” was on this one as well as the title track of her new album called “The Loneliness In Me”.

Nashville needs to listen CLOSE to her on that song, it needs to embrace her loneliness and meet the “Ghost Of You”, that comes back only when she drinks. She also played “Killer’s Dream”, which is another of those first albums I found out about. That one was 2012 and I knew about Bitter Harvest as well.

She also played “It Won’t Be Long”. We started gathering up all of our merch we got, and loading up car stuff as we were winding down the weekend here, BUT there is still a LOT to tell you about, so keep reading folks!

I wanted to THANK Mr. Sean for giving his time to introduce so many bands and artists here this weekend. For taking the time to chat with me and contributing to the sober meetings for us this weekend.

So, let’s get around to the last few bands here this weekend that I got to see, mind you, I did float around to see a lot of the other bands as a fan. Like I previously said, I enjoyed it more as a fan this year, but I will ALWAYS BE one of the official Muddy Roots websites for ALL THINGS Muddy, including the Nashville Boogie.

This gentleman here is Joe Buck Yourself, and he is very prevalent in many of the Roots Music festivals I go to. He is one of the more popular OMBs ( One Man Bands), and he plays a dual  kick drums made from guitar cases along with his guitar.

He played “Planet Seethe” off the Piss and Vinegar album from 2010. Another song he did was “Devil Is On The Way”, along with “Evil Motherfucker From Tennessee” off the same album there.

The Pine Hill Haints are from Alabama, and they released a MIGHTY FINE new album this year called The Song Companion Of A lone Star Cowboy. they currently consist of Mr. Jamie Barrier, Miss Katie “Kat” Barrier, Mr. Stevie LaBlanc, Mr. Brian “Zero” Borden and Mr. Justin Ward.

They played “Back Against The Wall” from last year’s 13 album, and they also played “They Tried To Kill My Momma’s Son” from the Evening Star album. The thing about the Pine Hill Haints is they have so many albums to play material from.

Video is property of Hellbilly And Outlaw Radio.

As I previously wrote about Dylan Walshe at the Hearts In Hands animal benefit show this year, this man also puts on a VERY GOOD show. He tells stories in between songs and tells aulde (pronounced old) tales of Irish lore like my personal favorite “Raggle Taggle Gyspy”.

He hits those high notes with no instruments and the words burn into your soul on many of his songs, and “Straight To Hell, Boy” involves the audience whether you are drunk and camping or sober and leaving, it’s easy enough to sing along to.

I have never met a nicer and more gracious performer than he is, I’d say along with Shooter Jennings and Brent Cobb, he is one of the kindest in the business. Another song he does that I enjoy is called “At Sea”.

In closing, my dear friends I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate all of you, and how nice it is to see y’all each year. I am hoping some of you read this, that have never been before, and this article helps you choose to go one day. It is my onus to bring as many new faces as I can to Muddy Roots.

The Muddy Roots Gospel, yes….yes that’s what Mr. Jason calls it alright. As I always say to ALL the different music communities I write about, the best way to support the continuity of the music, the festivals and the venues is presence and money.

Lastly folks, next year how about we DON’T THROW wadded up clothes in the port a shitters, so we don’t clog up the septic trucks? All we did was create FURTHER BILLS for Mr. Jason, who in turn will have to make that money back…wonder how?  Well, I’d be safe to bet the prices of tickets may have to rise to cover the costs of it!

We are very lucky and fortunate to have such a secure place to bring our own food and drinks, ( within reason ) we are free to do whatever we want, why do we need to jeopardize this wonderful thing we have? I cover MANY festivals people, and I promise you there are only 3 others that have 3.00 beers and reasonable food prices!

I cannot close with scolding anyone but I have always wrote the negative things the FESTIVAL DOES I did not like…this time it was the patrons that did a negative thing and it needs to not happen next year, I hope with all my heart it does.

Miss Jeannie Seely Has A Career Display In Downtown Nashville.

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Nov 302021

Jeannie Seely

Photo Credit: Moments By Moser Photography

There are not as many of our beloved Country Music legends left today, and many of Miss Jeannie’s ilk have passed away in the last few years. This is why it’s imperative that we cherish her now while she is still performing, and in active status.

Another beautiful Opry star we have with us still, that is not active now is the great Mr. Stonewall Jackson. This is why I love to make these articles, and release this information to you, my readers. My world without Stonewall Jackson and Jeannie Seely will suck, and I don’t want that.

I recently published an article about Mr. Jack Greene and Miss Jeannie Seely ( you can read that HERE) which received some very good feedback on social media. As I mentioned on that article, I have an extensive collection of his and her material in my home. I am very excited to go down to Music Row and see this display.

NASHVILLE, TN. – (August 13, 2021) – Country music royalty and soon-to-be 54-year member of the Grand Ole Opry®, Jeannie Seely, has been chosen as the feature display in the prominent lobby of Regions Bank on Music Row in Nashville. The display showcases milestones of her illustrious career, which includes the album cover and wardrobe worn on An American Classic, her current album on Curb Records. Also included are many of her accomplishments and awards for her achievements in the music industry and the community, a tour jacket from the 1981 and 1982 Willie Nelson tour, stage production memorabilia and items from hosting her Willie’s Roadhouse segment Sundays With Seely on SiriusXM. Visitors will also see a replica of her star on the Music City Walk of Fame and the diploma for her Honorary Doctorate from Lincoln Memorial University, many personal photographs and Hatch Print posters documenting collaborations of performances on the Grand Ole Opry® and television specials, wardrobe selections and original 8-tracks, cassettes, vinyl records and so much more.

“What an honor to be featured in this wonderful exhibit space! I cannot thank Lisa Harless and all of her staff enough for allowing me to showcase some of the most memorable moments in my career so far!” exclaimed Jeannie Seely. “I am blessed beyond measure! I’m also grateful to the people who believed in me along the way and gave me all of these opportunities.”

“Regions Bank is excited to pay tribute to Jeannie and her incredible career as a Country music legend. Jeannie helped pave the way for today’s women of Country and she is still going strong,” stated Regions Bank Senior Vice President and Private Wealth Advisor – Lisa Harless.

“Jeannie Seely is a force to be reckoned with whether it’s on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, co-hosting the SOURCE Awards, or singing in front of her millions of fans,” added Kari Barnhart, wealth advisor for Regions Bank’s Entertainment and Sports Division. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide a showcase for such a wonderful entertainer and icon.”

The public is invited to visit the lobby and view the feature display during regular business hours at 1600 Division St., Suite 100, in Nashville. Masks are required, and visitors should practice social distancing. A sanitizing station is also available in the lobby area.

The Regions Entertainment and Sports Division is immersed in the entertainment industry, offering artists and business managers resources, personal service and market intelligence at every stage of their development. Regions’ professionals deliver a range of financial solutions for artists and business managers for everyday banking needs, as well as tour support, financial advising, publishing financing and royalty lending.


The Infamous Stringdusters Announce 2022 Tour.

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Nov 262021

Yeah, it’s pretty tough following all of these bands on 2022 tour announcements and all of the 275 festivals we report on here, and also catch up on all of the 2021 work we missed while taking care of our issues we had to step back over.

You can be sure to bet that it will take many hours of labor over the keyboard to catch up with everything I need to do on this website, but rest assured I am going to kill this job.

The Infamous Stringdusters have influenced me in my quest for total music knowledge for many, many years now.Their first three albums on the Sugar Hill label were three very influential albums for me. The Bloodshot label boasted many Roots albums that I loved, as well as a ton of the Jamgrass bands and Bluegrass bands like Split Lip Rayfield, and this band…The Stringdusters.

They have a new album hitting the market on February 18th and they have a new tour list being released today, and I wanted to touch on both here.

The Infamous Stringdusters Announce 2022 Toward the Fray Tour
Kicks off Jan. 20 with Greensky Bluegrass,
Dustbowl Revival supporting west coast leg
Presale Live Now, On-sale Thursday, Nov. 4 at 10am PT via (headlining dates only) and Friday, Nov. 5 at 10am ET for Greensky dates
Hot on the heels of the new record announcement (Toward the Fray releasing Feb. 18) made last month by Grammy and IBMA award-winners The Infamous Stringdusters, the band is pleased to also announce a January through April tour of the same name. Truly coast to coast, the band will kick off on Jan. 20 in Albany, NY with good friends Greensky Bluegrass, touring through most of the east coast and into parts of the midwest and southeast. Dustbowl Revival will hop on towards the end of March to make several stops in California, wrapping the 4 month tour in Seattle, Washington on April 9th. Pre-sales are, as of today, on-sale for headlining dates. General on-sale starts Thursday, Nov. 4 at 10 am PT. Please visit for more information and to purchase tickets.
Toward the Fray, the band’s first release of original music since 2019’s Rise Sun, will be released on February 18th, 2022 on Americana Vibes via Regime Music Group. Fans can now listen to the first single, “Toward The Fray” right here and digitally pre-order or pre-save Toward the Fray now at this link. The Dusters also designed a plethora of new merchandise to celebrate both the tour and release of Toward the Fray—including, but not limited to, a Stringdusters North Face jacket, limited edition colored vinyl, and an adorable Toward the Fray teddy bear. Pre-order all of these and more at the Infamous Stringdusters online store.
Want to ring in the new year with ‘em? The Stringdusters will be returning to The National in Richmond, VA for a 3-night New Years Eve run. The band will be joined by special guests Sam Bush on Dec. 30 and Keller Williams on Jan. 1, while the Dec. 31 show is billed as a 3-set “Evening With…”. Tickets are currently on sale through
More About The Infamous Stringdusters: The Infamous Stringdusters is a progressive acoustic/bluegrass band, who first emerged in 2006, consisting of members Andy Hall (dobro), Chris Pandolfi (banjo), Andy Falco (guitar), Jeremy Garrett (fiddle), and Travis Book (bass). The Dusters won three awards at the IBMAs in October 2007 for Emerging Artist of the Year, Album of the Year (for Fork in the Road), and Song of the Year for the album’s title track. The band was also nominated at the IBMAs in 2017 for Entertainer of the Year. In 2011, “Magic No. 9” (from Things That Fly) was nominated for the Best Country Instrumental Performance at the 2011 Grammys, while in 2018 the band won the Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album for Laws of Gravity.

Record Store Day Black Friday Lists.

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Nov 252021






It’s time once again for every music lover to finish digesting their food, and start taking a peek at all of the lists  for their RSD picks for tomorrow.

Since its inception, Black Friday has turned the day after Thanksgiving into the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Traditionally, Black Friday has been about super-cheap prices on mass-produced goods and primarily takes place in malls and big box stores. But we really like the idea of a shopping season, especially when that shopping is all about, at its heart, a way to show the people you like that you like them. (And a way for them to show you, too. Gift-GETTING is also awesome!)

We work year-round to shine a light on the independent businesses in your local community that sell you records and other things that make you happy, make you smile, make you sing, bring you comfort, bring people together (with proper safety protocols in place, of course!). This year that has felt more important than ever, as local businesses of all kinds face unprecedented challenges, and we’ve been so happy to see how you’ve all supported them. Everything you find in a record store (or on a record store’s website) would make a great gift for someone, so in this year when the holiday season may be a little strange, but also a little special, and it may feel even better to wrap up and give a little something to someone, helping record stores be a part of that ‘shopping season’ makes more sense to us than ever.

There are artists, labels, managers and distribution companies who feel the same, and we’ve put together a list of titles for that season that will be available at participating record stores. They come out on Black Friday (this year 11/26) but may be available at record stores throughout the rest of the year, because record stores are the best place to go with a Holiday Wish List.

Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday are different events, and you can find out more about that on our RSD BLACK FRIDAY FAQ
The List of special releases is below, in a WEBSITE form where you can search and get more information, and a PDF that you can print out and use as a Wish List or Shopping Guide.


RSD BF 2020 - The List

Click For Web List Click For PDF List


There are three categories on our List:

EXCLUSIVES: These titles are physically released only at indie record stores.
RSD FIRST: These titles are found first at indie record stores but may be released to other retailers or webstores at some point in the future.
SMALL RUN/REGIONAL TITLES: These titles are either regionally based and sold at specific stores, or are press runs under 1000, which means they may be harder to find at record stores around the country. (If a title is regionally based and is not available throughout the country, it will say that in the description. The majority of titles on this section of the List are there because they have a limited run.)


*Some titles have moved from 11/26 and will be coming to record stores on another date. Find out more HERE

*Record Store Day does not give or sell the releases to participating stores. Each indie record store makes their own buying decisions and may choose to bring in some titles and not others.

*The titles on the RSD Black Friday list are limited in number, as are most things created for special time periods or exclusive to certain retailers. This means a store may not get all copies they wanted or that a store may sell out of a release before you are able to purchase it. (NOTE: This is the US website for Record Store Day. The pressing runs listed on our site are the number available in the US.  Worldwide numbers are sometimes found in the description of a specific title, when we are given that information.)

*The List of titles may change. Titles may be added, titles may drop off, information may be amended. We will update the List as changes are made.

*Record Store Day does not own or produce the releases (with the exception of those we create ourselves.) The information on each title has been provided to us by labels and distributors and is correct to the best of our knowledge.

*Black Friday, for better or worse, is traditionally an American “thing”. Many other countries are celebrating the kick-off to the holiday season, though and many record stores in those countries may have some of these releases. Check with your local record store if you’re not in the US. (NOTE: for all kinds of reasons, some titles may be offered and available in some countries but not others. Record Store Day has no control over that.)

Jeannie Seely And Jack Greene Album To Be Released.

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Nov 252021
Together Again Artwork
As a HUGE Country Music fan and a collector, one of the largest collections of memorabilia I have is that of Mr. Jack Greene ( including his tenure with Miss Jeannie Seely ).  In fact, I have one of the largest collections of Jack Greene items in the state of Kentucky, and I am told I have one of a kind items that nobody else in the world has I bought from his estate.
Many of the items I acquired before his death he came to see through social media, however he was suffering from dementia, and I’m not totally sure he understood what he was being shown. I have a plethora of pictures and letters of his band the Jolly Greene Giants as well.
The fact that someone out there cares enough to do this makes my heart swell up with joy that I cannot write in words here. Here is the official press release:
No photo description available.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 15, 2021) — Jeannie Seely and Jack Greene Together Again has been released to retail and digital music platforms today by Country Rewind Records, who has established a well-known tradition of bringing unreleased traditional country music into the contemporary country era. This album consists of recordings made exclusively for radio broadcast and, although some song titles may be familiar, these specific recordings have never before been commercially available. The original master tapes were rescued by Country Rewind’s president and executive producer Tom Gramuglia and put in the safe hands of producer Paul Martin who brought the recordings up to twenty-first century audio quality. Mastering  was provided by engineer Mick Conley with overdubs, remix, additional guitars, bass, drums and keys by Paul Martin. Background vocals for the project were sung by Nora Lee Allen, Jamie Allen Martin and Paul Martin. Stream and download Jeannie Seely and Jack Greene – Together Again on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Pandora and your favorite digital music platforms here.

“I was thrilled that these recordings were still in existence and that they would be available to the public once again,” said an excited Jeannie Seely when she heard that these long-forgotten tapes had been re-discovered. “I was so thrilled to hear I would be working with Paul Martin on this project, ” Paul Martin is not only one of the nicest guys you could ever know, but he is absolutely brilliant musically. I knew this would be fine-tuned to be the best it could possibly be, and he didn’t disappoint. I’m also proud to call him and his family close personal friends.”

Seely added, “It will always be special to remember the years Jack and I worked together with an incredible group of musicians,” she said. “We were both excited to carry on the traditions of country music, but also to update our sound and presentation to expand the limits as far as we could. The friendships we formed with each other, and our fans, are treasures. These recordings brought back wonderful memories of that very busy time in my career,” added Seely. “This also reminded me that we really did have a great sound and a great show, as these are the arrangements that we used in our live stage shows.”

“It was an honor to work on this particular project,” said Martin. “Jeannie and Jack have always been two of my musical heroes. I am grateful that I have gotten to know them through the years. Growing up working with my parents’ country band in the 70s, I performed many of the songs you will hear on this project with my folks back then. These songs seem so familiar, but they also show just why these two artists are true legends. It always takes a great song, but combined with 2 great singers, you get a timeless piece of art.”

Country Rewind Records has dedicated itself to bring classic country with this contemporary feel to not only the past country fans but also to the new country listeners.

Jeannie Seely and Jack Greene – Together Again Track List

  1. Mr. Record Man (Willie Nelson)
  2. There Goes My Everything (Dallas Frazier)
  3. Our Chain Of Love (Willie Nelson)
  4. Don’t Touch Me (Hank Cochran)
  5. All The Time (Lonnie Melvin “Mel” Tillis; Wayne P. Walker)
  6. Wish I Didn’t Have To Miss You (Dave Kirby; Hank Cochran)
  7. Love Takes Care Of Me (Jimmy Peppers)
  8. Welcome Home To Nothing (Hank Cochran)
  9. Love Is No Excuse (Justin Tubb)
  10. Enough To Lie (Jeannie Seely)
  11. Please Be My New Love (Hank Cochran)
  12. The Great Speckled Bird / It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels Medley (Reverend Guy Smith; J.D. Miller)
  13. There’s A Whole Lot About A Woman (A Man Don’t Know) (Bill Eldridge; Gary Stewart; Walter Haynes)
  14. Help Me Make It Through The Night (Kris Kristofferson)
  15. Sidewalks Of Chicago (Dave Kirby)

Stay current with Country Rewind Records on their website and social media platform Facebook.

About Country Rewind Records:
Country Rewind Records (CRR) was founded by Thomas Gramuglia of Hindsight Records in 2014, Gramuglia obtained a treasure chest of unreleased recordings from recruitment radio shows from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The superb CRR collection of original master recordings contains music from more than 100 country music legends and trendsetters (including intimate performances by country music greats such as Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Connie Smith, Faron Young, Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty and many more). These recordings were never released for commercial use. After a diligent quest to collect appropriate and legal permissions from artists and/or their estates, CRR has now recorded and produced multiple, quintessential, “must-hear” projects. With the mission to transfer these never-heard-before tracks to a high quality, state-of-the-art recording; complemented by contemporary instrumentation and background vocals, Country Rewind Records will release this historical American music to America’s music generations of the future. For more information, visit

Asleep At The Wheel – Half A Hundred Years.

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Nov 242021
Half a Hundred Years

I wanted to first write a few things about this epic band here, called Asleep At The Wheel, and how they are relevant to me today. Throughout their extensive career ( which like the title states, has indeed been 50 years long ) this band has boasted an ever rotating stable of talented musicians. Many bands like them have had that same format as well, like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and The Time Jumpers.

Anybody that considers themselves a jannisary of Texas Country Music knows to site them as forefathers of the genre, as well as the fact that Mr. Ray Benson is a walking, talking encyclopedia of local Texas music!  He hosts a video show called “Texas Music Scene” where you can learn about some fantastic bands coming from the Texas area ( and some from Oklahoma as well ).

Some of my favorite periods of theirs was with Miss Cindy Cashdollar on steel ( which was 1992 – 2002 ), and the one album that Mr. Junior Brown did with them called “Pasture Prime” in 1986. However on this new album a few old members have returned to embellish this album to greatness. There have been so many lineups and variations to their roster, yet they always sounded perfect.

My dear friends, I cannot express my love for Mr. Ray Benson and what this beloved band means to me as a man. I mean, next week I will be 52, and I cannot count how many times I sat in my room as a kid, and get lost in this band’s albums. Music like this raised me and it heavily influenced me, and I believe I am a loving and responsible man because of this music.

This newest album offers a metric ton of guest appearances and some old members have returned for a limited time appearance for this project. Many of the songs on this album are previous hits, however the title track is a new song, and there are a few other ones new. Here is the official press release:

Asleep At The Wheel To Release New Studio Album Half A Hundred Years
Featuring Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, George Strait, Lee Ann Womack, Lyle Lovett, and more; Hear title track “Half A Hundred Years” now
August 6, 2021 – Austin, TX – There’s no mistaking the pride in the voice of long time Asleep at the Wheel front man, Ray Benson, when he sings “Start the jam, roll one up, and ice another beer. I’ll tip my hat and raise a toast to half a hundred years.” The revelrous, to put it lightly, refrain of “Half A Hundred Years” is the icing on the birthday cake for Benson and his band who are ringing in their 50th anniversary with a brand new album on October 1st, 2021. Sharing a name with this first single, Half A Hundred Years is a nineteen-track celebration of Asleep At The Wheel’s half-century-long career, filled out by a number of world-class friends of the band; a guest-list testament to Asleep at the Wheel’s reputation as a cornerstone of American music for the last 50 years. Greats like Willie Nelson, George Strait, Emmylou Harris, Lee Ann Womack, and Lyle Lovett appear throughout Half A Hundred Years on a host of classic and destined-to-be-classic Western Swing and Country tunes. Fans can listen to “Half A Hundred Years” now at this link and pre-order or pre-save Half A Hundred Years ahead of its release on Home Records in partnership with Thirty Tigers right here.
“I went over to the ACL stage to see Jamey Johnson,” says Benson, recalling the spark that led to this new song. “I told him ‘Ya know it’s Asleep at the Wheel’s 50th anniversary!’ He looked at me and said, ‘That’s Half a Hundred years!’” Benson knows a great song title when he hears one, so he went home and got to writing. “I was trying to get across the sacrifices you have to make in 50 years on the road and the other positive side of it. The great experiences, the places I’ve been, and all the amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and play music with.” The sentiment comes across swimmingly, with a grooving rhythm section and incredibly tight horn arrangements dancing around Benson’s familiar, friendly voice.
From day one, Benson and Asleep at the Wheel set out to bear a torch and carry the roots of American popular music into the future. 50 years later, and they’re still walking that same road. This is most evident in their cover of Bob Wills’ classic “Take Me Back To Tulsa,” the first Bob Wills song Asleep at the Wheel recorded way back in 1972. This time around, the band is joined by fellow Bob Wills and Western Swing aficionados, George Strait and Willie Nelson. Benson jokes, “To me it doesn’t get more Texan than George, Willie, and Asleep at the Wheel doin’ a Bob Wills classic!” And he’s not wrong, though Asleep at the Wheel doing their classic “The Letter That Johnny Walker Read” with Lee Ann Womack—the very next track on Half A Hundred Years—is a close contender. Additionally, three original members of Asleep at the Wheel—Chris O’Connell, Leroy Preston, and Lucky Oceans—returned after 4o years to lend their voices and musicianship to a number of tracks on Half A Hundred Years.
When it’s all said and done, Half A Hundred Years is a reminder for one to take ownership and care of the things they love, just as Ray Benson has cherished, polished, built, and rebuilt Asleep at the Wheel, and to some extent, the history and future of Western Swing music—even when the odds were stacked against him. “The one reason that I kept going,” Benson says, “is that every week a fan would come up and be so appreciative, saying, ‘Don’t ever stop. You’re the only band that goes out on the road and does this old, cool music.’ That’s when I knew it was more than just a living–that I was blessed with caretaking a form of music.”
Half A Hundred Years Tracklist:
Half A Hundred Years
It’s The Same Old South feat. Chris O’Connell
I Do What I Must feat. Leroy Preston
There You Go Again feat. Lyle Lovett
My Little Baby feat. Chris O’Connell
Paycheck To Paycheck feat. Leroy Preston
Word To The Wise feat. Bill Kirchen
That’s How I Remember It feat. Chris O’Connell
The Photo feat. Leroy Preston
I Love You Most Of All (When You’re Not Here) feat. Lucky Oceans
The Wheel Boogie
Take Me Back To Tulsa feat. George Strait and Willie Nelson
The Letter That Johnny Walker Read feat. Lee Ann Womack
Bump Bounce Boogie Feat. Chris O’Connell, Elizabeth McQueen, & Katie Shore
Miles And Miles Of Texas
Get Your Kicks On Route 66 Feat. Leroy Preston, Johnny Nicholas, & Ray Benson
Marie Feat. Willie Nelson
Spanish Two Step Feat. Johnny Gimble And Jesse Ashlock
The Road Will Hold Me Tonight Feat. Emmylou Harris And Willie Nelson
About Asleep at the Wheel: Founded in 1970, Asleep at the Wheel has been part of the American roots music landscape for more than 50 years. Although the band got its start on a farm in Paw Paw, West Virginia, Asleep at the Wheel became a cornerstone of the Austin, Texas, scene upon its arrival in 1973. Inspired by Western swing and honky-tonk country, the band has accrued 10 Grammy Awards. In the fall, a career retrospective recorded with the current lineup and a few special guests will carro the band back onto the road, where they’ve remained a staple for five decades.

WinterWonderGrass Colorado Announces Headlining Acts.

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Nov 212021

Here at Gary Hayes Country, we follow over 275 festivals nationwide each year. 2022 is proving to be an outstanding year for many up and coming bands, and I am going to talk about many of them throughout the end of the year, and into the new year.

I am very excited to be finally writing and researching again, and I’m going to be traveling to new places in the next few years in order to achieve my new goals. One of the festivals out west I have not attended yet, but report on heavily is the entire package of WinterWonderGrass events.

In February, this event will hit the Steamboat Colorado area, and it has announced several of the main headlining acts via email. Grammy award winning Bluegrass giants The Travelin’ McCourrys have been added to the ever growing list of big names.

From a source deep, abundant, and pure the river flows.  It’s there on the map, marking place and time. Yet, the river changes as it remains a constant, carving away at the edges, making new pathways, gaining strength as it progresses forward.  The Travelin’ McCourys are that river.
Two more headliners and plenty more acts will be announced over the next five months. We are sold out of VIP and close on GA, so if you are planning to join us, grab those tickets. You can sign up for the VIP WAITLIST HERE.

The mountain top dinner takes place on Thursday, February 24, at the top of the Thunderhead Gondola. Only 175 tickets are available for this special night of music and gourmet family-style food. 

My good friends over at The Tejon Street Corner Thieves have been making quite a name for themselves lately, and they have a new album dropping early next year. I have been watching them from afar for my own enjoyment, and to report on what they have gong on for my readers.

See, these guys really and truly did begin their journey on the streets busking for spare change, and playing for anybody that will listen. Despite all of the hardships life has thrown at them, this band is continuing to overcome the odds and play on.

Now in the present day, these gentlemen are displayed proudly on many headlining posters with the likes of names like Miss Sierra Hull! THIS IS WHY I do this website job, so that I can watch all of these bands evolve on their own terms.

Speaking of artists doing it on their own terms, they are currently doing some shows with two others that are doing it on the streets as well. Those two are Amigo The Devil and IV And The Strange Band, both of whom I will be reporting more on later.


We have been working hard to bring Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real into the WinterWonderGrass community for several years, and finally, the stars have aligned. I had the opportunity to promote Lukas over 10 years ago at State Bridge.

After spending a little time with him, I learned that he was not only an incredible musician with a stellar band, but he was a kind and thoughtful human—the exact kind of folks we love working with and welcoming into our community. I always love watching a new act take the WWG stage for the first time, and I know POTR’s headlining set is going to just blow minds. This gathering just can not come soon enough!

  • Coast to Coast tickets on sale (Includes GA pass for both CO and CA plus a spot on the Tram Jam)
  • Dec 10th – 11th – Caravan to WonderGrass shows at Cervantes in Denver, featuring The Travelin McCourys and Grateful Ball
  • Dec 15th – WWG California schedule and very limited single days on sale
  • Jan 5th – WWG Colorado Grass After Dark announce and on sale
  • Jan 19th – WWG California Grass After Dark announce and on sale
  • Feb 25th – 27th – WWG Colorado
  • April 1st – 3rd – WWG California
  • May 11th – Sept 11th – RiverWonderGrass

Lefty Frizzell To Be Inducted Into Texas Songwriters’ Hall Of Fame.

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Nov 202021

One of the many Country Music legends I have studied through the years quite ardently has always been Mr. Lefty Frizzell. People often site Mr. Hank Williams as one of the more popular heroes of the Honky Tonk movement, and the greatest songwriter of all time in Country Music. Now, even though Hank wrote more commercially popular songs and charted higher than Lefty Frizzell, the stories of Lefty Frizzell resonate louder with my interest.

He had so many personal demons that inhibited his professional growth, and his health as well, however he still held a significant relevance to the history of Country Music. He took a signature blend of Texas country, with a special vocal delivery, and formed an identity only he could have done.

I am also a huge fan of the songs he wrote, and I love the songs that Mr. Dallas Frazier wrote. But all in all, I am more interested in the crazy stories that fill all of the books and the brains of those that still remember him.

Texas Heritage Songwriters' Association
Texas Songwriters Hall of Fame Weekend will return to Austin, February 11-12, 2022
Austin, Texas — The Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Association (Texas Songwriters) is pleased to announce its 2022 Hall of Fame class of inductees: Lefty Frizzell, Nanci Griffith, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Mark James.

Celebrating the songwriting achievements of this latest class, the 2022 Texas Songwriters Hall of Fame Weekend will return to Austin, February 11-12, 2022. The organization also announces a new brand identity with a refreshed logo and new website at

Hall of Fame Inductees

Lefty Frizzell:
Texas’ self-styled culture is unique in ways that are respected and envied worldwide, and so is its songwriting. William Orville “Lefty” Frizzell is considered one of the most influential performers in country music history. Many country greats, including Merle Haggard, George Jones, and George Strait, have paid homage to this Corsicana native. His major success came between 1950 and 1954, when he scored five number one country hits and a further ten top ten entries, including “If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time,” “I Love You A Thousand Ways,” and “I Want To Be With You Always and Always Late (With Your Kisses).” In 1972, Frizzell was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, and his song “If You’ve Got the Money (I’ve Got the Time)” earned him the Grammy Hall of Fame Award. In 1982 Frizzell was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Nanci Griffith:
Born in Seguin and raised in Austin, Nanci Griffith is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, winning Best Contemporary Folk Album for Other Voices, Other Rooms. With over twenty albums released, some of her greatest hits include Kathy Mattea’s cover of “Love at the Five and Dime” and Suzy Bogguss’s hit with “Outbound Plane.” Griffith was awarded the Kate Wolf Memorial Award by the World Folk Music Association in 1995, and in 2008 the Americana Music Association awarded her its Lifetime Achievement Trailblazer Award.

Samuel John “Lightnin'” Hopkins:
Samuel John “Lightnin'” Hopkins was an American country blues singer-songwriter from Centerville, who performed for over six decades, recording more albums than any other blues musician over 30 years. Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Hopkins as one of the Top 100 guitarists of all time. In addition, he scored a series of national R&B hits with “Shotgun Blues,” “Short Haired Woman,” “Abilene,” and “Big Mama Jump.” The Texas troubadour appeared as one of the last great country bluesmen in the acclaimed 1967 documentary, “The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins,” a tribute to his musicianship and study of the blues. In 1980, Hopkins was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame.

Mark James:
Mark James is an American songwriter who has written hits for singers B.J. Thomas, Brenda Lee, and Elvis Presley, including Thomas’ “Hooked On A Feeling,” and Presley’s last US number one hit single, “Suspicious Minds.” A native of Houston, James’ greatest success came with “Always on My Mind,” a collaboration that won a Grammy for both Song of the Year and Best Country Song with Willie Nelson’s version cut nearly a decade later. In 2015, James was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.


About Us

Our Texas songwriters, past and present, reflect in rhythm and rhyme the essence of our state’s culture. The mission of the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Association, in the interest of Texas cultural preservation, is to honor and celebrate Texas songwriters who have played an essential role in defining and interpreting Texas’ distinctive culture.

We recognize Texas as a special place. Even its shape is iconic, serving as a symbol of independence, friendship, strength, pride, risk-taking, firsts, and bests.

Texas’ self-styled culture is unique in ways that are respected and envied around the world. Therefore, it is incumbent on each generation to maintain this rich heritage for generations to come.

Our 501(c)3 organization was formed in 2005, inspired by University of Texas football coach Darrel K Royal’s love for songs and the songwriters. First conceptualized on the back of a napkin at Hills Cafe in Austin, our flourishing organization now produces a Hall of Fame Weekend of tributes, performances, and ceremonies, including a private, sponsor-only DKR Pickin’ Party at the Bullock Texas History Museum, an After Pick at Hotel Ella, and a public Hall of Fame Awards Show at Austin’s Paramount Theatre.

My Memories Of Mr. Lucky Chucky.

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Nov 142021

For the last two years, I have taken a little ( and much much needed ) time off to tend to some personal issues, and I am a little behind on many things I wanted to write about that have recently transpired in the music world.  I had to approach several of these articles from a different perspective, because many of the subjects have been covered by so many other websites already, however I guarantee you one thing: Nobody will cover the situation like me.

For me, it began back on a bitter cold mountain weekend in Altamont Tennessee, where I was working on the website, at a benefit festival for a motorcycle crash victim. For many of the bands on that roster that weekend, I had never encountered their live show, and the Dallas Moore band was one of them.

Now I’ll be honest, before going up there I had heard of The Dallas Moore Band, and I knew their immense contributions to the Ohio local music scene. For many years prior to this Mr. Chuck and all of the members of the band embellished the local music community with their intense guitar driven Country and Southern Rock blend.

Before coming up to Altamont, I had never encountered the Dallas Moore band or him solo, which at Altamont he was solo. At that time I had still not met Mr. Chuck Morpurgo, or any of the band members, however that event certainly cultivated his expansion into a larger national territory in the United States…and more of a fan base. Their years and years of intense hard work, and dedication to their craft solidified them into the halls of my website, where they have a permanent home here.

Even though Mr. Chuck was not present the first time I met Mr. Dallas, I was immediately an admirer of his guitar work on the albums that I bought there. At the time of that event his current album was “Blessed Be The Bad Ones”, from 2013. This band of heathens has been weaving a pathway for so many others to follow in the independent music scene for many years to come.

From that moment on, I honestly do not recall ever seeing Dallas Moore WITHOUT Mr. Lucky Chucky beside him. I finally got to meet him, and sit and talk with him at places like Bobby Mackey’s in Kentucky or several places in Nashville. I have witnessed their magic in Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas and so many other states I cannot recall all of them.

Mr. Chuck Morpurgo was the only member of his band that had played on EVERY recording that Mr. Dallas Moore and the Dallas Moore Band ( AKA The Snatch Wranglers ) ever released. Throughout their lives together, the two were absolutely inseparable. And through the years, as I got to cover the band more, I got to know the band better as people and friends.

Everything that had happened to The Dallas Moore Band…happened to Mr. Lucky Chucky as well. This bond they had going together was a precise paragon of some of the bonds that existed in years past with other duos that remind me of Mr. Buck Owens and Mr. Don Rich.

Their unique way of juxtaposing their talents to formulate such a different sound to an age old recipe of what they call “Outlaw Country”, is another way to understand just how ardently Mr. Chucky loved his heroes The Allman Brothers Band. That was overly evident when they would play a precise version of “Whipping Post” on many of the shows I went to. When I would cover their sets, I would watch him…I mean REALLY watch him, and how much care he placed into his technique and his presentation of each note, each bend and each riff he did.

Neither he or Mr. Dallas tried to outshine one another or compete with one another, in the years that I knew him, and they were together. I had many opportunities to sit and talk with him, have meals with him, and just be friends. I never even knew he was a cancer patient, because he never spoke of unfortunate events with me in person. It was always happy greetings, quick handshakes and positive outlooks in life, and I don’t recall him ever having a negative attitude.

Even when I could easily tell he was road weary, and hungry, he was always kind and attentive to conversation. He CARED about the fans, he CARED about the music and he CARED about Mr. Dallas and the ENTIRE band. His absence not only leaves a big blow to local music, but to me as a fan as well.  His sound and his demeanor will forever be etched into my heart, and I’m blessed to have gotten to expose my own daughter to his guitar playing.

Major List Of 2022 Music Festivals.

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Nov 092021

I am especially looking forward to continuing this website in full force by 2022. All of my personal issues have been tackled with rigorous aggression these past two years, and I have overcame victoriously. So now my dear friends, please include all of the wonderful articles I have out now going forward into 2022!

I have piles and piles of notes and events to write about, and FULL notebooks with show notes from all over the United States. I have no plans to quit working for music, and I have plans to continue to study the history of music overall.

My dear friends it is time to look forward to the KILLER lineups and surprises that all of these festivals have in store for us as fans. ALL OF THESE festivals will be updated and will have THEIR OWN articles, complete with maps and info you need to fully enjoy that particular one.

Right now the names of the festival will be linked directly to their webpage, but as I make each individual article the link will change to direct you to that particular event. You can rest assured that I will be working ardently to bring you the BEST coverage of local music and independent festivals nationwide.

As of today, I have released news on Merlefest in North Carolina, and also High Sierra festival on the opposite side of the country. We got the Wooks releasing a new album in 2022, and playing on the Rooster Walk festival in 2022.

30A Songwriter’s Festival – January 14th-17th
WinterWonderGrass – Feb 25-27th
Best Little Cowboy Gathering – March 10th – 12th
Luck Reunion – March 17th
Suwannee Spring Reunion – March 17th -20th
Heart Of Texas Music Festival – March 17th – 26th
Charleston Bluegrass Festival – March 18th and 19th
Baltimore Old Time Fest – March 18th – 19th
Outlaws And Legends – March 25th and 26th
Bluegrass Heritage Festival – April 8th-10th
James Wimmer Bristol Bluegrass Spring Fest – April 8th and 9th
Viva Las Vegas – April 14-17th

Old Settler’s Music Festival – April 21st – 24th
Moon Crush Pink Moon Festival – April 21st – 24th
Crawfish Music Festival – April 20th – 24th
Cottonfest – April 21st – 23rd
Bluebird Music Festival – April 23rd and 24th
Highwater Festival – April 23rd -24th
Larry Joe Taylor Festival– April 25th – 30th
Charm City Bluegrass – April 29th – 30th
Calf Fry – April 28th – 30th
Stagecoach Festival – April 29th – May 1st
Red Dirt Bbq Festival – May 7th
Nashville Boogie – May 20th – 22nd
Rooster Walk – May 26th-29th
DelFest – May 26th-29th
PaPa Joe’s Banjobque – May 28th – 29th
Forecastle Festival – May 27th-29th
John Hartford Memorial – June 1st – 4th

Lost Sierra Hoedown – June 2nd – 5th
Camp Greensky – June 2nd – 4th
Ogden Music Festival – June 3rd – 5th
Pondstock At Lake Hedtke – June 9th – 11th
Bill Monroe Memorial Bluegrass Festival – June 10th – 18th
Pagosa Folk N’ Bluegrass – June 10 – 12th
Palisade Bluegrass And Roots Festival – June 10th – 12th
Laurel Cove music Festival – June 10th and 11th
Moccasin Creek Music Festival – June 16th – 19th
Red Wing Music Festival – June 24th-26th
Blue Ox Music festival – June 23rd – 25th
ROMP Music Festival – June 22nd-25th
Blue Heron – July 1st-3rd
High Cierra Music Festival – June 30th – July 3rd
4848 Festival – July 7th – 9th
Under The Big Sky Festival – July 15th – 17th
Master Musicians Festival – July 15th – 17th
Roseberry Music Festival – July 14th – 16th
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival – July 14th – 17th
Redwood Ramble – July 14th – 17th
Winnipeg Folk Festival – July 14th – 17th
Wild Hare Country Festival – July 14th – 17th

Northwest String Summit– July 21st – 24rth
Oystergrass Bluegrass Festival – July 22nd – 23rd

Red Ants Pants – July 28th-31st
Pickathon – July 29th – 31st
Peacemaker Festival – July 29th and 30th

Floydfest – July 27th – 31st
Rockygrass – July 29th – 31st
Hinterland – August 5th-7th
Symco Hot Rod Weekender – August 12th – 14th
Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival – August 5th – 7th
Pickin In Parsons – August 2nd – 6th
Windy City Smokeout – August 4th-7th
Valley Fest – August 4th – 7th
Hoxeyville – August 19-21st
Podunk Music Festival – August 11-14th
Braun Brothers Reunion – August 11th – 13th
Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival – August 18th – 21st
Nelsonville – September 2nd-4rth
Americanafest – Sept 13th – 18th
Moondance Festival – September 17th
Freshgrass – Sept – 23rd-25th
Fayetteville Roots Festival – August – 25th – 27th
Park City Song Summit – Sept 8th-11th
Bristol Rhythm And Roots – September 9th – 11th
Walnut Valley Festival – Sept 14th – 18th
Pickin’ In The Pines – 16th – 18th
New England Shake Up – Sept 23rd-25th
Whispering Beard folk Fest – September 23rd – 24th
Vine Grove Bluegrass Festival – September 21st – 24th
Firewater Music Festival – Spetember 29th-October 1st
Mempho Music Festival – September 30th – October 2nd
Moonshiner’s Ball – October 6th – 9th
Austin City Limits Festival – October 7 – 9 and 14th-16th
Austin String Band Festival – October 14th – 16th
Bluegrass Island Music Festival – October 20th – 22nd
Wildwood Songwriter’s Festival – November 6th

The Country Music Hall Of Fame NEEDS US Right Now!

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Oct 302021

The music industry is finally getting back to where people like me can go and enjoy live music again, festivals were actually functioning again, and museums and other like minded attractions re opened.  There are so many venues that need our support, and my list that you can read here supports a huge list of venues and bands that need our support. Go to the shows, buy stuff and make sure you let the bands know you appreciate them!

I have taken the past two years on a hiatus to mend some personal issues, and to help my daughter out in life. One of the many things I have showed her about my world, is the world of Country Music. Where did it come from? Who brought it forth? Where is it going in the future? How can she help proliferate this wonderful genre?

Right now, the Country Music Hall Of Fame needs our donations and our attendance in order to maintain their mission to preserve the items that adorn the halls of this heavenly place, and the people that have been embraced in the past by being inducted.

Next year, the museum will be inducting Mr. Pete Drake, Mr. Eddie Bayers, The Judds, and the great Mr. Ray Charles. There will be a huge presentation to them and their kinfolk, at the museum next year. Additionally, the museum also contains so many cherished and integral exhibits, that anyone can walk away very enriched in knowledge.

This video features some of our favorite Country stars of today as they play some of the instruments from the exhibit cases, that were once prominently played by their heroes of the past.  You know, I really don’t care for much of Mr. Tim McGraw’s music…but as he held that guitar that belonged to Mr. Keith Whitley, and he played “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, you can easily FEEL the amount of respect and love he has for his hero.

This video has Mr. Ricky Skaggs playing that iconic mandolin that was proudly boasted by Mr. Bill Monroe, while Mr. Marty Stuart played a guitar made famous by Mr. Lester Flatt and Mr. Earl Scruggs banjo was also played.

Friends, you MUST WATCH this wonderful video here and enjoy all of these songs that continue to inspire future generations of Country Music and Bluegrass fans. But also fans of the Bakersfield Era, the Outlaw Era, or any other Era for that matter….and PLEASE make a donation. Here’s how !

I usually make it a point to visit the museum once every three months or so, and I always take a pile of Kleenex with me, for when I get choked up! You will get to see the EXACT studio that Mr. Guy Clark had in his home, re set up in the Hall Of Fame, as Mr. Rodney Crowell played his signature guitar in it.

In closing, to be honest the pinnacle of the entire video for me was the song Miss Ashley McBryde played by Loretta Lynn, on the very guitar that she was given by her husband Doolittle.  Man, her voice is so honest and so full of range I could listen to her sing acoustic all night!

Shame On You For Closing The Mercy Lounge.

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Oct 272021

I haven’t had the opportunity to write and operate my website as often as I used to, and there is so so much to write about all over the Nashville spectrum (and so many other different music communities ) that I have had a truly hard time keeping up.  One day soon, I will get it all back on track here!

Generally speaking, I really wanted to touch on a few things that have happened around Nashville in the past few months ( some good and some bad ). There may be a few future articles after this one concerning a few of these issues on here.

I moved down here in 1997, near my birthday in November to pursue writing Country Music, and to pursue my own quest to acquire as much knowledge about Country Music as I can….honestly all genres of music, but Country was always my favorite. See, at that time the internet was such a young fledgling thing, that it wasn’t a major part of society yet. We had to do things the old fashioned way by mail or word of mouth, and going out and beating the pavement!

Nashville was growing by leaps and bounds, with thousands moving here daily…but it had not suffered the results of corporate shit…yet. When I got down here to live, they took away one of the staples of Nashville that even Mr. Roy Acuff used to love, which was Opryland. To historians like myself, and to Country Music fans alike, Opryland was the epicenter of it all. It represented dignity and family orientated fun for all.

Alas, business and greed for more money resulted in the overall shit decision to remove the theme park with a mall nobody goes to. The Opry and all of it’s glorious attractions were bought up by Gaylord, and in the past the Opry itself suffered a long sickness of inducting pop country and mediocre bands into it’s membership.

However, lately the Opry has been listening and have inducted several new members that were of good quality, and has invited many more here lately that are decent. I have a bunch of articles coming up that are going to feature some of the new bands involved.

Then we had another debacle years ago where we tried like HELL to save the almighty Printer’s Alley..well we lost that one, and it was all replaced with high dollar expensive apartments. Apparently, it seems the ongoing thing in Nashville is to replace all of the music places with condos and weird bagel shops, and other pish posh boutiques and  cupcake stores.

They absolutely destroyed Music Row in today’s day and age, as I go down Demonbreoun and those adjoining streets, places like Bobby’s Idle Hour are now gone. All of the beer joints are slowly leaving and it’s changing the ambiance of the city to something else. All of the music shops are gone and they are all high dollar shit bars with fake moonshine and weird food.

But what inspired me to ultimately write this article was the recent announcement to ultimately close the original Mercy Lounge and the adjoining bars. Basically the lease is ending, and the firm that bought the property is not allowing them to re new the lease.

Todd Ohlhauser, the owner of the business, posted the following on their Twitter page:

“The Mercy Lounge complex will end its near 20 year run on Cannery Row at the end of May 2022. Our lease is ending and we will be relocating the venues to a new location, TBD. We hope to be back better than ever. Let’s make these last 8 months on Cannery Row the best ever!”

In October 2019, local businessman Zach Liff and New York City-based global real estate company Thor Equities Group paid $32 million for the Cannery complex. At the time, the company said in a press release it hoped to eventually add mixed-use buildings with a collective 500,000 square feet to the 2.8-acre site .Later, Liff bought out Thor.

However, the owner Mr. Chark Kinsolving has indeed opened a new music venue I have yet to check out called Eastside Bowl, which is the old Madison Bowl location. They have been featuring a plethora of good shows, and I’ll be doing more work for them soon.

The memories I have of all of those venues over at Cannery Row are too many to type in one article here. Man, I paid to see everyone from Cannibal Corpse to Dr. Dre there. I recently covered a Hillbilly Casino show there, I’m still working on right now, and had a good time.

Ultimately, this is basically a prelude article of what is to come and lamenting on what is gone in Nashville. I know…I know times must change and Nashville must “evolve” but it’s just getting ridiculous!

It’s Been A Good Two Years For Rhonda Vincent And The Rage.

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Oct 252021

This year, I took some time off to tend to personal issues, and as a result of this I have a HUGE PILE of albums to sift through, and finally get to feature this album on the website. However, as a fan I HAVE BEEN watching and listening to a bunch of familiar names in tons of genres. We cover such a wide and extensive array of genres, it’s difficult to catch up to them all….but I’m trying!

Bluegrass has it’s many Legends that are currently alive, and many of them are still active today including the mighty queen of Bluegrass Miss Rhonda Vincent. Her career has ( and still does ) span over four decades of Bluegrass, as well as solidifying many Country albums with her background vocals. In many interviews, she denounces the term “Queen of Bluegrass”, and designates that for Miss Wilma Lee Cooper instead.

This past year, she was finally inducted as a new member of the Grand Ol Opry, where she was invited by Mr. Dierks Bentley . This was a very important move for the Opry, as I have been delving into JUST WHO could be construed as their attempt to establish a new ilk of the ” Grand Ladies Of The Opry”. Her passion for the preservation of the historical aspect of Country and Bluegrass, easily solidifies her presence on the Opry stage as an integral foundation of both genres.

She had another accolade here recently, where she was the last host of the ever popular Midnite Jamboree as it was in the Troubador Theater, and returned to it’s original location….the Broadway location of Ernest Tubb Record Shops.

She has rarely ever altered her classic Bluegrass sound or her well known progressive Bluegrass chords, and this album is no exception. This album opens with her classic angelic vocals…man those smooth notes she hits on the song “What Ain’t To Be Just Might Happen”, which is a Porter Wagoner song, and album title from 1972.

To me, the fact that she holds true to the basic old time Bluegrass format while adding her own signature modern approach to the overall delivery of the music shows the secret behind her staying power. But I am going to share with you one of my own passions in life, and that is giving ALL my praise to my personal savior, Jesus Christ.

She does that with the title song “Music’s What I See”, she hit the nail right smack on the head with the story of a blind man who makes references to the many classic Country Songs of time past. He shares what he sees in his mind, when he hears those songs of old, like many of us all do. I have a HUGE level of respect for her for giving praise to him on the title of her album, through music.

However the absolute pinnacle of this album is easily the middle song called “Like I Could” penned by Miss Erin Enderlin, Miss Jeannie Seely, and Mr. Bobby Tomberlin. I’m telling all of you, if you do not know the name Erin Enderlin, you need to click her name and research her music, and her contributions to writing. That young lady embellishes Country Music in every way possible, and I hold her in HIGH regard.

The expert banjo of Aaron McDaris, fiddle of Hunter Berry, Josh Williams’ acoustic guitar and Jeff Partin’s Dobro, complimented by Mickey Harris’ rock-steady upright bass make up the current lineup of “The Rage”, her backup band. This band truly shows some unrivaled harmonies on the covid parody song “I Ain’t Been Nowhere”, which is a reverse of “I Been Everywhere”.  Trust me, this song was cleverly written and is hilarious.

Rhonda Vincent’s New Album ‘Music Is What I See’ Available Now
Rhonda Vincent - 'Music Is What I See' - Available May 28

Vincent Recently Featured In, Wide Open Country, Taste of Country, Newsmax and More

“For an example of a modern maven with constant fan support and a sustained level of musical excellence, look no further than the Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent.”  – Wide Open Country

“I Ain’t Been Nowhere” is a lyrical look at the pandemic-riddled year of 2020, bursting with specifics and anecdotes that will cement the song as a snapshot of this crazy time for years and years to come.”  – Taste Of Country

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Multi-award-winning bluegrass artist and Grand Ole Opry member Rhonda Vincent’s new album ‘Music Is What I See,’ is available now! Although this record was slated for an earlier release, due to the events of 2020, Vincent used this time off to focus on every detail, creating the perfect mixture of bluegrass and country. Vincent’s high-spirited energy is clearly present through her soaring vocals, blend of new tunes, and fresh arrangements of classics such as the first-ever recorded bluegrass version of the classic, “Unchained Melody,” which she recently debuted live at the Grand Ole Opry. With her brand new album and a growing tour schedule, “The Queen of Bluegrass” is back in full swing!

“It is so exciting to finally have ‘Music Is What I See’ available,” shares Vincent.“ This project features my world-class band, The Rage on straight ahead, hard drivin’ bluegrass, country classics, to a special arrangement, and perhaps the first-ever bluegrass version (complete with banjo) of “Unchained Melody”. “Unchained Melody” was truly the most challenging song I’ve ever sung. I purposely created a balance of new songs with timeless classics. It’s my first record release since officially being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Life is truly grand!

While celebrating the release of ‘Music Is What I See’ this past weekend, Vincent performed during two segments at The Grand Ole Opry and made history as the last artist to host The Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree at the Texas Troubadour Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee, before going back to its original home on lower Broadway. Throughout the show, Vincent surprised the audience with special appearances by Grand Ole Opry Member Jeannie Seely and songwriter Erin Enderlin. Fans were also delighted as Hee Haw’s Lulu Roman and Country Music Hall of Famer Randy Travis joined them in the audience to commemorate the occasion.

Leading up to the album release, Vincent has been featured in People.comTaste of Country, and Wide Open Country, where each outlet premiered a new single. Growing up performing in her family’s band, The Sally Mountain Show, music was not just something she loved, it was a way of life. This shows in every track, whether referring to “What Ain’t To Be Just Might Happen” written by Porter Wagoner or “Like I Could,” which was written by Jeannie Seely, Erin Enderlin, and Bobby Tomberlin, the Grand Ole Opry weaves throughout this entire project.

For more information and to keep up with everything Rhonda Vincent, visit her website and follow her social channels below.

List Of Local Shows In Kentucky, Tennessee And Alabama.

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Oct 232021

William Elliott Whitmore
December 16th, 2021
The Basement, Nashville, Tn

Billy Strings
December 17th and 18th, 2021
Marathon Music Works

Daniel Donato
December 17th, 2021
Sidetracks Music hall, Birmingham, Al

Charlie Parr
December 18th, 2021
Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Tn

Mac McAnally
December 18th, 2021
City Winery, Nashville Tn

Vince Gill
December 19th, 2021
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville Tn

JD McPherson
December 19th, 2021
The Basement East, Nashville, tn

Nick Dittmeier And The Sawdusters
December 23rd, 2020
Bourbon Barrel tavern, Elizabeth Ky

Robert Earl Keen
December 28th, 2021
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tn

Old Crow Medicine Show
Sierra Ferrell
December 30th, 2021
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tn


May be an image of one or more people and text that says "The JOSEPHINES SPILLWAYBG NEW YEARS EVE FRIDAY DEC 31"

2022 Dates:

Lost Dog Street Band
January 15th, 2022
Cannery Ballroom, Nashville Tn 8PM

Dwight Yoakam
January 19 – 21st, 2022
The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tn

The Dead South
January 24th and 25th, 2022
Exit In, Nashville, Tn

Reba McEntire
January 28th, 2022
Rupp Arena, Lexington, Ky

Reba McEntire
January 29th, 2022
Knoxville, Tn

The Traveli’n McCourys
February 5th, 2022
Brooklyn Bowl Nashville

John Moreland
February 17th, 2022
The Basement East, Nashville, Tn

Ronnie Milsap
February 19th, 2022
Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, Tn

Jesse Dayton
The Supersuckers
February, 20th, 2022
The Exit In, Nashville, Tn

Reba McEntire
February 24th, 2022
Birmingham Alabama

The Great Peacock
February 24th, 2022
The Basement, Nashville, Tn

The Del McCoury Band
March 5th, 2022
The Caverns, Pelham, Tn

Randall King
March 19th, 2022
Owensboro Sportscenter, Owensboro, Ky

Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
March 19th, 2022
The Mercy Lounge, Nashville, Tn

Yonder Mountain String Band
March 20th, 2022
Brooklyn Bowl, Nashville Tn

Shovels And Rope
March 26th, 2022
Brooklyn Bowl, Nashville, Tn

Ray Wylie Hubbard
April 8th and 9th, 2022
3rd And Lindsley, Nashville, Tn

Blackberry Smoke
April 15th and 16th, 2022
The Caverns, Pelham, Tn

Gene Watson
September 30th, 2022
Capitol Arts Center, Bowling Green, Ky

Heart In Hands Benefit Show.

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Sep 262021

It’s time once again for me to do my yearly feature in West Tennessee with my dear friends over at Heart In Hands Critter Hollow in the Stewart Tennessee area.  Even though this event is a relatively new one for me (this being my third year), I have made some truly blessed memories here.

Every year The Romero and Foncree families get in cahoots with SO MANY OTHERS that labor ever year for this wonderful, and important event. This year, I kind of leaned more toward being a “fan” more than a media outlet. Many of you that read my articles on a regular basis know how my last two years went. My 2020 and 2021 were both spent focusing on my own well being, so that I could help my own daughter evolve as an adult.

This yearly event has become quite dear to my heart, and a regular part of my yearly schedule of events. For three reasons :

1. It’s close to the house, in case of emergencies.

2. The lineups are ALWAYS so awesome, and there have been some terrific sets.

3. It is IMPORTANT to support foundations like this to control homeless pets.

My own cat here was a rescue as a kitten, I found her in an abandoned building, and brought her home to live here. She is an indoor only cat, and has established that she is the queen know how that goes.

Much like hunting, we as a society need to have population control, that means spay and neuter all pets, and stop “dropping off unwanted” babies! Many of these wonderful places of business give second chances to these animals, as they nurse them back to health, and provide them with shots so they can be adopted by good people that DO want them!

I did go to every event this year with my usual means of documenting all of the music, however we camped this year, so that meant I cooked during some of the music. However, to be honest I could hear it quite readily from where we were camping.

They open up their home and their property each year for us all to come and enjoy the music, and enjoy seeing old friends again. There is just an absolute plethora of folks that help make this possible, and they could never do this without YOU!

Many of the artists on this lineup here, I will be featuring a few times this year at many different venues like this one. Three of them in total, will also be featured in my next HUGE article for Muddy Roots.

Austin Stambaugh was first today, and I remember him from last year, as a few others on the bill here today. Mr. Austin brings a Traditional Country flavor to the mix, and he doesn’t really try to be Country. On one hand, he covers some truly fine Country tunes that not your average person knows.

He tells a great story song about getting to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a boy, it is rather lengthy but it really is an entertaining story. I always enjoy his folk inspired Midwest humor and wit, as he plays both original and cover songs. You can venture out down to Nashville, and find him at Robert’s Western World and other various honky tonks.

Miss Milly Raccoon was another guest from last year, whom also played at their wedding we attended this year. She is a talented singer and fiddle player from New Orleans, that plays in many different bands. She arrived with her beloved dog ( as did many of us), and I thought this picture captured her better than onstage ones I took.

Her music encompasses so many different aspects of life, and I am very amazed she has not been recognized by more music media outlets than mine, and a few others I ran across while researching her music for this event.

“Another Cup Of Tea” was one of the songs she played today for us, which had a nice ragtime tinge to it. The song itself has some pretty complex lyrics, and you’ll really have to listen to it for yourself. She played the song called “No Buying Time” as well.

I always link the artist’s websites on their names to provide you ample ways to purchase their music, and support them from here. The foremost onus of my website I have here, is to do just that. PLEASE take a few moments to support some of these bands on this article…and all of the other ones I release in 2021.

Mr. Noah Fowler brought this trio to us, and they played the Steve Earle song called “Sometimes She Forgets”, from the 1995 album called “Train A Comin”. In my honest opinion that album is one of Mr. Steve Earle’s finest works to date, and I enjoy it more than “Guitar Town” or others.

I remember them playing one of the most beloved Bluegrass classics called ‘Fox On The Run” from the 1970s era of popular Bluegrass songs that trickled over into Folk and bands like Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and their ilk.

Miss Angela Autumn was a new find for me, I was not familiar with her or her music until today here. I’ll be honest, I did get to listen to her set, and I enjoyed her music but at the same time I was grilling supper for my daughter, whom was working in her vendor spot.

It was refreshing to see these younger artists giving their nods off to long lost Legends like Mr. Gram Parsons, and others while maintaining a Country presence at the same time.

I did indeed delve into her music a lot, and I urge you to do the same as well. I’m quite adamant on the fact that you will not be disappointed  in my suggestions to do so.

Have you ever had some friends that you just don’t see everyday, but when you do reconnect you just pick up where you left off and it’s like you saw each other yesterday? Yeah, me too, and I have that gift with these two fine gentlemen here. I cannot say enough kind things about the almighty Sweet Ga Brown from the Chattanooga area.

We hit it off years ago right away, because we share the same first and middle names, and we have such likened musical interests. He and Mr. Dave Dowda are old old music friends, and loved and respected by me greatly. I have a deep appreciation and admiration for Mr. Dave Dowda’s knowledge of music history, so much that when he starts into stories…I just shut up and listen.

These two absolutely tore up the stage with songs like “I Broke Wahoo’s Leg”. That song is a well written classic about life from death’s point of view, with references to  many a downfall of music’s greatest heroes, like Mr. Hank Williams and Mr. George Jones…and even Mr. John Denver.

While I listened to him belt out ” I’m Gonna Live Forever”, I took the liberty of walking around the ranch to see some of the residents of the area. I got to meet some of the guests and people here enjoying the music and the food.

It is truly amazing to me just how exponentially this event has grown through the years,  with the help of so many others pitching in to make it profitable for the pets that cannot provide care for themselves.

It’s totally cool to adopt a stray animal you find, and give it a safe and healthy home forever…but it takes more than that. Animals are like humans in that they need love and attention from their human. Businesses like this one care for these animals until that correct person comes along.

My daughter Meghan has been working very hard on her craft business, and she brought her wares out to the ranch to donate a portion of her profits to the cause. She has an extensive line of different items with may different patterns available on MB’s Crafts.

This year there were a couple other vendors including her, and more to do for the kids…like wallowing in the creek that runs through the ranch. I got in that cold water myself, because the afternoon was HOT this year. Funny how the next weekend at Muddy Roots was mild and comfortable.

Mr.Cody Lee Meece is a name I was familiar with, as I spent some time dwelling on his 2020 album “The Break”, we also talked multiple times on social media and finally got to meet in person today. He was here today to support my friend Mr. W.D.Miller.

I have been featuring his music for many years now, as he always brings out his true and gritty Honky Tonk Country to any event he is billed on. I have ran into him in Ohio at the Southgate House, Muddy Roots, and a few other festivals and events in the past.

He is another one of those artists that I cannot see why he isn’t given more attention than is given. He maintains such a true passion for history in his music, and lets his influences resonate in his art.

I was having some camera issues in the heat, and I did not get any viable photos of the only artist that has played every year for this event Mr. Doc Elliot. I always enjoy his covers of Merle Haggard’s “Okie From Muskogee” , and others he does when gets on his piano.

His album “Rowdy Kind” boasted one of his songs he played called “Bloody Mary Monday” about having those ever popular Monday blues. He also played another song off that album called “Destiny”.

I’ll tell you what, I have had the pleasure in seeing so many great sets on this stage before they built a roof on it, and each year ( much like the rest of this event ) the lineup just keeps getting better.

Trust me, once Mr. Doc gets up there on that keyboard, you’ll wholeheartedly agree with me on the fact that his set is not one to miss, anytime you can get the chance to see him play. He played a song by Mr. Leon Russell called “Song For You”, and he played one he wrote that got cut by Texas Legend Mr. Kinky freidman.

Mr. Dylan Walshe is another old friend I met from Muddy Roots and other various music shows. He is from Ireland, and many of his songs are modeled after those old Irish folk tunes, that leave a warm and homely feeling.

His vocal range is amazing, and he uses that to embellish his well arranged songs like my personal favorite ” Raggle Taggle Gypsey”. That song is about a man that finds his wife, who ran off on him for another man. Many of his songs culminate into portions of his A Capella lyrics.

“Straight To Hell” was another her played tonight, where he included the children and the audience here in reciting the song title with him. He always does this song so well, and the crowds always love it.

Way back in 2005, I was recently divorced and bummed out about it. I got into MySpace and started discovering more bands like the ones that already influenced me like the Old 97’s and Split Lip Rayfield. I was into Red Dirt and Jamgrass as well, but artists like Hank III, and this man..whom I consider an underground Legend Mr. Bob Wayne…followed by the final band The Legendary Shack Shakers.

One of my finest musical memories was back in 2013 when he brought Country Music Legend Mr. Red Simpson to play an entire set at Muddy Roots on the wood stage. He made some epic memories there like playing the song they wrote together. “Dope Train” was a song that he got to write with Mr. Red before they played there that year.

He played the song ” Till The Wheels Fall Off” , and he went right into the story of old “Sam Tucker” from the Alabama mountains. He turned mud into gold, and was heavily sought after by thieves. I shall also be featuring the last three artist sets on my upcoming Muddy Roots articles, I am working on now.

Speaking of being influenced by the Roots bands of the 1990’s, this band out of Paducah Ky heavily influenced my musical tastes in many genres, simply because they really do not have a genre that anyone can lump them into.

For almost 25 years, the band has included a revolving lineup ( not that that is a bad thing ), and has recorded a plethora of classic albums regarded by many as iconic releases.

Even though my favorite LSS album was during Mr. Joe Buck’s tenure of the band ( the album being Cockadoodledon’t ) it was truly a dream come true to hear some of the classic songs from “Hunkerdown” album, with the almost all original lineup. The only member missing was their original drummer.

The four members that were on stage tonight were guitarists  Mr. Nathan Brown, and Mr. Brian Berryman, upright bassist Mr. Todd Anderson and of course Mr. J.D. Wilkes. Now, I will say that ” Back To Paducah” is one of my favorite songs, and it was heavenly to hear it live.

In fact many of these songs I have never heard live in all my time of seeing The Shack Shakers. Songs like “Tickle Yore Innards” were played in classic LSS fury, as Mr. J.D. went all over the place on the stage.

I have gone on the record before proclaiming my admiration for the mind of Mr. J.D.Wilkes, and his own love and respect for tradition and history of music as a whole. Many times his songs on various other sets have inspired me to conduct further study into subjects like that old tinker piano he had.

He holds a special place in Nashville as a local Legend here. I truly enjoy talking with him about the days of old down here, and hearing all of his road dog stories about people. They also went on to play a stellar set at Muddy Roots as well.

This event will always hold a special place in my heart, as a patron and a music fan. I will come down every year I am able to do so, and help this event grow into becoming an almost festival type environment.

Also, I wanted to thank Mr. Josh Koons for running sound for us these last few years out there. It is always a pleasure to see you out there, and to watch you get bigger as well each year. So many people labor ardently each year to help these young ladies run this event.

The Birthday Party For Mr. W.B. Walker.

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Sep 022021

These past two years have been full of personal trials for me, and I am finally coming to the end of what is needed of me from both major issues that needed my full attention. I am slowly getting back into the position of being able to travel a little, so I slid up to West Virginia to The Loud ( formerly The V Club ) for the birthday party of Mr. W.B. Walker, who created The Old Soul Radio Show.

Even though I have not been out much, I have been buying vinyl and other forms of music, and I have maintained my collection of posters and the like. I been watching videos and keeping an eye on what’s going on with local music, through my friends that feature it like my friend Ol’ W.B.Walker.

I guess one could say this year, I went back to my roots and attended the 2 functions that helped launch what I do so ardently here. W.B.Walker, and Muddy Roots Music Festival both were catalysts to my 12 years as a hobby journalist.

I really don’t consider myself a media source, or even a major journalist like other websites. I guess I am more of a blogger in some ways, and I consider each reader a blessing and a friend. If YOU are reading this on my behalf, W.B.’s behalf or ANY of these fine artists behalf…..I THANK YOU. I love each and every one of you, and trust me…I’m grateful to still be alive here. I been through a lot in the last 2 years, and many of you have been my friends through it all..and that is more than a man can ask for.

I am going to approach this article and several others this year in a different form. I did not attentively sit down and watch EVERY SONG from EVERY artist like I normally do. BUT I’m adamant that you will still enjoy this article I made. As I have previously stated, I will eventually go back to the magnificent way I once reported on music shows, but for now I am enjoying just being a fan and a building block for the music and venues I love.

My friendship with Mr. W.B. Walker began many years ago, back when he first had the ideas of his podcast. We both had one of the same friends in Mr. Chris Miller, who at that time hosted Blue Ribbon Radio, one of the first podcasts I ever listened to myself. See, I started this underground music lust during the Myspace era, where I found many of these people first.

He contacted me just to talk as friends, as he fished for ideas from different perspectives on what he wanted to do. By God, O’l Mr. W.B. done went and created an empire for local artists in the Appalachian region  of the United States. When I got with him for a picture, he said to me “Man, you been here since day one”.

Within those years, the two of us have turned one another onto some truly terrific bands and artists. We turned around and used various forms of outreach to expose those artists to the world in our own way. Now, Ill be honest in one aspect…Ol Mr. W.B. has an exponentially larger fan base than I do, and his sharing a podcast of a band is by far more helpful than my articles, in my opinion.

I worked diligently in 2010 to bring the Roots Music to the world, working with all of these festivals for bands like The Tillers, Joe Huber, Matt Woods and others. I was attending many festivals for many different types of music, like Bluegrass and ( what people call ) Jamgrass, and I also sometimes feature Rockabilly.

However, when this new community of music trickled out of the Appalachian regions of the United States, Mr. W.B. was one of those responsible for bringing many of them to light. This is NOT to say that others did any less or or did not equally promote this music as well, but for me as a fan, I learned more about that community from him, and a group out of West Virginia called The Honky Tonk Heroes.

I’m most likely going to jump all over the lineup here, as it changed a little, and there were a few changes. There were special songs that a few of them play, that I finally got to hear live tonight. I had such an enjoyable time catching up with my friend Miss Tammy, Mr. Andy Nickles and others, that I did not watch all the music the whole night. I was outside on the patio area for a while, so we weren’t talking during the performances.

The Winetree is a duo that I do not get to see often, but when I do, I absolutely admire their soft, close knit harmonies and their home grown demeanor. They write some damn fine songs that are elaborate, in an easy to understand fashion.

Mr. Ryan Harvey and Mr. Isaiah Miller have been friends of mine for a while now, and I have enjoyed their music in many different places in my years of doing this stuff. I always enjoy seeing them and listening to thier harmonies on songs like “Kentucky” and others.

As I previously stated, I didn’t focus on every song this time around. So, I think what I’d like to do here is focus on some of the songs I like by these artists, on top of mentioning what songs I did see them play. I thought a lot about how to get back into the game here, and this was the best way to go.

One of my favorite songs they play is called ” Banks Of The Ohio” because it’s one of those beautifully written easy going songs you can relax to. ” Bottle Rockets” is another one of their good songs I have heard in the past.  The past is exactly where their sound emanates from, and that’s not exactly a bad thing in any fashion, I hope they continue to bless us with their music at future events that Ol W.B Walker hosts.

One of the many people I looked forward to seeing tonight was a dear friend of mine, Miss Chelsea Nolan. She is a major part of this Appalachian community of music, as well as her brother Mr. Josh Nolan. There has been many festivals I have had the pleasure of covering their show at, however the first time I heard her music was on the Old Soul Radio Show podcast.

Many years and many different states have I traveled to festivals and shows, where she was a part of. Every one of her sets are amazing, filled with laughter and an all out appetency to bring joy to her audience.

Although two of the only original songs I recall was ‘Build A Fire”, and a new song that I did not recall the title of. But what made this set so special to me, was her eclectic choice of cover songs like “Pinball Wizard”, from the Who’s movie album called “Tommy”.

You know, may artists have a set list that is really just a litany of the same songs over and over. Sometimes I really enjoy some new cover songs, like her version of “Mercedes Benz” in the style of Miss Janis Joplin, on her classic album “Pearl”.

Mr. David Jameson stopped by tonight to join us in celebrating his birthday tonight, as he shared some of the songs from his forthcoming debut album that I shall talk about in future articles. But, for right now I am just checking out his promo package here with great enthusiasm!

Right now, he released a single from the album called “25 To Life”. The song is a poignant tale about life in a Texas prison, and how the days just linger on and on. It has a terrific and rugged western tinge to it, being an old sounding outlaw tale.

Mr. David is already a seasoned traveler of the WORLD, let alone just our country here. There lies no doubt in my mind, he is currently planning a major assault on the music community. That is a truly fine thing to assume about this young man here, and I’m glad that it was brought to light by O’l W.B.

Mr. Tony Logue is a songwriter from west Kentucky that reached out to the both of us in the past few years, and sent us his music for us to enjoy, and share. We both became instant fans of his honest and straight edged Kentucky music. He sings of down home heartaches, and fear of loosing your job, the centerpiece of your identity and income. “The Storm” truly touches on areas of life that make the listener very cognizant to the struggles of many in this area of Kentucky.

He actually JUST FINISHED recording his latest album, and he played a few songs from that album tonight. At this time, I cannot divulge any information to you about the album other than it will  be a fall release date.

Mr. Tony and I have been around the block on the traveling game with one another, and I have had the privilege of seeing each other all over America. He is becoming an integral part of the national local music community, and a part of the Appalachian local music community as well.

Mr. Dalton Mills was one of the people that had an album on my TOP 50 OF 2020, with a MASTERPIECE of an album with songs like “John On The Run” and vivid story songs like “Runaway Dorothy Gale”.  When you go to see his set, you have to listen REALLY listen to his lyrics, to get the full effect of his music.

“Mountain Call”, is a poignant, well written tale laced with some really fine steel guitar that gives this song a nefariously warm push, as it rolls past your ears. Many of his songs are waltzes, and old time sounding tunes with lyrics that many Country Music fans will salivate over.

I have been keeping a close eye on this man here, this “Son Of Sin” here. You know there are literally hundreds of websites like mine making articles about Mr. Coleman Williams AKA IV And The Strange Band. Now me, I am ardently trying to approach all of this from a different perspective than all the rest.

Each one of the members of the Williams family has their own signature unique sound that I feel differentiates them all. You may seek to disagree with me, but I do not feel that he is trying to be “another Hank III”, and I do not think it’s fair to even try to compare them.  In fact, I have no intention to even go to one of his shows and try to compare him to anyone but him. I go to his show to allow his own music to speak to me, and to support his travels.

As his album fully releases, I’ll be touching more on his songs and music as he brings forth his sound that juxtaposes Doom Metal, with banjo laced Country..and a little bit of everything else along the spectrum. I can tell you some of the song titles like “Deep Down” and another called ‘Inbred”.

As a devout lover of Heavy Metal myself, I am enjoying his covers of Bad Brains songs among his other original songs. I also really like his signature touch of blending the many different influences into his thing.

Three of the greatest discoveries this year for me were these three following artists, Mr. Logan Halstead, Mr. Cole Chaney and Mr. Drayton Farley. Tonight, I had the opportunity to see all three of these play their songs. I’m going to be intensely studying these artists music, and bringing it all to you, my dear readers.

Mr. Logan Halstead has a really good song about coal mining, called “Dark Black Coal”. This song is a true lament of a modern day coal miner wishing a different outcome for his own kids. I see many influences in this new ilk of young artists coming around the bend in Eastern Kentucky and places like West Virginia, where he is from.

He is a self admitted metalhead, that was also influenced by many of the artists in this area that are becoming quite the success story. To that effect he decided to turn his asperations toward playing this mountain sounding music, as he found it spoke to him just as much as other genres.

I’m going to include the video show W.B. Walker has been working on for the last few months leading up to this birthday show here.

You have Mr. Cole Chaney as well, whom released a truly fine album this year, with a twelve song collection of songs he wrote, that you will surely enjoy. His album opens with a fiddle laced song called “Ill Will Creek”, which displays a VERY unique vocal delivery, and an ability to dominate the local market with his songwriting skills. There is indeed a devil in those hills for sure,

Back in the 70s, when Country Music was all about drinking and cheating…this area of artists talk about another common subject here, and that is the perils and laments of coal mining. The song called “Coalshooter” is just that appropriate song for those people.

Through the next few weeks I will be further looking into their shows, and striving to support them more often, as I can. I’m still slowly trickling back into the world of music, from taking care of some personal issues. But it just slows my mind that people so young can write such advanced songs, filled with adult issues.

Last but not least, we had Drayton Farley, another independent singer and songwriter from Alabama, whom equally belongs mixed in with these other fellows. He also released a debut album this year in late January , with a terrific line up of fourteen songs.

His song “American Dream ( Hard Up)” really spoke to me as a beat up old factory worker, who is supposed to be pursuing this dream..I strive not to. in fact, I strive to break that mold and pursue a career in the music business.

I’m quite confident that this man’s album will be heralded upon many “Best of the year” lists among many of the websites like mine that feature this type of music, and you can find out more about their music from people like W.B. Walker.

This entire evening was choked full of newfound talent that a behemoth radio show like The Old Soul Radio Show can pull off.  I’m telling you that he has always had a knack for bringing us the best new talent in his area…and hell all over the United States.

I have included the link over to his website in several places on this article, as well as the websites for all of these artists on where to buy their music and merchandise. It’s true that I have not truly been out there as much in 2021 as I usually am, however I am slowly getting back into it, and I am quite adamant on the fact these artists will all be a solid part of the music community.

Joshua Wallace’s Top 20 Country Albums of 2021 So Far

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Jul 212021

By Joshua Wallace

It’s that time of year again.  We’re over halfway through the year already and we’ve had some great albums released this year and there are still some good ones to look forward to on the back half of 2021.  I’ve arranged these albums in alphabetical order by artist, but otherwise there is no specific order to this list.

Here are my Top 20 Country Albums of 2021 So Far:

Alan Jackson – Where Have You Gone


American Aquarium – Presents Slappers, Bangers & Certified Twangers Vol. One


Amigo The Devil – Born Against


Blackberry Smoke – You Hear Georgia


Bobby Dove – Hopeless Romantic


Charley Crockett – Lil’ G.L. Presents 10 For Slim Charley Crockett Sings James Hand


Charlie Marie – Ramble On


Cole Chaney – Mercy


Dallas Moore – The Rain


 Flatland Cavalry – Welcome To Countryland


Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, Jon Randall – The Marfa Tapes


Morgan Wade – Reckless


Nick Shoulders – Home On The Rage


Rob Leines – Blood Sweat And Beers


The Shootouts – Bullseye


The Steel Woods – All Of Your Stones


Travis Tritt – Set In Stone


Triston Marez – Triston Marez


Tylor & The Train Robbers – Non-Typical Find


Vincent Neil Emerson – Vincent Neil Emerson


Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Music Festival 2021.

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Jul 062021

Back in 2016, Blackbird Productions partnered up with many other sponsors to culminate a large arena type tour, with multiple acts on the roster, that vary from city to city. The one issue I have touched upon on every article in the past few months was how severe the pandemic affected live music.

Many of these artists have not had the chance to tour yet on any level, nor have they had the opportunity to play in front of their fans for some time now. In the same area of the world, many fans are salivating over the opportunity to see all of these bands in a large setting like this.

Most of these involved I have had the opportunity to see live in many different settings, like festivals and the Ryman. Heck, I once got to see Miss Margo Price at the Exit In, when she joined in on her husband Mr. Jeremy Ivey’s show.

I have found a nice video of the entire Willie Nelson performance from 2019.

Sunday, August 22, 2021
Germania Insurance Amphitheater, Austin, TX
Willie Nelson & Family
Chris Stapleton
Ryan Bingham
Get Austin TicketsFriday, September 10, 2021
Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Gilford, NH
Willie Nelson & Family
Sturgill Simpson
Gov’t Mule
Margo Price
Get Gilford Tickets

Saturday, September 11, 2021
The Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA
Willie Nelson & Family
Sturgill Simpson
Gov’t Mule
Margo Price
Get Philadelphia Tickets

Sunday, September 12, 2021
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, NY
Willie Nelson & Family
Sturgill Simpson
Gov’t Mule
Margo Price
Get Saratoga Tickets

Friday, September 17, 2021
Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach, VA
Willie Nelson & Family
Sturgill Simpson
Gov’t Mule
Margo Price
Get Virginia Beach Tickets

Saturday, September 18, 2021
Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC
Willie Nelson & Family
Sturgill Simpson
Gov’t Mule
Margo Price
Get Raleigh Tickets

Sunday, September 19, 2021
PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC
Willie Nelson & Family
Sturgill Simpson
Gov’t Mule
Margo Price
Get Charlotte Tickets

Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Ameris Bank Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA
Willie Nelson & Family
Sturgill Simpson
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Kathleen Edwards
Get Atlanta Tickets

Friday, September 24, 2021
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
Willie Nelson & Family
Sturgill Simpson
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Gov’t Mule
Kathleen Edwards
Get Columbia Tickets

Friday, October 15, 2021
Ak-Chin Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ
Willie Nelson & Family
The Avett Brothers
Gov’t Mule
Lucinda Williams
Ida Mae
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Saturday, October 16, 2021
FivePoint Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA
Willie Nelson & Family
The Avett Brothers
Gov’t Mule
Lucinda Williams
Ida Mae
Get Irvine Tickets

Sunday, October 17, 2021
Cal Coast Credit Union Amphitheater, San Diego, CA
Willie Nelson & Family
The Avett Brothers
Ida Mae
Get San Diego Tickets

Saturday, October 23, 2021
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
Willie Nelson & Family
The Avett Brothers
Gov’t Mule
Lucinda Williams
Ida Mae
Get Mountain View Tickets

Sunday, October 24, 2021
Toyota Amphitheatre, Wheatland, CA
Willie Nelson & Family
The Avett Brothers
Gov’t Mule
Lucinda Williams
Ida Mae
Get Wheatland Tickets

Outlaw Music Festival
Willie Nelson & Family
Sturgill Simpson, Gov’t Mule and Margo Price

Saturday, September 11
TD Pavilion at The Mann, Philadelphia, PA

Willie Nelson, Blackbird Presents, Live Nation, and the Outlaw Music Festival Tour are thrilled to be back on the road again. Willie Nelson & Family are returning to the TD Pavilion at the Mann this September with Sturgill Simpson, Gov’t Mule, and Margo Price. “The Outlaw Music Festival Tour has always been about family and friends coming together for a great day of music and fun, and with the amazing group of artists joining us, this year promises to be our most special Outlaw Tour to date.

“The Outlaw Music Festival Tour has always been about family and friends coming together for a great day of music and fun, and with the amazing group of artists joining us, this year promises to be our most special Outlaw Tour to date. I just can’t wait to get back on the road again” says Willie Nelson.

The inaugural Outlaw Music Festival made its debut in 2016 in Scranton, PA. The sold-out show was so well received that Blackbird and Nelson have developed it into one of North America’s biggest annual touring franchises. Musicians such as Robert Plant, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Eric Church, Bonnie Raitt, Luke Combs, Sheryl Crow, Sturgill Simpson, The Avett Brothers, and many more have been a part of the Outlaw Tour, sharing unforgettable music memories and unique vendor villages with local food, drinks, and shopping in Live Nation amphitheaters across the country.