The Nashville Palace Presents Mr. Gene Watson And More.

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Dec 102018

Right now is my second busiest time of the year with my TOP 50 list brewing in my mind as I pontificate my choices for that huge task, along with many of my usual festivals I cover turning in their lineups for 2019. This website is choked full of those festivals nationwide with COMPLETE info you will require to fully enjoy the lineup you choose.

There are so many exciting shows to attend all over Tennessee and Kentucky, and other states as well, and it’s difficult to keep track of them all but we think we do a pretty good job on our complete list. This list updates twice a week and you can find it RIGHT HERE!

A few weeks ago, I went down to the good ol’ Nashville Palace for some familiar friends and some Legends of Country Music as well. It’s always enjoyable to catch a show at the Palace, I love that area more than downtown for the easy parking, also I think the food is better. I would choose John A’s over Jason Aldean’s bee bop emporium ANYDAY!

First up tonight was a name that this website has covered many years ago at Outlaw Fest in 2014, and that name is Mr Kyle Wilson who at that time was solo.This period I met him was directly after the untimely death of Mr. Wayne Mills, who Mr. Kyle played lead guitar for.

Mr. Chad was in Nashville enjoying his own success on his own record deal, before the two brothers collaborated on ten truly fine songs to make up their current Wilson Brothers Band project, with a self titled album.

The Wilson Brothers Band features some truly fine harmonies, and one can easily ascertain they are brothers because lyrically one brother KNOWS where the other one is at all times. This band is debuting on CMT on high acclaim by viewers, and is targeting a more mainstream direction while still maintaining a more traditional sound. Make NO mistake even though it is more radio friendly than other bands I feature on here, there is no be bop bullshit or sparklebritches.

They opened their acoustic set with just the two brothers (note: there is a whole band). But I’ll tell you what, they are solid together vocally. “Permission To Be Me” was first, which was an uplifting song to me, that talks about finding a good spot to relax and be yourself no matter what. MY HOME is that place, it has my eclectic collection of music in all forms, and I face NO criticism…I get it guys…I do.

“It All Looks Good From Here” is the song that is being played on CMT now, and I myself wasn’t grabbed by this song as much as I was the others. That does NOT MEAN it was a bad song, It just didn’t speak to me like others. However their harmonies on this song are exceptionally precise, and their delivery was equally powerful.

The next song they played was called ‘The Coast Is Clear”, which was one of Mr. Kyle’s solo songs from his 2013 album Let The Time Pass. There is also a 2016 album called Look at Me Now.

“Everybody Knows” was another upbeat song that featured exquisite harmonies from the brothers, and was followed by a heavy rocking song called “Loving You Loving Me”. This song featured a video and I’ll embed this video, please go up and click on their band website to purchase their music.

Their strongest song that garnered a bunch of crowd response was called “Alabama Will”. It basically boasts about their home of Alabama, and if you don’t love their music there is a town in Alabama that will!  You know bragging about being from Alabama has become stale in the local music scene, but the direction they take the subject made it quite fun.

This new album was produced by Mr. Chris Rowe and released in early November, and was a GREAT addition to the honorable mentions of 2018 this year! I was really impressed with the new mission that Mr. Kyle has found, and I wish the band a LOT of success on the road. I got to talk with Mr. Chad who was a truly nice fellow, he even took my CD and got it signed, that made me feel appreciated as a fan. Just because I do this for media I BUY CD’s and Vinyls, I BUY merch just like I IMPLORE you too, as my reader.

Mr. Dallas Moore was next up, whom is NO stranger to my website nor is he a stranger to my TOP 50 of the year lists. I try to get out and see him any time he is in town, and tonight he played with Mr. Lucky Chuck on guitar and Mr. Mike on harmonica. Afterwards they played a full band show at the next bar over also owned by the Palace.

He started with some old tunes from his 2008 album as he played “Rollin On” from the album Can’t Tame A Wildcat, and followed it with “Hank To Thank” from Tales From A Road King.

One thing I thoroughly enjoy about Mr. Dallas is the songs he selects to play as cover songs. I mean how many people can blatantly point out he sang “Della And The Dealer”, which is a Hoyt Axton song that reached number 17 only. In 1979 he had it on his album called Rusty Old Halo, and it garnered more success in the UK than it did in America.

His next three songs were from his 2018 offering called Mr. Honky tonk, which was out on Sol Records. Although “Mr. Honky Tonk” is an older song he re recorded it in a different fashion this time around. ‘Home Is Where The Highway Is”was one inspired by his wife.

“Somewhere Between Bridges” was his last song from the new album, as he played ” Up On That Mountain” which I believe was wrote about Altamont where I first met Mr. Dallas. That was a cold, cold weekend. He also covered ‘I’m Gonna Live Forever”.

River Dan was next and believe you me I was BLOWN AWAY by this band here. His vocal delivery of the songs were completely different than the rest, and it was gritty and hardcore. Right upon his release of his new album called Baby Blues in September, he is armed with an arsenal of new Honky Tonk songs that bring out the wild in anyone.

However he began from his first album called Substance Abuse And A Woman On the Loose, which grabbed my attention right away. The opening song called ‘The whiskey” did not, I’m tired of songs called Whiskey, HOWEVER what followed blew my mind. Being a forklift driver for a job, that line made me smile.

“Mr. Can’t Do Right” was one of the feature songs from his new album, which conveyed a very relatable subject for an oddball like me, but one of the songs that stuck out to me was one called “Cowboy Music” which took me back to my childhood.

“She Don’t Love Me Anymore” was a poignant song about loosing a loved one, in fact both of his albums are full of more darkness than your most depressed state you have ever had. They are full of crutches like dope addiction with songs like “Stay Stoned”. This band live will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, and I’m amazed he isn’t covered by more media sources.

We all came to see the man and the Legend himself Mr. Gene Watson. His fifty year career spans over thirty six albums, twenty three top ten hits, and seventy six charted singles. He is one of the few Legends left in perfect health, and he sounds SO PRETTY folks!

He opened with “Raisin Cain In Texas” which was originally released on the Capitol Records era in 1980, and the album was called “No One Will Ever Know”. Followed by his first charting hit from 1974 also from Capitol called “Love In The Hot Afternoon” from the album of the same name, respectively.

As he belted out hit after hit like “Too Much Tequila” and “Paper Rosie” from 1977, he once again proved all he needed to do was stand on one spot and JUST SING…he doesn’t have to jump around and blow stuff up to gain attention. I mean let’s face it with a top notch band like his who needs anything fancy?

From the “Little By Little” album we heard “Sometimes I Get Lucky And Forget”, and he followed that up with a Johnny Russell song from the next album Mr. Gene recorded in 1984 called “Got No reason Now For Going Home”. That album was called “Heartaches And Love And Stuff”.

Respectively from 1979 we had the song “Should I Go Home (Or Should I Go Crazy)” followed by the 1980 hit song “Nothing Sure Looked Good On You”.  Also included in tonight’s set was the Mr. Bill Anderson penned hit called “When A Man Can’t Get A Woman Off His Mind”, also sung by many others.

He sung the Hank Cochran beloved hit called ‘Make The World Go Away”, along with the 1979 “Pick The Wildwood Flower”. He closed his set with the Dallas Frazier hit “Fourteen Karat Mind”, and the ever popular “Farewell Party” that included some mighty fine steel guitar work from Mr. Robbie Primm.

I look forward to many many more years of beautiful simple Country Music from this juggernaut of traditional Country music greatness! ALSO Let’s get this fine man into the Hall Of Fame in 2019 shall we?…..Does he not deserve this accolade?…YES, YES HE DOES!



Album Feature – Josh Morningstar – The Plea

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Dec 082018

By Joshua Wallace

Josh Morningstar is back with the follow-up to 2017’s release Whole Lotta Crazy and it’s titled The Plea.  This seven track album is his first release for Young Mary Records which also features the likes of Colter Wall and Ian Noe among it’s growing roster of talent.  This album is not only a good record, it’s one of Morningstar’s best all around. Let’s dive into some of the tracks on this album.

The record kicks off with a great ode to the legendary rock n roller Jerry Lee.  The lyrics of “Jerry Lee” remind me of the episodes of his episode of the HBO series Tales From The Tour Bus.  He was a wild, wild man for sure and this song puts it all out there. Up next is Josh’s version of the song he wrote that ended up being recorded by Cody Jinks.  This version of “Must Be The Whiskey” is more stripped back and rootsy with a fiddle and a banjo taking center stage over Cody Jink’s full band production of the track.  I like this arrangement the song over the Jinks version as it allows the melody to breath more and become a more somber version of the track.

Another favorite on the album is “The Plea”.  I really dig the pedal steel work on this track by Patrick Lyons.  This track finds the narrator pleading to every known avenue to forgiveness from his mother to his lover and even to the Lord for protection from the devil.  I really dig the imagery in this track and it’s a good bit of song writing from Josh. Finally, the album ends with “Sellout” which is a great track that explores the seedy underbelly of the music business where one night you can sell out a venue and the next you’re selling on the street doing anything to make ends meet.  It’s a great track to close out an overall great record.

Josh Morningstar’s The Plea is a great record and I highly recommend you check it out.  It’s a great addition to the Young Mary Records catalog of releases. While I’m sure it will end up everywhere eventually, the only place to buy it now is on Josh Morningstar’s website or at shows.  So do yourself a favor and get out to a show and get this record. I highly recommend it if you’re already a Josh Morningstar fan or a fan of good country music in general.

Favorite Tracks : Jerry Lee, Must Be The Whiskey, The Plea, Pulling Weeds, Sellout

Josh Morningstar – The Plea (2018)

  1. Jerry Lee
  2. Must Be The Whiskey
  3. The Plea
  4. Wishing Well
  5. Damn These Birds
  6. Pulling Weeds
  7. Sellout

My Buddy Mr. Boo Ray Has Made A Holiday Playlist!

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Dec 082018

We have a holiday-themed takeover from Nashville alt-country/outlaw artist Boo Ray, who is gearing up to release his latest LP Tennessee Alabama Fireworks (due Feb 15).

Elizabeth Cook – “All Strung Out Like Christmas Lights”
Dwight Yoakam – “Santa Can’t Say”
Merle Haggard – “If We Make It Through December”
Erin Enderlin – “Cowboy Christmas”
John Prine – “Everything Is Cool”
JD McPherson – “All The Gifts I Need”
Johnny Cash – “Opening Dialogue”
The Band- “Christmas Must Be Tonight”
Little Feet- “Six Feet Of Snow”
Lindi Ortega- “Blue Christmas”
The Mavericks- “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).
Dale Watson- “Santa And My Semi”

Notes from Mr. Boo Ray:

“All Strung Out Like Christmas Lights” Because Elizabeth Cook is the coolest.

 “Santa Can’t Stay” I love the line “he threw a present really hard and almost hit mama’s new boyfriend Ray”. This song’s full  of Yoakam’s signature rockabilly vocal licks too, which I love. That 80’s production will complement any Christmas sweater, from the gaudiest candy-cane/snowman applique to the homeliest moth eaten Uncle Fester pea-green cardigan.

“If We Make It Through December” Since I was a kid I’ve always liked how contemporary and musical Merle Haggard’s arrangements and songs are. There’s a singer songwriter quality to the Hag and an entire virtuoso ensemble sound akin to the way James Taylor, Leland Sklar and Jim Keltner made music sound.

“Cowboy Christmas” Cowboy songs have some specific criteria for me. The language, vernacular and meter have to be just right. I heard a Tommy Lee Jones interview where said the language of Cormack McCarthy’s characters is perfect. Erin’s Line “Barb wire and fence posts like garland on trees” gets right to me.

 “Everything Is Cool” John Prine’s meter is kind of like what Brandlford Marsalis said about Louis Armstrong’s minimalist trumpet playing, “There’s a whole lot of information in those couple of notes.” “I was walking down the road… man” is so plain t’s actually funny” almost like a Steven Wright bit. In contrast, the next verse “I saw a hundred thousand black birds just a flying through the sky- they seem to form a teardrop from a black-haired angel’s eye” is brooding poet/ bleeding heart romantic territory.  I love that Prine covers those two nearly opposite poles of perspective with complete dexterity.

 “All The Gifts I Need” Great sounding recording. I dig JD’s songs and style, the way his vocal melody rides on Jason Smay’s drum beat is a thing for sure. The songs got a smart lighthearted spirit to it.

Family Christmas “Opening Dialogue” The first thing that really got to me about Johnny Cash was that antique automotive/farm equipment machine sound that he made with his band, seeming to emulate the sound of V-8 motors, tractors, horses hooves, and the click clack of trains. It’s powerful, clever, creative, real singer/songwriter sounding, intricate and simple at the same time. Then I got into his rockabilly look and wearing all black. But it’s always really been about the sound of his voice and his story telling. Even as a kid I’d watch that gospel series he filmed in Jerusalem because I just liked the sound of his voice and listening to the way he’d spin a yarn.

 The Band “Christmas Must Be Tonight” Rick Danko’s bass sound just slays me. It’s the deadest, most flatulent sounding thing ever. I’m damned crazy about it. I dig Danko’s vocal on the verse a bunch and I love how Levon’s accent and tone jump out on “how a little baby boy”… Yeah man this is a perfect ramblin’, good stiff eggnog of a song. Cheers!!!

 “Six Feet Of Snow” It’d makes sense to me if someone called Lowell George a musical humorist. His subtle, clever impish wit is my favorite. The honk, and twang of the guitars on this track are funny as hell to me. It’s absurd and wonderful because of it, and Lowell leans into it too with lines like “It’s raining in stilettos from here clear down to Mexico”. Maybe if you could trace the DNA of a particular kind of humor Lowell George and Billy Gibbon might be kin.

“Blue Christmas” The 6th tuned lap steel/dobro can’t help but suggest the Hawaiian pacific sound. And who doesn’t want to wallow in the extra bitter sweetness on another holiday not spent on a deserted island with Lindi Ortega. Can you imagine what she’d look like wearing coconuts and palm leaves? For real though, Lindi Ortega’s Christmas album “Tennessee Christmas” is a blast.

 “Baby Please Come Home” I’m crazy about The Mavericks and think they’re on fire right now musically. Raul sings with a belting cheers and the Christmas bells and sleigh bells through the whole song deliver a fully manic holiday experience. Their whole Christmas album is a must have.

 “Santa And My Semi” Yep, lets finish off this playlist with a swanky texas sounding Dale Watson number. I dig when certain Texas singers have a particular kind of crooning voice and the way their accent sounds real Trucker. Merry Christmas and shiny side up to all the truckers out there working in to.

Boo Ray – Tennessee Alabama Fireworks (February 15th)
Black mirrors and social feeds have damaged our ability to connect on a deeply meaningful level. Alt-country/outlaw guitar-slinger Boo Ray delves deeply into the dire state of communication in the modern world with his new record, Tennessee Alabama Fireworks. The album plays like a southern gothic noir, and in his own words, explores the “nitty-gritty, guts and ugly parts of the human experience today.” These songs creep into the brain with his most poignant lyrics to-date. Boo Ray is every bit a hard-boiled poet as many of the pioneers that came before him, from the likes of Tony Joe White, Willie Nelson, and Jerry Reed.
Boo Ray fervently draws upon the situations and hurdles that make the world such a difficult environment to navigate these days. Continuing the dialogue from 2016’s Sea Of LightsBoo Ray dives head first into even more vulnerable territory as he wrangles themes of heartache, reopened wounds, loneliness and swallowing his pride. With “A Tune You Can Whistle,” a raucous honky-tonk boogie that is as sincere and hopeful as it is macabre and melancholic, he laments about “one nation under the influence” of computer screens that have cast our humanity into a shroud of anxiety and detachment. Always self-effacing Boo Ray confesses in the middle-8 “If the pain of the pain wasn’t worse than the pain of the change, not a single damned thing’d be different I’d still be the same.”
“She Wrote the Song” surveys the scene at ground zero, just after impact as Boo Ray sings about true love mangled by miscommunication, dysfunction and addiction. Boo Ray’s strong unique voice carries with it a warmth and wisdom you trust and believe. “Don’t Look Back” is a reeling road song contrasting a weariness from, and an insatiable love for the highway. Boo Ray conjures cinematic southern gothic imagery when he sings, “Ragtop Eldorado floatin’ down the road / Moon lights up the bayou like a dance floor at a disco.”
Tennessee Alabama Fireworks was tracked live to tape over five days at Nashville’s Welcome to 1979 Studio, which has recently seen the likes of Rodney Crowell, Steve Earle, Jason Isbell and many more capturing their sounds within. “Making a record at Welcome To 1979 was a real powerful creative experience,” says Boo Ray. Producer Noah Shain, whose pedigree includes work with fellow outlaws Nikki Lane, Nico Vega, Dead Sara and Badflower, among many others, captures Boo Ray’s full-band storytelling style as vivid cinematic soundscapes that hit right at the heart and pull no punches.
Boo Ray grew up in the mountains a couple of hours west of Asheville, North Carolina, where he began songwriting at twelve years old, learned to play the guitar at fifteen and put a band together at sixteen, playing clubs around the region. In 2005, Boo Ray wandered from Athens, Georgia, out to Los Angeles, where he spent a few years working with a slew of west coast musicians before he was picked up by a bondsman and hauled back down south. In a little bit of a tough spot and needing a ten dollar item to hustle, he slapped together the ten best tracks he had for his first album. With the help of Steve Ferrone, Noah Shain, Paul Ill, Monica Ewing and Producer John “Q” Keggler he released 2010’s Bad News Travels Fast out of a halfway house.
Having learned what a one-sheet was from Hollywood actors & models on the west coast, he shipped 100 promos stuffed with CDs, one-sheets and Moon Pies as his first official Americana Music Association Radio Campaign. As a result of Boo Ray’s amazing songs and his tireless work ethic, his record reached the top 50 and stayed in the Top 100 of the Americana Chart and the Top 40 of the Roots Music Report for an entire year.
His first Nashville record, Six Weeks in a Motel followed in 2012 and gained enough attention to lead to a successful publishing deal, plus the recording and release of Sea Of Lights.
In addition to his music, Boo Ray spends some of his free time doing custom leather work, making hand tooled guitar straps and belts for his guitar picker pals, truckers, bikers, cowboys and rock & rollers. His customers have included Johnny Knoxville, Juliette Lewis, Billy Gibbons, and other household names.
Upon returning from tour earlier this year, Boo Ray went straight into the studio with his band to lay down his next record. His creativity hit on all cylinders, and Tennessee Alabama Fireworks was born out of a deep searching desire to address some grim realities of today’s world and it’s constantly-disconnected relationships. The album shifts between joyous, zen-like optimism (“Don’t Look Back”) and devastating critical care situations (“Outrun the Wind”) that can only come from living life and learning to navigate dark waters. Even considering such hard, inescapable truths, Boo Ray eyes a future full of hope and promise with craftsmanship that is built to last.
Boo Ray has been an official endorser of Olathe Boots since 2010 and has a new shirt line coming soon with Western Ranchwear H BAR C.

2019 Music Festivals NATIONWIDE: The Nashville Boogie.

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Dec 082018

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival

Oh hey, and we booked THE B-52’s for the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender!! We’re going to make it how it used to be when they started out. That’s going to be one huge dance floor. This is going to be a party, not a concert. And just wait til you find out who is opening for them. We’ll announce that December 17th.
This is the big Sunday headliner for the indoor festival we host at the Opryland Resort. Folks can buy one day passes just to this show or weekend passes to the entire event. There will be attractions at both Opryland and the Nashville Palace all weekend.
Many bands and DJs have been announced with more to come!

So folks I’ll be honest I have to contact Mr. Jason and ask him what the room situation looks like for the Opryland Hotel but here is a list of local hotels in the area for your help. NOW Tomorrow I’ll be in town for some various other reasons and I’ll be researching the area for other venue deals.
NOW MIND YOU some of it will be taking place at the Nashville Palace AND at the Opryland Hotel almost at the same time, ALL THESE SHOWS are included in your one ticket price for the WEEKEND PRICE, you CAN BUY single day tickets, ok?

Club Hotel Nashville Inn And Suites
Country Inn And Suites Opryland North
Best Western Opryland
Holiday Inn Express Opryland
Airport Super 8 Opryland
Courtyard Nashville
Hampton Inn And Suites
Guest House Inn
Days Inn Opryland
Fiddler’s Inn Opryland

Miss Sunny Sweeney’s Dysfunctional Family Christmas.

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Dec 022018


Dysfunctional Family Christmas (Huntsville)

I have had a truly GREAT YEAR with my friend Miss Sunny Sweeney, last year her fourth album Trophy graced my TOP 50 OF 2017. I also got to cover some of her shows in Bowling Green Ky and Nashville Tennessee.

I discovered her on MySpace upon her first album called Heart breaker’s Hall Of Fame, but now she only performs one or two songs from that album. However she still puts on ONE HELL of a live show, in previous years she played what she called “Hard Candy Christmas”.

Now, I’ll be honest I’m not sure of this show will be acoustic only, or full band..but who cares? MANY of these shows are already sold out, so buy your tickets NOW! Also Mr. Ward Davis and Miss Bri Bagwell both have new albums out, so go pick those up too!

Sunny Sweeney
Brennen Leigh
Ward Davis

Sunny Sweeney
Brennen Leigh
Tennessee Jet

Sunny Sweeney
Brennen Leigh
Bri Bagwell

ac941919-6327-485f-afee-7eae692294f4.jpg 2482f09c-d0cd-48be-bb42-880421dd506e.jpg 9b84c80c-3f83-4de2-aeb4-9d0855fa5b62.jpg

Dec 2 – Fort Worth, TX
Magnolia Motor Lounge

Dec 21 – Austin, TX

Dec 11 – St. Louis, MO
Off Broadway

Dec 3 – OKC, OK
The Blue Door

Dec 20 – The Woodlands, TX
Dosey Doe – Big Barn

** Sunny Sweeney and Brennen Leigh Only **


Dec 12 – Memphis, TN
Hi-Tone Cafe

Dec 4 – Tulsa, OK
The Shrine

Dec 13 – Nashville, TN
3rd and Lindsley

Dec 5 – Chicago, IL
Bub City

Dec 14 – Huntsville, AL
Sidetracks Bar and Grill

Dec 7 – Minneapolis, MN

Dec 15 – Decatur, GA
Eddie’s Attic

Dec 8 – Waterloo, NE
Buck’s Bar and Grill

Dec 16 – Decatur, TX
Eddie’s Attic

Dec 9 – Waterloo, NE
Buck’s Bar and Grill

Dec 18 – Kenney, TX
The Kenney Store

Dec 19 – Kenney, TX
The Kenney Store

2019 Music Festivals: Nelsonville Music Festival.

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Dec 022018

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival

As you know my friends I am watching MANY festivals with eagle eye precision, and this is one of them. I’ll have A TON of info coming SOON on this event.

Join us June 6-9, 2019 for the 15th annual Nelsonville Music Festival presented by Stuart’s Opera House and get your EARLYBIRD TICKETS, THEY ARE ON SALE NOW!This is the cheapest tickets will be, you can click here to get your weekend passes to the best 4 days of the year! Camping, motorhome spots, and more are also available.
Lineup announcements are coming soon, but get your passes right now and save some money. And they make great gifts for the holidays too.
Since NMF is turning 15 next year and we decided to celebrate early by keeping our Earlybird ticket prices (and camping, motorhome, and VIP) the same price as 2018. We hope to see you at Robbins Crossing on the campus of Hocking College on June 6-9, 2019!

East of Cincinnati Ohio off Hwy 70 The Nelsonville Music Festival is held at Robbins Crossing
historic village on the campus of Hocking College. Hocking College is located at:

3301 Hocking Parkway
Nelsonville, OH 45764

I’ll post some information from their website..
– Raingear (no umbrellas)
– Clothing with a hood
– Extra pair of shoes/sneakers
– Blanket for seating
– Sunscreen
– A hat
– A bandanna
– Sunglasses
– Aluminum or stainless steel containers for water
– Camera WITHOUT a detachable lens
– Extra set of keys to keep with you at all times (Avoid keeping keys in your car!)
– Vehicle Key Code (this will cut down on the time it takes for the locksmith to duplicate your key if you lose it)

If you’re camping, also bring:
– Biodegradable plastic bags for trash
– Extra toilet paper (just in case)
– Lantern/Flashlight/Headlamp with extra batteries
– Portable radio
– Flag or balloon to identify your campsite
– Small luggage lock for your tent (please don’t bring any valuables – if you must, keep them locked in your vehicle out of view)
– Phosphate and sulfate free soaps detergents and shampoos

– No weapons of any kind
– No fireworks
– No illegal substances
– No vending will be allowed
– No bicycles or scooters or personal motorized vehicles will be permitted into the festival grounds.
– No glass containers of any kind! All glass containers will be confiscated upon entry to the festival.
-NO PETS! Pets will be picked up and placed with the local humane society. Please use the local kennels if you are traveling with your pet. If a pet is found in the car you will be turned away -regardless how long you have waited in line or if you have wristband or not. Service animals, trained to assist an individual with a disability, are allowed, of course

– Drinking water on the festival grounds
– Medical assistance
– Handwash stations
– Showers (on a limited basis)
– Portable toilets with toilet paper and hand sanitizer
– Vendors will be selling a variety of foods, beverages, and snacks

– Factory sealed bottled water (non-glass containers)
– Empty water bottles (non-glass containers)
– Non-framed backpacks (they will be subject to inspection at the gate)
– Blankets

– No glass or cans
– No food or drinks – other than factory sealed water bottles and small snacks
– Please note that absolutely no glass containers will be allowed into the event. All glass containers will be confiscated upon entry to the festival and no exceptions will be made.


The 11th annual Nelsonville Music Festival will take place Thursday, May 28 – Sunday, May 31, 2015 at Robbins Crossing on the campus of Hocking College.

Where is the closest airport to the venue?
The Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) is about an hour by car and an hour and forty minutes by bus.

Will you be providing any shuttles to/from the airports?
No, but the Go Bus leaves Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) twice a day. You want to disembark at the Nelsonville Hocking College Bookstore stop.

Where is the closest bus station to the event?
The Go Bus stops at the Nelsonville Hocking College Bookstore stop.

What is your re-entry policy?
Vehicles are permitted to leave and re-enter the site.

Can I leave on foot and return?
Patrons will be allowed to leave and re-enter the event grounds on foot at their leisure while the gates are open.

If I am staying off site, can I leave and come back?

Does the festival off-set its consumption?
The Festival offsets a portion of its carbon footprint.

What do vendors on-site do to help?
Concession food is required to be served with biodegradable wraps, plates, cups, and cutlery manufactured from a renewable resource. We encourage food vendors to source their produce and meat from local farmers.

Can I bring my kids? Do they have to pay?
We love kids! The more, the better. That’s why all children under 12 and under are free (when accompanied by an adult with a ticket)! Children 13 and older will be required to have a ticket and are eligible for a discounted ticket when purchased with adult tickets, please bring legal proof of age to the festival along with your teen.

Will you send my tickets to me?
Yes, for a $2 fee. E-tickets are offered free of charge. There will be no will call this year.

Will tickets be available for purchase at the front gate?
If the event is not sold out, tickets will be available for purchase at the gate. Prices will be higher, though, so buy now!

Can you tell me where I can check the status of my ticket(s)?
For customer service, contact Ellie via e-mail at

Can I get a day pass?
Yes, they go on sale by April 1, 2015. But a four-day pass is cheaper on a per-day basis.

Will the entrance to the campgrounds be open 24 hours?
No. Campground closes to vehicular traffic an hour after the last band finishes and opens as soon as our camping coordinator’s kids wake him up in the morning. You can get in and out on foot at any time.

What will you be providing at the campgrounds?
There will be portable toilets and hand wash stations. Make sure you bring drinking water with you! Ice and firewood and other sundry items will be available at the main camping gate. A vendor or two will be selling food, beverages and snacks in the campground as well as in the festival grounds. Access to ATMs is very limited, so we recommend that you bring enough cash for your stay. Please bring enough money for any additional expenses you may have.

What emergency services will be available on site? What should I do if I need emergency assistance (medical, police, towing, locksmith, etc.)?
There will be emergency medical personnel and security personnel onsite around the clock. If you need EMERGENCY medical or police attention, call 911 and tell the dispatcher you’re at the Nelsonville Music Festival, find a uniformed officer, staff person, go to the admissions tent, or medical tent.

Where should I go if I lose my keys, my wallet or my friends?
Lost and found will be located at the admission tent at the main entrance. If you lose something, or someone, check there. If it or they are not there the first time, check again later. If you find something that needs to be returned to its owner, please drop it off there. It is a good idea to bring an extra set of keys. Obtain your key code before you leave home and bring it with you. This will cut down on the time it takes for the locksmith to duplicate your key if you lose it.

What will I be allowed to bring into the campgrounds?
You can bring coolers with a consumable amount of provisions into the camping area; however, they cannot be brought into the festival grounds. Small grills and camping stoves will be allowed and fires within fire rings (not provided-bring one!). No kegs, no funeral pyres, no 55-gallon drums!

PLEASE follow these instructions if you are planning on using a grill. You can use gas/propane fuel sources, charcoal, or firewood bought onsite(cheap!), but scavenging for wood on-site or bringing in outside firewood will NOT be permitted (we have an Emerald Ash Borer problem). No more than 40 pounds of charcoal per grill per car will be allowed. The fire must be entirely contained. Air quality is a concern. Please keep the fires as small as possible and extinguish them as soon as you are finished. When you are done cooking with charcoal, put it out with water before going into the show or going to sleep or leaving your camp, rather than letting it burn out over time. In any case, DO NOT DUMP COALS ON THE GROUND (ever) or in the trash until they are entirely cool. After the coals are COMPLETELY DEAD, dispose of them properly as garbage.

What are the restrictions on bringing alcohol?
Our alcohol and beverage policy in the campgrounds are as follows: no glass containers whatsoever are allowed into the campgrounds or concert areas. Furthermore, no kegs are allowed into the festival either. We will seize ALL ‘excessive’ amounts of alcohol. “Excessive” means more than 2 cases of beer per person per car, 1 1.75 liter of hard liquor per person per car, and 2 boxes of wine per person (i.e. amounts that are clearly for sale). No outside alcohol is allowed onto the festival grounds.

Will there be a quiet camping area for families and such?
Yes, there will be a quiet camping area for families and such.

Will small campfires be allowed in the camping areas?
Yes, if kept contained within a fire ring. Bring one with you, we don’t have any! You will be asked to extinguish any fire not properly contained.

Will there be any electricity in the camping area?
In the RV camping area there is electricity but not in tent/primitive camping. NO GENERATORS ARE ALLOWED IN CAMPGROUND.

Are service animals allowed in the campsite?
Service animals that are trained to assist an individual with a disability are allowed. Other types of animals and pets are NOT allowed.

Is there cell phone service available throughout the festival grounds?
Yes, although due to expected high calling volume, service may not be consistent.

Can I set up a large pavilion tent?
There will be no pavilion tents allowed.

Will pets be allowed in the venue / campground?

Where will we be camping / parking? Can we to camp next to our cars?
Camping space will be provided in front of or behind each vehicle. Each vehicle will have a camping area of approximately 10 feet by the width of your car. You will not be able to save spots. If you plan on parking/camping with your party you must arrive together.

What’s considered an RV?
An RV is defined as any vehicle larger either in length, width or height than a normal 15 passenger van. This includes all towed campers, pop up campers, motor homes, and as well as buses and all other oversized vehicles that will fit inside a 20’ X 50’ spot. This does not include vans (i.e. VW vans) smaller than any 15-passenger van.

Can my friends park their cars next to my RV?
If you can fit it in the spot, go for it.

Can I buy a RV pass for my car or truck to enter the RV campground?
No, only RVs or other vehicles considered as RVs will be allowed to enter the RV campground. All oversized vehicles, trailers, and campers that are towed and busses are considered RV’s and must fit into a 20’ X 50’ space to be allowed in.

Can we park RVs in the same group next to one another?
Yes, as long as the RVs arrive at the same time together in line. You will not be able to reserve spaces or hold spaces for later arrivals in your group.

Where are the RV campgrounds located?
All camping is in the same campground. There is one entrance for both.

Can I park an RV in the Accessible Parking area?
Yes, you will need a RV pass and handicapped placard to access the area as well.

Will we be allowed to move our RV once it is parked?
No, all RVs must remain parked until they exit the festival for good. By moving your RV you will forfeit your spot.

Will there be any gas onsite in case we run out?
No, there will not be gas available onsite. You should be sure to fill the RV before entering.

What can I bring into the show?
Non-frame backpacks are okay. We encourage you to be prepared with sunscreen, a hat, and a water container. Please be aware that your belongings will be searched each time you enter the festival grounds, so you may wish to leave non- essential items at your camp or secure your valuables in your car to speed this process.

The following items will NOT be permitted into the festival grounds(we reserve the right to add items to this list if necessary):
Cans, bottles (other than sealed or empty clear plastic water bottles), food (with the exception of small snacks), beverages, alcohol, video recording devices, professional cameras with detachable lenses (anything other than small personal or disposable cameras), laser pens or similar focused-light devices, beach umbrellas or any other items that might impair the sight of other spectators. There is NO check-in area for prohibited items. All patrons and vendors will be subject to a search by security personnel. Please be advised that the security company, facility, promoters, and performers will not be responsible for any items confiscated during search procedures.

Can we bring water / CamelBaks into the festival grounds?
Factory sealed clear bottled water (non-glass containers) and empty water bottles will be allowed. If you are using a CamelBak, or other personal hydration system, it must be emptied before entering.

Will we be allowed to leave the show and come back?
Yes, your wristband will allow you to go back and forth between the festival grounds and the parking and camping areas during scheduled performance times.

What is the taping policy going to be?
The Nelsonville Music Festival reserves the right to prevent and forbid taping of performances.

Will cameras be allowed in the festival grounds?
Small personal and disposable cameras without additional/detachable lenses will be allowed in the festival grounds. Professional cameras will NOT be allowed.

Will chairs be allowed in the festival grounds?
Yes! We ask that you keep them in the designated areas, and the Nelsonville Music Festival is not responsible if your chair is left and gets moved.

What types of vendors will be on hand? Will they be reasonably priced?
There will be a variety of vendors in the festival grounds and the campground that will provide a variety of interesting, diverse, and reasonably priced food. For health and quality reasons, unauthorized food vendors pose a risk to festival goers. Unauthorized food vendors are not permitted and will be shut down to alleviate that risk.

What types of other vendors will be on-site?
There will be a variety of artisans and vendors selling high quality crafts, merchandise and Nelsonville Music Festival memorabilia. Each year the Nelsonville Music Festival is committed to selecting quality craft and merchandise vendors. The unauthorized sale of merchandise in the camping area is not permitted, and we are committed to ensuring a successful event for the authorized vendors of the festival.

To get info on becoming a vendor at Nelsonville 2015, please go to the contacts section of the NMF website. There, you will be able to download an application form and read all vendor related info. Applications will be accepted until all booth spaces have been filled.

Due to our happy working relationships with vendors from previous years, all food vending spots are filled.

What is the security going to be like at the festival?
Uniformed police officers will be at the main gate area and occasionally patrolling the grounds. If you have an EMERGENCY, find a staff person, go to the main gate admission tent, medical tent, or dial 911 and tell the dispatcher you are at the Nelsonville Music Festival and find the nearest identifiable landmark.

Is there anything else I should know?
Eat enough and drink enough water. Use your common sense. If it’s sunny, wear sunscreen, or you will be miserable the next day. Sunburn is no fun. Also, if you find yourself being annoyed by someone, just stay calm, be friendly, and ask them to stop or tone down whatever is bothering you and they probably will. If they don’t, please see a staff member.

Mr. Ray Stevens Announces “Christmas At CabaRay”

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Dec 022018


Starting last week Country Music Legend Ray Stevens began his Christmas shows at his newly launched entertainment complex called CabaRay. I recently reported on the opening of this event and you can read that HERE. He will be featuring multiple Christmas themed shows until December 29th.

Much like many other artists we are reporting on right now, he is decked out in Christmas garb and ready to bring in the holidays with Christmas songs and decor. Mr. Ray reportedly announced “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.

At each show, dinner seating begins at 6:00 p.m. with the live concert following at 7:30 p.m. Ticket pricing: $99 seats include VIP seating, dinner and live show / $79 seats include dinner and show on the main dining floor / $59 seats are available in the balcony (does not include dinner).

Tickets are on-sale now at or by calling 615-327-4630. CabaRay is located at 5724 River Road in West Nashville.

“Christmas at CabaRay” Show Schedule:
Friday, November 23
Saturday, November 24
Friday, November 30
Saturday, December 1
Thursday, December 6
Friday, December 7
Saturday, December 8
Friday, December 14
Saturday, December 15
Friday, December 28
Saturday, December 29

Opened to the public in January of this year, CabaRay is an homage to the producers, musicians, songwriters and artists who “made Nashville Music City,” according to Stevens. The venue’s interior is wallpapered with recording studio photos of sessions where hits like “Pretty Woman,” “El Paso,” “Ahab the Arab,” and many others were born. The showroom features six red leather banquette booths named for esteemed Nashville record producers Chet Atkins, Owen Bradley, Shelby Singleton, Fred Foster, Jerry Kennedy and Billy Sherrill.

CabaRay features dinner service for 500 patrons downstairs with beverage service for over 200 more upstairs in theatre-style seating. The Bill Lowery High Spirits Emporium is a true piano bar, featuring Nashville favorite John Jonethis on keys. The venue also includes a lobby gift shop, chock full of souvenirs.


Complete List Of 2018 AND 2019 Local Shows!

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Dec 012018

If YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music

Sarah Gayle Meech
Robert’s Western World Jan 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 24rth
26th, 31st.

William Matheny
The Basement January 6th

Mandy Barnett
3rd And Lindsley Jan 7th

The Milk Carton Kids
Ryman Auditorium January 10th

Kristiana Murray
Josh Morningstar
Jeremy Pinnell
The Basement January 11th

Sean Whiting
Southgate House January 12th

Vince Gill
Ryman Auditorium January 12th

Ronnie Milsap
Ryman Auditorium January 16th

Swelltone Records Tour
The Southgate House January 16th

Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
The Southgate House January 17th

Greensky Bluegrass
Ryman Auditorium January 17th

Nathan Belt And The Buckles
Acme Feed And Seed January 8th and 18th

Steel Woods
Josh Card
3Rd and Lindsley January 18th and 19th

The Grascals
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame Woodard Theater January 19th

Erin Enderlin
3rd And Lindsley January 19th

The Devil Makes Three
3Rd And Lindsley January 20th

The Lost Dog Street Band
3rd And Lindsley January 20th

Wayne Hancock
Joe’s Truck Stop
The Southgate House January 24th

Whiskey Myers
Cannery Ballroom January 25th

Wynonna Judd
State Theater Elizabethtown Ky Jan 26th

Rye Davis
Mike’s Bar And Grill Clarksville Tn January 25th, March 2nd and April 13th

Aaron Watson
the Ryman January 24th

The Po’ Ramblin
The Station Inn January 30th

Brent Cobb
Ryman Auditorium January 31st

Read Southall Band
The Basement Feb 1st

The Grascals
The Station Inn Feb 2nd 2019

Josh Card
The Steel Woods
The Warehouse Bowling Green Feb 2nd 2019

Dead Horses
The High Watt February 6th

The Royal Hounds
Scoreboard Grill Feb 7th

Johnny Fritz
Cannery Ballroom Feb 7th

Joshua Hedley
Southgate House Feb 7th

Dallas Moore
Craig Gerdes
Spillway Bar And Grill Feb 8th

Andrew Leahey And The Homestead
The Royal Hounds
Acme Feed And Seed Feb 9th

Ronnie Milsap
Plaza Theater Glasgow Ky Feb 9th

The Tillers Old time string Breakers Ball
Southgate House Feb 9th

Micky And The Motorcars
Exit Inn Feb 10th

Urban Pioneers
Springwater Super Clucb Feb 10th

The Royal Hounds
Acme Feed And Seed Feb 13th

The Wild Feathers
The Ryman Auditorium Feb 15th and 16th

James Carothers
Spillway Bar And Grill Feb 16th

Radney Foster
City Winery Feb 15th

The Lil Smokies
The High Watt Feb 9th

Sean K. Preston And The Loaded Pistols
Tennessee Brew Works Feb 21st 2019

Travis Tritt
Country music Hall Of Fame Feb 22nd and 23rd 2019

Ronnie Milsap
Glema Mahr Center Madisonville Ky Feb 22nd

Blackberry Smoke
The Ryman Auditorium Feb 22nd and 23rd

Tim Atwood
Country Music Hall Of Fame Feb 23rd

Travis Tritt
CMA Theater Feb 22nd, 23rd and 24th

Randy Rogers Band
Marathon Music Works Feb 23rd

Josh Abbott Band
Marathon Music Works Feb 23rd

Rhonda Vincent And The Rage
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame Feb 23rd

Jimmy Fortune
The Capitol Theater Feb 26th

Kacey Musgraves
Ryman Auditorium Feb 27th 2019

John Prine
Ryman Auditorium December 31st

Kasey Musgraves
Bridgestone Arena March 1 and 2nd 2019

Elizabeth Cook
Chris Shiflett
Kendell Marvel
The Basement East March 3rd

Emi Sunshine
War Memorial Auditorium March 7th

Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
The Basement East March 8th

Whitey Morgan And The 78s
Minglewood Hall Memphis Tn March 9th

Steep Canyon Rangers
Bluegrass HOF March 9th

The Supersuckers
Southgate House March 14th

Whitey Morgan And The 78’s
Capone’s Johnson City Tn

Whitey Morgan And The 78’s
Headliners Music Hall Louisville Ky March 15th

Hannah Aldridge
Wonky Tonk
Nellen Dryden
The Basement March 20th

Infamous Stringdusters
The Great Peacock
Marathon Music Works March 29th

Confederate Railroad
Cahoots Dancehall March 29th

Weston Harris Album Release Party
Matt Woods
The Basement March 28th

The Goddamn Gallows
Scott H Biram
Urban Pioneers
Basement East March 29th

Rye Davis
Spillway Bar And Grill March 30th

The Reeves Brothers
American Legion post 82 April 2nd

Reckless Kelly
Basement East April 5th

Andrea Colburn And Mud Moseley
American Legion Post 82 April 6th

Reverend Horton Heat
Legendary Shack Shakers
Hooten Hallers
Southgate House Revival April 8th

Hayes Carll
The Basement East April 11th

Sierra Hull
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame April 12th

The Barnyard Stompers
The Cobra Nashville April 18th

The Grascals
Courthouse Square In Leitchfield Ky July 20th 2019

Cody Johnson
Ryman Auditorium May 4rth

Charley Pride
Carson Center Paducah Ky May 10th

Jerry Douglass
City Winery May 11th

Deer Tick
Ryman Auditorium May 17th

John Prine
Kelsey Waldon
Lu-Ray Park Ampitheater
Central City Ky July 13th

The Steel Woods
The Shed Maryville Tn July 27th

Unknown Hinson
Exit Inn December 31st

New Location Announced For Podunk Bluegrass Festival.

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Dec 012018

One of the more prominent Bluegrass Festivals I cover The Podunk Bluegrass Festival, has announced a new Connecticut location for 2019. After this year’s festival their five year deal with Hebron Lions Club came to a close, and the venue informed the board of directors that music would not be hosted in august.

Some of the artist contracts and retainer fees prohibited them from moving the festival to July of 2019, and they also reportedly were not wanting to raise ire with the Grey Fox Festival in New York, which garners the same similar patrons.

The board of directors searched until they found the Goshen Fairgrounds in Goshen Ct, which actually offers more amnesties than their previous venue.  This facility hosts many other outdoor music functions, making it a suitable option for a Bluegrass festival of this magnitude.

It is located about an hour west of the original venue and has all sorts of RV hookups and wooded areas for rough camping, which is a new change for 2019. However the festival organizers will be willing to discuss a refund for those that cannot make the longer journey.

Please continue to log on to our website for ALL the best information on over 200 yearly festivals. For more information on this particular festival please click HERE.

2019 Music Festival Series: Podunk Music Festival.

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Dec 012018

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival


Pre-sale Prices End
November 30th
Buy Today and Save


       2019 MAIN STAGE LINEUP       
Zink And Company
Red Molly
Nothin’ Fancy

The Travelin’ McCourys

Pretty Saro
Unspoken Tradition
David Davis & The Warrior River Boys
Pretty Saro
Phil Leadbetter & The All-Stars of Bluegrass

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen

Gospel Sing with Mike & Mary Robinson
Bill Thibodeau Band


We will be holding all of our usual contests in 2019

The Podunk Band Competition
Sponsored by Telefunken, the Band Competition gives bands a chance to make the jump from a local or regional band to one of national recognition. It gives groups an opportunity to present to a wider audience and establish themselves as a band to be “watched and heard.”
The 2018 contestants were:
Winner & Fan Favorite
Pretty Saro

along with
Collinsville String Band, Blackjack Crossing and River Bones Band
For more information click HERE

The Voice of Podunk Kids
A singing contest for children ages 7 to 17.   This is not a bluegrass music contest. The child chooses the song and the genre. A single accompanying instrument is allowed.   A guitar player can be provided for kids who do not play an instrument.

Participants can be a solo, a duet, a trio or even a quartet. The contest will take place the morning of August 11 at the festival. Kids will perform their songs on the Workshop Stage. to sign up contact Myrna Riquier 860-455-9400 or

Songwriting Competition
Top three winners receive cash prizes and other amenities, including the opportunity to appear on stage during this year’s festival.  Contest entry deadline is May 1.  Podunk’s competition goes through a two stage judging, first with a panel of professionals to determine the top five songs. They are then sent to three different judges for a blind listening and judging based on seven categories to determine the top three who will receive a chance to perform and receive cash prizes.
For more information click HERE

HERE is a link for a full map of the campgrounds!
From HartfordTake I-84 East towards East Hartford.Cross Connecticut River, take exit number 55, Route 2 East towards Norwich/New London.Take exit number 12 – West Road, Business Route/Marlborough.Turn LEFT onto West RoadWest Road becomes Martin Road in HebronAt end of Martin Rd. turn RIGHT onto Route 85.Lions Fairgrounds will be 1 mile on the RIGHT.
From New HavenTake I- 91 North towards Hartford.Take the exit number 18, Route 66 East towards Middletown/Portland.Follow Route 66 East to Route 85 intersection in center of Hebron.Take a LEFT onto Route 85 North.Lions Fairgrounds will be on the LEFT.
From New LondonTake Route 85 North towards Hartford.Turn LEFT onto Route 82/East Haddam Rd.Take Route 11 North towards Hartford/Colchester.Merge with Route 2 West.Take the Route 16 exit, exit number 18, towards Colchester /Middletown.Take a RIGHT onto Route 16 East.Take a LEFT onto Route 85 North.Follow Route 85 North across Route 85 and Route 66 intersection.Lions Fairgrounds will be on the LEFT.
Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
It is helpful to have an ID should questions arise at the ticket gate. Children 15 and under are free of charge with an adult.
What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?
There is parking for 5,000 cars on the grounds. If you need assistance to get from the parking lot to the concert area please ask one of our volunteers or staff members for assistance. There are paved walkways throughout the festival grounds.
What can/can’t I bring to the event?
Small coolers are allowed into the festival but why bother when we have some great food vendors.
Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
You may call 860-828-9818 with any questions or by email at
Is my registration/ticket transferrable?
Yes you may update and transfer the ticket to someone else.
Can I update my registration information?
Yes you can just go to the ticket site and follow directions.
Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
Yes you should bring your ticket as it will speed up your entry into the festival
What is the refund policy?
There are no refunds
Do you sell tickets for one day?
Yes you may purchase individual tickets at any time.
Are senior and children’s tickets the same cost as Adult tickets?
Yes tickets are all the same price. Children 15 and under are free with a paying adult.
Are picnic tables available at our site?
There are tables available for your use as a premium ticket holder. Just let the campground crew know when you pull in.
Is there a dump station?
No dump stations located on the grounds. But you can pay the port a john company directly to dump. Check with our Camping Captain for details upon arrival.
Are fires allowed?
No open fires are allowed on the grounds per the Lions and Fire Marshal.
Is there an after 7 PM Ticket Price?
Yes we have a general admission ticket for $40.00 for anyone entering after 7 PM on Friday or Saturday.


A number of Bluegrass Showcase events are being implemented specifically to help increase the fan-base of bluegrass music.  A small $10 donation at the door gets the participating musicians paid.  Showcases will run from September to May.  More venues are being developed at other locations.  To get onto the schedule call Myrna Riquier at 455-9400 or email her,  Please do not contact the venues.

Here is what is happening so far….

The Packing House 
 1st  Wednesdays 7-9PM
156 River Road  (Rt. 32)  Willington, CT 518-791-9474


Dec 5 – Restless Mountain
Jan 2 –  No showcase in Jan.
Feb 6 – BluesGrass
Mar 6 –  81 South
Apr 3 – Cabin Fever
May 1 – Still Pickin’ Band
(Final showcase for this season. Resumes in Sept. )

Yantic River Inn 
2nd  Wednesdays 7:00-9:30PM.
270 West Town Street Yantic, CT 860-887-4300


Dec 12 – Yantic river Volunteers with Nick Anderson
Jan 9 –  Cabin Fever
Feb 13 – need band
Mar 13 – need band
Apr 10 – Rock Hearts
May 08 – Still Pickin’ Band
(Final Showcase for the season. Resumes in Sept.)

The Hungry Tiger
2nd  Sundays 5-8PM.
120 Charter Oak StreetManchester, CT  860-649-1195


Jan 13 –  Bend in the River
Feb 10 – Rock Hearts
Mar 10 –  Restless Mountain
Apr 14 –  81 South
May 12 – Still Pickin’ Band
(Final Showcase for the season. Resumes in Sept.)


Miss Margo Price Debuts New Video And Announces Baby News!

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Nov 262018

Miss Margo Price has had a stellar year in 2018, and so has Third Man Records for that matter. In fact, I shall let you in on a little tidbit of clue here, my ALBUM OF THE YEAR is from this label. Now I’m NOT trying to downplay Miss Margo’s 2018 offering called “All American Made”, but the Album of 2018 WILL BE one of her label mates!

She debuted a brand new video for the title track of the album last week, I wanted to share it with you friends. She headlined one hell of a wonderful concert at the Ryman that sold out fast, after only putting out two albums.

She has steamrolled onto the scene that in my opinion is kind of lacking on recognizing the females on an even basis, even on the local levels. Sadly, I see many of the festivals scheduling the gals on the smaller stages and on the earlier or later time slots. I firmly see Miss Margo as one of the leaders of the fight in that battle here.

This past month, as her label boss Mr. Jack White played the Bridgestone arena here in town, she announced the her and her husband are expecting their third child. As all of the dates for Mr. Jack White he requires the crowd to keep their devices put up, thusly there was no video of the announcement save for what was recorded by them.

I already have many festival lineups turned in for 2019, and I can tell you that Miss Margo is included on many of those lineups. So fear not folks she IS FEATURED on some of them, in fact the very first time I got to see her solo was at Muddy Roots. I honestly forget what year, but it was before her debut album even hit the market. I knew right then she was going to be a force to be reckoned with.


2019 Music Festival Series: Moonrunners.

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Nov 252018

PEOPLE I have many festivals that have lineups pouring in, because Thanksgiving weekend is a HUGE time for lineup announcements. Every Thanksgiving day my friends over at Moonrunners Music Festival in Chicago announce their lineup.

This year, my website has taken a different direction in order to conserve time for me next year AND also to have more time to promote the events to you. I’ll be releasing MANY of the articles for them NOW, and I will be updating them weekly.

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival

The official sponsoring hotel is the South Loop Hotel which is only about 5 blocks from Reggies. That folks is about the only nearby hotel that I have found so far. This is an indoor event so the rules of the festival are pretty much the rules of the venue, however like EVERY festival there is ONE main rule: Don’t be a dick.

Chicago South Loop Hotel
11 W 26th Street
Chicago IL 60616

Sheila Ward
Direct: 312-674-2234

2019 Music Festival Series: Winter Wonder Grass.

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Nov 252018

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie








The inaugural WinterWonderGrass Vermont, held at the Stratton Mountain Resort! WinterWonderGrass is mostly an outdoor event with numerous heated tents housing side stages, the kids’ zone, coffee, ar and beer tastings. We are part music festival, part beer festival, and 100% mountain adventure. Bump into the artists of WWG on the hill, then join us each day at 1:45 for 3 hours of daily beer tastings (2-5 pm), and music on four stages. The event ends at 10 pm, if you want to keep jamming, you can buy a ticket to the after parties around Stratton Village. More information at:

The event is outdoors in the winter and takes place snow, rain or shine (no refunds) WinterWonderGrass is an all-ages family event, must be 21+ to purchase alcohol.

  • Thursday, December 13 | 9 pm kick-off party with The Infamous Stringdusters 9 pm (separate ticket) @ Grizzly’s bar

  • Friday, December 14 | 1:45-10 pm – Beer/Cider tastings 2-5 pm

  • Saturday, December 15 | 1:45-10 pm- Beer/Cider tastings 2-5 pm

  • Sunday, December 16 | 1:45-9:30 pm- Beer/Cider tastings 2-5 pm


Music, winter sports, craft beer, fresh eats, and family is what makes up the three days of the WinterWonderGrass Festival. With deep roots in Colorado, California and now Vermont, the event has established itself as a leader in the winter lifestyle culture where the quality of experience outweighs the notion of quantity. WinterWonderGrass is an intimate gathering where inspiration and connection sit at its core. Our community is focused on sustainability, local non-profit support, nurturing the next generation and truly backing the arts, where together, we’ve planted the seed for long-term sustainability.

WINTERWONDERGRASS supports The Stratton Foundation

Each year WinterWonderGrass supports local non-profits – with a focus on music education, environmental protection, musical education, community initiatives, and disaster relief. The festival boasts a strong environmental program diverting over 85% of festival waste from landfills. We donate $1 for every ticket sold. A Klean Kanteen stainless steel commemorative festival mug is included with each three-day festival ticket – no single-use plastics are on site. WinterWonderGrass is a community and family-friendly event with a colorful kid’s zone including face painting, hula hooping and crafts. Kids 12 and under are free, seniors 75 and older are also offered complimentary admission.

Lift tickets as well as Grass After Dark tickets must be purchased separately. All festival passes include resort fee, credit card processing fees and ticket management costs.


“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.” ― John Muir


















Big Contest, we aren't kidding, it's huge



2019 Music Festival Series: Americanafest.

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Nov 232018

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival

Also please join me on December 6th as I watch the CMT coverage of the awards and shows from this one, learn more about that HERE. This eidition as well as ALL OF THE OTHERS will be updated MANY MANY TIMES!

Our conference portion features numerous panels, seminars, exclusive day time performances, and much more, proudly providing Nashville’s most educational music industry forum. This special event covers the interests and needs of artists, managers, labels, radio stations, publishers, agents, promoters, retailers, legal and business affairs executives, merchandisers and new media professionals – all enthusiastically attended and presented by music industry leaders.
 And FYI, you do not have to be a member of the Americana Music Association℠ or in the music industry to purchase a conference registration and attend all the events. We encourage all music lovers to be apart of the conference experience.

If you choose not to be a part of the entire AMERICANAFES experience through a conference registration, then our festival wristband is the option for you. For six nights, AMERICANAFEST will feature 230+ live performances at almost 40 of Nashville’s most prominent venues and much, much, more! However, wristbands do not guarantee entry if venue is at capacity. In the event of a line, conference registrants have priority access. If there is a must see band on your list we suggest arriving to the venue early.

It’s no secret that music brings people together. 2019 AMERICANAFEST® Festival Wristbands are on sale now for a chance for you and a loved one to discover your next favorite artist in Music City, Sept. 10-15, 2019.

For just $75, you’ll be able to experience hundreds of showcasing acts in various venues across Nashville and have the opportunity to attend select special events that offer even more music, some food and good times.

From intimate singer-songwriter moments over a glass of wine to rocking out a dive bar with a beer in hand, there’s no shortage of memories to be made at our 20th annual AMERICANAFEST.

Gift Festival Wristbands

Looking for the perfect compliment to a 2019 Festival Wristband?

Our merch store is loaded with AMERICANAFEST gifts and goodies suitable for any holiday budget. With 10% off all 2018 merch, we’ve lined out some options to help ensure you’re making the right choice without breaking your wallet.*

$25 & Under
Gift Festival Shirts
$20 & Under
Gift Festival Posters
$5 & Under
Gift Buttons, Stickers and More
* To receive your order by December 25, domestic orders must be placed by December 17 and international orders must be placed by December 9.
In case you missed it:
  • Set your DVRs: Catch highlights from this year’s Americana Honors & Awards during the premiere of “2018 AMERICANAFEST®,” airing this Thursday, Dec. 6 at 9/8c on CMT. Read more
  • 2019 AMERICANAFEST® Gold Circle Packages and Conference Registrations are also on sale for our 20th annual event on Sept. 10-15, 2019 in Music City – buy your preferred pass here.
  • We’ve announced our new artist resource, the Americana Tour Blueprint! This new member benefit is an ongoing map of today’s Americana-friendly venues, radio stations, record stores and publications designed for artists to use as a tool to book a tour while supplementing their run of shows with potential marketing support. Read more
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Nashville’s airport is designed to keep you moving, with an easy flow to and from the terminal’s 45 gates. The award-winning airport features a range of dining and retail options, two massage bars, a nail salon, terminal-wide Wi-Fi access, an extensive Arts at the Airport program featuring visual art and live entertainment, a full-service business center with foreign currency exchange – and even space for one last meeting before you head home. Airport Information Center: Call 615-275-1675 or visit


Visit Music City has compiled an extensive list of transportation options including information regarding bus service, car rental, taxis, etc:

For information on downtown parking, please visit


The AmericanaFest Shuttle is the free shuttle that runs between the host hotel and most AmericanaFest venues. During the daytime events, the shuttle service will be available to and from any venue that is not within a walking distance of a mile from the hotel. Please check the details of the specific event for shuttle availability once the schedule is announced. For the nightly showcases, the shuttle will make a continuous loop to every participating venue from 7pm until 1am departing approximately every 30 minutes. The shuttle service is provided as a convenience. If you need to be at a certain event at a specific time, you might consider taking alternative transportation.

Club Hotel Nashville Inn And Suites
Country Inn And Suites Opryland North
Best Western Opryland
Holiday Inn Express Opryland
Airport Super 8 Opryland
Courtyard Nashville
Hampton Inn And Suites
Guest House Inn
Days Inn Opryland
Fiddler’s Inn Opryland

The wait is over. Gold Circle Packages, Conference Registrations and Festival Wristbands for next year’s event are now available for your purchasing pleasure.

For those wanting the ultimate AMERICANAFEST® fan experience, our Gold Circle Packagesare now on sale at $999 with a very limited amount available.

If these packages are outside of your budget, don’t fret. Whether you’re looking to get the most our festival has to offer with a Conference Registration at our early bird rate* of $299 ($199 for Americana Music Association® members) or just jam out at all of our nightly showcases with a Festival Wristband at only $75, you can now secure your pass to this destination music event.

Buy your preferred pass below and join us for our 20th anniversary on Sept. 10-15, 2019 in Music City.

Buy Your Pass
Need somewhere to stay? Come stay with us at The Westin Nashville – our hotel block is now open! You can make your reservations at our host hotel by calling (615) 248-2800.


Sarah Shook Releases New Single On Bloodshot

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Nov 232018

By Joshua Wallace

Sarah Shook and The Disarmers recently released a new 7” single for The Way She Looked At You / Devil May Care. These are tracks that were recorded during Years recording sessions and they continue the same sound and attitude found on that record.

“The Way She Looked At You” is more of a ballad with some amazing pedal steel work throughout. This track would sound out of place if it was included on Years, however I’m very glad we’re getting to hear it as it is a very good track. “Devil May Care” sounds more like a lost Years b-side as it fits the sound of that record closer. I love the songwriting on this track and it carries the same country punk sound most of Years has which fits Sarah Shook so well.

This single is currently available from Bloodshot Records. We highly recommend picking up a copy on the label’s website or at a show.

CMT To Broadcast 2018 Americanafest Honors And Awards December 6th.

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Nov 232018

I have mixed feelings and multiple sentiments on the Americana label ( as millions of other people do) and although I find the giant abyss that bands and artists fall into here, I DO enjoy most of what is being passed off as this “genre” or whatever you want to call it.

I honestly DO enjoy a LOT of the bands this festival and scene portrays. I will continue to support them in every fashion I can, in print, and financially. I order merchandise weekly, and keep up with over 5,000 bands and 200 festivals to keep YOU my reader updated with ALL NEWS.

I promised Mr. Tyler Childers at Kickin In the Creek in East Kentucky, that I would not publicly elaborate on his little witty jab during the event itself, and I’m sure by now every other media outlet in existence has reported on what transpired…I don’t feel the need to.

However from a music fan’s point of view, I truly anticipate some damn fine performances during this broadcast. In addition, I feel a massive amount of new audiences will be brought forth to witness the music of many of the bands I hold dear on this website.

Watch This Year’s Americana Honors & Awards
Tune in to Americana music’s biggest night
Dec. 6 at 9|8c on


Missed your chance to attend this year’s Americana Honors & Awards or want to relive the moments when your favorites took the stage?

We’ve partnered with our friends at CMT to bring you “2018 AMERICANAFEST®,” a 90-minute special of the 17th annual Americana Honors & Awards.

This unique music special is a must-see for fans featuring show-stopping performances by Brandi Carlile, Rosanne Cash, Tyler Childers, Fantastic Negrito, Buddy Guy, I’m With Her, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, k.d. lang, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, Margo Price, John Prine, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats and Irma Thomas!

You’ll also get to see exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews from additional members of the community including Courtney Marie Andrews, Mary Gauthier, The Milk Carton Kids and more.

Gather your family and friends this holiday season and tune in to the premiere of “2018 AMERICANAFEST” on Thursday, Dec. 6 at 9|8c on CMT.


"2018 AMERICANAFEST®" | Thursday, Dec. 6 | 9/8c on CMT

2019 Music Festival Series: Mardi Gras Texas Style.

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Nov 232018

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival

Image may contain: text that says "SAVE THE DATE MARDI GRAS TEXAS STYLET SATURDAY - FEBRUARY 23, 2019"

One of my favorite things to do is promote festivals on here, currently we feature over 200 of them complete with full information on how to fully enjoy them to the fullest extent. Another thing I like to do is enjoy different music communities and try to juxtapose them all together on ONE BIG community for others to enjoy.

So let’s take a quick look into the world of the Texas Red Dirt community and look at Mardi Gras Texas Style out there in Dallas Texas….GO COWBOYS!

This one has been on my radar for some time now, and you can damn sure bet Ill get out there one day, and tear Texas apart!

18th Annual Mardi Gras Texas Style!
20 bands – 5 stages – 1 day – Saturday February 23, 2019

Turnpike Troubadors

Koe Wetzel

Shane Smith And The Saints

Josh Ward

Read Southall

Bri Bagwell

Shotgun Rider

Randall King

Dalton Domino

Vincent Neil Emerson

Michael Lee

Chris Colston

Aaron McDonnell

Kolby Cooper

Nick Hirsch

Tyler And The Tribe

Wynn Williams

Bradley Banning


It’s that time of year again! We are excited to announce that Mardi Gras Texas Style! is returning for its 18th year in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Food, fun and flavor… Don’t miss Texas’ best Mardi Gras celebration combined with 20 of the hottest Texas Country Music acts on 5 stages.

Get early bird tickets now for only $28.50*! Early bird tickets are limited in quantity, and ticket prices will raise once we start to announce the lineup on November 25th, so don’t miss this price for a limited time. Feeling VIP? Purchase a VIP ticket for access to a mixed beverage bar AND exclusive acoustic sets played by your favorite artists. 

Grab your boots and beads, and we’ll see you in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, February 23, 2019!

Mardi Gras Texas Style!


Celebrating its 18th year, Mardi Gras Texas Style! is a one-of-a-kind music festival that takes place at the Historic State Fairgrounds in Dallas, Texas. All of the food, fun, and flavor of the best Mardi Gras celebration combined with 20 of the hottest Texas Country music acts on 5 stages make this party the only place to be. This outstanding day is also an outstanding value with General Admission tickets starting at only $36.50* (in advance), or $48.50 (full price). For the ultimate Texas Mardi Gras experience, purchase one of the exclusive VIP packages for cocktail service and private acoustic sets, not available to GA ticket holders, played by a hand-selected group of your favorite artists (only a limited number of VIP tickets are available). Join us February 23, 2019 to enjoy beer, eats, and beads, alongside the very best in Texas Country Music, at Mardi Gras Texas Style!.

*Plus sales tax and ticketing fees

Mardi Gras Texas Style! 2018 Recap Video

Last year we danced to Cody Johnson, Easton Corbin , Stoney LaRue, Mike Ryan, AND more… Who’s ready to hear our anticipated 2019 lineup? Stay tuned for our official announcements starting November 25th!

I have been wanting to get out to Texas for some time now and one day soon I plan to remedy that portion of my bucket list. You can purchase tickets for this event HERE. As always upon looking at websites and doing research of different areas I found a suitable list of accommodations for you if you see what you like PLEASE patronize  this event.

Aloft Dallas Downtown

1033 Young Street · Dallas

214-761-0000 · 193 Rooms


Hilton Garden Inn Dallas Market

2325 N. Stemmons Fwy. · Dallas

214-630-3330 · 200 Rooms · 40 Suites


Candlewood Suites Market Center

7930 N. Stemmons Fwy. · Dallas

214-631-3333 · 141 Suites


Holiday Inn at Dallas Market Center

4500 Harry Hines Blvd. · Dallas

214-522-6650 · 216 Rooms


Crowne Plaza Dallas Downtown

1015 Elm Street · Dallas

214-742-5678 · 307 Rooms · 5 Suites


Hotel Indigo Dallas Downtown

Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5

1933 Main Street · Dallas

214-741-7700 · 172 Rooms


Days Inn Dallas

13313 Stemmons Fwy. · Dallas

972-488-0800 · 72 Rooms · 2 Suites


Hotel Palomar Dallas

5300 E. Mockingbird Ln. · Dallas

214-520-7969 · 198 Rooms


Fairfield Inn Market Center

2110 Market Center Blvd. · Dallas

214-760-8800 · 117 Rooms · 10 Suites


Hyatt Summerfield Suites Dallas

Uptown2914 Harry Hines Blvd. · Dallas

214-965-9990 · 141 Sui

In closing folks I wanted to tell you I have a TON of festivals coming in through the grapevine and I’ll be posting up more festival articles soon, exposing TONS of more bands.  Folks there is SO MUCH good music out there waiting to be heard and supported by people like YOU!  Go find it!

Legendary Leftover Salmon Releases New Book: Thirty Years Of Festivals.

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Nov 222018

A few years ago I began covering the new directions of Bluegrass influenced bands (some call it Jamgrass) I just call it good music. To dispute the the roads that Leftover Salmon has paved for today’s lineups would be absurd.

I cover 200 festivals yearly, and this band is indeed part of MANY of those lineups all over the country. This book chronicles the journey of  a merge with two bands in 1989 called the Salmon Heads and members of the Left Hand String Band played a one night stand.

Although the lineup has changed many many times the “Big Three” have remained until Mr. mark Vann passed away in 2002. However through the years Mr. Drew Emmitt and Mr. Vince Herman have been up front for these thirty years.

From 2004-2007 the band remained off duty and reunited to play the High Sierra Music Festival in California ( we cover that one). 2008 and 2009 marked a FEW performances, but in 2012 they released a landmark comeback album called Aquatic Hitchhiker.

Despite their on and off past, they certainly deserve many accolades and praise for their influence and assistance in ushering in the growth of the Jamgrass movement.

Leftover Salmon: Thirty Years of Festival!
New Book By Author Tim Newby Due Out February 2019 on Rowman & Littlefield

“History is made by those who write it, not the musicians who can’t remember it, Tim Newby knows our history and now it’s up to him to teach us what happened!” –Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon)

“Tim Newby has somehow managed to capture the unique combination of personalities that is Leftover Salmon; a feat that I would have thought fairly impossible. As unique as their music, Tim weaves his story through the sensibilities of the individual players which creates a wonderful kaleidoscope resulting in the definitive biography of a band that is still constantly changing and growing into their 4th decade.”
–Steve Berlin (Los Lobos)
DENVER, CO — Few bands stick around for thirty years. Even fewer bands leave a legacy during that time that marks them as a truly special, once-in-lifetime type band. And no band has done all that and had as much fun as Leftover Salmon. Since their earliest days as a forward thinking, progressive bluegrass band who had the guts to add drums to the mix and who was unafraid to stir in any number of highly combustible styles into their ever evolving sound, to their role as a pioneer of the modern jamband scene, to their current status as elder-statesmen of the scene who cast a huge influential shadow over every festival they play, Leftover Salmon has been a crucial link in keeping alive the traditional music of the past while at the same time pushing that sound forward with their own weirdly, unique style.

As Leftover Salmon nears their 30th year, their inspiring story is set to be told in a brand new book, Leftover Salmon: Thirty Years of Festival! that will be released February 2019 by Rowman & Littlefield. In this book, critically acclaimed author of Bluegrass in Baltimore: The Hard Drivin’ Sound & It’s Legacy, Tim Newby presents an intimate portrait of Leftover Salmon through the personal recollections of its band members, family, friends, former band-mates, managers, and the countless musicians they have influenced. Leftover Salmon: Thirty Years of Festival! is a thorough guide covering a thirty-year journey of a truly remarkable band. It is a tale of friendships and losses, musical discoveries and Wild West adventures, and the brethren they surround themselves with who fortify Salmon’s unique voice. Their story is one of tragedy and rebirth, of unimaginable highs and crushing lows, of friendships, of music, but most importantly it is the story of a special band and those that have lived through it all to create, inspire, and have everlasting fun.

Leftover Salmon. Photo by Bob Carmichael

Leftover Salmon. Photo by Bob Carmichael
Heading into their fourth decade Leftover Salmon is showing no signs of slowing down as they are coming off the release of their most recent album, Something Higher (released in 2018), which has been universally hailed as one of the band’s finest releases. Something Higher shows how even upon preparing to enter their fourth decade Leftover Salmon is proving it possible to recreate themselves without changing who they are. The band now features a line-up that has been together longer than any other in Salmon history and is one of the strongest the legendary band has ever assembled. Built around the core of founding members Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman, the band is now powered by banjo-wiz Andy Thorn, and driven by the steady rhythm section of bassist Greg Garrison, drummer Alwyn Robinson, and keyboardist Erik Deutsch.

The new line-up is continuing the long, storied history of Salmon which found them first emerging from the progressive bluegrass world and coming of age as one the original jam bands, before rising to become architects of what has become known as Jamgrass and helping to create a landscape where bands schooled in the traditional rules of bluegrass can break free of those bonds through nontraditional instrumentation and an innate ability to push songs in new psychedelic directions live.
Salmon is a band who, over their thirty-year career, has never stood still; they are constantly changing, evolving, and inspiring. If someone wanted to understand what Americana music is they could do no better than to go to a Leftover Salmon show, where they effortlessly glide from a bluegrass number born on the front porch, to the down-and-dirty Cajun swamps with a stop on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, to the hallowed halls of the Ryman in Nashville, before firing one up in the mountains of Colorado.

Leftover Salmon On Tour:

Thanksgiving Run- featuring pre/post shows and a Day of Giving at Moe’s BBQ Englewood
11/23 Fri – Gothic Theatre – Englewood, CO w/ Gasoline Lollipops
11/24 Sat – Gothic Theatre – Englewood, CO w/ Tenth Mountain Division

12/7-11 Fri-Tues – Strings & Sol – Puerto Morelos, Mexico

New Years Run
12/28 Fri – Crystal Bay Club Casino – Crystal Bay, NV
12/29 Sat – Sierra Nevada Brewing Co – Chico, CA
12/30 Sun – Terrapin Crossroads – San Rafael, CA
12/31 Mon – Terrapin Crossroads – San Rafael, CA

1/15-20 Tue-Mon – Jam Cruise – Miami, FL
1/31 Thu – Soreng Theatre – Eugene, OR*
2/1 Fri – Revolution Hall – Portland, OR*
2/2 Sat – The Triple Door – Seattle, WA (2 shows)*
2/14 Thu – Wheeler Opera House – Aspen, CO*
2/15 Fri – Vilar Performing Arts Center – Beaver Creek, CO*
2/16 Sat – Washington’s – Fort Collins, CO*
2/21 Thu – The Steifel Theatre for the Performing Arts – Salina, KS*
2/22 Fri – Sheldon Concert Hall – St. Louis, MO*
2/23 Sat – North Shore Center for the Performing Arts – Skokie, IL*
2/24 Sun – Turner Hall Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI*
2/26 Tue – Woodward Theatre – Owensboro, KY*
2/27 Wed – Minglewood Hall – Memphis, TN*
2/28 Thu – City Winery – Atlanta, GA (2 shows)*
3/1 Fri – The Caverns – Pelham, TN*
3/2 Sat – Dave Finkelman Auditorium – Middletown, OH*
3/14-16 Thur-Sat – Alyeska Resort – Girdwood, AK
3/22-24 Fri-Sun – Boogie at the Broadmoor – Colorado Springs, CO
3/29-31 Fri-Sun – WinterWonderGrass – Tahoe, CA
4/13-14 Sat-Sun – Bender Jamboree – Las Vegas, NV
4/26 Fri – Stoughton Opera House – Stoughton, WI*
4/27 Sat – Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts – Sheboygan, WI*
4/28 Sun – Sheldon Theatre – Red Wing, MN*

Mr. Mark Chesnutt Isn’t Gone…

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Nov 222018

Mainstream media outlets just want you to THINK artists who made REAL COUNTRY hits on the charts in the 80’s and early 90’s are GONE. Yeah, I KNOW what you are thinking what about Garth Brooks and Shania? Well, a lot of the wishy washy names are still mentioned by mainstream outlets I suppose.

But HOW ABOUT one of MY FAVORITES Mr. Mark Chesnutt, What’s he up to?Well I’m GLAD YOU ASKED. Let’s take a gander on what his camp is reporting to Gary Hayes Country, shall we?

You can now pre-order the brand new Mark Chesnutt – Christmas EP! The new EP contains 5 songs including: “Light Of The World”, “What Child Is This”, “Pretty Paper”, “New Kid In Town”, & “Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy”! Each EP comes with a signed Mark Chesnutt Christmas Card! Great package for Christmas gifts for your friends and family! You can purchase by clicking the link below!


This is the latest release from him which includes eleven of the songs that have greatly influenced him in his youth. As we all know Mr. Mark has upheld the tradition of Country Music for many years, and has faced severe backlash from mainstream radio and media because of this.
Much like people like LeeAnn Womack, and a few others he has been pushed out of ‘Country” like the George Strait song says. Trust me folks THIS MAN is still rolling on strong and gracing the stage with his many number one hits.

Track Listing:
1. Lost in the Feeling
2. You Can’t Do Me This Way
3. Rollin’ With The Flow
4. Walk Through This World With Me
5. Apartment #9
6. Dreaming My Dreams With You
7. Heart Over Mind (Live)
8. Sunday Morning Coming Down
9. Would These Arms Be In Your Way
10. Lost Highway
11. Swinging Doors (Live)
Image of The Early Days "CD & Book"

This package includes the autographed album and autographed book! Trust me folks THIS BOOK is TERRIFIC, and brings a special perspective on his early life as he paid his dues in southeast Texas.

He dropped out of school at 17 and his father began to take him to Nashville to record songs. He played in the house band for a local bar in Beaumont called Cutters. As he slowly gathered a loyal fan base the rest was history…and BOOKS are important pieces of something THIS website cherishes….history.

Track Listing:
1. Welcome Fool
2. The Price Of Getting High
3. Heartache County
4. Since I Drank My Way To Houston
5. Rodeo Cowboys
6. Country Girl
7. Running Out Of Ways To Say I Love You
8. Let’s Make A Memory One More Time
9. Full Blooded Texan
10. Heaven On My Mind

Bonus Tracks

11. Girls Like Her, Men Like Me
12. Moanin The Blues
13. Ol’ Country “Original Version”
14. Too Cold At Home “Original Version”

2019 Festival Series: High Water Festival.

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Nov 222018

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival

Once again we have ALL the good information of the ever popular High Water Festival in South Carolina, that sells out every year. We work VERY HARD to collaborate with 200 festivals nationwide every year, and this one is nothing short of wonderful.

Check out the Newest Additions to the VIP Experience

High Water is back and better than ever! Learn more about this year’s improvements below.

VIP Viewing Areas: An additional VIP viewing area has been added by the main stage.

Food Options: Exclusive food options will be available for VIP ticket holders.

BlanketsTo enhance the experience for all fans, VIP viewing areas and the area in front of the soundboard will be standing (or dancing!) only in 2019. Patrons are still invited to bring blankets, however they will only be allowed for use in the areas behind each stage’s soundboard. Signage will be present to help locate blanket-friendly areas.

Explore our Experience Add-ons

From oyster shucking to five-star dining, High Water has it all! Explore our experience add-ons to enhance your High Water weekend. Click HERE to learn more about Low Tide Social, Oyster Education Classes, and Pass the Peas.

Once you add a weekend pass to your cart, you will have the option to add Low Tide Social tickets and Oyster Education Classes. Pass the Peas tickets will be available for purchase at a later date.

** Keep in mind in order to enjoy these experiences, you must have either a GA or VIP weekend pass. 


HERE is a complete list of hotels associated with this event, now folks a portion of your hotel fees go to their charities.


Public On-sale Begins Thursday at 10 AM EST

Join us for 2 glorious days on the Riverfront! 

The dates are set and the 2019 lineup is out! The only thing standing between you and High Water 2019 are tickets. Let’s take care of that! High Water’s public on-sale begins TOMORROW, November 15 at 10AM EST. Grab GAand VIP weekend passes to secure your spot on the Riverfront! Low Tide Social tickets and Oyster Education Classes will also be on sale.Before on-sale begins, here are some tips to ensure your purchase process runs smoothly. Also, click the calendar buttons below to set a reminder for when on-sale begins. Time is of the essence!

  • Where do I buy tickets? Visit High Water’s ticket page here to purchase tickets. Additionally, a ticket link will be sent Thursday morning.
  • What is High Water’s ticketing system? High Water has a new ticketing system this year – Front Gate Tickets. Before purchasing, you will need to create an account. Get a head start and create your account here. At the top of the page, click “Sign In”, then “Sign Up” or login through your Facebook account.
  • What ticket options are available during on-sale? GA and VIP weekend passes will be available for purchase. Low Tide Social tickets and Oyster Education Classes will also be available for purchase as an add-on once you add a weekend pass to your cart. Learn more about tickets and amenities in the buttons below.
  • What is the purchase process? Once you add GA or VIP passes to your cart, you will have the option to add Low Tide Social and Oyster Education Class tickets. Front Gate gives you 10 minutes to complete your purchase. To prevent yourself from running out of time, look at the ticket options and create an account ahead of time.
  • I have a question about my order, what should I do? If you have a general question about your order before or after purchase, contact Front Gate Tickets here or call 888-512-7469.
  • Other questions? If you have a question about High Water, take a look at our FAQs here or email us at
  • What a smooth purchase process! Where can I share my praise? In addition to sharing your experience on social media, there is a customer survey on your confirmation page. We would love to hear your feedback, so we may improve the process for the future.




Create Your Personalized High Water Lineup Playlist

Plus, listen to our official Spotify playlist! 

Time to explore the lineup! Listen to the High Water artists you know and love plus discover new favorites with your personalized High Water playlist – all it takes is one click! Connect your Spotify account below and we’ll get a sense of your musical tastes to create a playlist just for you!

Plus, create and save your playlist by November 30th and be entered to win a $50 High Water merch voucher.

Not feeling a personalized playlist? No worries! Listen to High Water’s official Spotify playlist here.

Connect to Spotify


Explore High Water’s Home – North Charleston

Where to stay, where to eat, and what to do in N. Charleston

It’s time to start planning your High Water weekend! Here are a few resources to make the planning part easy, starting with where to stay in N. Charleston.

Score the fan rate on hotels near Riverfront Park when you book through High Water’s hotel search feature. We consolidate the best hotel rates in the area to provide you an unbeatable price and smooth booking experience.

Find a Hotel

High Water takes place in the heart of the low country – AKA foodie heaven! Whether it’s fresh fish, craft beer, or southern classics, N. Charleston has it all. Explore local favorites and start planning where you’ll eat now!

Food & Drink

When you’re not enjoying the music on the Riverfront, here are a few of N. Charleston’s must-do’s. Make the most of your low country getaway and experience it all!

Things To Do


Get a weekend pass for as low as $56 down! 

Explore High Water’s Payment Plan Options

Secure your spot on the Riverfront today and pay later

If you need a little help getting a High Water ticket, fret not! You can get a weekend pass for as low as $56 down when you select the “layaway payment plan” option during check out. Hope this helps spread out the money a bit this holiday season!

Learn more about our payment plan options here.

Buy Tickets

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Album Feature – Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols – Forgive

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Nov 202018

By Joshua Wallace

Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols have recently signed with indie roots label Rusty Knuckles Music and have released their debut for the label called Forgive.  Whether you’re a fan of Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols or just hearing about them, you will find something to enjoy in this album. It’s a good traditional country album with something for everyone.  Here is a bit of what to expect from this record.

The album kicks off with a track called “Barnburner” which opens the album with a lone guitar riff before going into a song about stealing a lawman’s wife and the troubles that can come of it.  This track has a very western feel to it and I’m digging it. Another favorite is the track “Snakeskin Boots Boogie” which starts off with some nice harmonica soloing in a track about the mistreatment of a good pair of boots.  This song has some awesome getting down all over it from harmonica to the guitar work. It’s a boogie for sure.

Another hot track is “Last Call” which features some great bluesey guitar work.  It’s a great story track about a lover who is tired of waiting for his woman to come home from the bars.  It’s a bit of a role reversal from the typical version of this track which usually features the woman waiting around for the man.

Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols have turned in a great guitar album in Forgive.  The album is full of tracks with great guitar work and good songwriting. If you’re a fan of either, I highly recommend picking this record up or streaming it on your favorite streaming service.  I hope to catch Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols live sometime as they have come through my area here in South Georgia before. Forgive was released on Rusty Knuckles Music on November 16th, 2018. 

Favorite Tracks : Barnburner, Ain’t A Dog, Snakeskin Boots Boogie, Last Call,  Regret, The Twister

Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols – Forgive (2018)

  1. Barnburner
  2. Homeward Bound
  3. Ain’t A Dog
  4. The Decision
  5. Snakeskin Boots Boogie
  6. Get Thee Behind Me
  7. Last Call
  8. Life’s A Bitch
  9. Regret
  10. The Widower
  11. The Twister

Dalton Domino Has Recorded His First live Album.

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Nov 162018
Related image

Texas Country and Red Dirt is one of the many communities I follow on this website, and Mr.Dalton Domino is no stranger to my radar. His album last year called corners, was a somber reminder to me of my past with my addictions. It reminded me that there ARE others out there that equally hunger for that past taste of dangerous bliss. Although he was born in Memphis, he cut his teeth out there in the Lubbock Texas community in the years leading  up to his finally breaking through the ranks.

Recently, there have been some truly terrific live albums released in this Texas Music community like the amazing release from Mr. Aaron Watson in front of a record setting audience. True, Mr. Dalton has some major work to complete before he is on the same echelon as Mr. Aaron Watson, but he has indeed released a seventeen track acoustic live album, available at the beginning of 2019.

This two hour set was recorded at his show at the Blue Light Bar In Lubbock Texas. Now if you’ll remember, he is working on a new studio album as well called “Songs From The Exile”. He was releasing a new single live feed every week and we covered that In an article here, as he visited the Exit In in Nashville.

He is for sure going to be in my cross hairs for 2019 new music, and you can rest assured it will all be featured on here. As far as I’m told this live recording features Miss Morgan Rutherford on vocals, Mr. Sam Jones on the keys and Mr. Nick Gardner on lead guitars. So, until I feature him further here is how YOU can support him LIVE!

Nov 21 Wed

Lava Cantina
Kody West
Grant Gilbert
Nov 24 Sat

John T. Floore Country Store
William Clark Green
Nov 30 Fri

Cheatham Street Warehouse
Dec 15 Sat

Twisted J Live
Cody Canada and The Departed
Dec 23 Sun

Antone’s Nightclub
Jack Ingram


2019 Festival News Series: Merlefest.

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Nov 162018

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival

Merlefest is one of my favorite festivals to provide information for, although I have never
covered this festival in person. However THIS YEAR I plan to fix that statement as I HAVE applied for a press pass to bring this action to your home!

In my usual true journalistic style I SHALL ATTEMPT to bring all the action to your doorstep here from North Carolina this spring.

MerleFest, presented by Window World, is proud to announce the initial lineup for MerleFest 2019, which will be held April 25-28. The annual homecoming of musicians and music fans returns to the campus of Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The complete lineup for MerleFest 2019 will be announced over the next few months.
The 2019 Late Night Jam on Saturday, April 27th will start at 10:30 p.m. and run well past midnight, with host Chatham County Line. This very popular after-hours hootenanny in the Walker Center gathers many performers from the festival for impromptu artistic collaborations and one-of-a-kind superstar jams that have become legendary in the festival’s history.
Ticket sales for both the festival and Late Night Jam are on sale now.
Wynonna & The Big Noise: Respected by the millions of fans who are drawn to her music and undeniable talent, Wynonna’s rich and commanding voice has sold over 30-million albums worldwide spanning her remarkable 35-year career. As one-half of the legendary mother/daughter duo “The Judds,” Wynonna was once dubbed by Rolling Stone as “the greatest female country singer since Patsy Cline.” This iconic performer has received over 60 industry awards, with countless charting singles, including 20 No.1 hits such as “Mama He’s Crazy,” “Why Not me,” and “Grandpa, (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Ole Days).”
Keb’ Mo’: Over the past two decades, award-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist and contemporary blues artist, Keb’ Mo’, has cultivated a reputation as a modern master of American roots music through the understated excellence of his live and studio performances. His most recent studio project TajMo, a collaboration with the legendary Taj Mahal, won the 2018 GRAMMY for “Best Contemporary Blues Album.” Additionally, at the 39th Annual Blues Music Awards, TajMo earned Album of the Year and Contemporary Blues Album of the Year, and Keb’ Mo’ also took home the title of Contemporary Blues Male Artist of The Year.
The Earls of Leicester: When The Earls of Leicester formed in 2013, their mission was ambitious but exact: to preserve and promote the legacy of bluegrass legends Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, in hopes of reviving the duo’s music for long time admirers and introducing a new generation to their genre-defining sound. Within a year of releasing their self-titled debut, the Nashville-based six-piece far surpassed their own expectations, winning a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album and earning six awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association. Now, with their first live album, The Earls of Leicester offer up a selection of songs that fully capture the pure joy and supreme musicianship that propel their every performance.
Sam Bush: From teen fiddle champion to groundbreaking mandolinist, there is only one Sam Bush. The son of Kentucky reared on Bill Monroe’s bluegrass came of age in the counterculture cyclone of the late ‘60s. In the genre’s outsiders like the Osborne Brothers and The Dillards, Bush heard the future, and by the dawn of the 1970s was leading his own New Grass Revival, driven by the power of rock-and-roll and the freedom of improvisational jazz. Bush and his hippie co-conspirators changed the bluegrass landscape, touring with Leon Russell, winning fans at festivals across the country, and recording Grammy-winning songs. At the group’s peak, after taking aim at the top of the Country charts, Bush walked away.
Tyler Childers: Like many great Southern storytellers, singer-songwriter Tyler Childers has fallen in love with a place. The people, landmarks and legendary moments from his childhood home of Lawrence County, Kentucky, populate the 10 songs in his formidable debut,Purgatory, an album that’s simultaneously modern and as ancient as the Appalachian Mountains in which events unfold. The album, co-produced by Grammy Award winners Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson, is a semi-autobiographical sketch of Childers’ growth from wayward youth to happily married man, told in the tradition of a Southern gothic novel with a classic noir anti-hero who may just be irredeemable.
Peter Rowan and The Free Mexican Air Force: Grammy-award winner Peter Rowan is a singer-songwriter with a career spanning over five decades. From his early years playing under the tutelage of Bluegrass veteran Bill Monroe, to his time in Old & In the Way and his breakout as a solo musician and bandleader, Rowan has built a devoted, international fan base through a solid stream of recordings, collaborative projects, and constant touring. The late ‘60s and early 70’s saw Rowan involved in a number of rock, folk and bluegrass projects, including Earth Opera, Sea Train, Muleskinner, and the Rowans, where he played alongside brothers Chris and Lorin Rowan.
“MerleFest is proud to announce more than 75 artists who are part of the festival’s 2019 lineup, commemorating the 32nd year of the festival. MerleFest continues its tradition of honoring the tried and true performers that our MerleFest fans have come to know and love like Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Jim Lauderdale, and The Kruger Brothers and adding to them some of the top traditional plus acts performing today like Tyler Childers, Wynonna & The Big Noise, Keb’ Mo’. The initial lineup reflects the musical diversity and quality of performers who are the hallmark of the festival,” says Lindsay Craven, MerleFest Artist Relations Manager.
The full initial lineup includes the following:
We are thrilled to announce our initial 2019 lineup! Wynonna and The Big Noise, Tyler ChildersKeb’ Mo’Jerry DouglasEarls of LeicesterSam BushPeter Rowan and The Free Mexican Airforce, Jim LauderdaleScythianKruger BrothersGibson Brothers MusicThe Black LilliesRadney FosterJunior SiskChatham County LineDonna the BuffaloMark O’ConnorThe WaybacksYarn, T. Michael Coleman, Jim AvettJunior Brown Fan PageElephant SessionsCane Mill RoadSalt and LightThe Trailblazers, Wayne Henderson, Presley BarkerLaura BoosingerJeff Little/Jeff Little Trio, Jack Lawrence, Mark Bumgarner, Mitch Greenhill, String MadnessPete WernickThe Harris Brothers, Tony Williamson, The InterACTive Theater of Jef, Driftwood, Roy Book Binder, Joe Smothers, Jess Morgan, Jontavious Willis and Andrew Alli, Happy TraumIrish Wren MythenDavid LaMotteAmerican Aquarium, Bob Hill, Ana Egge and the Sentimentals, Andy May, Banknotes, Carol Rifkin, Charles Welch, Elizabeth CookGordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys, Larry Stephenson Band, Lindi Ortega, B Townes, Professor Whizzpop, Nixon, Blevins and gage, Mile Twelve, Si Kahn, Steve PoltzTodd Albright, Tom Feldman, Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike, The Local Boys, Shane HennessyMaybe April, Ellis Dyson & The Shambles, Dirk Powell Band, Carolina Blue, AZTEC SUN, Ken Crouse, Catfish Keith, Michaela Anne, Webb Wilder and our very own Flattop!
Additional performers for MerleFest 2019 will be announced in the coming months. The lineup and performance schedule is accessible


MerleFest Adds Brandi Carlile, Dailey & Vincent, and The Brother Brothers to 2019 Lineup
Tickets on Sale Now
WILKESBORO, N.C. (Dec. 10, 2018) – MerleFest, presented by Window World, is proud to announce new artist additions for MerleFest 2019: Brandi Carlile, Dailey & Vincent, and The Brother Brothers. The annual homecoming of musicians and music fans returns to the campus of Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, April 25-28.
Brandi Carlile: GRAMMY-nominated Brandi Carlile is currently celebrating her breakthrough new album, By The Way, I Forgive You, which debuted earlier this year at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Current Albums chart, Rock Albums chart and Americana/Folk Albums chart and Number 5 on the Billboard 200 chart—a career high for the Seattle-based group. Produced by Dave Cobb and Shooter Jennings, the album continues to receive overwhelming acclaim, including recent “Best Albums of 2018” coverage at Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, NPR Music and more.
Most recently, Carlile joined forces with Sam Smith on a new duet version of “Party Of One.” Recorded at L.A.’s Capitol Studios, a portion of the profits from this recording will be donated to Children in Conflict via Brandi Carlile’s Looking Out Foundation as part of its ongoing campaign to raise $1 million for children impacted by war.
Beloved by fans and critics alike, Carlile has performed sold-out concerts across the world and has appeared on various TV shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Conan and CBS This Morning. Carlile will perform on Saturday evening at MerleFest.
Dailey & Vincent: Grand Ole Opry Members, Five-time GRAMMY award winners individually, three-time GRAMMY award nominees collectively, four-time DOVE Award winners, and winners of 35 IBMA Awards altogether (including 3-time IBMA Entertainer of the Year Award winners and 3-Time Vocal Group of the Year Award winners), Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent, backed by one of the best bands on tour today, are some of the most reputable and elite entertainers in American music; bluegrass, traditional country and gospel music. Now on Season 3 of their nationally broadcast television series, “The Dailey & Vincent Show on RFD-TV,” Dailey & Vincent bring their music to a national audience on a weekly basis. After a decade spent performing together and with over 1,000 airings of their PBS special “Dailey & Vincent ALIVE – In Concert,” their concoction of fantastically instinctive vocal blends of Dailey’s tenor and Vincent’s reedy harmonies has gained them well-deserved praise for their own distinctive style and worldwide recognition as American Music gold. Their most recent live CD, Dailey & Vincent ALIVE, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass charts and remained at the top position for over 15 weeks.Dailey & Vincent will appear on Thursday at MerleFest.
The Brother Brothers: The Brother Brothers are Adam and David Moss, identical twins carrying on the folk tradition for a new generation. Using minimal instrumentation, heartfelt lyricism, and harmonies so natural they seem to blend into one beautiful voice, the siblings draw on the energy and creativity of Brooklyn, New York for their full-length debut album, Some People I Know. The Brother Brothers will make their MerleFest debut on Saturday.
“For over 30 years, one of the major factors that has built and sustained MerleFest has been the quality of the artists and performances that our guests see over the 4 day festival,” says Ted Hagaman, Festival Director. “People truly feel that the festival is a great value and that is why music fans and families return year after year. We feel that the 2019 lineup again reflects the diversity and quality of performers and we look forward to another successful festival in April.” The three artists announced today join over 75 artistsannounced last month via Rolling Stone Country. Headliners include Wynonna & The Big Noise, Keb’ Mo’, The Earls of Leicester, Sam Bush, Tyler Childers, and Peter Rowan and The Free Mexican Air Force. The Late Night Jam presented by The Bluegrass Situation will be hosted by Chatham County Line. In addition to the above mentioned artists, the following will be performing at MerleFest ‘19:


Now in its 27th year, CASC is an extraordinary opportunity for songwriters to have their original songs heard and judged by a panel of Nashville music industry professionals, under the direction of volunteer contest chairperson, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale.
All entries received from now until NOVEMBER 30 will receive an early entry discount price of $25 per entry, while submissions received in December and January will require a $30 fee per entry. All lyrics must be written in English and no instrumental entries will be accepted. The final deadline to enter is February 1, 2019.
Aspiring songwriters may submit entries to the contest using the online entry form or by mailing entries to MerleFest/CASC, P.O. Box 120, Wilkesboro, NC, 28697.
Finalists will be invited to the final round of the competition, which takes place Friday, April 26, during MerleFest. First place winners will receive $600 cash from MerleFest, a performance slot on MerleFest’s Cabin Stage on Friday night, and a 20-30 minute set on Saturday morning or afternoon.
New for this year, Saloon Studios will provide recording sessions for the four 1st place CASC winners…
  • Saloon Studios will invite the CASC winners to join Saloon Studios for a live performance at one of their upcoming shows
  • CASC winners will either be opening acts or may be paired for a Rising Stars show on Saloon Studios performance show
  • Saloon Studios will provide each CASC winner with the unmastered audio and video recording from that performance to use at their discretion. Saloon Studios will retain a copy of that performance and may also use it at their discretion
  • Saloon Studios is an intimate, close-up experience where artists perform in a 100-seat, mid-nineteenth century saloon replica with state-of-the-art sound technology.
In addition, D’Addario will host a mentoring session after the contest takes place on MerleFest Friday. MerleFest and D’Addario will LiveStream the contest via official Facebook channels.
“We are extremely proud of the career successes achieved by many CASC alumni. Among these are Gillian Welch (1993), David Via (1997, 2001), Johnny Williams (1998, 1999), Tift Merritt (2000), Becky Buller (2001), Michael Reno Harrell (2003), Adrienne Young (2003), Martha Scanlan (2003), Sam Quinn (2006) and Jeanette Williams (2007),” said Lee K. Cornett, coordinator of MerleFest’s CASC. “More recent alumni include Lara Lynn (2011) and Gary Alan Ferguson (2014). Other recent discoveries from the contest are Melody Walker of Front Country and Joseph Terrell of Mipso. I encourage all songwriters to put the final touches on your masterpiece and submit it to the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest!”
Net proceeds from the contest support the Wilkes Community College Chris Austin Memorial Scholarship. Since its inception, the scholarship has awarded over $42,500 to deserving students. For contest rules, ways to enter, and more details about the contest, visit our website.

2019 Festival Series: The John Hartford Memorial Festival.

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Nov 162018


Hey this series is already evolving into a BIG HIT for my enthusiastic festival loving readers of many communities of music. I have been ongoing in this relentless pursuit of over 200 yearly festival reports for almost 6 years now, and it continues with an Indiana festival in it’s ninth year called The John Hartford Memorial Festival. As always you can click HERE for my previous year’s coverage.

Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival

Brown County Cabins
Comfort Inn
Abbey Inn
Creekside Retreat
Always Inn

Ticket & Initial Lineup Announcement Nov. 26:
Save The Date! Join us May 29 – June 1, 2019 in Bean Blossom Indiana, at the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground for the 9th annual John Hartford Memorial Festival, “The Most Laid Back Festival in America”. Ticket sales and the lineup announcement will take place on Monday, November 26. Just like years past, we will announce the lineup, and offer tickets, first to those on our email list. There will be a ticket cap. We listened to your feedback and will continue to limit the amount of multi-day tickets sold to just 2,000 Full-Festival Tickets. We want to make sure that you continue to have ample wiggle room.
Bill Monroe Music Park Under New Ownership:
The Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground is under new ownership. The iconic site was recently purchased by Rex & Ben Voils. The Voils family has deep roots in the local community and they’ve already started new construction projects on the grounds! This family knows and respects the culture and lore associated with the hallowed grounds.
We’re delighted to share with y’all that new restrooms and showers are being installed on the property. In a recent interview with Bluegrass Today the Voils were quoted as saying “Ground has already been broken on new restrooms and showers and electrical upgrades are on the way…” Read more about this in an article by John Lawless at Bluegrass Today.
Festival Contests Update:
Both the JHMF Songwriter’s Challenge and the 3rd annual John Hartford Memorial Band Contest will begin accepting entries at 12:01 AM ET on January 1, 2019.
Last year’s band contest winner, Barbaro, is officially our first booked band for JHMF9. That’s one of the prizes, the band contest winner receives $1,000 and a contract for Hartford Stage slot for the following year. Click here to see Barbaro’s preliminary performance on the Hippie Hill Stage at JHMF8. Don’t forget the band contests will begin accepting submissions on Jan 1, 2019.  Learn about the band contest by clicking here. We do consider our contestants for booking, and we have booked many of them, whether they won or not!  Grab your instrument, string up, tune up, and come on, let’s pick. 1st Place Prize: $1000, 2nd Place: $500, 3rd Place: $300, 4th Place: $200.
We now have 6 Songwriting contests under our belt. Over 150 John Hartford inspired songs have been submitted and our web site playlist is at 60+ songs. Click here to listen to our 2018 winner, Will Kimble and watch the entire showcase video. While you’re there, you can scroll through playlists and interviews dating back to 2013. The 2019 John Hartford Songwriter’s Challenge will kickoff at 12:01 AM ET on Jan 1, 2019. Read all the rules and guidelines by clicking here. So far, each of our songwriting winners have been booked for JHMF festivals! We consider all compliant entries for booking so please, get your act together and enter.
New Videos:
We recently uploaded tons of festival footage from our Band and Songwriters contests. You can view all the new, and soon to be new, videos by clicking here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay up-to-date on all our published videos. We’ve got plenty of new and vintage material that we’ll upload throughout the year.
JHMF goes to IBMA:
World of Bluegrass, The International Bluegrass Music Association’s annual gathering of music loves in Raleigh, NC, is the place to be to meet and greet with Bluegrass Elite. At the weeklong gathering you’ll find up and coming stars and new acts, meet talent buyers, venue owners and tons of music aficionados.
Once again JHMF was well represented by promoters Tom Burkhart, John Hotze and Randy Kilper. Tom had this to say, “We had an amazing time at the IBMA convention in Raleigh NC. It’s a great place to see tons of new, and not so new, bluegrass bands from all over the world playing their music everywhere. We enjoyed meeting other festival organizers with whom we exchanged ideas to improve all our events. The Gig Fair allowed bands to apply to play at JHMF. We made sure to see many of the ones that we interviewed at their showcase performances.” One of our dear JHMF sponsors, Deering Banjos, recently published a firsthand account in their Deering newletter. For an enlightening firsthand experience by Jamie Latte  click here.
John Hartford’s Mammoth Collection of Fiddle Tunes:
Initially released at JHMF8, This massive, comprehensive collection of mostly never heard before fiddle tunes, scripted in John Hartford’s own handwriting, is a must have for any Hartford Head. Katie Harford Hogue, Matt Combs and Greg Reisch have pulled off a truly incredible feat in such a short time, pouring over nearly a thousand fiddle tunes that were handwritten by John, in 68 spiral notebooks, to come up with 176 mighty fine tunes. The book is loaded with drawings by John, never before publicly viewed photographs, stories by those closest to this man, who was iconic to the Newgrass movement, and who is still being celebrated over the world. As a bonus, click “listen” at the book’s website to hear each of the tunes performed by Matt Combs. Read about the book in an article by Ernie, by clicking here. You may also order the book by visiting the official John Hartford Site by clicking here.
Camping Info:

The campground and the facilities are maintained and operated by theBill Monroe Memorial Music Park and Campground.

Reservations are not required for primitive camping but are highly recommended for RV campsites. Primitive camping locations are spread throughout the park and are first come first serve. If you would like to reserve a site with hook ups you must call the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground at (812) 988-4639. We urge you to do this as soon as you can. These sites are coveted and will go fast.

For any additional questions about camping reservations, camping with hook-up prices, or anything else regarding camping, call the Campground.
See You May 29 – June 1, 2019:
Where in the world can you go to sit back, relax, leave your worries at the gate, enjoy the campground atmosphere and listen to or participate in campfire jamming?  Where can you go to experience the most exciting, thoroughly entertaining bunch of pickers and singers ever assembled in the most laid back atmosphere in the country? Join us May 29 – June 1, in Bean Blossom, Indiana at the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground for the 9th annual John Hartford Memorial Festival, “The Most Laid Back Festival in America!” That’s where it all takes place.
Be sure to check in often at to stay abreast of the latest info including early bird ticket sales, lineup releases, festival videos, photos, contest playlists, artist bios, news and the Morning Bugle Blog which will soon feature a very familiar face of staff member, the multi-talented Scott Nelson.


Tickets Now On Sale:
See below for special E-Blast password.
Tickets are now on sale and today we released the first tier of 500, Discounted 4-Day Early Bird tickets. We suggest you get ’em now before they sell out and then the price increases. This tier of tickets has sold out quickly the past three years. Our ticket prices are structured to give a break to the first 500 sold. Once a tier sells out ticket prices increase to the next tier.  Get ’em now you Hartford Head!
From now until Monday, November 26 at 4:20am ET, you will need a password to buy a 4-Day Early Bird Ticket.
  • Your password is jhmf9 the password is all lowercase and no spaces.
  • Once you get to our Brown Paper Ticket Page select the hyperlink that says “Enter a Password or Discount Code
  • Enter the password and select the “jhmf9 4 Day Full Fest Ticket” option.
  • Remember, the password is jhmf9 all lowercase and no spaces. Click Here to buy tickets.
There Is A Ticket Cap:
We listened to your feedback and will continue to limit the amount of multi-day tickets sold to just 2,000 Full-Festival Tickets. We want to make sure that you continue to have ample wiggle room. Single day tickets will go on sale at a later date.
Camping Information:
The campground and the facilities are maintained and operated by The Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground.

We strongly urge you to make plans and reserve your camping spot with hookups now. If you’d rather not RSVP a spot with hookups, primitive 3-Day and 4-Day camping passes are available on our ticketing page. Primitive camping locations are spread throughout the park and are first come first serve. No single day or two day camping passes will be sold on our web site, they will be available to purchase at the gate.

If you would like to reserve a site with hook ups, or you have any camping questions, you must call the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground at (812) 988-6422. Click Here for the site map and camping information.

Farewell to Dave Versch of Dancin’ Dave’s:

Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping has been providing accommodations for festival goers since 1998. David had been attending music festivals since long before then, where he earned his nickname by two-stepping. It was from his love of music festivals and encouragement from friends that Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping was born. Dancin’ Dave’s and crew have been our festival friends, providing camping accommodations at JHMF for several years. Dave passed away on October 26, 2018. He will forever be missed and loved by so many.

A few years back, Dancin’ Dave’s co-worker and friend, Susan Byer took the reins as sole proprietor of Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping. Susan has been working and dancing with Dave since 2009 when they met on a festival dance floor. If you would like to know more about Dave’s history of adventures check out his blog here.

Susan of Dancin’ Dave’s will be at JHMF9 and you can RSVP your camp site with them.
Contests open Jan 1, 2019:
Both our contests kick off New Year’s Day!  Bands, Songwriters, get your act together, visit the web site and enter to win JHMF exposure, $$$ and bragging rights.
Our 2019 JHMF Band Competition Prizes are:
1st Place $1000, a Hartford main stage slot at the 2020 John Hartford Memorial Festival and reimbursement of primitive camping fees paid to the park.
2nd Place $500
3rd Place $300
4th place $200
Our John Hartford Song Challenge Prizes are:
1st Place $200, two full fest tickets, Song Challenge Showcase performance on the Hartford Stage, an invitation to return for our 2020 Song Challenge Showcase and more.
2nd Place $100, one full fest ticket and Hartford Stage Showcase performance.
3rd Place $50, one full fest ticket and Hartford Stage Showcase performance.
4th & 5th Places one full fest ticket each and Hartford Stage Showcase performance.
More prizes to be announced later. All of our contest entries are considered for booking. We pride ourselves in booking past contestants.
Check The Web Site:
Be sure to check in often to stay abreast of the latest fest info including early bird ticket sales, lineup releases, new festival recap videos, photos, contest playlists, artist bios, news and the Morning Bugle Blog.
Our most recent blog post features a very familiar JHMF face and staff member, the multi-talented, Scott Nelson! Read all about Scott and his involvement with JHMF and Flatland Harmony Experiment AND check out his brand new stop motion animated video based on his JHMF award winning song “Joanne Revisited”, using Scott’s handcrafted sets and beyond cool puppets. Watch this outstanding art video now on YouTube.
Christmas time is near! Pick up the new “John Hartford’s Mammoth Collection Of Fiddle Tunes via the fine folks at the official John HartfordWeb Site. This massive, comprehensive collection of mostly never heard before fiddle tunes, scripted in John Hartford’s own handwriting, is a must have for any Hartford Head.
See You May 29 – June 1, 2019:
Where in the world can you go to sit back, relax, leave your worries at the gate, enjoy the campground atmosphere and listen to or participate in campfire jamming?  Where can you go to experience the most exciting, thoroughly entertaining bunch of pickers and singers ever assembled in the most laid back atmosphere in the country? Join us May 29 – June 1, in Bean Blossom, Indiana at the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground for the 9th annual John Hartford Memorial Festival, “The Most Laid Back Festival in America!” That’s where it all takes place.


Words from the Festival Organizers:
When asked about the festival he founded John Hotze said “The mood I hope to achieve at the Hartford fest is a party mood. A mood of having lots of fun. I think that’s what John would like. He would be all over the campground picking and jamming all night long. I would like to see the jammers get up and dance to the Jamgrass and others to get up and flatfoot when some good fiddlin’ goes down. I’d like to hear lots of laughter. I never started this venture for money. I would be very happy to let it just sustain itself both to honor John and provide a venue for more performers. My vision is to narrow the scope of the festival to be Hartford centered, that is booking bands & entertainers that have been greatly influenced by John and entertainers that also cover John’s songs.” – John Hotze To read more about Hotze click here.

Festival producer Tom Burkhart said “At JHMF we treat everyone the same and will never have any audience areas reserved for VIP because we feel that everyone attending is very important. Much of our motivation comes straight from a line in the John Hartford song, Josephs Dream. Just when you think it can’t get no better then it does”. – Tom Burkhart

Camping Information:
The campground and the facilities are maintained and operated by The Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground.
We strongly urge you to make plans and reserve your camping spot with hookups now. If you’d rather not RSVP a spot with hookups, primitive 3-Day and 4-Day camping passes are available on our ticketing page. Primitive camping locations are spread throughout the park and are first come first serve. No single day or two day camping passes will be sold on our web site, they will be available to purchase at the gate.

If you would like to reserve a site with hook ups, or you have any camping questions, you must call the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground at (812) 988-6422. Click Here for the site map and camping information.

Contests open Jan 1, 2019:
Both of our contests will open up for submissions on Jan 1. Bands and Songwriters get your acts together, visit the web site and enter to win cash prizes, JHMF exposure and bragging rights.
Congratulation to Barbaro from Winoma, MN, for winning our 2nd annual Band Contest. Barbaro was officially the First Band Booked for 2019.
Our 2019 JHMF Band Competition Prizes are:
1st Place $1000, a Hartford main stage slot at the 2020 John Hartford Memorial Festival and reimbursement of primitive camping fees paid to the park.
2nd Place $500
3rd Place $300
4th place $200
Registration for the band contest will remain open until Thursday, February 28. Qualifying bands will be narrowed down to 12 competing bands. Click here to read the rules and enter the Band Competition.
Congratulation to Will Kimble from Cincinnati, OH, for winning last years Songwriters Challenge.
Our John Hartford Song Challenge Prizes are:
1st Place $200, two full fest tickets, Song Challenge Showcase performance on the Hartford Stage, an invitation to return for our 2020 Song Challenge Showcase and more.
2nd Place $100, one full fest ticket and Hartford Stage Showcase performance.
3rd Place $50, one full fest ticket and Hartford Stage Showcase performance.
4th & 5th Places one full fest ticket each and Hartford Stage Showcase performance.
Contest Deadline for Songwriting is Sunday, March 31st, 2019 or when we reach 35 entries. Click here to read the rules and enter the Song Challenge.
More prizes to be announced later. All of our contest entries are considered for booking. We pride ourselves in booking past contestants.

Some Thoughts On The Earls Of Leicester.

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Nov 152018

It’s not too often that I leak out many of my TOP 50 albums before the year is up, however on a few occasions I will do just that, such as this one. Live At The CMA Theater At The Country Music Hall Of Fame from The Earls Of Leicester WILL FOR SURE be on my list, allow me to elaborate why.

So let’s see now where do I start on this subject? You know in the world of Bluegrass there are so many bands that are taking Bluegrass and string bands forward to attempt to evolve the genre into other avenues, and that’s fine.

I mean absolutely you will most likely find on my TOP 50, and on this website everything from Billy Strings to Leftover Salmon, BUT THIS BAND is taking Bluegrass BACKWARDS to that same audience and they don’t even realize what is being done here. Mainly for the simple fact so many of the younger fans don’t take the time to do any research into their format, and they are convinced this is NEW music.

When in fact their very name is nothing more than a play on words in honor of Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, and this band plays music from their catalogue circa the years of 1954-1965..and nothing more.

These six men the likes of Mr. Barry Bales, Mr. Jerry Douglass, Mr. Shawn Camp, Mr. Charlie Cushman, Mr. Johnny Warren and Mr. Jeff White, play it the way it was meant to be played, sing it the way it was meant to be sang and dress the part too. Just like Mr. Eddie Stubbs said when he introduced them on this LIVE album.

Every member of this band here is a powerhouse in their own right with Mr. Jerry Douglas, who is a pioneering dobro and steel guitarist. Mr. Jerry has contributed to over 1,600 albums on top of his own fourteen solo albums, in his fifty year career.

He assisted greatly on the breakthrough success of the famed “O Brother Where Art Thou” movement using the soundtrack there. On top of all that he is a wonderfully renowned Bluegrass Music producer having produced a number of records, many on the Sugar Hill label.

Mr. Shawn Camp has equally contributed much to Country Music having co wrote songs like “Two Pina Coladas” for Garth Brooks, and “How Long Gone’ for Brooks And Dunn. He has played in the backing bands for people like Alan Jackson, The Osborne Brothers, Trisha Yearwood and more.


2019 Festival News Series NATIONWIDE: Old Settler’s Music Festival.

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Nov 142018


Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival

This is one of the festivals that has recently moved, however has withstood many obstacles to retain a viable festival life. HERE IS SOME INFO FROM THIS YEAR.

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