Please Help Mr. Big G With Cancer Treatments.

There are many things that I am essentially late in getting on the website, that I have written down throughout the year, that I wanted to publish before starting on the work I intend begin for 2022. I usually spend my Christmas/ New Year’s vacation catching up with all of the many different projects I have going for the website, and for all of my home projects too.

Many years ago, I met this man via the internet and I was introduced to his internet radio show that he had. I learned about so many different bands from him and his Texas show, that featured Roots Music, as well as older Texas Music tunes like Mr. Red Steagall. I learned a lot about how much this man truly cared about the music that he played on the show, and how elated he was about the bands.

There are so many people that were instrumental throughout my journey in the beginning and beyond, and Mr. Big G was one of them. It was always fun to pop on and find out what kind of new artists and new bands he was featuring on the radio show, and many times he would delve into the history of some of those bands. Where did they come from? What was going on with the local Texas music community he was in? Who was making new music and what venues were featuring this new music.

His daily show on KERV 1230 was called Big G’s Texas Roadshow, and it also featured interviews and political satire ( which I overlooked because I am neither right nor left ). But this show became one of my favorite parts of my weekly routine, to get on the chat room and visit with everyone.

Later on, as I continued to listen and I continued to write more articles, he began to admire my work as well as I  would admire his. The more we began to interact, I would get to pop on the phone and visit with his radio show, where he gave me the opportunity to showcase some of the fabulous bands I was featuring at the time.

We had the opportunity to finally meet in 2014, when I covered a local festival here in Kentucky called Outlaw Fest that he was the emcee at for the weekend. It was really a fun couple days out here filled with music and friends, even though the weather only agreed with us part of the weekend.

2014 was a pivotal year for my website here, as I began to branch out more to other festivals and communities. For the first couple years ( like 2010 to 2013 ) the only festival I had been to was Muddy Roots and Master Musician’s Festival, and in 2013 I finally had more opportunities to travel more and branch out.

This brought so many new bands and artists to my attention, to which it gave me the opportunity to write about those bands, which in turn were brought out to a more wider audience. So many wonderful people stepped up to make that event so very special in many ways, and I myself had a ton of friendships culminate from that event, that I would be remiss to say it was one of my most important festival jobs.

I had to spend a few years catching up on some things in my personal life, and that caused me to fall behind, but recently I had the wonderful opportunity to stop and catch up on all of the articles I wanted to bring you. Better late than never, right?

I read on his page this past spring that he was in need of help with some medical issues right now, and one thing I will say is this: in the world of music, we take care of our own. This man means a lot to me, and I feel he is vastly overlooked by the Texas local music community and right now we need to lift him up in prayer and love.

You can reach the GOFUNDME link HERE.

Over the last few months my father, Gordon “Big G” Ames, found out that he has Stage 4 Salivary Gland Carcinoma. This is a form of cancer that has developed right behind his ear and has metastasized down to his chest.

*3 Time Ameripolitan awards Official DJ of the Year nominee*

UPDATE: Results of the final biopsy conclude that treatment will be handled with chemotherapy instead of surgery or radiation. Due to Big G’s health insurance, treatment will be done locally at Texas Oncology instead of MD Anderson. This takes away the strain from traveling back and forth from Houston but associated costs for treatment are still high. Duration of treatment is still unknown at this point, but Big G just had his first chemo session on 1/21/2021 and will continue every three weeks. 

Big G’s spirits are high and plans on a full recovery. The support so far has been phenomenal and we (his family) are eternally grateful.

This gofundme will help fund medical bills, life bills and quality of life.

Please share this with friends and fans of my dad’s radio show “Big G’s Texas Roadshow.” To all of the musicians that my dad interviewed: it would mean a lot if you could share this with your fans. He means the world to his sons, wife and family.

His GOFUNDME was updated once again on  March 31, 2021 by Jake Ames, Organizer.

Hey yall, just checkin to give yall an update from Big G, “we want everyone who has invested their love and contributions to know our extreme gratitude. We will never be able to thank you enough.”

Big G completed his 4th round of chemo on March 24th with a CT scan and a Echocardiogram scheduled that will come with a hefty price tag even with insurance. Depending on results, their are two tentatively scheduled scans that’ll cost $2800 after insurance pays their portion.

We would love to get this shared out again. Thank you so much for all of your help.