Feb 092014

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Well you know folks my whole purpose in life is to share my music love and
my research and my discoveries of new artists.
AND I feature ALL the legends that “major media” refuses to allow you
to know still exist!
WHY? Why does most of society NOT KNOW these wonderful gems of country music
still perform for us. And put out NEW music?
Where is the coverage? HERE IT IS!

Folks country legend and comedian Ray Stevens is STILL ACTIVE in Branson
and putting out REALLY FUNNY political stuff.
I’m not really big on politics but I am big on humor and it’s downright funny.

He’s been on the Opry many many times and when he visits it’s always
a big draw for people still.
He is doing a ton of shows in Branson and in 2012 he recorded a HUGE
double album set called 50 years of Hits And Hilarity.
The other half  is called Patriots And Politics and they are available on his
official website as separate albums.

He’s been releasing videos direct to DVD and Youtube because obviously
the major media people don’t put up stuff that they think will remotly
offend somebody.
With Ray Stevens It’s never been anything but just plain fun.
Hell I think The Streak was the funniest thing EVER
And his live shows are really good after all these years.

Recently he made a spoof of the Duck Dynasty people
and I basically fell off a barstool last night.
YOU HAVE GOT to listen to him poke fun at the Robertson’s..

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