Nov 232013

Anybody can write a news story on the loss of a musician.
I WRITE ARTICLES FROM MY HEART on what my eyes have seen.
I am a “disciple” of country music and I write like Luke and John did.
From what I saw with my OWN EYES and heard with my OWN EARS!

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I met Wayne Mills last October in Altamont Tennessee for the Outlaws
And Icons benefit show for Mr. Troy Rector.
I met MANY people that weekend and did ALOT of work while admiring
my heros both young and old.
I had heard some of his music but to be honest up until then I hadn’t
delved into it as deeply as I did during the festival.

He was an absolute behemoth of a man, much taller and larger than me.
Not fat…but large! My first question “OK you get this alot..who’s bigger
you or Trace Adkins?” He said Trace is but not by much.
His hand covered my face almost! But with size and looks came something
bigger yet…his heart.

When he spoke to me he looked down at me every time and addressed my eyes,
a trait not many artists have today. He opened doors for ladies the two days
I met him, (something I actually enjoy doing when and if I do date).
He offered me the last chair available because of my medical problems
but I was so busy gathering information.
It was COLD that weekend.

We talked firearms and hunting (I been known to like the outdoors).
This man was a firearms safety advocate like myself and we spent
alot of time talking about our teaching young adult firearm safety classes.
I can wholeheartedly assure you…he respected firearms.
He had a degree in education and was telling me his future
plans to open a firearms safety school in Tennessee.

He had the tightest firmest handshake I ever encountered in the music
buisness, and he was very soft spoken and mild mannered.
He moved with a slow demeanor and was a very clever songwriter.

He may have indeed been an Outlaw country music performer
but he was a big hearted hero in my eyes.

Goodbye Mr. Wayne…say hello to Roy Acuff for me will you?
Wait for me, I’ll be along when the world has no more need for
my articles no more and my body is wore out.

Go support these artists…he is proof…they may not be around forever!

You can make a financial donation HERE
Also my good friend Kenneth Marr will sell his artwork of Wayne Mills and all
proceeds will go to the family.

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