Apr 042014


Washington State

Folks I haven’t done too many more of the state venues and SHAME ON ME!
I just have SO MUCH going on with the website it’s HARD to have all my
focus on JUST ONE iron in the fire!
I promise I’ll focus more on some state venues for you to enjoy these
GREAT artists!

I’ll tell you what they got shows going on ALL OVER THE U.S.!
These artists are going TOTALLY NUTS doing shows at the selected
And I continue to follow them and feature them as they make this
nationwide series unfold.
They are putting ALOT of work into this series, they ALL are
it’s a TOTAL group effort.

The state venue for Florida is The Florabama Lounge.
There has already been a show there and I heard they were VERY welcoming
to the artists there!

They have GREAT events that truly benefit their community. And they kicked off
their contribution to the series March 31st.
They will host the series once a month and I’m sure it will be a REALLY nice
place to enjoy roots music in Florida.
The place has a liquor store, a marina and a yacht club.

The food looked pretty good and was for sure regional like all the others.
It was hard to look through without pictures of the food.
And we all have our own tastes we like.
I’d probably go with fried Shrimp baskets.

They have an extensive store where they sell the Wayne Mills shirts that
my friend Kenneth Marr designed.
With his hand made portrait of Mr. Wayne on it.

It just looks like a HUGE venue with multiple patios and bars
and SO MUCH to do in the beautiful Pensacola Florida area.

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