Mar 102014


Washington State

It’s time for another state research article, and this time I looked at
the state representative for Indiana.
The Firehouse Bbq And Blues is located in Richmond Indiana.


It seems that some local firemen partnered together to open an old firehouse into
a local place to eat and enjoy a cold beverage.
This venue is perhaps one of the most interesting I have checked into yet.
And the local people seem to love the owners as vital parts of their community.
And THAT is one important aspect of the Last Honky Tonk Music Series!
I think that this series will really help out area communities for ALL the states.

It actually WAS a fire station in the 1800’s and in fact the owners have kept a lot
of the original architecture intact and the dining room sits in the old stable where
the horses were kept to pull the fire wagons.

The Firehouse also has some of the states best murals on their walls and outside
of the building.
Now upon checking into the food menu I am actually thinking about driving up there
for a SAVC show in the future!
THAT looks like some of the BEST barbeque and brisket I have seen in a while.
Everything looked really good even the smoked sausage.

I think whomever is choosing the venue choices for SAVC is doing a FINE JOB!

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