Feb 252014

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Outlaw Magazine and Spillway Bar And Grill are launching a Thursday night
songwriter series and I was asked to sponsor the event and OF COURSE I
said HELL YES!
I joined Moonshine Bbq Company and Kenneth Marr Graphics
to bring some really awesome songwriters to the area!
I decided to sponsor this event because I think it’s important to help
independent roots musicians get heard and I think it’s equally important
to take care of them.
This is how they make their living, and the best way to help is to contribute.

This series will launch March 20th and will feature
Brigite London
Cley Reynolds
Joshua Morningstar
And guests.

This series will feature one local and one national songwriter.
Robert Baxter, owner of The Spillway, says, “We at Spillway Bar
and Grill are very excited to join with Outlaw Magazine to give
singer/songwriters a chance to showcase their music and to also
bring some great talent to our stage and to Bowling Green, KY,
as well as provide a place for our Locals to play with some very
talented musicians from other areas. It’s all about bringing
musicians and friends together for some awesome music.”

Folks that’s directly from the event on Facebook.
Spillway is quickly becoming a stop between Louisville Ky
and Nashville Tn. it’s a WONDERFULL venue with REALLY GOOD FOOD.
It’s about 40 minutes from my home and I have driven there
already for just a meal.
Take it from me when I say I like their pizza. They are known for their
wings but I am a pizza guy.

I can’t say enough good about these three artists playing that night.
I can call them at any time and I know they would be there for me.
I can’t say many of the “big names” would ever do that.

Joshua Morningstar to me is more than a friend.
I love him and his music so much I cannot put it in words.
I will support them ANY WAY I can..and this is how I can.

I owe Cley Reynolds a HUGE debt of thanks for using my photo
in his album project and I think Miss Brigite did Mr. Billy Don Burns
good on his song “Hank Williams Lonesome And Keith Whitley Blue”
on her new forthcoming album ‘The Highwaywoman”.
I really enjoy the songs these three songwriters and artists
have given us to enjoy.
I think they are all so very talented and represent the roots music
scene very well.
Like I said they are more than friends.

So please go out and support these fine songwriters and enjoy
this GREAT music and food.

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