Mar 102014


Blessed Be The Bad Ones Like Dallas Moore.
I’m here to tell you this man makes ANY guitar his bitch!
Sorry for the language but there isn’t ANY other way to
describe it!
He has a NEW album in the works and has released some possible
cover art via Kenneth Marr Graphics but I haven’t heard much
from him about the new album.

On march 28th he visits the The Spillway Bar And Grill
in Bowling Green Kentucky.
Trust me I have and will do ALOT of features for this venue.
Mr. Robert is really nice and the food is REALLY GOOD!
Probably one of my favorite venues to enjoy shows at and eat at.

There is plenty of room to move and shop for merch and eat.
And the Wi Fi connection is always good.
It’s easy for a website like me to go there and work the show.

Dallas in my opinion along with Hank 3 and Bob Wayne are the hardest
working most active artists on the road today.
NOT TO put anyone down ALL Y’all work hard and the road life is HARD!

Along with him will be Taylor Shannon Band.
He’s just starting out and Dallas is helping him branch out.
I’m looking forward to getting more familiar with his work.
It says he is working on his first record at New Fidelity Studios.

I would strongly suggest anyone who dies not have plans that friday night
go eat and enjoy some GREAT music.

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