The Steel Woods Album Release Party With Mr. Josh Card.

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Jan 262019

As I type this I am sitting in my truck watching cranes work on what is to be the new Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville restaurant. The downtown area is rapidly changing, and not always for the many times it is totally to the detriment of history and tradition. It immensely pains me to see places like Bobby’s Idle Hour going away, to be replaced by condos. According to the statistics, Nashville is growing at an uncanny rate by 100 people PER DAY!

But I’ll tell you what, no matter how much Nashville changes, some of the smaller venues are the same. Now, some of the smaller venues are actually not the mighty 3Rd and lindsley. Here I am again to bring YOU TWO NIGHTS of mayhem and music. I’m going to be here for two nights this weekend folks, and tonight I shall be reporting on the show from the upstairs area. Tomorrow I shall be working downstairs. Both nights are pretty much sold out and jammed packed.

I’m extremely excited for THREE reasons…ONE is NEW music from this powerhouse band of men from Nashville that are growing at an exponential rate. Their hard work and no holds barred attitude has solidified them within our local music community, and maintained a big draw for them on the road as well. Their new album “Old News” is already garnering attention from us and other websites like my buddy over at Country Music Armadillo.

The SECOND reason is the RETURN of Mr. Rowdy Cope, who helped invent this band. He needed to take some time off for personal issues and to rest, however now he IS BACK and they are reportedly ready to play like a well oiled machine.

The THIRD reason is one of my newfound friends whom was formerly with Mr. Whitey Morgan And The 78’s. His album was on my TOP 50 OF 2018, and that man is Mr. Josh Card And The Restless Souls. His debut album ‘With A heavy Heart” wowed me, as did his first live performance I watched on New Years Day 2018, right there I saw HUGE potential as a solo artist. My partner Mr. Joshua Wallace covered his album release party, and you can read that HERE

Mr. Josh Card  is playing first here tonight, as well as tomorrow night and will be on tour with them for some time now. I have a pretty good seat back here upstairs to watch the show from both perspectives this weekend, and I have pretty much everything I need to make a perfect article here tonight.

Friday Night:

Mr. Josh began the show with aggressive energy as he opened with a song called ‘Better Off That Way”, and he had Mr. Brett Robinson playing steel for him tonight. His former band mate when he played for the 78’s, Mr. Brett brought his signature tone to us tonight. Especially on the second song called “Devil’s Blood”, which gave him some truly fine solos before he kicked off the song called “Suffer”.

He explained that when he wrote this one, he drank too much whiskey and listened to too much Ray Price. I love the lyrics to this song, and it’s my favorite song on the album by far. It is a damn fine two stepper, with a shuffle thump. he followed that up with the song called “Won’t Chase Your love Anymore”.

You know guys, this young man is MUCH more comfortable on stage here, I really feel he is becoming more comfortable up front, being the center focus. He played a very good performance of the song “Choice To Make”.  He did play a cover song of Merle Haggard called “Ramblin Fever”, from the 1977 album of the same name.

The steel Woods came to bring the house down! As their new album has brought RAVING reviews to the media world, and as I previously stated Mr. Rowdy coming back, this band is at a pinnacle of growth. The only way for them to go is up, and as they enter to the eerie version of “In the Pines” UP is where the went.

They began with “Axe” tonight and drove this place into a complete frenzy of screaming voices and swinging fists, with their rough harmonies. The first song from their new album called ‘Old News” was called “All Of These Years”.

“Without You” was a song I could have used a few years back when I got my divorce, it is a song of moving on and putting the past behind you. Another new song was called “Blind Lover”, that featured some damn fine guitar slinging riffs. This show included some truly fine songs off the first album like one of my favorites called “Della Jane’s Heart”.

Mr. Wes  explained to us that the new record was a lot of work, and it was a long time coming however they were still going to play songs off the old album, like the self title called “Straw In the Wind”.  Speaking of self titled songs perhaps one of their more well written songs was “Old News”, it is a truly tough song about America. This song has perhaps one of the BEST LINES I have heard in many years “And pray for Miss Liberty and the crack in her bell, there’s a tear in her eye, but her arm hasn’t fell”.

Next up was a song called “Rock That Says My Name” ,basically tonight I am jusy enjoying the music and watching. Tomorrow I will indeed take many more pictures from that show. Right now they are playing the GREAT song “Let The Rain Come Down”.

They are playing some songs in honor of folks that passed away, one of them was the song called “One Of These Days”. That is the concept of the title of “Old News”. But right now they are playing “Are The Good times Still Over” from Merle Haggard’s, and they followed that up with their powerful version of “Whipping Post”. You cannot deny this band ANY CREDIT whatsoever on ANY front, especially for a twenty dollar ticket!

“Southern Accent” was another great pinnacle of tonight’s show. Afterwards they played a few more for an encore here, like “Better In The Fall”. Also included was an instrumental before playing their cover of “Hole In the Sky”, and that was the end of Friday’s show.

Saturday Night:

I have bigger expectations of tonight’s show over last night. One of the main reasons will be to see how the set list difference is for both acts. This place is crazy packed full of people who are ready to hear the new music from both bands. Tonight is the sellout show that toppled last night in sales, I haven’t seen this place this packed since Mr. Cody Jinks played here last. Speaking of Mr. Cody Jinks he actually showed up tonight as my partner Mr. Joshua told me the Flockers were talking about him being there. He came out on night 2 and sang with them.

Everything so far has been absolutely amazing in every way, good food and great friends. New fans and old ones as well came out for two nights of music. I wanted to point out Mr. Jay Tooke one damn fine drummer, who sweats back there behind the kit night after night, and tonight those boys are playing the Opry. Also, Mr. Johnny Stanton is a damn fine bass player. Every time I am watching this band, the never fail to disappoint.

Saturday’s Set List For Mr. Josh Card.
2. Devil’s Blood
3. Suffer
4. Won’t Chase Your Love
5. Choice To Make
6. Ramblin Fever

Saturday’s Set List For The Steel Woods.
1. Axe
2. All Of These Years
3. Without You
4. Blind Lover
5. Anna Lee
6. Della Jane’s Heart
7. Straw in The Wind
8. Compared To A Soul
9. Old News
10. Rock That Says My Name
11. Let The Rain Come Down
12. One Of These Days
13. Are The Good Times Really Over
14. Whipping post
15. Southern Accents


Opry at Ryman
Saturday, 7:00PM

Nashville, TN

Songbirds North Stage
Thursday, 6:00PM

Chattanooga, TN

Songbirds North Stage
Friday, 6:00PM

Chattanooga, TN

The Warehouse at Mt. Victor
Saturday, 7:00PM

Bowling Green, KY

The Basement
Thursday, 7:00PM

Columbus, OH

Madison Theatre
Friday, 8:00PM

Covington, KY

Grey Eagle
Saturday, 7:00PM

Asheville, NC

Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
Thursday, 7:00PM

Cleveland, OH

Crusens Farmington
Friday, 7:00PM

Peoria, IL

Carol’s Pub (w/ Josh Card)
Saturday, 7:00PM

Chicago, IL

The Machine Shop Concert Lounge (w/ Josh Card)
Thursday, 7:00PM

Flint, MI

Johnny & June’s (w/ Channing Wilson + Josh Card)
Friday, 7:00PM

Flora, IL

Hi-Fi (w/ Josh Card)
Saturday, 7:00PM

Indianapolis, IN

Terminal West (w/ TN Jet)
Thursday, 7:00PM

Atlanta, GA

The Blind Tiger (w/ TN Jet)
Friday, 8:00PM

Greensboro, NC

Capone’s (w/ TN Jet)
Saturday, 7:00PM

Johnson City, TN

Tumbleweed Festival
Saturday, 7:00PM

La Cygne, KS

Tailgate N’ Tallboys
Saturday, 7:00PM

Peoria, IL

The Shed Smokehouse & Juke Joint
Saturday, 6:00PM

Maryville, TN

Feb 252018

Tonight was basically a lazy Saturday for me, it was warm and rainy out. Apparently there were some quite severe storms in my area…I was actually napping before y neighbor picked me up to go to Third And Lindsley for the big show tonight.

The first act was a songwriter named Mr. Aaron Raitere, who had some REALLY inventive songs that were cleverly arranged. He had a small three piece band including himself, and they played about 5 or 6 songs for us. Now I did some research and closely studied his portion of the show, and I couldn’t pinpoint song names totally.

One was called “Single Wide Dreamers In A Double Wide World” and another was called “It’s Good Then It’s Gone So Enjoy It While It’s Here”. However perhaps the most clever song he played was one called “I’d Rather Be Fishing With My Mind On God Than Church With My Mind On Fishing”. In fact it indeed was one of the most clever, well written songs I have heard in months.

Miss Faren Rachels has a good album but I’ll tell you what she is AMAZING LIVE. Her band is really good, and her steel player is on point tonight. I was pleasantly surprised with her set tonight, and when she started her set with “Show Me Hands” it set the precedent for a good set to come.

“Nowhere Tonight” was one of the songs off her EP t that was alright to me but dammit once I heard it live I was truly amazed by her. She leans a little more toward mainstream in my opinion, but she still fits in well with the bands that  do not have the propensity to be mainstream like the Steel Woods. She sites influences that border mainstream fans as well, but yet maintain presence in the non mainstream realms.

“If it ain’t fixed” was next and was one of the songs I didn’t think was as good as others but her vocal delivery was superb on it. I just thought others were more well written. That’s not really a bad comment at all trust me it’s just what my opinion was.

After she played one called “Uber Driver” she played a slower song called “On Paper” which showcased her voice really well. She was very comfortable up there on stage tonight and I think she will be growing exponentially. She closed her set with “I Know Better”, and her more popular song called “Free Drinks”.

The Steel Woods have grown with leaps and bounds here in Nashville WOW. It’s truly amazing to see this band sell out this venue, and the ones that are up and coming bands. They played a really good set at the Warehouse in Bowling Green last time I wrote about them, so let’s see what they do tonight.

They came out loud and proud like a southern rock hammer with a song called called In The Pines for an intro they played right into “Wild And Blue”. Their next song was called “Better In The Fall”, They sound really terrific here tonight in Nashville. Honestly every band sounds terrific here, as this is one of my better venues to see music in.

They played most of their debut album including “I’m going To Love You” to a picked out sold out show here thought that is going absolutely insane over their songs. Right now they are playing “Whatever It Means To You”, and other great songs like ‘Uncle Lloyd” along with various covers like “Lonesome Onr’y  And Mean”.

They played a really solid version of  “Yesterday’s Wine” and the Allman Brothers “Whipping Post”, see this band plays longer sets than their one album can accommodate. Not many bands can say that as a positive thing, this band played covers not as filler songs, but as fan favorites. They aren’t boring or time consuming by any means.

“Straw In The Wind” is always a definite fan favorite toward the end of their show, as well as one of my favorites called “Della Jane’s Hear”t. After a lengthy instrumental, they went into the song called “Hole In The Sky” with thunderous fury. The show tonight came to climatic end with “Axe”, and left us waiting for what shall become of this monster band. What will the future albums sound like direction wise, and how will they embrace growth?




Feb 112018

I have had the immense pleasure of getting to see many bands at 3rd and Lindsley. Today was indeed a challenge as I got here late and didn’t get a chair. So needless to say this wont be easy to write while standing, but I will pull this off…eating however was NOT easy.

3rd And Lindsley has a pretty darn good prime rib sandwich, and dinner too. It’s not the best overall, however it is one of my top ten venues to eat at before a show. The staff is always very exceptional and kind, and that makes the show all that better. Despite the fact I arrived at 7 which was my fault, the waiter made every possible effort to accommodate me and my dilemma..don’t worry I got this job DONE!

After you read this article here, you will hopefully identify with my overall dream of melding different genres to different areas. For years Nashville venues have complained that Texas Country or Red Dirt doesn’t generate enough sales in this area. Pretty good crowd here tonight as they prepare for the opening act and tonight’s show, which I am very excited for given the terrific review Mr Joshua Gave his new new album out now called Solid Ground.

Tonight’s opening act was one I have never covered before named Caroline Spence, she is a slow moving country artist, slow moving as in tempo and that’s not a bad thing at all. She did indeed have some mid tempo songs however the slower ones were what she nailed mostly, and her songs are cleverly written and enjoyable.

She melds in nicely with ladies like Margo Price and Jaime Wyatt however she’s more on the Folks and Americana side of things sound wise. After all this is a Red Dirt show, and I cannot really compare her to the more Nashville Americana acts. But darn it her Melody is very much like some of those songs as well, that’s not necessarily a negative quality. To be honest I really don’t label people, I just try to say GOOD or BAD music to my WHAT is she? She’s GREAT MUSIC!

She has two albums out with her latest being a 2017 release called Spades And Roses, I touched on but never fully featured mainly because I didn’t have Joshua Wallace working for me then. I just didn’t have time for all those album reviews like he does. The festival moniker I carry on here bears most of my time at a whopping 175 I report on..and growing!

Miss Caroline has songs like “You Don’t Look So Good (Cocaine)”, actually I was upset being in the back how rude much of the audience was by talking loudly during her set making it very hard to hear her lyrics. Because I for one was enjoying her set, with songs like ‘Slow Dancer”.

She has a few songs on her two album that also sound more Red Dirt than others, it just has that guitar tone delivery that I associate with Red Dirt as well, so I was really treated to many different styles of music here wit her.

Mr. Wade Bowen dropped a BOMB upon Nashville last night in every way.This was the first time he has played a Nashville show in support of a newly released record. I mean it was SO NEW the merch table didn’t have vinyl yet, and that was really the only complaint I had was the slim pickings at the goodie table. I’m trying VERY HARD to spread the word of Red Dirt music in my Nashville area, and people seeing ME in T Shirts has an impact. It’s an honor to me that people listen to my suggestions on music, and it’s IMPORTANT to me that Red Dirt GROWS in Nashville.

He opened his epic show last night with the first track off Solid Ground called “Couldn’t Make You Love Me”, and right away the Wade Bowen power that I know from his live set created an ambiance that ONLY Mr. Wade could pour out. Of ALL the Red Dirt acts he IS my favorite by far, and we here at Gary Hayes Country enjoyed Solid Ground.

He delved into some older tunes last night dipping into 2008 “if We Ever Make It Home” album by playing a fan favorite “You Had Me At My Best”. One of the MANY songs that he does the crowd can sing along to, and excites participation. From the same album came the next song “Trouble”, and I was personally pleased with the balance of tunes last night. He did JUST RIGHT choosing a correct set list for a long time fan such as I.

After “Songs About Trucks” he played another new song called “Acuna” and one of my personal favorites, off his self titled album called ‘West Texas Rain” . From back in 2008 his song called “If We Ever Make It Home” was part of the set, and as he told stories about his past and his struggles as an aspiring songwriter and artist, we were brought closer to him with songs like “So Long 6th Street”.

“When I Woke Up Today” was up on the set list along with a new song called “Anchor” ,but after that he played one off the “Hold My Beer” album called “Till It Does”.  Once again we were given another relation to his past as he declared the song “Who I Am” the third song he ever wrote.

he played two covers last night one being “Jealous Again” by the Crowes, and later on he went into “Glory Days”. “Sun Shines On A Dreamer” is always a fan favorite along with my favorite song he does, which I get teased for liking called “Mood Ring”. That’s more of a song directed toward the ladies, but I don’t care It’s catchy and fun to sing along to.

“Resurrection” was next followed by “Saturday Night” off the album “The Given” as he closed in on the encore which was ‘death Dying And Deviled Eggs” that he admitted he molded after Guy Clark format of songwriting, and his final song was “Fell in Love On Whiskey”.


Mar 252017

Leave it to one of my favorite venues 3rd And Lindsley in Nashville to host the fifth anniversary show for one of the coolest labels in this type of music Plowboy Records. I’m NOT going to lie, this place has WONDERFUL FOOD and an exceptional staff. Great security guys that always do a good job keeping the peace so you can enjoy the show, buy merchandise and have a cold beer. YOU can buy tickets by clicking on the Plowboy Records name up there, I promise you’ll have a GOOD TIME!

I mean WHY wouldn’t you LOVE a record label with a mission statement like this one:  Plowboy Records was established to promote and further the legacy of the late singer Eddy Arnold as well as to provide a platform for recorded projects that focus on the creation of authentic music regardless of genre.

If you recall many months ago I issued a pretty good article about the late Jim Ed Brown and his stellar release called In Style Again among other fine releases they have unleashed upon us. It’s plain and simple folks THIS LABEL isn’t afraid to pound a fist on the debate table and STAND UP for LEGENDS like Bobby Bare (who does a LOT for Muddy Roots) and The Kentucky Headhunters.

You can darn sure bet I’ll be writing about this upcoming album from the Blackfoot Gypsies and some other new releases this label puts out. And on that Wednesday night April 12th at 8 YOU TOO can attend a star filled evening with this celebration of REAL music at a truly fun venue.

Mr. Chuck Mead And His Grassy Knoll Boys are another fine staple within my local Nashville music scene here and I consider him to be a local pioneer on Lower Broadway of sorts, his former band is known for their eclectic and LONG live sets at Robert’s caught on record in two installments. He has released some DAMN FINE material on this label as well, and I covered him on a few festivals last year.

Mar 192017

Well folks I was faced with a pretty serious quandary this weekend, I had originally intended to cover some bands I have covered many times before. However I was faced with an incredibly tempting whole new market and a whole new opportunity I have been wanting to capitalize on as of late..Texas Country.

They call it Red Dirt Country and it also emanates from the Oklahoma area as well, and my friend Miss Bridgette Lowder planted a large seed into my head last year as we got to know each other and compared knowledge. We exchanged our likes and hates of music and different scenes and styles, until we began to KNOW each other’s local scene. I took what she exposed me to and I seriously capitalized on the void I had here.

I am a music fan FIRST and a business man SECOND BUT nonetheless I AM both and I “see things” and I “see opportunities” when I encounter them. I found a whole new broad genre to expand on and learn, and learn it I DID folks and I began contacting Texas festivals and podcasts until I learned the ins and outs of the Texas Music scene.

So I ventured out this weekend into a very popular and gorgeous local venue 3Rd And Lindsley for a Red Dirt show.First, some things notable about this venue, the parking is GREAT if you get there early like I do. The crew is VERY friendly and I have always thought security does a REALLY nice job handling things, I don’t believe I have ever witnessed a major altercation there.

I ordered the prime rib sandwich and it’s ALWAYS really tasty and comes out in ample time, the only negative thing I have to say are the fries are not portioned well enough. It could stand to be a little more so I usually order onion rings which are REALLY good.  The tables are spaced out enough and the stools are comfortable, it’s a TRULY good place to go see a show, and the prices are reasonable I would highly suggest this for ANY shows.

Miss Kaitlin Butts opened the show tonight with sharp humor and rich smooth vocals, and despite her young age she brings an older sound to the table that any TRUE Country fan will quickly appreciate. Her 2014 debut album that was produced by Mike McClure a BIG NAME out there in Texas and Oklahoma is called “Same Hell Different Devil” and has ten songs she wrote by herself and one cover. Most of the songs that made up her set list last night were indeed originals I recognized from my studies of her repertoire as I prepared to write this article on her.

In fact her first song I missed as I was meeting new friends but I quickly scooted over to my table to catch “Same Hell Different Devil” which is basically falling for us men and our bullshit lines (sorry guys she’s onto us). It’s basically a palm slap in the forehead song that most women can pretty much relate to being sweet talked into falling for a clown that is playing with her emotions. It’s actually a pretty well written song and I’m appalled that she’s not more well known within this scene, let’s change that by going on to her website and buying her album.

“He Was Right” was next which displays a VERY impressive vocal range of changing high notes toward the end of it that grabs your attention and leads it to wherever she wants you to go. This woman commands the stage and possesses an impressive stage presence, with a sharp sense of humor as she quips about everything from her last name, to cheap skanks that should have their men stolen from them by a “Gal Like Me” which was also included in her set later on.

After she covered an Elizabeth Cook song she played one called ‘Gun In My Hand” which I enjoyed but another song that stuck out to me as a person was one called “Wild Rose”. It’s just basically one of those reckless youth songs we all lived at that age. Like I previously mentioned her young age doesn’t readily identify with the hard life lessons of her lyrics, there is much more age in her lyrics however it doesn’t make them unbelievable.

After playing “Damned If I Do” she played her own version of “In The Pines” which was VERY enjoyable with just her and a fiddle. If I’m not mistaken I heard Eddie Up was playing steel for her a while and I was wondering if he would be there last night. She has quite an impressive resume like she contributed to Flatland Cavalry and many other bands, and as she closed her set with a descriptive song about her mess of auburn hair she left us ready for Mr. Wade Bowen BUT wanting more of what she packs in her holsters!

Mr. Wade Bowen is one of the Texas Music Scene’s veteran performers having been established in 1998 and last night he opened with a song of his 2008 album “if We Ever Make It Home” called “You Had Me At My Best”. His songs are mostly upbeat and furious and his band plays like a top notch well oiled machine with a vigorous trio of guitarists that evenly trade lead licks, and not spoil the FUN but one of them played their encore behind his back!

His song called “Songs About Trucks” was next which is one of his later songs from 2013, and that one talks about lost loves but of a vehicle. We all have had our past loved vehicles down by the lake that we loved to listen to our cassettes in, maybe had your first beer in the back of, or passed the time with your favorite girl in?

“Make It Home” was next followed by a powerful ballad called “West Texas Rain”. Now, that song is one of my favorite songs he sings out of his whole catalogue. He interacts with the audience beyond grateful and includes them in many of his songs by making them sing along with different songs. You can easily detect that he is AT HOME up there on stage performing and brings a fresh sound to the table.

He played a few cover last night like “Looking Out My Back Door” by Credence Clearwater Revival, John Fogerty was one of my idols too, and his band made this song equally powerful on this show. This style of Country music is rapidly growing in popularity right now and I would very much like to contribute to bring it to my local area full scale in massive amounts, because it has many good qualities.

This young man PACKED the house last night to the point where standing in one spot was difficult toward the middle of the venue, I haven’t seen it that packed since my coverage of the Cody Jinks show. He played a new song called ‘I Couldn’t Make You Love Me” which I understand he is readily recording now for soon release. He played “One Step Closer” and another called “Woke Up Today” which I dedicate to my friends with cancer and other ailments that are always grateful for waking up today.

Mr. Wade has many songs of inspiration and sometimes unlike more Traditional Country this genre has as many uplifting songs as it does darker ones. But when he played an acoustic song he dubbed one of his favorite songs it was called “Walls Were Blue” which is a gloomy dark song but it is indeed a classic song. “Till It Does was followed by “Trouble” and  after he played “Walls Were Blue” he played the Kristofferson classic “Help Me Make It Through The Night” with just him, as his band got a break.

“Who I Am” was next after the upbeat song called “Standards” which was a great song about rejecting a phony song  about not having hits and having standards to record better songs. It was on his latest album with Randy Rogers and I’m glad he isn’t selling out and choosing better songs, many artists in the mainstream cannot say that.

“The Sun Shines On a Dreamer” is another uplifting song about pursuing your dreams and not being afraid to take risks and scraping your knees once in awhile. Another powerful slow song he does called “Mood Ring” is absolutely loud and hard but the lyrics are mellow and can be related by men and women alike. This is a complete masterpiece, it is VERY well written and delivered in a true heartfelt vocal style by a sincere artist.

“Beat Me Down” and his set closed with “Saturday Night” which once again required crowd participation and amped us up for his energetic encore of two cover songs one being the Chuck Berry classic “Johnny B Goode” is respect for the fallen icon of Rock And Roll Chuck Berry, and the Eagles/ Conway Twitty ‘Heartache Tonight”.

All in All I must say I was extremely happy with my decision to choose this show over any other, and I’m quite convinced we NEED to bring this type of Country into our local venues and festivals. ANYTIME I get the chance to see some of these artists I have been researching I’ll be SURE to bring  them to my website over and over again.