Sep 172017

Folks like many times before I am here in Bowling Green at the The Spillway Bar And Grill on a wonderful Saturday night for some real Outlaw Country Music. the Barnyard Stompers are a duo I haven’t ran into for several years in person however I did write a great article for their new album OUT NOW.

In the words of Mr. Kasey we got merchandise available and every ten dollars gets us seven miles down the road, so if you like it buy it all. If you don’t like it buy it anyways because it gets us the fuck away from you! The food is always top notch good and the atmosphere makes this bar an easy bet to work a show article like this one.

They played originals and covers tonight both, and began with “Ain’t Living Long Like This”, and went right into the cover of the “Auctioneer Song”. That’s originally a 1958 Leroy Van Dyke song, that he is well known for, then they went into the song called “The Devil’s Horn”.

‘Heavy Load” is one of  their truck driving songs they have that’s an original before they went into “Luchenbach Texas” from Waylon Jennings.  They went into their adult themed song called “Truck Drivin Son Of A Bitch”, and now let’s watch a video from the songs:

Rambler, followed by “The Saw Is Family”.

They then played a cover of ‘Country Boy Can Survive” and played the song “Payback”, all the while playing a crazy wild show complete with drunken donkey stories and harmonica mic feedback from the monitor. We talked about being old and life in general, before they played “Roll On”.

They closed their set with a cover of “Titties And Beer” along with a song they made a video for called ‘Outlaws With Chainsaws Part 2 The Revenge”. Their final song was called “Corn Liquor”.

Mr.Dallas Moore is always a sure bet for fun, as we both are fresh off Muddy Roots Music Festival and Americana Fest as well. I’m going to include his promo for his new album Mr. Honky Tonk on this article here, as well as his video from Muddy Roots. He’s up right now doing soundcheck.

He began with several cover songs here tonight ‘Can’t You See”, “Whiskey River” and “Freeborn Man” all of which included some amazing guitar solos and fancy pants string work on Mr. Dallas part. He’s just plain out simply one of the finest in this business in every aspect of the part.

Right now as I write he is playing “Twisting Through Texas” for us taking us on a rocket ride through his original material, as he usually does. Mr. Dallas and his crew are insanely hard working, in fact they already played a show tonight in Ohio before they even came here to play…wow..

He bellowed through “Bottle And A Bible” and right now he is tearing this place apart with “Raising Hell And Slinging Gravel”. Playing songs off of his LIVE album he recorded from the Bulluiet County Jail in Kentucky recently were next with “One More Ride”.

“Shoot Out The Lights” was next off the Dark Horse Rider album, as he prepares his new album aptly called “Mr. Honkytonk”. “You Know The Rest” was his next song from his original list of songs.  We also went ‘Up On That Mountain” as Mr. Dallas and I once did at Altamont in East Tennessee.

This new album called Mr. Honkytonk album Mr. Dallas ever recorded in Nashville, this following video is from the title track called Mr. Honkytonk, and the next song was new called . I’m pretty damn stoked about this new album as I am always am for his new work.

He played five new songs for us tonight off the forthcoming album including “Mr. Honkey Tonk” one called “Nice And Slow” and one his wife named by a saying she brought up called “Home Is Where The Highway Is”. You know nobody in this business hits the highway harder than Mr. Dallas.

“Burns Like Kisses” was another new song and “In Between Bridges” was the last, I’m pretty sure those were the names and I’ll go back and correct anything I got wrong. He then played an old acoustic song as a personal favor to an old friend that recently got engaged, and then proceeded to honor our fallen hero Mr. Don Williams.

He played a medley of Don Williams classic like “Tulsa Time” off of the 1978 album Expressions, it was written by Danny Flowers. He played “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend”, and “Amamnda”. Tonight at the Spillway not a darn one of us minded the wide array of cover songs from this fine musician.

“Mama Tried”and “The Cowboy Rides Away” were included as well as ‘This Old Cowboy” which included a GREAT lengthy instrumental complete with ripping guitar solos from Mr. Chuck. As usual he closed his set with another lengthy instrumental classic from the Allman Brothers..”Whipping Post”.

We all had a blast tonight, some truly fine music by two great bands and some damn good food. All in All I can honestly say I had a pretty good year of live music, I may have some more events coming up but I’m going to focus on catching up on bills and personal stuff so that I can bring YOU MORE great music reports in 2018.

Jun 272017

Hi everybody I recently stopped for a moment to talk to those Barnyard Stompers that road dog relentlessly through the United States playing their gritty Honky Tonk, Heavy Rock all rolled into one big show. Miss Megan Wise on drums also plays a guitar (DON’T as k me how), and Mr. Casey Miller plays guitar. Mr. Casey had this to tell me tonight:

Its the first record I’ve written for us, doing just what I wanted to do without anybody’s  expectations but ours,  and we’re really proud of it. We’re on the road indefinitely, and will hit most of the country this year. We did a video for Outlaws with Chainsaws Part II that Bob Wayne directed (I have included that below).

OK so with the cover photo and others that were recently shot with their weight loss and ONE HELL of a photographer Mr. Chris Couture who was kind enough to provide my website with his wonderful promo shots.


     We’re getting great feedback on our new album Outlaws With Chainsaws part II! A lot of hard work went into the record and we’re glad to share it with y’all. It is available at our shows as well as online/iTunes. If you know of a podcast/radio station/blogger that would like a copy, let us know!
Myrtle Beach bike week was a blast and Oklahoma was a great time too! We are so lucky to know so many cool folks we can spend our time with before and after the shows! We’re moving onward to the Southwest and West coast before we head to Sturgis!
We just approved our vinyl test pressing so we will have Outlaws With Chainsaws part II on vinyl next month! Casey has been waiting his whole life to hear his voice on an actual record! You can order the CD or vinyl HERE. Keep in touch with us on Facebook if ya can, we always have a lot going on from the road.
In honor of us losing a combined total of 80 pounds, we’ll be taking lots of new promo pictures this month. We’re over halfway to our goal and we appreciate everyone’s love and support in our journey! Thank God whiskey is still on the menu 😉
We can’t thank y’all enough for the support whether it’s coming to our shows, posting about us online, buying our merch, giving us fresh local food when we come to town, bringing drinks to the stage, or requesting our songs…YOU are what keeps us going and gives us a reason to drive town to town year after year!

See ya down the road,
Casey & Megan




In honor of us losing a combined total of 80 pounds, we’ll be taking lots of new promo pictures this month. We’re over halfway to our goal and we appreciate everyone’s love and support in our journey! Thank God whiskey is still on the menu 😉
We can’t thank y’all enough for the support whether it’s coming to our shows, posting about us online, buying our merch, giving us fresh local food when we come to town, bringing drinks to the stage, or requesting our songs…YOU are what keeps us going and gives us a reason to drive town to town year after year!
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So now let’s talk about this new album called Outlaws With Chainsaws Part 2: The Payback. This album was a sequel to the 2013 album aptly called Outlaws With Chainsaws, and it has three songs that were re-cut and mastered, mixed, and played differently. Those songs were “Outlaws With Chainsaws”, “Corn Liquor” and “truck Drivin SOB”.

The song called “Roll On” was truly funny shit folks, this man gets invited to a pop country party and there’s a line in there about them taking selfies that made me spit out my coffee! You know basically this album is pretty much just an all out JAM, that needs no major analysis, but at the same time it does have hidden links to the first album. It’s not a bunch of complex hard to understand stuff, these two pretty much play straight up your ass Honky Tonk Redneck Rock music! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE elaborate acoustic songs, but sometimes I LOVE to rip off beer caps and tear into a few cold long necks with loud balls to the wall Barnyard Stompers music.

“California Kicker” was funny to me too, I don’t mind the punk rock guys either really, they DAMN WELL DO keep Johnny Cash and Hank alive! Many of the scenes involved with Roots Music have all been really nice to me in the past years,because they KNOW that I’m there to embellish their scene with my articles.

And dammit it wouldn’t be a Barnyard Stompers album without that hallowed saw, I mean that thing is family AND the law. If you love crazy horror laced Outlaw music then THIS BAND is right up your alley folks. Because they are truly gifted musicians and truly nice people, don’t be afraid to stop by and drop them a HELLO, and tell them I sent you.


1. Corn Liquor
2.Pay Back
3.Roll On
4.California Kicker
5.Bad Man
6. Devil On My Shoulder
7.Big Long Train
8.Saw Is The Law
9.Truck Drivin SOB
10. Pipe Hittin Daddy
11.Outlaws With Chainsaws Part 2