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Ameripolitan Awards LIVE BLOG!

Folks we JUST GOT started here tonight and they introduced tonight’s hosts Mr. Dale Watson and Miss Danielle Colby. They played a gorgeous version of America The Beautiful. They are explaining the program and what is to transpire here.

8:15PM Mr. James Hand is performing “In The Corner By The Table”.

8:18PM Miss Danielle is introducing Miss Nikki Lane and she is performing “Viva Las Vegas’.

8:25PM Miss Rosie Flores is here, Mr. Dale is telling us about her Cowpunk and Bakersfield influences.
Mr. Levi Dexter is here presenting the Honky Tonk Female and the winner is Miss Brennen Leigh.

8:27PM Miss Danielle is with Mr. Dale introducing Asleep At The Wheel, and they are playing “Get You Kicks On Route 66′.

8:34PM Mr. Dale And Mr. Ray are performing ” Feeling Haggard” off their duet album.

8:40PM Mr. Jake Penrod and Miss Nikki Lane just announced Luke Bell as Honky Tonk Male winner!

8:42PM Mr. Dale is loving on Tillford Sellers, who couldn’t make it tonight. He is watching from heaven.

8:43PM Motel Mirrors is performing right now.

8:48 The Reeves Brothers just won Honky Tonk Band of the year.

8:53PM Mr. Unknown Hinson is playing right now.

8:55PM We are announcing the Outlaw Female Winner being presented by Miss Bonnie Montgomerey and the
winner is…….Nikki Lane.

8:58PM Mr. Jesse Dayton and are presenting the Outlaw Male Award and the winner is Cody Jinks.

9:14PM Junior Brown is presenting the Pioneer Of The Sound winner Mr Lloyd Green.

9:22PM Mr. Lloyd Green is playing Jukebox Charlie and Just between You And Me. He played on the
studio albums of both songs and MANY MORE!

9:48PM We are back from intermission, with beer jokes.

9:50PM W.S. Fluke Holland and others are remembering Mr. Sam Phillips and Sun Records.

10:00 The Humna Jukebox Mr. Sleepy Labeef is playing songs now.

10:03 Mr. Jesse Dayton is up right now talking about a story on Crooke And Chase, and how he
got to record with Waylon and Cash. He is playing Big River.

10:16PM Mr. Jason D Williams is tearing the place apart with two drummers!
Mr. Joshua said as Mr. Dallas Moore would say this was a righteous rendering
He broke it. Absolutely AMAZING drum and full band number.

10:21PM The band is STILL JAMMING and tearing the roof off this place!

10:28PM Mr. James Intveld is here. Wonderful man with AWESOME Music.
We are learning about the Elvis Sun Records material.

10:36PM Mr. Dickey Lee is here, who is the last original Sun Records artist alive.
He wrote “She Thinks I Still Care” and others. He is playing right now, some of the
greatest music I have heard in a LONG TIME is here tonight.

10:44PM Mr. Big Sandy is here! I LOVE him in fact he was the first person I ran into when I
arrived in Memphis. Same hotel. He is playing a Carl Perkins song.

10:51PM Mr. Dale declared Memphis as “Ground Zero” for independent music, and before the Outlaw movement
Mr. Sam Phillips created true independence for local music.

10:55PM Mr. Ricky And Mr. Gunner Nelson are playing “milk Cow Blues”. Their father Ricky Nelson wrote the song
and Elvis had a hit with it.

11:00PM Mr. Robert Gordon has called up Sam Phillips family, to tell more stories and accept the 2018
Legend award winner Sam Phillips. His son accepted the award tonight. He is telling stories
about his father, who said the secret to Rock And Roll, is reaching deep down inside of you
and pull it out of your asshole.

11:07PM Mr. Chris Casello and Miss Brennan Leigh are now presenting The Ralph Mooney Award winner
and the winner is…..Chris Scruggs.

11:12PM Mr. Chris is THANKING so many REAL heroes of music. HE IS the real deal.

11:15PM As Mr. Dale is introducing all of the house band they are moving on to
award the venue of the year. There are SO MANY GREAT venues nationwide.
And the winner is….Sportmen’s Tavern.

11:20PM Mr. Jason Galaz is presenting Festival Of the Year Award with Miss Cheryl Desiree
and others. And the winner is……The New England Shake Up.

11:24PM Mr. James Riley is presenting Ameripolitan DJ of the year….and the winner is…
WB Walker!
11:28PM Mr Jim Heath AKA Reverend Horton Heat is now performing.

11:41PM Mr. James Intveld and Mr. Big Sandy are presenting the award for Western Swing Female.
And The Winner is…..Miss Sophia Johnson.

11:44PM Mr. Gunnar Nelson and Miss Katie from Asleep At The Wheel are now presenting the award for
Western Swing Male….And the winner is Mr. Billy Mata.

11:47PM Mr. Big Sandy and Miss Sandy Walker are presenting the Western Swing Group of the year
And the winner is…..The Carolyn Sills Combo.

11:57PM Miss Lara Hope and Mr. Sam Phillips Jr. are announcing the award Rockabilly Female
And the winner is…Miss Bailey Dee.

12:00PM miss Celine Lee and are presenting the Rockabilly Male award…and the winner is Mr. Al Dual.

12:00AM The Rockabilly Group of the year are The Go Getters.

12:10AM It is time for Mr. Dale to present the Master Award to Mr. Brian Setzer.

2017 Music Festivals: Best Little Cowboy Gathering.

It’s time once again to embark upon the March festivals, where festival season is rapidly drawing nigh all over America. The Best Little Cowboy Gathering happens on March 9th-12th 2017 in La Grange Texas and features some really nice Traditional Texas country Music which I have always delved into and I have one other one coming soon from the Texas area that is a prominent mover of traditional Texas Country Music as well. This event happens always on the second weekend in March and if you like what you see you can purchase tickets for this event HERE. I’ll tell you what folks for the music and the venue, this one is a REAL value at 30.00 for the weekend, in fact it is one of the cheapest and most cost efficient festivals on my list in total.

It transpires at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in La Grange Texas, and this is an indoor AND outdoor event as there is a dance hall with inside and a pavilion with outdoor entertainment that happens simultaneously. FROM THE WEBSITE:  Most of our events are under a roof so any rain won’t hurt us. We go rain or shine! BRING A JACKET! Temperatures in March will drop 20-30 degrees after dark and it can get chilly. We also recommend you grab some sunscreen and your camp chairs as some of our dog and horse shows have limited seating.

2017 Schedule


Inside Dance Hall

3PM – Coby Carter and 5 Miles West

7PM- Jeff Woolsey



Featured Female Entertainer: Ginny Mac


Inside Dance Hall

12 Noon – Landon Dodd

4PM – Rocky King

8PM – Tommy & Jake Hooker

Outside Stage

3:30PM – Shoot Low Sheriff

7:30PM – Jeff Woolsey


Inside Dance Hall

4PM – Jody Nix

8PM – Billy Mata


Outside Stage

10AM – John Wayne Impersonator, J. R. Edmondson

11:30AM – The English Brothers

1:30PM – Jody Nix Fiddle Extravaganza

3PM – The Lake Travis Fiddlers

5PM – Billy Mata

6:30PM – The English Brothers

8PM – Jason Roberts

Featured Female Entertainer

Ginny Mac

Jeff Woolsey Jeff Woolsey & The Dancehall Kings

Billy Mata Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition

Jake Hooker Jake Hooker & The Outsiders With Jake Hooker Tommy Hooker

jody nix jody nix

Landon Dodd Landon Dodd


jason roberts jason roberts


Rocky King Band Rocky King Band


Lake Travis Fiddlers

english brothers

The English Brothers

fiddle extravaganza

Jody Nix Fiddle Extravaganza

Enjoy a legendary mix of artists coming together for The Jody Nix Fiddle Extravaganza! See a mix of legendary artists join together for a truly unique musical time!

dutch ovens

Dutch Oven Demonstrations

 So folks like always I am including lodging as well however this website was kind enough to make my job easier with providing all the links and phones for me. I didn’t have to research anything accept the area on this one folks, go on out there and two step and swing away.


Hampton Inn – Business Highway 71 W – (979) 968-4900

Best Western – 600 E State Highway 71 Bypass – (979) 968-6800

River Valley Motor Inn – 1575 Business Highway 71 W (979) 968-8314

Oak Motel – 227 S Jefferson St – (979) 968-3133

Executive Inn – 1708 Business Highway 71 W – (979) 968-2600

RV Parks

Colorado Landing – 64 E Bluff View – (979) 968-9055

S&H RV Park – 3517 Post Oak Rd – (979) 249-2050 or (979) 966-3260

Suncatcher RV Park – 3033 S US Highway 77 – (979) 968-6868

Dippel’s RV Park – 8945 FM 2981, Fayetteville – (979) 249-3749

South Forty RV Park – 3689 S Highway 77 Giddings – (979) 366-9341

Bed & Breakfasts

Ammansville Cottages – La Grange – (979) 561-8691

Arbor House at Las Brisas Farm – Fayetteville – (979) 378-1108

Big Tin Flag B&B – La Grange – (979) 247-4770

Brendan Manor B&B – La Grange – (979) 968-2028

Cedars Cabins – New Ulm – (866) 625-4607

Country Butler LLC – Fayetteville – (281) 389-2727

Elisa’s Sunday Haus – Round Top – (979) 249-5522

LeBillet Doux – (979) 378-2222

Lodge on Lake Siesta – 11 miles from La Grange – (979) 732-2726

Skyrunner Guest House – La Grange – (979) 966-9698

Texana Trails and Lodge LLC – La Grange – (979) 247-4457

The Barn – 979-249-5819