Feb 072018

Of all of the many bands I follow yearly some of them are one man bands like Mr. Scott H Biram (The H stands for FUCK YOU). Now I waited until now because on the 23rd he will be at the Southgate House with my friends the hooten Hallers. Then he will be coming to Nashville the 24rth to play at the Basement.

He will then be heading to represent Bloodshot Records for the SXSW showcase event. I will have some coverage planned for that event as well, and then after that he will be touring some shows with a POWERHOUSE act I haven’t touched on for some time by the name of Mr. Jesse Dayton.

Mr. Scott has some NEW songs planned for us during this time, and he also has an EP scheduled to come out in summer followed by a full length album in 2018. I myself ran into him last year at Moonrunner’s festival in Chicago and then again at Muddy Roots Music Festival last summer.

Feb 2: Blue Moon Saloon – Lafayette, LA*
Feb 3: Santos – New Orleans, LA*
Feb 5: Blue Canoe – Tupelo, MS*
Feb 6: Zydeco – Birmingham, AL*
Feb 7: Loosey’s – Gainesville, FL*
Feb 8: Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL*
Feb 9: Las Rosas – Miami, FL*
Feb 10: Jack Rabbits – Jacksonville, FL*
Feb 11: Charleston Pour House – Charleston, SC*
Feb 13: Sidetracks Music Hall – Huntsville, Al*
Feb 14: Star Bar – Atlanta, GA*
Feb 15: Grey Eagle – Asheville, NC*
Feb 16: The Pour House Music Hall – Raleigh, NC*
Feb 17: The Golden Pony – Harrisonburg, VA*
Feb 19: Hill Country Live – Washington, DC*
Feb 20: Hard Rock Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA*
Feb 21: The Loving Touch – Ferndale, MI*
Feb 22: Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH*
Feb 23: Southgate House Revival – Newport, KY*
March 2: Riley’s Tavern – New Braunfels, TX
March 9: Buck’s Backyard – Buda, TX
April 5: Rhythm Room – Phoenix, AZ^
April 7: Casbah – San Diego, CA^
April 8: Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA^
April 9: Brick and Mortar – San Francisco, CA^
April 11: Dante’s – Portland, OR^
April 12: Brewminatti – Prosser, WA^
April 13: Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA^
April 14: Remington Bar – Whitefish, MT^
April 15: Live From The Divide – Bozeman, MT^
April 17: Neurolux – Boise, ID^
April 18: Urban Lounge – SLC, UT^
April 19: Oriental Theater – Denver, CO^
April 21: Fort Worth Live, Forth Worth, TX* w/ The Hooten Hallers
^ w/ Jesse Dayton

Jul 042017

Mr. Matt Woods now that’s a name you have heard me talk about MANY TIMES on here. I covered his fantastic sets at Moonrunners Music Festival this past spring, and many times at Muddy Roots Music Festival as well. I mean his new album also made my TOP 50 OF 2016 and on it there is a song called “American Way” that fits the Fourth of July holiday today.

I wanted to touch on some upcoming events that have to do with this friend of mine, I cannot run across him enough times a year, that true smile he has when he sees fans. He is truly one of the most REAL guys you’ll ever come across, and he performs a BAD ASS set at Muddy Roots. I LOVE how he does Deadman’s Blues and connects with me as a music lover.

I’ll be honest people, I have followed these road dogs around for so many years, they accept me as one of their own. Many of them regard me as integral to their scene as any other band, many years of travel have earned that. I’m there y’all, with my laptop pounding away at my keyboard while people like Mr. Matt spill their hearts out onstage for me to write about.

This year he is out and about doing solo stuff but soon to be piling his band the Natural Disasters to do FULL BAND shows, he has an Eastern United States tour planned and a European Tour planned according to his email newsletter:

The second festival I am excited about this summer is the Wildwood MusicFest & Campout in Sheridan, OR. I will be performing there Saturday July 22 at 6pm, but as with Choice City, I plan to be around all weekend and checking out a ton of great music, friends and food. If you are in the Pacific Northwest, don’t you dare miss out on this one!


Full tour dates are listed below and many of the west coast show are with my good pal Michael Dean Damron. I have been looking forward to getting back together with Mike for some shows. They are always a great time. We both are stoked to see everyone along the way.

Finally, I can announce the premiere for our latest music video. Chirs Metts at Goldstream Productions gave the song “Fireflies” a fantastic treatment and we have been waiting for the right moment to get it out to the world. It will premiere on The Bluegrass Situation on July 13th. We will be spreading the word once the link is up and hope you will be looking forward to checking it out and doing the same. Head over there now and check out what they do at The Bluegrass Situation. They are great folks doing a wonderful job of covering everything going on in the world of Americana these days.


Cheers for now, friends! As always, thank you for the support and I’ll see you at the show!

-Matt Woods

***with Michael Dean Damron

July 4 – San Luis Obispo, CA at House Concert (send message via website for info)
July 5 – Morro Bay, CA at Libertine Pub (w. The Turkey Buzzards) ***
July 6 – Santa Cruz, CA at TBA ***
July 7 – Sacramento, CA at Torch Club (5pm Happy Hour Show) ***
July 7 – Folsom, CA at Gaslight Taproom (8pm) ***
July 8 – Portland, OR at Slim’s ***
July 9 – Medford, OR at Spark House Concerts (6pm)
July 10 – Bremerton, WA at Hi-Fidelity Lounge (7pm)
July 13 – Bellingham, WA at The Green Frog ***
July 14 – TBA
July 15 – Vancouver, WA at Loowit Brewing (w. The Mutineers)
July 22 – Sheridan, OR at Wildwood MusicFest and Campout (6pm)
July 23 – Boise, ID at House Concert
July 25 – Columbia, MO at Logboat Brewing (7:30pm)

Mar 052017

These next couple weeks are gonna get pretty wild out at High On The Hog studio. Along with our hog trapping and normal shenanigans, we’ve got Husky Burnette, Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, and Whiskey Dick all coming through. This is gonna be fun!

What’s all this Hoo Ha going on? Well, this is the new variety show from the Urban Pioneers called High On the Hog which will be set up along the lines of Hee Haw with some terrific special guests like the above mentioned bands. I contacted Mr. Jared early today and he quoted this “ We are still working hard on it. Its gonna be a lot of corny comedy, tons of music, and some informative and cultural type bits here and there too. It’s sure to be a lot of fun”.

Mr. Jared Miss Liz and the Pioneers have been trapping wild hogs and selling them to fund their project and they want to share their fun with us all, I’ll be catching up with the Urban Pioneers many times this coming years on the Moonrunners music festival in Chicago, Westport Roots Festival in Kansas City and Muddy Roots in Cookeville Tennessee.

Feb 282017

I shall be attending the 2017 Moonrunners Music Festival this year. It takes place on May 5th and 6th in Chicago Illinois at Reggies Rock Club and is an indoor two stage event. ALSO I am to understand there is a record store upstairs and the food is really good.

I have a few side articles to this article for some record releases tied in with this event this year, if you remember last week I caught up with Joseph Huber and got to reveal a little of his NEW album. Also Scott H Biram’s new album launched Friday night, and I’ll be writing about that album as well as Duane Mark’s new vinyl release.

HERE is the link to purchase tickets to this newly acquired Muddy Roots event, folks be sure to stop by my command center and say hello to me as I cover this event in it’s entirity, unless they announce a sunday show and I cannot stay for the entire sunday. As of right now I have NO time schedule of any performances only a lineup.

Shooter Jennings
The Legendary Shack Shakers
Scott H Biram
Jesse Dayton
Left Lane Cruiser
The Hooten Hallers
Shawn James And The Shapeshifters
Last False Hope
Urban Pioneers
Jospeh Huber
Escape From The Zoo
Ted Russell Kamp
SS Web
James Hunnicutt
Rachel Brooke
Adam Lee
Viva Le Vox
Husky Burnette
Jeff Shepherd
Pearls Mahone
Duane Mark
Stump Tail Dolly
Soda Gardocki
Call Me Bronco
AJ Gaither
Devil’s Cut
Wont Stay Dead
Still Alive
Evil Empire
That Ol Coondog
Brittany Avery
Mystery Actions
Jimmy Swope
Piss Poor Players
Gary Moore II
Brett Conlin
Mason Tinsley

I am staying at the South Loop Hotel which is only about 5 blocks from Reggies. That folks is about the only nearby hotel that I have found so far. This is an indoor event so the rules of the festival are pretty much the rules of the venue, however like EVERY festival there is ONE main rule: Don’t be a dick.

Hotel information! We have a block of rooms at the South Loop Hotel for May 5th and May 6th. Unfortunately, there is a big conference in town that weekend, so the special price will be $169 per night. They are big rooms, so share with your friends to split the cost! Email or call Sheila Ward directly to reserve your room. They will go quickly!

Chicago South Loop Hotel
11 W 26th Street
Chicago IL 60616

Sheila Ward
Direct: 312-674-2234

Folks I just got contacted by the festival coordinator and was given the schedule:

Ok one more thing folks single day passes are now on sale for Friday 40 and Saturday 45. The after party has already been announced with Billy Don Burns and MORE!
Feb 192017

Last night I ventured out into the Gallatin area of Tennessee where my friends Mr. Bradley and Miss Jenny Towle have a wonderful place they call The Amulet Farm, which is a rustic yet centralized homestead that hosts events. I must say one of my only regrets is that I didn’t get to see it all during the daytime and I didn’t get to stay long enough this time. I’ll do more articles from their shows in the daylight hours and display more of the venue in the future, as time allows.

I am always catching smaller more intimate shows for better opportunities to interact with artists on a more deeper level than just the music. Oftentimes I consider my job to find out the news and bring it to your computer screen first before anyone else..that’s a journalists job to get the scoop before the next person does. So do I have a scoop on Joseph Huber, truly I believe I do in fact I have more than I can reveal to you at this juncture. YES I DO want to announce all what I have but we got legal schmegal stuff and I have to respect Mr. Joseph and what is integral to his needs as well. In essence I have a duty to inform you but I cannot do that at the expense of another artist and more often than not…a friend.

Now folks in the coming months you know of  my ongoing ever popular festival series I write about 8 months a year, in fact I am the ONLY music related website that currently writes about over 175 nationwide festivals per year. Well in the upcoming month of May I shall be attending and covering the Chicago based Moonrunners music festival which is now a Muddy Roots production.

The reason I raise this festival is for two main reasons, one he is playing at this festival and two he is releasing his fourth solo studio album the day before this festival entitled “The Suffering Stage”. From the three songs I was treated to this weekend I can already tell you this will indeed be a must have album to add to your collection. Now I’ll be honest here I don’t believe he can beat “The Hanging Road”, but alas I said that about “Tongues Of Fire” beforehand…and it did respectively.

I can tell you this album will have several lengthy tracks and was a timely project that he spent a great deal of care with, and given his songwriting ability I wonder if there will be any poignant songs such as “Wanchese And Manteo” that fill this album. He has a unique ability to connect with a listeners mind and capture you for three or four minutes with his lyrics, and much like Tyler Childers he has a VERY distinct delivery and voice. He is NO cookie cutter artist in any way shape or form, and the band he is currently traveling with compliments each other with grace. Upright bassist  Mr. Eston Bennett and fiddle player Mr. Jason Loveall combine their talents to make this trio work and you can sense the ease they have for one another.

He in fact began his entire set with two new songs that I captured on video and for respect of Mr. Joseph we will keep that null at this juncture until I am verbally (or emailed) allowed to make them public from his camp. Now the first new song is called “You Showed Me”, and it was an upbeat song followed by a gambling song with different meanings called 16 10″ (I’m not certain if it will be numerical or spelled Sixteen Ten). The third new song he revealed to us last night was in my opinion the best one called “Diminish Things”, which did display some truly fine lyrics. Not much delving into the structure of any of these right now until I am given a green light to dissect them to you.

“Fell Off The Wagon” is one of the staple songs he has been doing in his sets for quite a few months now and it’s always a good upbeat songs that everyone enjoys, and he followed that with one called “Downtime” from his obscure first album “Bury Me Where I Fall”. If you can find his first album on CD it is considered a rare find to a Roots Music collector like myself and it’s always a treat to have some of those songs included.

The above video is from tonight’s performance of “Drop In The Bucket” and that was followed by “Old Mountain Tune’. He closed his first set with “Hanging Road” which he pointed out that his father inspired him to record that song and cited him as an influence.

His second set began with “Same River Twice” and another one of my favorites “Two Tongue Swear”. His second set contained many newer songs the likes of “Coming Down From You” before he went into the only two cover songs of the evening and one was a Public Domain folks song called “O Shenandoah”. His other cover was that of a John Prine song before rolling into “Hello Milwaukee” which is one of his songs of great regret that in spite of his getting to see much of America on tour his mind was stalled back in his hometown of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

“Father, Why These Stones” was next along with his second album “Tongues Of Fire” and his final closing song was “Dance Around The Daggers”. Truly a fine performance at a very intimate and friendly setting, with a beyond awesome bunch of people I am very blessed to call my friends. Music has many friends from many walks of life and more often than not during music events, differences and opinions are placed aside and forgotten. This is my journey into further music tonight that shall be published this afternoon.